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I'll do anything to be her ( bodyguard )

the bodyguard meme

You're a pop star, or a royal, or maybe even the last of your kind who will bring about the Earth's redemption. Whatever the case may be, you're in a position that may be a bit dicey if you attract the wrong kind of attention.

And you're a bodyguard, a soldier, a knight - a protector. Somehow, you've been roped into protecting this person. You'll be rewarded, of course. The work may be cut out for you, but just do your job, keep your head down, and it'll go smooth.

Except for when the two of you break the bounds of professionalism and feelings begin to flourish. Being in such close quarters may get you to see the other in a different light, and saving someone's life just may be the ultimate form of intimacy.

Could this be the real danger? To feel so strongly for the one you've sworn to protect...are you compromised?

How to Play
1. Comment with your character and preferences, being sure to put if you want to play the guard, the guarded, or either. Also, you may want to put if you prefer fluffy, angsty, or smutty interaction - or have no preference.
2. Comment to others.
3. There are no prompts, because there are so many potential options there could be a hundred. Feel free to play anything: the beginnings of the relationship, just meeting, getting used to each other/not getting along at first, the obligatory first time, a threat on the protected's life and how their protector responds, how the feelings between the two has changed the protection, etc. Your only limit is you.
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[Interested in a certain friendly spider?]
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[Oh definitely]
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[You mentioned canon au; perhaps Matt ends up prosecuting a swath of accused-Hydra members and Spiderman protects him at the Avengers' request?]
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[That sounds like it'd be really fun to play, plus him realizing that Spidey's like...a kid. And that not sitting well with him]
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Let me know if this works for you!

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[Peter had been dancing around the Avengers for months. At first, it was a matter of dodging them, because with them came S.H.I.E.L.D., and he was definitely somewhere on that hit list. Slowly, though, he thought that they came to a sort-of understanding; they left each other alone.

Then S.H.I.E.L.D. fell, and Peter found himself offering to help in whatever way he could. They could be certain, at least, that he wasn't Hydra.

The request comes from Tony, on Steve's behalf. Peter had just finished stringing up another would-be convenience store robber when Iron Man dropped out of the sky and handed him a post-it note. A prosecutor in Hell's Kitchen basically needed a bodyguard. It was a little out of his usual range, in Manhattan, but Peter took the job.

That's how Spiderman finds himself knocking on the window of Matt's office in broad daylight.]
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[He knows about Spider-Man mostly from the news and from Foggy giving him the Youtube play-by-play about how "stupidly limber he is (kinda jealous)" and "guy really needs a better outfit". Apparently it's like a full body yoga uniform in blue and red and you can see way, way more than you want. Matt has a vague memory of what colors looked like but he assumes trying to apply those blurs to Foggy's descriptions don't do Spider-Man justice.

Matt figures he'll do his own thing. He keeps doing his night rounds and then he's back at his day job, fingertips brushing over Braille and taking a rain check on lunch out with Foggy and Karen. When he has visitors, he expects them to come through the front door, not his window. His shoulders jump in surprise as his head jerks up, eyebrows knitting behind his glasses before he turns toward the knock.

The glass isn't soundproof: he can hear the heart on the other side, the lungs pointing at someone young, male. Unfamiliar.

He gets up, almost forgets to grab his cane and feel around for the window latch like he doesn't know exactly where it is from the smell of metal and peeling paint

Can I help you? [And unspoken is also helps if you give me a name but I think I already know who you are]

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I'm actually here to help you. [Peter crouches on the sill, tilting his head at Matt. Blind, ah. Interesting. Peter didn't think he'd ever met a blind lawyer; then again, he hadn't exactly met all that many lawyers anyway.] I'm Spiderman. If you didn't gather from the climbing through a 12 story window or what have you.

[He slips into the room, stretching his back out. Crouching doesn't exactly help his posture.] You're the one prosecuting the class action against the Hydra suspects, right? I have the right Murdock?

[The office is pretty neat, and Peter really doesn't have a reason to be suspicious. Especially if Steve apparently requested Murdock & Nelson.] The Avengers sent me. There could be people coming after you and your partner.
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[Matt can say one thing about the kid: he likes to talk]

I was wondering who else would be trying to make an appointment by window. [Dryly. Matt steps aside so Spider-Man can come in, his head cocked with a little puzzled frown on his face in the expression that Foggy drunkenly called his "golden retriever" impression (whatever that's supposed to mean).]

