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Give You a Baby [ smut meme ]

[ give you a baby ]

We have the pregnancy and pregnant smut meme, but this meme is for the act of impregnation, which is a kink in and of itself, especially when lots of focus is given to in through narration and dialogue. And of course it's a versatile kink, lending itself well to consensual, vanilla, non-con, and many many other things. And there's mpreg, too!

Let's cut to the chase: this is a meme about impregnation, whether it's the doing or the getting. There are prompts for all tastes, even those who just enjoy the idea and not the reality.

* Comment with your character, preferences, and anything else. Also include if you want your character to be doing the impregnating or want to be the one impregnated.
* Remember, this meme is focused on impregnation. Play the act itself up!
* Obviously this meme allows for mpreg and f/f preg too.
* Comment to others.
* Be respectful of others.

1. Consensual. You and your lover think it's time to start a family.
2. Risk. You don't necessarily want to get pregnant, but the risk is hot as hell.
3. Ownership. You want to get somebody pregnant up because you think that will make them yours. Or you're trying to get knocked up to keep them here.
4. Forced Breeding. Like the stables meme, or something involving the government.
5. Continuing the Line. You need an heir. Simple as that.
6. Accidental. It's either the heat of the moment or you're inexperienced, but this isn't planned through.
7. Humiliation.You're impregnating someone to humiliate them.
8. Interspecies. The two of you are making a child born from the union of two different species.
9. Lovesick. This pregnancy is an expression of your love.
10. Expected. Everyone expects you to have a baby, so you decide to do so.
11. As a Favor. Your friend wants a baby, so you'll act as a surrogate
12. Roleplay. You're just using the idea of pregnancy up as an exciting aide. There's no actual risk here, but you have all the trimmings.
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[I've got a Peter here if you're interested~ Could play it with certain elements from Ultimateverse whereby Peter's powers came from the genetically engineered spider as opposed to radioactive (in Oscorp's attempt to recreate the super soldier serum).]
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[oh yeah, I'm down for that. I assume ABO then, given the meme context :P Do you want Pieter as the Alpha, or Steve? It can easily go either way for Steve]
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[Yeah ABO works fine for me. And I'm good either way too! Unless you have preferences we can just random it~]
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There's nothing like the Winter Captain in heat.

He flexes on the bed, and the whole base is entombed in the scent of his want. Dripping wet, skin flushed and mind desperate, useless for missions her his all consuming need to be fucked (and too long spent on ice drives up the heat, makes it all the more a raging fire). An omega in full heat. The smells are driving the Hydra agents wild.

But he doesn't want any of them. When the braver agents open the door, try to come in with their alpha want and sexed up response, they are met with a snap of teeth and the slam of the Winter Captain's fist in their face.

Hydra is getting desperate. A heat partner, a bond would calm the Winter Captain, bring him back to a level they can control. The heats would be shorter, and not distrach everyone else on the base. Not to mention the potential of the pups to be super soldiers as well.

Someone has a suggestion, and the suggestion turns into a muffled conversation between director and handler, and it's not long after that that there's an agent retrival team going out into the city. A slender camera is passed into the Asset's room. And with each face he's shown, he whines and growls in disgust, and the team, miles away, moves on, another innocent left behind without a clue how close they came to being kidnapped to fill the Winter Captain's heat.


"That's a yes alright." Rumlow laughs a little at the pleased sounds coming from the microphone feed inside the Asset's room. He waves his men forward. "Go grab that alpha."

A couple of well placed sedative darts later, and the slender brown haired alpha is in the back seat of the van as they hightail it back to base. Two agents hold him up with guns to his head as they wait outside the door, the sedatives wearing off. "Smell that," Rumlow asks, leaning to Peter's face. "That's the Asset. You're here to fuck him, get him pregnant, and when the heat's over, of you've behaved yourself, we'll let you go."

Then they shove open the door and push Peter inside.

