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scenario generator;


Post your character. Tag around by inserting your character name and that of the character you want to tag in the RP Mini Scenario Generator. Write a starter based on the scenario you receive.

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Clark Kent | DCEU | OTA

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Napoleon Solo tries to tell Superman that 'It isn't what it looks like, I swear!'

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"It isn't what it looks like..."

Napoleon was bending over a prone form on the ground, a motorcycle crashed off to the side. A gun in his hand as he rifled through the man's pockets. That's when the costumed man dropped out of the sky.
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[ He crosses his arms, looking disapproving -- until he gets a good glimpse of the man's face. That was enough to lessen his stern demeanor. That's . . . impossible, isn't it?

He tries to recover smoothly. ]

Walk me through it then.
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Re: beautiful

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He'd heard stories, rumors really, about the superhero. Being a secret agent, he was inclined to trust no one, but even he knew the gun in his hand wouldn't be much good if it came down to it.

"Wish I could," he says, finally coming across what he was looking for. The man's wallet. "It's top secret, hush hush kind of stuff."

And really, he wasn't seeing it. He was much more handsome than this guy, none of those girls knew what they were talking about.
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Then you wouldn't mind me sending you off to the proper authorities. Just in case.

[ This man wasn't lying. Or he certainly believed he was telling the truth. Still, Clark wasn't going to budge. ]
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A wince. "Actually I would mind." His boss would mind too. Nothing like a two hour lecture from Mr. Waverly about protocol while in the field.

However what was the alternative? The man had been a Thrush agent and tried to run him over. It had been either shoot or be killed. "I really don't have time to stick around and play twenty questions with the local police." He had a bomb to track down after all.
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Then you might as well tell me. I've got plenty of time.

[ He steps closer. It's not threatening, but it's very clear that Clark has the upper hand and they both know it. ]
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The gun aims back at Supes out of reflex. But not a kill shot, he was aiming more for shoulder than heart. After all, what if the rumors were wrong, he didn't want to kill this guy.

"I unfortunately don't." It's a visible inner debate with himself. Who was he more scared of? Superman or Mr. Waverly? "I work for U.N.C.L.E. and I'm tracking a bomb maker from Switzerland."

United Network Command for Law and Enforcement was a newer organization but an international one.
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[ He looks at the gun and looks back at Napolean with a really? expression on his face. The heartbeat was steady, a constant drum beat. A tell tale sign of the truth. ]

Then let me help.
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Napoleon gives a half shrug at the look. Hey, it's all he's got, he's gonna use it.

He's surprised at the offer though. And hesitates. Technically using a civilian on a mission had to be approved...but considering Superman to be a civillian was a ridiculous suggestion.

He slowly puts his gun away in his shoulder holster under his suitcoat, a look of consideration on his face. "Thing is...I work better alone."
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So do I.

[ Alone wasn't just a preference, it was a failsafe, protection for others rather than himself. ]

But I doubt either of us are willing to let the other take the lead.
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A rueful smile at that, he had him pegged there. Napoleon straightens, flipping through the agent's wallet. "I suppose I could let you tag along."

Yes, he realizes he is out gunned in every sense of the word with this guy, but he didn't have to play like he wasn't in charge. "Though I was hoping to be a little less conspicuous." Blue suit and red cape were not part of the secret agent lifestyle.

The wallet turns up a bill of sale for drain pipes from a local hardware store.
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Your suit doesn't scream inconspicuous either.

[ Especially when it's a high-end brand. ]

Where to first?
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Well he did have good taste in suits.

"Somewhere downtown," he muses at the address on the receipt. Pipes could be used to build explosives and rather nasty ones too. Napoleon starts walking along the sidewalk in the direction of the right street, it was only a few blocks down.

Whether Supes chooses to walk or fly, Napoleon can't help a wary and curious glance in his direction. Wondering if the rumors were indeed true. Stopping trains and bullets, that sort of thing.
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[ He glances around. ]

Do you want a lift? It'll be faster?
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It would be faster, he couldn't argue that point.

"You mean...?" He points up with a worried look, "Up up and away sort of lift?" Flying without a plane sounded a bit foolhardy to him.

"You ever drop anyone?" He asks half kiddingly.
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[ He grins, full of good humour. ]

I have a good track record.

[ He holds his hand out. It's an offer, a request. Superman won't force him to. ]
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He puts up his own hand in a gesture of no thanks "I think I'd rather walk. Thanks." It wasn't far anyway. Even if he was in the company of the Man of Steel, he was still going to do his best to sneak up on the place. He's already got his lock picking tools in hand as they're coming up behind the building. "You have any experience with breaking and entering?" Solo asks with a grin. He seems determined to be a bad influence. After all, he started out in this business as a thief.
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Not in the same way you're thinking.

[ It's easy to break and enter, but his powers don't have a lot of subtlety to them. ]

But it shouldn't be a problem.
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Solo preferred subtlety. It kept people from noticing he was taking their stuff. And kept him from being shot at.

He could pick that lock in 30 seconds or less, but instead lets the other man go first. "After you then."

The warehouse he's trying to break into is full of shelves of pipes inside but its the secret basement underneath that has all the good stuff. Bombs and bomb parts. And a couple of guards patrolling around the area.
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[ He glances at the lock before holding it and snapping it easily. It is quiet, to his credit and he gently puts it aside. With that, he opens the door quietly. He can barely make out the people inside.

Lead. He won't get far with his senses here. ]
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He does try not to flinch at that. Rather disconcerting really, that this guy could probably snap him in half just as easily.

Napoleon draws his gun and enters quickly and quietly. Sneaking along the row of shelves and ducking back as a guard passes. He spares a glance back, hoping Supes is keeping out of sight too.
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[ Clark raises an eyebrow at him, keeping himself innocuous and quiet. Sadly, hovering is not one of his abilities or he'd do it but he knows how to sneak around and be quiet. It seems at odds with his superhero persona but it was born out of years protecting his identity.

He mouths, Keep going. ]
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He nods and continues to sneak along the shelving units, avoiding being seen by the guards that patrolled around the perimeter. The idea was to get in and out without anyone knowing he was there. And hopefully track down the bomb maker before he had a chance to build anything substantial.

There was a door leading to some stairs down to the basement. Napoleon waiting for the right moment before slipping through the door quietly, holding it long enough for Supes to follow. There wasn't anyone in the stairwell but it echoed easily so Napoleon stepped carefully. The door at the bottom had a small window in it. He slowly peeked over the edge of it before ducking back down with a grimace.

Looked like three large bombs were being assembled in there. Two guards helping keep an eye on the man putting them together.
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[ Clark finds himself shaking his head unconsciously. Disappointing. He always felt . . . hurt when he saw these things happen, saw people trying to hurt others. At times, when he hovers above the world, he can hear the cries and dreams of people.

And then you see the cracks done by bad intentions.

Quickly, he considers his options. Would Napoleon know how to disable the bombs? Would there be enough time for Clark to transport them into space if that was an issue?

He glances at Napoleon. ]