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scenario generator;


Post your character. Tag around by inserting your character name and that of the character you want to tag in the RP Mini Scenario Generator. Write a starter based on the scenario you receive.

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gaby teller | the man from u.n.c.l.e.

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[hello there! I got Gaby Teller frustrated by losing a board game or card game to Napoleon Solo. and Napoleon Solo loses a bet to Gaby Teller. So maybe something poker related?]
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[sounds interesting! would you care to start us off?]
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[sure! also, I have zero notifs, so this will be slow]

It was a simple assignment. Keep tabs on the fat Swedish gentleman in the hotel across the way. After he had gone to bed, one could only take so many infrared pictures of the dark room. Solo leaned back in his chair, snapping the hourly photo and then leaning forward to the table. Shuffling the cards with a devious smile. "Where were we?" He was twenty dollars up so far. Peril was engrossed in his own chess game and refused to be disturbed so Napoleon had started a game of cards with Gaby. Chess was too tame for him, poker was more his style. "Five card stud this time?"
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re: gaby teller | the man from u.n.c.l.e.

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[Illya Kuryakin and Gaby Teller get caught up in a storm and must stay sheltered together until it passes]

Arm up, Illya ran toward a barn. It was the only structure close enough to get out of the rain. It was coming down so hard, the cold drops of water felt like stings. They were both soaked to the skin and the wind was blowing so hard he had to keep his arm around her to keep her from being blown off her feet. Even though he was doing little better. They reached the barn, but there was a padlock on the door. Illya picked up a rock and smashed it off, then opened the door, turning, he caught sight of what was barrelling toward them. He had only ever seen anything like it in movies and right now, he was having flashbacks of the Wizard of Oz. His eyes grew wide, "Gaby, is that what I think it is?"