The Asset looks up, smells alpha, and whines.
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Peter was really getting tired of the whole kidnapping thing.

Fury had already tried it several times, but not usually when Peter was dressed as a civilian, minding his own business. The first dart comes out of nowhere, spidey sense blaring at the back of his skull, and he jerks, avoiding it. But the second isn't far behind, hitting his right side. A third comes from the left, too fast to dodge and his vision is swimming; the third dose is what takes him down.

In retrospect, maybe he should have expected people other than S.H.I.E.L.D. to know who he was. Lord knows their files never were secure.

"Really know how to make a guy feel welcome," Peter groans, groggy as he wakes. His glasses are askew on his face, still dressed in his street clothes. The guy that bends into his view is grinning like a shark, and boy, this doesn't bode well.

But then, through the drugged haze, a whiff of scent has his head whipping up, wide awake. W-o-a-h. Peter doesn't think he's ever smelled an Omega in such all-consuming heat. It definitely explains some of the hyper-aggression he's witnessing now, as they strip him down to his boxers, gun point-blank against his head. No funny business, got it.

"Are you kidding me?" Peter growls at Rumlow, muscles flexing in his arm. He could take him out, but the heat of the Omega in the next room stops him. Whoever that is, he has to help, if he can. It smells painful, and Peter has always been a sucker for relieving pain.

The fact that they want to get whoever it is pregnant should be more troubling than it is, but Peter's just going to focus on one problem at a time here, and the first has him stumbling into the cell.

"H-Hi." The blaze kicks up a few notches when the door closes behind him, and Peter knows his own body is kicking into overdrive to manufacture the hormones necessary to match the Omega in front of him. An attempt to soothe, but at this point there isn't anything besides breeding that will really help him. He soldiers on, pleased Alpha growl already building in his throat. "I'm Peter, I'm here to help."
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Behind the closed door are the laughing chuckles of the men, the stomping of boots as they march away, leaving behind the lingering smell of fading alpha that's quickly overwritten by the building alpha scent of the one in the room. Sweet and fresh and there, it's only kicking his own needs into full force. The response isn't to calm down when an acceptable Alpha comes near, it's to ramp things up, the drive of any Omega's heat to make the Alpha stay and breed them.

He whines and rolls over, leaning back on his knees so the sheet slips away from his body, revealing a sweat stained back, the glistening skin over heaving muscles, and the large wet stain for slick dripping from his backside, spreading over his pants until the tactical fabric is thoroughly dark from it.


The need is a fog around his thoughts, driving out the sensibilities of talk and words and the proper response that would be mandated by meeting someone new. It practically feels like a white cloud that's fallen over his thoughts, thick and heavy and impossible to see past. All he can feel is the need of the heat, the pressure of wanting more and more and more. He's so empty, and his hole is clenching around the emptiness, trying to fill itself but all there is is air.


Already it feels like the Alpha has been standing there for so long without doing anything. Without fucking him, without filling him, and the Asset rocks back on his knees, lifting his hips up into the air, his head pressed down into the rough mattress. Presenting himself for fucking. Presenting himself to be filled and breed and waiting for the Alpha to do it.

The Alpha smells so sweet and right, and the Asset's skin is flushed bright red as he wiggles his butt in the air.

"Fuck me, please, Alpha."
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Okay, wow, the Omega is almost out of his mind with the heat. Peter can feel his mouth going dry, inhaling deeply despite his best efforts. Peter had never been one to give in to instinct, to the typical Alpha behavior. Uncle Ben taught him better than that. But there was a place for higher function and a place for pure desperation, and this Omega had gone well past desperation already.

"It's okay," Peter quickly rids himself of his boxers, tossing them next to the bed. It's the only thing in the room; frankly, this place looks like a jail cell. He wonders who this Omega is, briefly, but when he slides onto the bed behind him, most thought is banished from Peter's head. "It's okay, I'm here."

