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Unconventional Couple

Unconventional Couple

Saying: If it fits, it ships.

The Challenge: Respond to everyone who tags you, no matter how unexpected, crazy, or mismatched the characters are. Play a ship.

- Comment with your character and preferences. If you want, you can include a one sentence or so blurb about your character. But blank comments are fine.
- Tag to others.
- RNG for prompts. Prompts cannibalized from random memes.

1. Can't deny it - you've tried to run from your feelings for so long and you can't do it anymore. It's time that you show the object of your affection exactly how you feel. Hopefully you don't lose everything in the process!
2. First time - it's your first time making love together. Is it awkward? Do you go all out or is it spur of the moment?
3. Accidental - you didn't actually mean to confess or kiss. They overheard you or it was an accidental kiss. Maybe you were just really drunk and let it slip!
4. Close as can be - you just want to make love and you've found a spot where it's just you and your partner, however you want it to be.
5. Happily ever after - somehow, you've made it work and you're both happy together, even if it meant you had to run away together.
6. Appreciation - show appreciation for your lover! With words, a look, or whatever your choice way to display affection is!
7. Cuddling - nothing wrong with a day of cuddling...
8. Vacation - you're on a vacation! Wherever you want to be. Road trip, amusement park, Grand Canyon, etc.
9. Family - you're visiting family! Maybe they find out about your relationship, maybe they already know, or however you want to play it out! Maybe you've got news you're starting a family by getting pregnant, adopting, or even getting a new pet.
10. Acceptance - someone who disapproved of your relationship before suddenly approves. How's that feel to you and your lover?
11. Surprise - you've planned a surprise! What is it?
12. Date - first date, second date, hundredth date, etc. What are you doing for it?
13. Reunited → it's been awhile since you've seen each other and nothing can ruin this moment.
14. Other - is there another scene you'd like to play out? Want to combine something? Do it here!

1. Conflict - you've just had a fight with your lover over your relationship or how you handle it. Can you find it in yourselves to forgive each other?
2. Cheated - your lover has cheated on you and you need to confront them about their reasons why and if you can work it out.
3. Found out - you've been found out by someone close to you and they're less than thrilled with your relationship.
4. Disgust - though they play along with it, they're secretly disgusted by the relationship they have with you and it finally comes out into the light.
5. Guilt - one of you is feeling guilty over your relationship, knowing it can never be truly normal or more than a secret.
6. Other - is there another scene you'd like to play out? Want to combine something? Do it here!

1. Soothing touch - what better way to sooth your lover than to make love to them and show them that no matter what other people say, you're not going anywhere.
2. Fight for you - whoever has found out about your relationship is trying to hurt your lover and you're not going to let them.
3. Won't let you go - you need your lover to realize that you won't let them go, no matter what.
4. Back together - you broke up for a bit, but whatever it is between you two, you can't stay apart.
5. Injured - your lover was injured because of your relationship and it's time to patch them up.
6. Other - is there another scene you'd like to play out? Want to combine something? Do it here!

1. Forced - you know your partner isn't interested in you like this, but you keep them going along with the relationship no matter what. Coercion, blackmail, whatever it takes.
2. Won't take no - their lips might say no, but you're not listening.
3. Control - you've given them some kind of potion to get your love interest to love you in return and they have to do whatever you say.
4. Recorded - you're not really interested in this forbidden love affair, but you must do it or you'll face some tough consequences.
5. Insult - you're cornered by those who disapprove of your relationship, hearing how filthy you are.
6. Other - is there another scene you'd like to play out? Want to combine something? Do it here!

1. Rough - you want it rough and hard tonight. Bites, scratches, bruises, etc.
2. Toys - you want to try some props tonight... toys or fuzzy handcuffs.
3. Bondage - more extreme. You're tied up, used, forced to orgasm, whatever.
4. Make up - make up sex is the best sex.
5. Public - you're feeling a little wild so why not a blowjob under the tablecloth in a restaurant or sex in the car?
6. Interrupted - oh yes, oh yes, oh--who the hell is that watching us?!
7. Other - is there another scene you'd like to play out? Want to combine something? Do it here!