Yeah, I'm that Murdock. Matt, actually. [He holds out his hand toward the general direction of Spider-Man's voice. The longer he listens to it, the more he's convinced he should be in school or maybe just starting college, not swinging around stringing muggers up like Christmas ornaments]

Are you sure about that? How do you know?

[Matt doesn't have to fake the alarm in his voice. He can handle himself more than he lets on, but he's got his limits. As much as he doesn't want to admit it, he might need that help]
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[Well, he's not wrong.]

I'm working on my fire escape manners. [Peter accepts Matt's hand with a firm shake, glove a little cold from being outside, so high up. He should probably work on insulating it, but honestly it was skintight, so he'd have to think hard on that one.] Nice to meet you, Matt.

[Everybody had to have a hobby, right? He...just so happened to enjoy exterior NYC decor.]

I don't know much at all. They said the roots of Hydra are deep and vast, that the ones we've caught so far aren't alone.

And the last thing anyone wants is for the lead prosecutors to get knocked off. [Peter pokes his head out the door of Matt's office. He couldn't sense anyone else in the outer room but he might as well check.] So if you're not too opposed to the idea, I'm offering my infamous spider services to your practice.

Not sure I could pull off the executive suit, though. You've got the shoulders. [The smile is apparent in his voice, and Peter considers taking off the mask for some fresh air. Matt can't see him anyway, right, so his secret identity wouldn't be a problem. Still, he probably shouldn't. Surveillance cameras and/or the Nelson part of Murdock & Nelson could bust him.]
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[He appreciates that Spider-Man didn't shake his hand off. Considering he has a habit of practically juggling men twice his sizes, Matt assumes he's much, much stronger than he sounds with that height and frame.

Foggy swears up and down there's a Youtube of Spidey lifting a bus - considering he couldn't find the link again, Matt has his doubts.

That's comforting. [Matt's tone comes off as dry but he's worried, more than he wants to let on. He thought it was bad taking on Fisk but he seemed like he was happy to focus on New York instead of sticking all his fingers into everything like Hydra. Matt reaches up to remove his glasses and neatly folds them and tucks the frame into his pocket]

Thanks, I work out when I'm not in court.

[Matt stares at Spider-Man and past, brown eyes unfocused as usual]

So what would your "spider services" - [Matt struggles not to smile] - entail, exactly? Twenty-four hour protection?

[He's really hoping that's a hard no on it because it's going to make it hard getting out at night if Spider-Man's watching his apartment. He'll have to split his time between Foggy and Karen too, he assumes]
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[That had been such a huge problem at the beginning, you don't even know. Peter kept a supply of faucet handles in his closet just in case, because that had been a nightmare. It was also why his webshooters were designed to only go off for 40+ lbs. of pressure. Wouldn't want that to go off in the middle of anything when he's fiddling with his sleeves.]

Consider it an early Christmas present. [Satisfied that they're alone, and listening for any footsteps, Peter sprawls across the client chair opposite Matt's desk.] Yeah? How much are you lifting?

That's what the Avengers implied was needed. [Peter crosses his legs indian style in the chair. Now that he's more bendy, it's almost more comfortable to twist himself into a pretzel.] I think Hawkeye is going to watch your associate when he's not with us. But master assassins aren't prone to introducing themselves. I thought it'd be weird if I just started following you, thus - here I am.
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[Matt can safely say he's never had anyone get that comfortable in the client's chair.] Probably nowhere close to what you can.

[He's a little gun-shy with talking about his workout routines: the last thing Matt wants to do is paint a more...capable picture of himself when he's happy to let people think he's your average blind guy, nothing to see here. He lets the topic slide instead of offering to get too conversational about it. Right now he'd prefer it if Spider-Man thought he was just a blind guy at a gym with someone babysitting him and making sure he didn't trip over anything.]

I appreciate the head's up. [This conversation would be going a lot differently if he hadn't gone for the polite route instead of following him right off the bat. Matt shoves his hands into his pockets as he rests his hip against the edge of his desk] Are there any solid leads about Hydra coming after us? Maybe we can help on our end.

[Because if there is, he'd like to go after them himself instead of waiting for Spidey to sweep him off his feet like another one of his rescuees]
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Not everyone is graced with the proverbial genetic jackpot. [What can he say, he's a people person. In the mask, anyway.]

[Oh, you have him well and truly fooled. Peter's not picking up any dangerous vibes, and why would he? The spider sense only works if someone's trying to hurt him.] I think a few intercepted messages, implying they were coming after some S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, but nothing that mentioned your practice directly.