"You'll be fine," Peter trails off into a quiet growl, resting one hand on the Omega's lower back. Most Omegas would be able to ride out their heat without Alpha assistance, but a heat this intense - Peter wasn't sure what would happen if it went unchecked. "I've got you."

The pants have to be all but peeled off; as it is, Peter gets them as far down the Omega's thighs as he thinks he can. He doesn't want to ask the poor thing to move when his muscles are so seized with heat. There probably isn't any saving the pants, though; no matter how many times you washed them, there would be a faint trace of that slick remaining.

Peter positions himself behind the Omega, taking a deep breath as his hormones struggled to help mediate the Omega's. Their temperature was racketing upwards rapidly; the Omega's skin was flushed and blazing to the touch. There's no preamble as he pushes in, fingers wrapping loosely around the Omegas hips, thumbs rubbing soothing circles into his hips. His body takes him easily, smooth and warm and right. Peter doesn't know whether or not the Omega can feel it too; it's very possible he was too far gone to care who took care of his heat, but that was a question that could only be answered when the blaze abated.
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They taught the Asset absentence. Shoved him in the chair during heats, pushed it off by shoving him in the cryo freeze until the heat passed and the Asset was usable again. It kept them rare, kept his body from falling into the track of heats and need and want. He simply wasn't healthy enough for his body to fall into them.

But when the heat's came, oh did they come. Raced over his body in a burning fire, took over the sensible weapon and drove it into the quaking body of wanting that it was now.

The Asset fell away, and all that came behind was the wanting of the Omega.

But the Omega was able to think enough to decide which Alpha it wanted. To growl and bite at the Hydra lackies who came into the cell, and to nod when they showed him a picture of the Alpha from the streets. The scent only confirms what the eyes had seen.

This is the right Alpha.

He presents, as Peter moves behind him, dipping his shoulders down and leaving the blank space between his shoulders open for a bite. Or two. A bond rarely takes on the first.

Peter's hands on his hips are a burn, but they're cooler than the fire of his skin, and that's good enough, that's right enough. He tries to shuffle his legs,to get the pants down lower, help the alpha as he strips, but the cold air on his wet hole just leaves the slick sticky and his body feeling all the more empty.

And then there's a weight behind him, full and firm, hands holding his hips, a body that settles up flush with his own. He breathes, and then there's cock filling up, holding him open and pushing in. There's no prep, no warning, no test of the slick between his cheeks.

And the alpha's cock pushes right in.

The Asset moans into the pillow.

He rolls his hips back, asking for more, taking more. More, hard and rough and M O R E.
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Not exactly the best strategy. What kind of doctors were they employing? No wonder he wasn't in good enough health. Peter tries to make encouraging noises, tries to keep calm to help guide the Omega through the heat. It's been a while, but Peter knows as well as the next Alpha that without the Alpha in proper control, an Omega could hurt themselves trying to ease the scorching blaze of need.

He doesn't need the prep, and Peter isn't sure the Omega would appreciate the warning. So he gives what he can, rolling his hips against the Omega's eager push, fucking in nice and smooth. He feels like hot, wet silk, tight but not unwelcomingly so. Another thrust, and Peter can feel his balls growing heavier, temperature continuing to climb as they exchange hormones.

"That's it, there you go," Peter murmurs, breath ghosting over the space on the Omega's back. His teeth itch to bite, to claim for however fleeting a moment, but he manages to refrain. At least for now, anyway; the waves of scent could very soon overwhelm him. His glasses slip down his nose a little as he thrusts into the Omega again, knees spreading him a little wider. "Feel good? We'll get your heat taken care of, don't you worry."

He hasn't spoken a word since he begged, but Peter keeps talking anyway, pressing his lips to the back of the Omega's neck. A slight tilt of his hips gives him a deeper angle, and he brings their hips flush again, burying into the slick hole.
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His head goes back as the cock pushes into him, and he's tilting back onto it, his back and torso curved down and up again as his arms take the weight of his body and he pushes his rear up and back. The angle leaves him exposed and open, and with his legs spread wide like that, there's nothing keeping him back from being fucked long and hard.

