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Florence Nightingale Effect Meme

Florence Nightingale Effect Meme

1. Previously aloof tough character gets injured, lets the love interest treat their injuries, and reveals a newfound trust and intimacy. This might or might not involve the tough person making that hissing sound when the love interest touches their injured face, but not quite pulling away...

2. The love interest gets injured, and the tough character treats them and suddenly reveals a tender side.

It's an old trope, admittedly, but an understandable one. You're hurt - physically or emotionally - and perhaps even on the brink of death. And then, out of the blue, someone saves you and brings you back. They heal you, they feed you, cloth you, wash you. In the human mind, the intimacies can bring up warm feelings, even in the hardest of hearts. Will you fight them or let them grow? And what about when it's time to leave? You may not feel like leaving your angel...

1. Comment with your character and preferences. Mention if you'd prefer to play the healer or the healed - or both, for greatest versatility!
2. Reply to others.

- The finding and saving
- The hurt/comfort care process, I.E. cleaning wounds, bathing, wrapping bandages, etc.
- Feeding, finding clothes, etc.
- Mother hen behavior ("you're still hurt, don't do that!")
- Comforting from trauma
- Unwilling patient
- Pulling away, trying to be all aloof
- Realization of growing emotions
- Denial
- Attempts to instigate something more
- Jealousy at seeing your savior with someone else
- Confessions
- Mutual attraction
- First (accidental or no) kiss
- Obligatory sex scene option
- Make your own scene
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[Peter tries not to make a habit of this. Watching another vigilante was like asking for a fight (Deadpool had proved that single-handedly, on multiple occasions). And with this guy, from the looks of it, it was asking for some very painful bruising.

The criminal is out cold when the guy finishes with him, and Peter hangs upside down on a streetlamp. He might as well say hello, welcome him to the neighborhood (shh, Peter knew this wasn't his neighborhood, but still. The city is my home principle still stood, even in Hell's Kitchen).]

I'd just like to formally apologize now if my actions have in any way influenced your nighttime activities. I keep telling people I'm an awful role model but nobody listens.
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[A heartbeat from that high up had to have been from a building, maybe someone with palpitations. He's never been one to startle but Matt is surprised. He lifts his horned head up to the post and then higher. There is a vague radiation of heat.

Aaand so he was being watched. He exhales and shakes his head, nudging the heavy lug with his foot before approaching the lamp.]

Shouldn't you be a little more concerned with more present matters?
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Such as?

[He pillows his hands behind his head, watching the guy walk over to his lamp post. Peter had to admit, the horns were kind of cool. Who was this guy, anyway? He feels like he should have heard of him, at least. Were Manhattan and Queens really that far apart these days?]

Hey, I'm all for vigilantism. Clean up these streets, you know, lend a helping hand.
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[He exhales roughly, audibly. This guy. Whoever he is. He's nimble, light. Might be a hard target. How to get up there. Well, Matt never shies away from a challenge.]

Lending a helping hand would have been great when I was chasing that guy. Or... getting him off of his feet. Or...

[Any moment before this moment would have been great, actually.]
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You seemed like you had it under control.

[Peter can feel a prickle of danger at the back of his neck, a light tingling sensation. But it's not a full blown alarm, so he lets it fade into the background of his consciousness for the moment.] did have it under control, right? Hard to tell with the red, you know how it is.
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[Different neighborhoods might as well be different worlds right?

Billy clubs haven't been put back where they belong. That prickle of danger may not yet go away. He doesn't have any idea what or who he has the pleasure of coming across. Just that maybe it might be an opportunity to get up close, personal and see how things play out.

So he tosses one of the two metal crafted sticks up as high and far as he can toward his company...And dashes to the building relying on speed of his sprint, the traction and uneven brick work to trapeze up, higher, higher still. Anything to make the distance between them smaller.]
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[In New York? Almost certainly. And he usually makes a point to stay out of Manhattan, where the Avengers come to play.

Peter catches the club on reflex, despite it being about half a foot to his left. The speed and agility of this new vigilante does take him off guard, but he swings around the lamp post to land on top of it, balanced on the very edge, by the actual lamp. He crouches, hands up, though they aren't clenched into fists just yet. Fiesty, he can respect that.]

