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the quote prompt meme

  • comment with your character.
  • others will leave a quote/lyric/poem. try a sea of quotes or tumblr if you need help searching for a quote.
  • reply to them with a setting based on the quote/lyric/poem.
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steve rogers | mcu

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[gen pref, no civil war spoilers please.]
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[ His search for the elusive Winter Soldier has taken him all over the world, from South America to South Africa to the string of islands south of Japan. But there's one city he always returns to in the end, to heal and lick metaphorical wounds before donning equally metaphorical battle gear and venturing forth on another tangent.

New York is his home. She always will be, a city of immigrants, of bright lights and of big dreams, of astounding compassion -- when she wants to be. The highs and lows, the good parts and bad, they're all a part of him. But that's not something you can ever explain to anyone but another New York native. No one else, even the transplants, quite gets it.

It's on one of these return trips, when he's wandering down the great white way, dodging tourists emptying out of late night plays and musicals, that he notices the figure high above - swinging from building to building like a bizarre trapeze artist. Shaking himself out of the melancholic grip that's hounded him through these recent series of failures, Steve follows the figure as best he can: down streets and side streets, which is a lot harder on ground level than it looks. There are a couple of times he loses sight of the guy, but listening to gossip puts him back onto the trail. Well, generally, as word of mouth is imprecise, and there are some false leads.

His stubbornness sees him through, though, and the captain finally meets up with the spider near Central Park after being led on a chase all over Manhattan. The chase isn't even the worst part. The spider guy is hanging upside down on a lamp post, cool as a cucumber, like he's been waiting for Steve to catch up.

... So now what? ]


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[Peter tilts his head, observing the guy that had been chasing him. To be fair, he hadn't really caught on until an hour ago, when he'd stopped a semi-truck from colliding with a storefront. That was the third time he'd spotted the man, as he swung away, so he'd taken a few twists and turns to see if he really was following him. Sure enough, there he was, though Peter wasn't getting any spider-danger readings off of him.

So he stopped, hung himself from a lamppost, and felt only minimal guilt for leading this guy all the way across Manhattan.]

I assume you're looking for me.

[There is a common understanding, between New York natives, about the nature of the city. The life it breathes into a person isn't something you can earn. Peter has a distinct sense, just by looking at the guy, that he was born and bred here. Not to mention the fact that he tracked him the entire way, which okay, maybe he was just good at that sort of thing, but it was pretty difficult if you didn't know your way around.]

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