1. Left alone - you woke up to your lover trying to slip away in the night because of the strain of the relationship. Do you let them go or try and fight for it?
2. Torn apart - others are keeping you apart after they found out about your relationship, giving you only minimal contact. What do you do?
3. Ending fight - the argument has turned dirty and ends with one of you storming out.
4. Parting ways - both of you have decided to part ways. It's just so much easier.
5. Always love you - though you'll always love each other, maybe it's time the relationship goes back to being strictly platonic. It would be easier... or maybe that's just how one of you feels.
6. Other - is there another scene you'd like to play out? Want to combine something? Do it here!
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Sam Winchester | Supernatural |m/m

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[Let me know what you want. Open to everything but Ending]
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[Would you be interested in a certain spider boy?]
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The call had come in at the best time, honestly. Being between jobs - which meant with no monsters to hunt - Sam was able to convince Dean to go have some fun while the littler Winchester took care of some business with NYU, supposedly.

Instead, Sam found himself not in a stuffy office trying to explain why he didn't attend, but instead in an alley, waiting impatiently for a certain old flame to appear. God, had he been dumb to take the call seriously? It had been a crackling voicemail, but it was easy to figure out the 'who'. He'd brought what he thought might be needed - his journals on monsters. Sam had to admit, though, if all he was needed for was research, it'd be his last trip to the big city.
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Peter had a fantastical life. That was just the cards fate had dealt him, and Peter liked to think he'd handled everything to the best of his abilities. Some things, though, were just completely out of his depth. When Doc Ock started sending minions after him with black eyes, Peter knew he needed some help.

He hadn't called Sam, at first. The simple matter was, he hadn't known to. The last time Peter saw Sam was Sophomore year of college; they'd met at a party and things had been...natural. It had been easy, falling into a relationship with Sam, and Peter was happy for the first time since Gwen. He'd even been working up to telling Sam, about everything, about being Spiderman and fighting supervillains and why he always had weird bruises - but then Sam had broken it off. In one, completely unexpected and fell swoop, Sam was gone, nothing but a note in his place. Family emergency, he had to leave the city and he wasn't sure when he'd be back.

A few months later, and Peter knew Sam wasn't coming back. NYU wasn't able to tell him anything, and he tried to move on. At least Sam wasn't dead, not so far as Peter knew. So he dated Mary Jane, had a good time with her, but she couldn't handle the pressure of his life and that ended, too.

Now he was a grad student at ESU, moonlighting as Spiderman, and the shady contact he had regarding black-eyed men was referring him to a John Winchester. Peter hadn't heard the name Winchester in a while, but it couldn't be Sam, could it? The call to John went to his voicemail, which directed him to Sam and Dean. Peter might not have believed it was Sam if not for the Dean part. Sam had always talked about his brother Dean - Peter had tried, on occasion, to convince Sam to invite Dean to the city. They'd always seemed really close, and while Peter didn't have any siblings, he clung tight to the family he did have, and didn't like to watch Sam's relationship with his brother deteriorate with time apart.

So he'd left a voicemail on Sam's phone as Peter, figuring that if this was his Sam - well, it would explain a lot. It was both relieving and worrying. Peter was a superhuman having trouble with these things, what was Sam doing running around as a regular human? Despite his worries, though, Peter couldn't help but be excited to see his former love. Maybe Sam didn't feel the same, but they'd left a lot of things unsaid.

Peter rolls around the corner of the alley on his skateboard, looking just as ruffled as usual, backpack slung over his shoulder. He kicked the board up and caught it, smiling when he saw Sam. He pushed his glasses back into place on his face and stopped a pace or two in front of the Winchester. "Hey there, stranger."
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Sam was good at paying attention to his surroundings when it didn't look like he was. Still, in an alley? There wasn't much to see. Finally, when he heard some noise at the alley's entrance, he turned couldn't help the smile that broke across his face. It most definitely was Peter. While cars weren't a big thing in the city - especially for the physically fit like Parker, Sam couldn't get over how he moved on a skateboard like that. The long-limbed monster hunter would have definitely stuck to walking than becoming a mobile projectile.