And that's how he likes it. The snaps deep into him, the rough press of body against his without the preparation, without warning. Taking him, feeding the heat with the rough hormones and the rough press of cock into him. Just the right size, not big and bruising, but filling. Filling him, and the crush of heat starts to go down, drops just a little and then builds back up in a different way, a responding match the scent of Alpha.

The Alpha smells like dirt and apple pie and the twinge of gasoline. Something about it, maybe the gasoline, maybe the hint of street on him that's unmistakably the streets of New York, makes the Asset feel safer than any other Alpha he can remember, even the ones that he'd wanted from among the Hydra agents.

Lips ghost over his neck and back, and his breath catches up in a moan as he feels it. No bite, but it could be. There's almost a press, like the Alpha's thought about it, and he rolls his shoulders back, looking for it again, look for that bonding moment. It feels perfectly right, it smells perfectly right. He wants it, craves it.

"Need it. Alpha, need it, need you."
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The omega presses down into the sheets and Peter strokes a hand down his spine as he adjusts his speed accordingly, obligingly fucking him down into the mattress. The slap of skin on skin is only masked by the concentrated breaths Peter expels, mouthing along the Omega's neck.

The mating seems to help; it doesn't feel quite as painfully desperate. At least, Peter hopes so. He'd hate for him to be in pain, too far gone in the heat to really help it.

"You sure?" Peter mutters, baring his teeth against the Omega's neck. He feels a little odd about biting an Omega whose name he doesn't even know, but the bite will probably help the process along. He offers an experimental nip, hips snapping forward at the contact.
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His hands fist up in the mattress (there's no sheets to grab, only the rough fabric cover of the mattress), his back arched back and his knees braced wide open, holding himself up with his cock hanging aroused down in the space between his body and the mattress. He's past rational thoughts or want or sureness; that line was crossed hours ago, when the heat burned away into desperation, and now it's all just the desire and the wanting of something more. The need for more.

The instincts, written into his DNA. The craving for a bond that Hydra could never break apart from him. The Omega's acceptance of an Alpha biting down and binding them together.

He groans as the teeth test his skin, and his cock is leaking pre-come all over.

"Want you, Alpha. Want to be yours."
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"Okay," Peter knows it's a heat affirmation, but it counts enough for him. As much as it can, right now. His hands curl on the Omega's hips, thrusting again with force, as he bit down to leave his mark. Peter was no stranger to heats; he'd had a few girlfriends, only one or two casual arrangements - but the mating bite was something he'd only ever given to one person. Still, there was nothing else like it. The sweet release of pheromones when the bite took, the way it almost got more intense once bitten. It was all kinds of incredible.

"Got you," He leans over, one hand tracing down the Omega's stomach to the base of his cock, fingers searching in quiet question. He doesn't want to overstep any boundaries he might have when not heat drunk, but he wraps his hand loosely around the Omega's cock, thumb brushing from root to tip in a firm motion. "All mine, Omega."

His glasses are crooked, cheeks flushed, and he tongues over the mating bite, hips jolting in a little harder. Seemed like the Omega was taking as much as he could get, and Peter would give him as much as he could.
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And there it is. That perfect, utterly sweet rush as teeth bite down into his skin. And it makes no sense, how his body responds to it, but this deep into a heat, nothing makes sense at all. He was already pumped full of hormones and the burning need to feel more; the bite is a wave of rushing completion over him, the answer to the call his body had put out. Bite me, the Asset's heat said.Mate me.

Make me yours

He keens. There's no words to the noise he makes, no set of letters that could be written out to match the noise that he lets out of his lips. It's pleasure, simple and straight, and it comes from his mouth in a high pitched whine as the Asset is bitten and claimed and fucked.

No matter how strong the Omega, they all fall to that same need.

"Yours alpha, yours, all yours."

