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You're My Mission


You're the kind of person who works best with a stone-set goal or a purpose in your life. Even if those duties were thrust upon you with no input of your own, even if that's all you know - especially if that's all you know - you find yourself most at home when you have a job and you do it. Unfortunately, though, what you've dedicated yourself has gone belly up and you're left reeling.

That is until you find a new mission: a person. They could have shown you kindness when you needed it most, they may seem like someone with a cause. A cause, that's good. That's what you need. You can serve this.

All of your focus, all of your resolve, all in one place; it's no wonder when your feelings begin to blur and "professionalism" and such is no longer the order of the day, if it ever was. So now, you're dedicated to them, which has its ups and downs. You have to protect them, keep them safe, keep them successful, and do what needs to be done for them - their dirty work, if need be - though they may not ask or want this. They especially may not want your brand of service. But loving them normally, of course, would be the most healthy way to channel all this, yet perhaps you're not sure how. You could learn...

...or you could continue with the mission.

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Steve Rogers | MCU | OTA

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[Interested in a certain spider?]
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Let me know if this works!

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[Peter knew it was only a matter of time before everything came crashing down. The police weren't going to be able to catch him, and S.H.I.E.L.D. was only a little more difficult to evade. But send a super soldier after his spidery ass? He was t o a s t. In fact, Peter still wasn't convinced he was getting out of this alive.

The explosion knocks him into a building, breaking off his web in shock. Of course the Green Goblin decides to show up when Peter is running for his life. Like he could pick a more inconvenient time. He certainly isn't going to just slip away into the chaos.]

Hey, Halloween is next month!
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[Steve is going to have some words with Fury once this mission is over. Not only was he dragged in before his leave of absence was officially up, but everyone seems to have been highly underestimating his target's ability to stay a step ahead.

'It'll be a piece of cake.' 'There's no way he stands a chance against you.' Well, they were all wrong. While he's been managing to stay on the costumed man's heels, it's taken a lot of effort and energy.

And then the explosion happens.

Steve dives behind a nearby parked car, using it to shield against the blast. He's seen Spider-man made impact with the wall of a building and he can't help but wince with sympathy. And then he sees their attacker. Having read most of the files SHIELD has accumulated on villains and people of suspect, he instantly recognizes the Green Goblin.]

A friend of yours? [Great. This mission just got a whole lot more complicated. He's so letting Fury have it later.]
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[You don't know how thrilled he'd be to hear that Captain, how genuinely honored. He'd probably just attribute it to homefield advantage, having been leading him on a chase mostly through lower Queens. He didn't dare skirt Brooklyn for fear of Steve calling in reinforcements; they could overwhelm him in numbers, especially with someone whose reflexes were as fast as his.

The Goblin is cackling now, and Peter narrowly dodges another pumpkin bomb, swinging overhead to land against the opposite building. He crawls backwards up the windows of the building, fingertips clinging to the glass.]

Define friend, would ya? [A web catches the next bomb before it can be thrown, gluing it to the Goblin's hand.] More of a groupie, really. A violent groupie. You get any of those in Manhattan?