But Seeing Peter, Sam had to take a breath. He hadn't expected the feelings to ignite again so quickly, but there they were. From the late-night studying to the brushed kisses against the clumsy scientist's bruises, the butterflies were currently soaring in. "H-hi," Sam said, grinning. He didn't know the protocol, but he had been following Peter casually on social media. While he didn't post much - except the pictures of that Spiderman he managed to take - Mary Jane had posted pretty extensively, and she was a fan of tagging.

To have Peter move on so successfully, Sam wasn't sure what was expected. A handshake? Hug? High five? Was he already hesitating too long to do anything but appear cold and standoffish? "So, an alley?" He joked, cocking an eyebrow. "I know I'm a college drop out, but I could at least buy you a cup of coffee."

Sam paused, the smile slipping away just a bit. For the first time the hunter thought maybe he was the one in danger. It'd be quite the victory for someone like Crowley to dig so deep into Sam's history that he found Peter.
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Peter had set it up as an escape route, really, if the contact turned out not to be legit. He could easily scale the side of the building and disappear over the rooftops if he needed to. But there Sam was, shaggy bangs and that ridiculous, infectious smile. The ache of missing Sam hit him right in the chest, but he smiled around it, tucking his skateboard into his side and offering Sam a one-armed hug, deciding to make an attempt at not letting it be awkward. He tried not to crush him - he had to watch his strength all the time now - but he was kind of excited to see him.

Peter tried his best not to remember their time together. When he's swallowed in grief, which happens, sometimes, Sam is the one light he won't let go out. Because he was still out there, in the world, still breathing, and most nights that has to be enough. Mary Jane had been different, though - the feelings had been real, but not deep enough. Not the slow burn of Gwen or the deep passion of Sam. She was fun, though, and a good friend to him, in the end.

"You know me, alleyrat Parker." So he had dropped out completely. Peter tilted his head, filing that away for later. He'd ask, maybe, if he found himself brave enough to, but he thought he might know the answer, now. Still, he wanted to hear Sam say it in his own words.

"I wish - uh, I wish it didn't take something like this for us to meet again." Peter shoved his hand into his pocket, scuffing his shoe against the ground. "I'm in a bit of a jam, Sam. Thank you for coming so quickly."
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The hug was returned, Sam trying not to crush Peter. Years of monster hunting had taken that lanky body and turned it into muscle. He tried to cover it with his usual baggy clothes, but the moment he felt Peter's arm brush his side, Sam didn't want him to let go. No, that was selfish. He didn't want to let go. Peter smelled like gas fumes and sunlight. Like wind and old school film developing chemicals. Perhaps the last one was just a sense memory that refused to be shaken loose.

"There are safer places to meet, is all I'm saying," Sam said, a hand coming up to brush his hair aside, tuck it behind an ear, try to tame it in the whirlwind that bricks walls around them seemed to create. They'd kissed in an alley like this. It had been darker out, and colder, and probably in a worse part of town, but any alley could have been that alley.

"What?" Sam said, one hand sliding into his jacket pocket nonchalantly. It was warm for a jacket, but it was a light one. Just heavy enough to conceal the flask full of holy water and the demon-killing knofe at his back. God, how things had changed. "Peter, what? Can we...go somewhere else? Talk about it?" He was unscrewing the flash with his index finger and thumb, heartbeat kicking into a higher gear.

"I'd always come with you." He blinked, felt his cheeks flush. "For you. When you'd ask. If you'd ever asked before. How...how did you get my number?" He was not playing it cool. To save himself any more embarrassment, he brought his hand out in a flash, hoping to get Peter just a little wet, instead of a little smokey from the blessed water.
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Peter let the hug linger for a second. He could feel the change, at least a little, but didn't think much of it. That was to be expected with the time they'd spent apart. They'd both grown, changed from young adults to men, really. Sam looked happy, at least, which put something slightly at ease within him.

"I can take care of myself, Winchester," Peter teased, watching Sam tuck his hair behind his ear. He'd bought him a set of barrettes once as a joke, clipped Sam's hair back and kissed the laugh from his lips. They'd kissed a lot of places. Aunt May thought Sam was adorable.

"It's fine, I'm fine." Peter assured quickly. Sam always had been very cautious, not trusting city streets or the people on them. Peter grew up here, knew the bad areas from the good - and had superpowers, so. He had never been overly worried, feeling the life of the city around them.