He jerks his hips forward into Peter's hand. He tries to hold back, tries to wait for his alpha's permission to come, but the sting of the bite on his skin and the deep thrusts of cock inside him, and then the tug of Peter's hand on his own cock. It's a lot for an omega to hold against.

The Asset doesn't.

He comes in one long ejaculation over Peters hand, his words melting back into a wordless cry of satisfaction.
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The bite seemed to soothe something, and Peter growled wordlessly, rocking them in unison. It shook the bed, so hard Peter thought it might start to fall apart. He hadn't had the time to take stock of the room - clearly, with more pressing things to worry about - but they weren't in the most ideal place for an Omega's heat.

"Let it go," Peter hums, squeezing the Omega's cock, urging him towards that sweet release. He sorely needed it, and Peter didn't stop until the Omega began to come. Even then, he bit his lip and kept fucking him through it, as long as he could hold out before he groaned and spilled into him.

"Fuck," Peter mumbles, resting his head in the crook of the Omega's neck, nose brushing the line of his artery. They're sweaty, sticky, and all Peter wants to do is curl up with him until the next wave of heat overcomes them. There are still unanswered questions, though, that they should probably settle. "You okay?"
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Maybe it won't be so bad, the punishment for coming before his alpha. The alpha tells him to let go, and the alpha comes himself not long after, and maybe that means the Asset hasn't messed up things too much. He hopes not. He likes this alpha.

He drops down onto the mattress proper, rolling onto his side so he can look up at the alpha's face. Young. He's so young. Those are nice brown eyes, and now that the heat's letting up somewhat, the Asset can smell the personal traces of cheap cologne and chocolate chip cookies underneath that smell of alpha.

He raises his hands to his chest, curling his legs up slightly, the sticky cum dripping out of his hole to lie in a mess on the mattress. "Stay?" His voice is quiet, so quiet, and it's a question of staying for the whole heat, and staying to let go of a punishment, and staying because he likes the alpha, wants the alpha around of the rest of the heat (it's not over and he wants more).

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"I - yeah, of course." Peter assures, shifting with the Omega, confusion washing over his expression. Did he really think he'd leave? He lays down next to him, one hand on the Omega's chest, over his heart. They were both settling before the next wave of heat, and Peter nodded to himself, pushing his glasses to the top of his head.

"My name is Peter." He offers this quietly, thumb brushing over the Omega's collarbone. Hopefully the heat would clear up enough for him to think clearly, before it overtook them again. "What should I call you?"

The more pressing questions of where they were, and did he know the men that took them? Those would come later. Peter let his thumb move over the Omega's neck, leaving spots of scent in its wake.
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Though the heat has waned, the presence of alpha over him, beside him, is warm. A warm spreading gently over him as the alpha, Peter, not only stays but also keeps touching him, holding him, talking to him. The Asset rolls in towards Peter, pressing his hands back against Peter's chest.

"Asset." Firm and solid, the true answer. No hesitation. But then, a moment later, in a quiet voice that's almost too low to here, he says, "Captain." Quiet, so quiet, just a whisper. The quiet little secret he keeps, so close to a name that he knows it should be denied to him, and still he knows it. Knows it's him.

Knows he shouldn't reveal that.

The heat's left him open and vulnerable and trusting, and with the alpha being so kind and soft, it slips out anyways.
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Omega's need that type of contact for a fulfilling heat. Peter wonders if maybe this Omega has been fucked and left before, abandoned until the need became too great. It would explain a few things, but thinking about that just made Peter angry on his behalf. Not that he doubted these men were capable of far greater cruelty, but that denial just seemed so wrong to him.

"Captain?" Peter murmurs, catching the hesitation, the apparent need for discretion. He nuzzles Captain's (he guesses he'll use that as a first name, why not?) shoulder, brushing his lips lightly over the juncture between his neck and shoulder. "Okay. You doing okay, Cap?"

