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a. what's the protocol when you drive the girl's head into the wall during sex and she starts to cry?

b. i just looked at the guy in the car next to me and he was wearing a Spiderman mask. we just nodded cause we both understood.

c. is 1am too late, or too early to make bacon?
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[ this is what you got when you encouraged the boy to come to you with anything WELL AT LEAST MAY IS GLAD THAT HE'S CONCERNED AND ASKING FOR HELP though god peter why ]

you take that nice young girl to the bathroom, get her some aspirin and use the first aid I know they taught you in boy scouts

then ice cream. a lot of ice cream. hold it to her head as well as actually eat it
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Mun is losing her shit xD

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[He really, really wouldn't have texted her unless he was genuinely panicking, but frankly, he didn't always know his own strength. And while that was great cough, sometimes, it didn't help when he nearly brained people.]

you don't think she could have a concussion do you?
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i tend to do that you're welcome

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highly unlikely I know you kids today think you're big guys on campus but I really doubt it was that

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All the love<333

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aunt may you'd
you'd really be surprised

[Oh god he feels like he's dying whyyyy]

she hit the wall with

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[ peter no she doesn't need this information augh she needs a drink ]

this whole conversation has been a surprise Peter and not a good one

but double check her vision, ask if she's seeing straight or not. that and a lasting headache are signs that you SOMEHOW managed to give this poor girl a concussion
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[At least he's being responsible? If there's any way to salvage pride from this moment.]

i didn't expect her to start cryi

...her pupils are dilating a little slowly
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[ there isn't son stop digging you'll only get to china ]

good grief okay that's not a for sure sign since there are other reasons for pupils to dilate but ask the questions that's the big thing

you didn't break the wall did you??
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[He's already in the deepest pits of Hell, why stop there?]

she says her vision is fine but she has a really bad headache

it's a little