Peter grinned a little at that, watching the flush spread over Sam's cheekbones. Yes you always did, he thought, but decided against saying that particular comment out loud. Too soon, with this reunion. "I was looking for an...expert and this guy gave me a number for John Winchester. It went to voicemail but the voicemail pointed me towards you and your brother."

Then Sam was flicking water at him, and Peter blinked, slowly reaching up to take his glasses off and polish the specks of water from them. He raised an eyebrow, clearly confused. "...um."
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In that instant, as the water flew out and caught the sunlight, am realized he just made an awkward situation ten times worse. He did note that the water slid down Peter's cheek, just water, nothing else. No smoke, no fire, no pain. Sam was both relived and mortified.

Screwing the lid back on, he shoved the flash back into his pocket and tried to help. Really, though, Sam just stood there, fingers making spastic movement as his mouth formed words that died on his lips as he tried to think of a reason why any of what he had just done was not insane. "SO, yeah, you were looking for John Winchester," the words finally started spilling from Sam's lips and why did that drop have to hang out in the well between Peter's shoulder and neck?

"John Winchester is my dad. Was, my dad. Dean's dad, too. Back...in school, he went missing, once, and Dean needed my help trying to find him. So now...I'm probably the sort of expert you're looking for and I just wanted to make sure that I could be a Man of Letters instead of one of The Sword, which I know makes no real sense, but I couldn't...," lose you again, "be sure until I tested you."

He took a deep, deep breath, glad to see that Peter was slowly drying himself off, keeping eye contact, realizing how much he missed looking into them, all four of them. That moment before Sam would pluck the spectacles from the bridge of Peter's nose. He could still hear the quite sound they made as he tried to set them gently on the bedside table.
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Peter couldn't help but smile as Sam floundered to explain. The mini-flailing was way more endearing than it had any right to be. He just waited it out, unable to make much sense out of what Sam was saying beyond the fact that John was in fact his father, the Dean from the voicemail was Sam's infamous brother, and Sam could help. Maybe.

"Test me?" Peter made sure the water didn't smear too much before putting the glasses back on. He didn't need them, anymore. The bite fixed all of his former health problems. But he'd been wearing them too long - for one, Aunt May would think it bizarre if he didn't - and it had just become a habit. "What did flicking water at me prove?"

He didn't sound accusing, but rather patient and engaged, as per usual. He was never a judgmental person, especially when it came to Sam. They accepted each other as they were, and when Peter stared into Sam's honey brown eyes, he couldn't help but remember that warm feeling of home, when Peter slid into bed with his boyfriend and curled up with him, listening to Sam's heartbeat intently enough to drown out the city.
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This definitely wasn't the place for this conversation. Sam wanted it to be somewhere else. He wanted it to take place in a bed, after sex, when he would be tracing runes he was forced to memorized as a child on Peter's back, between his sharp shoulder blades, pretending to be asleep when he wasn't.

No one in his current life had that sort of power over him. It made sam sad, and it made him feel vulnerable. Whatever the reason behind Peter's call, Sam knew he couldn't be either of those, not now. When he got back to his lonely, dusty hotel room on the outskirts of the city, then he could let himself be those things. But not now.

Leaning against the wall, Sam reached out, bunching his fist into Peter's shirt and tugging him against the wall, but gently. When Peter didn't move, Sam frowned slightly, then released the shirt. Of course he wouldn't move. Sam had just dowsed him like a demon! He was really screwing this up.

A hand slid through his hair again in a nervous gesture. Chewing on the corner of his mouth, Sam glanced away from Peter for a second, finding it easier to focus his thoughts when not starting at his bottom lip. Eyes flicked down and Sam tried to force a grin. "John Winchester wasn't a lot of things, but what he was, was a mortal who hunted monsters. From Wendigos to vampires, werewolves to sirens, John Winchester knew how to hunt and destroy them." Sam took a breath and looked down at his shoe.

"The family business," he murmured, knowing that the phrase would probably put Peter on edge. It was always the something he'd never talk about. John started it, Dean followed in his footsteps, and Sam didn't. Looking up at Peter again, Sam shrugged, defeated.