Still, as soon as the information is broadcasted publicly that you have the case, it's a pretty obvious target. [Peter shrugs, gaze running over the stuff on Matt's desk. He was fidgety, for a supposed superhero.] No offense, but I think this is above both of our paygrades. Better let Captain America and his backstreet boys handle it.

So either Hawkeye or I will watch over you and your partner when you're together, [Peter primed his webshooters, reloading the cartridge absent-mindedly.] and I'll escort you when you're off alone. Despite my reputation, I can make myself unobtrusive.

[Mostly. Just give him a corner of the ceiling and he'll be fine.]
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[Sounds like his identity's safe if he's going about Spider-Man's descriptions. That's fine and all until he he finds out that it isn't bad enough he's going to be tailed by Spider-Man, he might also have to deal with Hawkeye too. Matt pales slightly despite himself]

I'm sure that isn't necessary. Don't you have a job or something in between? School?

[Come on, with a voice like that coupled with lungs that sound painfully young? He can't ignore that. Matt's eyebrows furrow as he tracks what the kid's doing with his wrist, trying to pin it with something from his mental catalog of sounds and realizing it doesn't exist yet. There's hearing clips being reloaded and someone drawing a knife on him and then there's hearing a webshooter being unloaded and reloaded for the first time]

Have you talked to Foggy or Karen about this?

[He figures Foggy will be starstruck and wanting an autograph before he starts grilling Spider-Man. As for Karen, he can see her being okay with the new chaperones given their track record. If he didn't have his night job to worry about, he might even agree with her]

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[Peter may be a superhuman, but he's nothing compared to Clint. The guy is a spy for a living, there wasn't much you could sneak past him. At least Matt would have Peter most of the time?]

That's why Hawkeye and I will be splitting it up. [This is said evenly, and Peter tilts his head at Matt. Most people assume he's older than he is, because of the costume and the fact that he can lift a truck. But Matt doesn't have the benefit of that and it looks like he sounds as young as he is. Still, Peter isn't exactly keen to give much away, so he'll try not to react. Bless his school's break, by the by. It's finals week this week, so as long as he skirts those times he'll be fine to coast out the rest of the semester before he's free pretty much all the time.] Even superheroes have to sleep.

Not yet. I think Hawkeye is already tracking them, not that he's likely to introduce himself. But we can do the song and dance again when they get here. I could even hide somewhere if you want to prank them. [He didn't mind being a self-appointed ambassador.]
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[Matt has that moment where he wishes he could be open about what he does at night. It isn't often he gets to talk shop with another vigilante - excuse him, "superhero" seems to be the popular buzzword these days - and he admits it would've been a different conversation if they were doing it with the masks. Well. It's not like he could see Spider-Man's face either way, but it would different if they'd met under other circumstances. ]

I don't think they'd enjoy a superhero prank. [Matt pauses] ...Actually, Foggy would think it's cool.

[But that's besides the point.]

So what I'm getting from this is you'll do your best to shadow us but this is basically a stop-gap from the Avengers. Speaking of sleep, should I be worried about a curfew on your end?

[Matt hopes he doesn't sound too relieved. He might be able to slip out to keep doing his night job if this kid's as young as he thinks he is and Hawkeye's busy with Foggy and Karen. As much as he likes the work Spider-Man does, right now he'd prefer it if he wasn't being chaperoned all over the place by a guy in tights]

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[Peter's heard of Daredevil, certainly. The papers were about as scathing with him as they were with Spiderman. They didn't have the benefit of government cover-ups to help them with their job of protecting the everyman. He'd thought about contacting him, once, in regards to some gang activity he thought might have been connected to Hell's Kitchen, but one thing led to another and he ended up breaking up the gang without additional intel. Which also left him without an excuse to talk to the vigilante, ahem, superhero.]

I could hang us both from the ceiling? That's always a crowd pleaser.

[If he's going to be spending time here he might as well try to break the ice.]

Basically, yes. [Not that Peter isn't a competent bodyguard, they did ask him to help, after all. But Hydra was a whole mess of a beast that the Avengers have been chopping at for a while.] A pre-emptive measure until we see what we're dealing with.

I mean, if you could refrain from partying until 4AM every day I'd appreciate it. [Peter's smile can be heard in his voice, and he tilts his head back.] But I'll probably just crash on your fire escape anyway.

[He's got his orders, and while he doesn't suspect anything now, it certainly isn't going to be easy to convince him Matt doesn't need protection. Especially when he's under the impression Matt is just a regular blind guy with no formal training.]