Woah there big red, take a chill pill. Ass kickings should be doled out on a case by case basis. How do you expect to make friends on the playground if you start throwing metal pipes around?

[He twirls the pipe in his hand, tapping it against the metal of the post he's standing on.] I'm not Deadpool, man, come on.
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[That whole chaos raining from the sky thing eliminated his concept of territories very early on. Perhaps there might be a request for forgiveness. One never knows what will show up in Hell's Kitchen these days. They say there's a dude that can control your mind. Wild stuff!

How delightfully helpful you are, stranger to give him a sound to latch on to. Vibrations from the metal lamp post help him measure the distance. Matt has done some crazy off the cuff things. This will be his very first attempt at landing on a person on a lamp post.]

No introductions? Not very polite. Not very friendly.

[Here goes, quite literally, nothing. This is a horrible idea. Absolutely dreadful. Someone is going to get hurt.]
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[When they need him to lend a hand, Peter most certainly will but - if he doesn't need to, why put himself in a position to get arrested? He's wily, but he sure as hell doesn't want to face the Hulk if he doesn't have to.

He has no idea what powers this guy has, leaving room for this error. He also has no inkling that Matt can't see him, so he kind of expected to be recognized. His mistake, clearly.]

What! Friendly is literally in my -

[Then the guy comes flying at him, and Peter ducks, senses ringing off alarms. Fuck, why, rude. He doesn't get hit, not in the full body tackle he was probably aiming for, but it's enough to put Peter off balance, and he has to catch himself on a web, rather ungracefully. Damn, he was strong.

Peter rubs his rotator cuff, muttering his annoyance under his breath.]
You're the one lunging at me, tough guy. There's enough room in the sandbox for all of us if you share.

[But if he's looking for a fight, Peter certainly wasn't going to go into underestimating him again. He shoots a web over Matt's head and comes at him, feet first.]
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[Well, that makes the two of them. Eyes would really be helpful now to recognize him. Or at least see the costume motif. Daredevil has at least a chip on his shoulder big enough to make it seem like he just does not care by reputation. Such a comedy of errors this is ending up to be!

That sounds like a pulled muscle or at least a decent bruise. Hard to say. The blood is rushing in Matt's ears as he is teetering precariously on the thin surface of the lamp post. His equilibrium is working over time to get his mass centered. Or at least it would have been before he is trying to evade the counter attack.

What is that thing he keeps smelling? Feather light in mass, concentrated and coming from the guy. A low duck does a great thing to get him mostly out of the way of feet but the nimble fellow has him hard at the shoulder.]
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[It'll heal within an hour to two hours, but it's still a pain in the ass. Daredevil isn't exactly endearing himself to the spidery vigilante, and Peter's running snark probably isn't winning him any points either.

The guy dodges, but Peter is satisfied with clipping his shoulder, hard. It's a good spar; at least they aren't trying to kill each other. It's a nice change from his usual fights.]

Look buddy, [Peter shoots a glob of webbing, aiming for Matt's right hand.] Is this a gang thing?
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[Some of us are just not so lucky! That clipping is going to smart for awhile. Maybe not the way that it would have if a guy like the one he dropped on his ass would have, but still!

They just are getting off on the wrong foot left and right.]

Gang thing? No.

[Whoops. Got him there. The substance is thick and for being weightless really does prevent him from using his hand or fingers. Shoot.]
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Then what's the problem here, chief? [Peter's going to bet on quick, short movements, shooting bits of web off when he can. Seems like the best approach with Matt as an opponent was not to let him get in close. Peter was wily, and he had his predictive spider sense, but someone with actual training (or what amounted to it) could still pose a significant threat.] Because if it's not a gang thing, I'm having a hard time figuring out what crawled up your ass.

[He moves in a slow circle, crouched low, and maintaining that wide berth.]

You can't believe everything you read in the papers. I'm no menace. [And Peter wasn't exactly about to peg Daredevil as one. He had just taken out what looked like a drug dealer or some person of equally crummy morals.]