"I hunt creatures people don't believe in to keep them safe. And you need my help, so...how can I help?"
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Peter could have gotten behind that, if it wasn't so important that they catch these people and bring them to justice. But he certainly wouldn't be opposed later...if Sam hadn't moved on, that is. Peter had had no contact with him in years, so he really had no way of knowing how his life had gone.

Peter was difficult to shift, but he stepped forward a second too late when Sam tugged up, blinking up at him in uncertainty. Sam was kind of acting strange, nervous, but Peter held his ground, just a little bit into his personal space now.

"A hunter." Peter let out a small, relieved sigh, dropping his head onto Sam's shoulder. "That's - wow, Sam, is that why - "

He stops himself before he asks the fatal question. He didn't want to know if that wasn't the reason. Not yet. He wasn't ready, even after all this time. "I do. I do need your help. There are these men with black eyes - they've started causing trouble and I don't know how to deal with them."
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Too fast. Too goddamn fast was Sam's hand. The moment Peter's head was against his shoulder, his fingers brushed at the fluff at the base of his neck. Sam managed to pull it away before he got knuckle deep in the dark, thick hair. It was almost painful to drop his arm back down by his side.

At Peter's words, Sam took a step back, topping up the other's chin with his index finger, worry creasing his features. Worry that Peter would remember when Sam worried he wasn't eating enough, getting enough sleep, when he'd get a voicemail from Dean and refused to talk about it. "You're not safe," he said, fingers up and gripping Peter's arm, making sure he understood.

"You don't deal with them," Sam said, shaking his head, glancing around as if they were there with them. "Can we go somewhere private, Peter? Please, Pete." He needed to get them somewhere safe, so he could explain, so they could plan, so Sam could call Dean.
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The hand in his hair sent a wave of comfort through him, and Peter relaxed somewhat, marginally disappointed when Sam dropped his hand. Peter pulled back, small smile ghosting his lips.

"I - " Peter didn't know how to tell him. That he did have to deal with them, that was his responsibility. Doc Ock was his problem, and his thugs were simply ancillary. But how did he apologize for lying so completely? It was some comfort that Sam had hidden a secret much the same. Even more that he was still wearing his worried frown, the same one he'd always given Peter when he didn't take care of himself. The panic that accompanied it, Peter wished he could help abate. "Yeah, Sam, we can go back to my apartment? Would that be okay?"

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The crease only deepened when Peter started speaking, then stopped. They had always mirrored the other pretty well when it came to speaking. Both measured tones that didn't say a lot, but when they spoke, people tuned them in. Sam had always known that words mattered, and they could carry a weight with them that shouldn't be used so freely as some other used it.

Nodding his head, Sam let his forehead go smooth as he gave a smile just shy of a grin. He doubted it would be the same place, be the same smell of dust and sunlight he'd reveled in on Sunday mornings when he should have been studying. But, it was something. "That's fine, Peter, definitely. As long as you're okay with that." Sam prayed to a god he knew existed but didn't want any part of, that there wouldn't be anyone else there.

He nodded toward the entrance to the alley. "Lead the way."
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He bit his lip, hoping Sam wouldn't ask. Not yet. Not until they were somewhere quiet, where they could both come completely clean. Sam could read him in ways most other people couldn't. Maybe that was part of why Peter was drawn to him in the first place; that mutual understanding that passed between them in ways higher than most.

"Yeah, of course. You're welcome over my place anytime." They'd shared a life together, and it felt far longer than it really was. Peter started toward the mouth of the alley, tugging at Sam's jacket sleeve. "It's not far. I...moved closer to ESU."

Without Sam, there was no reason to stay at the midpoint between NYU and ESU. He'd waited a while, though, through a rent increase, in the fruitless hope that Sam might come back like he hoped.
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"You've always been a sweet guy, Pete. Nod you were never good at lying." Sam offered, Smiling, but it was an understanding one. He couldn't expect Peter to wai for him, especially not when he had just left, no real explanation. An explanation would have put him in danger, and Sam didn't want that. He didn't want to have another person to draw into his life, to protect. The best protection was being removed from it.

