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totally forgot I asked the cop for a theoretical fist bump and he still let me swing away
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[personal profile] parachronism 2016-04-22 06:52 pm (UTC)(link)
You helped stop a robbery. I think there are things people'll let slide.
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i'm thinking we should work with the 17th precinct more often
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I'm thinking I don't disagree. It isn't Brooklyn, but I might not mind having an excuse to go back to that Italian place on Mott.

[it's literally that good]
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you and that garlic bread, a love for the ages seriously.

[It was kind of funny how blasé New Yorkers had become about superheroes dropping in for meals at their establishments.]
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[it's been a long time since any new york was his new york, but one thing hasn't changed — new yorkers' ability to accept strange shit and just roll with it]

Unless my memory's failing me in my old age, [ha ha] I don't think that fourth basket was because of me.
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[They gave the British a run for their money with the keep calm and carry on thing.]

Hey, my metabolism is even more of a terror than ~yours~. I'm still growing!
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See? There's plenty of blame to go around for the disappearing garlic bread.
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well now i'm craving olive oil and its all your fault
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Oops. My bad.

[he's totally hip and stuff]
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what are you doing? because we should rectify this immediately

[Yeah, okay gramps. Steve's older than Betty White. He's older than sliced bread.]
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[shhh, he's at least from the cretaceous period, and not the triassic]

As it so happens, I might be in the neighborhood.
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[Small blessings. He'll give you that win, though; you need one.]

i'll race you!
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Last person there has to buy the garlic bread.
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you are so on, spangles