Peter finds himself taking stock of the Omega, checking him over for injuries. None, insofar as Peter can see. This is also the point at which he realizes Cap is rather...well, frankly, he was built like an Alpha. Don't get Peter wrong - look at him, he's a scrappy beanpole of an Alpha, and sure there's wiry muscle if you look close enough, but he's still thin - but this seems a little unusual.
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He has someone touching him, someone holding him, and there's no pain. He hasn't had to pay for this comfort with his pain or his tears or the tearing of his flesh. It's strange, for he can't remember why he knows these things, but he knows he's been left before, left in the sweat of his heat, left alone without this. He knows that, in the quiet of his mind, like he knows the name and knows this about himself like that.

He can feel Peter's eyes studying him, feel the way the attention travels over his body, and he rolls over, knowing the exposure is what alphas want to see. Want to see him, his exposed front, his body. That's why this is happening, that's why Peter's still here.

For a show.

He relaxes down on the pillow, spreading his body out, uncaring of his his bare skin is exposed like that, of how the Alpha can see everything. This is just what it is. He's meant to be seen like this. He's an Omega and the asset.

"Feel good. Feel.... Right."
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Peter slides an arm around the Captain's middle, thumb brushing his hipbone lightly. He seems okay, heat aside, and Peter's rut has chased all lingering effects of the tranquilizers out of his system. He wonders when they should try to mount the escape - not until at least another round or two of the Captain's heat has passed. They certainly didn't need it striking as they were in the middle of a fight.

He's assuming Cap will want to come with him in the first place, but.

"Good. You let me know if something doesn't feel right, okay? I want to make your heat comfortable."

Peter follows suit, satisfied that the Omega wasn't hurt, and lets his head fall into the pillow with the Captain's. "Do you have any idea who these people are? What they want? I don't know if you might have heard something."
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He may be an unusual Omega in his build, in how much muscle he has, in how much power is between his fingers, but it's so typical, how he rolls over when Peter lays down next to him, their bodies pressed up against each other's. He wants that comfort. Craves the connection. Loves the way that Peter's body heat feels better than the heat that burns through his skin. How the body heat of another cools down the rage of his heat.

It's the first heat he remembers where he's not dying of it.

He snuggles up against Peter's shoulder, and smiles up at the Alpha. At his Alpha. He thinks..... Maybe there had been another Alpha who was his, but it's so hard to remember, and it was so long ago, he doesn't know at all. Maybe once. Maybe never. Certainly not right now.

"The Asset belongs to Hydra. It will be informed on missions when it is needed. Current mission; satisfy biological need for impregnation."
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Peter freely gives it, splaying his fingers against the Captain's skin, letting the contact soothe the roiling heat. He could drawl for days about the chemical reactions between them that had that effect - but it doesn't really explain or describe the deep-seated contentment that settles in his stomach.

"You're not...the 'Asset'." Peter murmurs softly, pressing his lips to the Captain's temple. He's not sure what that means but he's positive it isn't good. "Not to me, Captain."

Wait, he's trying to get pregnant? Peter does a double take at that, pulling back just enough to look the Omega in the face.

"You don't know why they want you to get pregnant?"
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"No," he says simply, then realizes his objection could be taken to belong to the first statement, the one about his name, and he did not mean to deny that. He knows he is not just the Asset - it is merely easier safer to refer to himself as only the Asset. Everything else is a risk, repeated over and over and over again.

"Don't know why. Lost...." he have memories, little tickles of thought. A babe, struggling to breath in his arms, the last of the too small, too soon, litter. "Lost the last pups."
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"Oh." There's weight to that one word, when Peter realizes what he's talking about. His fingers tighten a little on the Captain, pressing his cheek into the Captain's hair. He'll accept that as explanation enough for his trouble communicating. Why Hydra wanted the pups in the first place Peter wasn't sure.

"These are not ideal birthing conditions." Peter murmurs gently. "There isn't anything you could have done."

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