He couldn't help it, and it was Peter's fault. When his sleeve was gripped, Sam's clipped nails slid over the offered Palm. How easy it was to slip back into old habits. Pretending to adjust his bag, Sam pulled away. His expression was cheerful, but wary as he glanced around. "I'm glad it's close. We have a lot to talk about." Sam was practically on Peter's side as they moved. "Good sunlight?" He couldn't help but ask.
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You'd be surprised. Peter thought to himself, but he vowed to tell him. He had to, if they were going to deal with this. It wouldn't matter. Sam would probably leave when this was over. Peter didn't expect him to stay. He also didn't think Sam would be the type to spread his identity, either. Maybe he trusted him too much, but that was love, for ya. "Not so bad yourself, Winchester."

Peter blinked when Sam almost took his hand but - of course, he was just adjusting his bag. Peter took a deep breath and soldiered on. He must have been part of the reason Sam left. Maybe he'd built them up too much in his mind. Peter couldn't help how he felt, but he could respect if Sam didn't feel the same.

"We do. These guys are...we need to deal with them." Peter led them down side streets, taking shortcuts to get to the apartment. He used to teach them to Sam, whenever they explored the city - all the little holes in the wall, all the secrets you only learned with time.

"Not really," Peter admitted, smiling apologetically. Sam always did love to read in the sun. Peter loved to snap pictures of him, trying to sneak without him noticing. It never really worked, but Peter developed all the photos anyway. "I can't afford - uh, I can't afford that big of an apartment on my own. Not a whole lot of money in biochemistry, you know? And the paper still doesn't pay that much."
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"We will," Sam, agreed, already putting himself in the fight. He would have done the same for anyone else - any other local who found themselves faced with impossible odds and demonic forces - he'd be there. There was a ferociousness to those two little words that had never been there when he was studying law. His mock debates he tried to have with Peter always seemed to boil down to laughs and kisses, snatches of skin and then bliss.

As they walked through the streets, Peter just a step ahead, Sam stole glances. He couldn't help it! Peter had never filled out a pair of jeans like that before, Sam wondered if he was getting in shape for anyone in particular. He glanced at the hustle around them, so different than the small towns he was used to now. Touring the Midwest was one thing, being in the city made him feel almost claustrophobic. "It's a grid," he reminded himself, Peter's simple explanation coming back to him as the other let Sam try to lead them back after a closed-eyed bus ride.

"You're being robbed if the paper doesn't pay you well for your photos," Sam said, meaning every word of it. Sure, he'd probably not seen all of them, but those he did happen to catch with a certain by-line stole his breath for a second. "But we don't need a lot of room," he added, not wanting Peter to feel 'less'. Sam knew what it was like to sleep in the back of a car with his knees by his lips - who was he to throw shade?
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Peter heard the passion infused in Sam's tone and couldn't help but wonder. He'd been set on law, certainly, and Peter had always known he'd make an incredible lawyer, but the way he was now - he was born for it. Was he better off now, in a completely new life, foreign to Peter?

Peter had never been out of the city. His Aunt and Uncle had never had much money, and Peter had never been the restless type. New York was home, he could be content with that. Then he became Spiderman and there really wasn't a good time to leave the city - and even less money with which to do it with. When he'd told Sam, he'd made it a mission to take Peter somewhere. But then Sam was gone, and their trip money jar was pushed to the back of his closet.

"It's the only paper that wants them. The others have staff photographers." Peter pointed out, leading Sam into the building. It was definitely not the same caliber as their old apartment, and Peter started them traipsing up the stairs. No elevator in the building, for starters. "I'm applying to Stark Industries after grad school. Not sure they'll take me though. Their biochem department is tiny. Mostly for Stark's personal amusement."
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Following Peter into the building, Sam automatically did a perimeter check and while distraction did occur as Peter took the stairs, Sam was on alert. He really did wish that they'd met up again without demons lurking. Same felt something, and he thought Peter might too, but any rekindling would likely never happen now, not that it would be a good thing, anyway. Sam knew he couldn't go back and undo simply leaving. He never liked being a jerk, but he knew that was how he looked, likely, to the first man he'd ever truly loved. Peter had been more than a fling, more than anything, and he had been worth it.

Now Sam hunted demons and had to wait until his brother was asleep four feet away to rub one out. It wasn't much of a dating calendar.

"But they can't get your shots," Sam argued, though his tone was light. He hoped Peter saw the brilliance in his photos. "You should...I dunno, set up a gallery or something. That's something people did in the city, right?" He meant it as a joke, the flannels and ruddy jeans he was wearing - and the ones in his bag, clean though they were - didn't speak of high society. He had suits, and he knew he looked good in them, but there'd been no room, no time as he had tried to not look rushed as he fled one dank hotel in Pennsylvania for another on the outskirts of New York City.

"They'd be crazy not to," Sam said, wondering if he was coming off too supportive, if that was even a thing. "If you need someone high profile to write you a letter, I know a couple guys who pretend to be in the CIA. Or would the FBI be better?" Sam wondered how many more stairs it was. He wasn't tired, but it was obvious Peter took them every day.
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-05-04 11:27 pm (UTC)(link)
Peter definitely still felt it. Had never stopped feeling it, really. Seeing Sam was dredging up those old feelings, and Peter couldn't help himself. He had never been angry at Sam for leaving, just moderately hurt and very, very sad. What were you supposed to do when someone left with a piece of your soul?

"Yeah, I don't think so. I'm nowhere near that good." Peter grinned a little, glancing over his shoulder. "Flattery will get you everywhere, though, Winchester."

Peter remembered exactly how good Sam looked in a suit. Remembered making him late for mock debates because he just had to grab his tie and kiss him breathless.

"What?" Peter laughed, shaking his head and finally stopping them on the twelfth floor. "No, Sam, thanks but - they'll just have to make due with my professor recommendations."

Peter unlocked the door to his apartment, leading Sam inside. It was small, cozy, and very Peter. In fact, there weren't any other signs of a person living there. He had papers scattered all over the living room, clearly the result of some intense research and/or studying. "So, uh, this is my place. Sorry about the mess."
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"Exclusive prints from the only man with a...what did the paper call it? 'Spidey sense' for finding Spiderman?" Sam had rolled his eyes at the implication, having been around psychics who were both good and bad.

"Alright, but remind me to give you some different numbers later, they'll help you out of a jam if the cops ever to get Spiderman before you do." As the door opened, Sam found himself pressed against Peter's back, bag and all. His right arm reflexively started around to ex lover's middle, to wrap around him and hild him and breathe against the hair at the back of his neck.

Instead, Sam let it drop again, fingers brushing the outer thigh of Peter's pants. Looking inside, Sam held his breath for a moment, willing away all the sense memory he had to fill it with new. Unsurprisingly, this place smelled a lot like their old place, minus his own aftershave. "Let's get inside," Sam encouraged, easing in the doorway and closing it. He locked it and set down his bag, kneeling beside it.

Looking up through jostled hair, Sam's face was all seriousness. "Now, Pete, I'm going to need you to start at the beginning while I..uh...safeguard this place. If that's okay."
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"I'm not exactly a professional photographer, though." Peter pointed out, raising an eyebrow. The fact that Sam liked his photography had given Peter a lot of confidence. In fact, Jameson was paying him more than before because of Sam. It still wasn't much but it was a step in the right direction for him.

Peter blushed when Sam pressed up against his back, freezing a little. He could feel the goosebumps start to rise on his skin as Sam dropped his hand, and he shuffled to the side, avoiding Sam's eyes. This was a lot, maybe too much. After so long with nothing but a note, shouldn't he be more reserved, rather than crumbling at the simplest brush of Sam's hand?

"Safeguard?" Peter asked, dumping his bag on the ground and starting to gather all the papers into some semblance of a neat pile.
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Sam looked up from rifling in his bag and watched the other. How many times had Sam come home to this same sort of rushed cleaning, just to make enough room for them both to sit on one another's hip to read or watch some black and white movie either had argued its worth? Sam knew they sounded like a Woody Allen movie.

He cleared his throat and when Peter stopped to look, Sam held up his hand. "Pete, please stop cleaning up and tell me how you ran into these black-eyed things and why you think they're after you?" He picked up a few hex bags and put one under the door, tossed another on a low bookshelf where he could find room. It wasn't salt, and Sam doubted it would be, but he'd be damned (again) if anything got in there.

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