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You enter the elevator with only one other person on it. Twenty seconds into the ride and it stops. The power is stuck. The doors won't open, you're between floors, and no one is answering your calls. You're stuck with this person for an unknown amount of time.

①Post your character.
②Post to other characters.
③Have fun, anything goes.
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Because why not

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[It's complicated, all in all, how the hell Peter got trapped, as Spiderman, in this elevator. Basically, though, he's kind of riddled with bullets, and the elevator is his hiding place. Bad guys + police officers is kind of an awful mix.

So when the doors open on the next floor, Peter shoots a web at the person waiting for it and pulls them into the elevator, leaning on the close door button.]

Sorry, kind of comandeering this - elevator.

[If he can get to the ground floor he can get outside and disappear through an alleyway or a sewer.

Except, of course, if the elevator stops between floors 11 and 12.]
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[It all happens in an instant.

Blaine's waiting in front of the elevator when the ping sounds, the doors sliding open just as he glances upwards from his watch. Perfect timing, he'll have just enough time to make it to class to grab a seat near the front and pull out his notes from last week--

But then there's a flash of red and blue pushing past him and suddenly the teen is being yanked forward with a hard pull. It isn't until the doors are already sliding shut that Blaine's brain manages to catch up to what's already happened, his expression looking more than a little dumbfounded over in Peter's direction.]

You.... [he blinks, slow and confused. is this a dream? did this happen? New York sure is full of a lot of weirdos, but Blaine hasn't been there long enough to have much experience with them.] Are you...?
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Yup. [Peter groans when the elevator stops, head tipping back to thump against the metal wall. He doesn't think he has the energy to pry those doors open right now, not when he's bleeding like this.] One and only.

Making my rounds on the neighborhoods. [Peter severs the web from Blaine's chest and looks down at his own, trying to determine whether to patch up with web and attempt the feat or spend the time pulling out shrapnel.] Nice to meet ya...?
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Oh shoot. [As weird and unexpected as this entire situation is, once the web is gone--Blaine quickly running a hand down his favorite cardigan in slight amazement that it isn't completely ruined--his attention is drifting down Peter's suit, stopping at the obvious wounds peppering his body. That does not look good.]

You're hurt! [The elevator stopping between floors is absolutely lost on Blaine in his sudden panic at the sight of blood, the shorter man is bustling forward with one hand gripping his messenger bag strap, the other flitting out towards the other man.] Here, sit down!
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[The webbing was biodegradable, but the police tended to leave that out of the press. It frustrated them, that they were never able to really get a sample of his webbing. Peter found it kind of hilarious.]

Yeah that happens - [He's surprised when the guy basically charges forward on him in attempt to get him to relax, and Peter ends up sliding down the wall to the floor.] Woah, okay there - hey, I'm fine, don't panic. Just a couple bullets, nothing I can't take.
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Bullets?! [Superhero or not, that does not reassure the young man at all!

Once Peter sits, Blaine kneels at his side, throwing his messenger bag open and shuffling through the contents. There's mostly books, notepads, highlighters of every color, but finally he grabs a roll of cotton hand wraps that he uses for boxing, holding it up with a shrug.]
It's not much and really not what you need, but to stop the bleeding..?

[Sure, Blaine's been through basic First Aid, but How To Deal With Bullet Wounds was never a part of that lesson.]
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[Peter stifles a laugh, poking at one of the holes in his chest. It wasn't too deep, most of them were just grazings or little pieces of shrapnel. He was fairly proficient at dodging.]

Have to get the metal out first. But thank you. [He pulls off the glove on his right hand, freeing his fingers and accepting the cotton.] You might not want to watch, if you're squeamish.

Still didn't catch your name, citizen. [He winces, pressing open one of the holes on his chest to gently dig out a piece of metal. A little dribble of fresh blood followed.]
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[Well, if the guy is laughing it can't be all that bad, right? Blaine hopes so.

The roll of tape drops back into his bag as Blaine finally settles on the floor next to Peter, his gaze stubbornly following after the other man's fingers to the various holes through his costume. It isn't until he starts digging in that Blaine's head twists quickly to the side, averting his gaze to the other side of the halted elevator.]

Um--[his voice is a little higher than normal, trying to calm down after all of this insanity.] Blaine. I'm Blaine.
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Hi Blaine. [Peter tries to keep the pain out of his voice, because it's one thing to be alone, digging bullets out of your chest, and another to have a civilian there with you in an enclosed space. The last thing Peter wanted to do - or needed, right now - was for Blaine to freak out (it had happened before. Not the bullet thing but the freaking out).] What building are we in, anyway?

Gotta be honest, I just kind of crash landed. [Alright, one down...however many more to go. He drops the shrapnel on the floor with a dull clunk, fingers sticky with blood.] You okay?
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Um, yeah? I think. [He let out a small, nervous laugh.] I'm just a little more squeamish that I thought, I guess. I was pretty sure I could handle everything up till today, but bad paper cuts and sprained ankles are a bit of a different level to this, huh?

[Blaine hazards a quick glance over his shoulder to Peter, before ducking his head away again, turning back to his open messenger bag, carefully digging through his school supplies.] It's nice to meet you. [because manners are important, even while trapped in an elevator with a bleeding superhero]

And you're at the New York Academy of Dramatic Arts. In Building Three. I'm guessing you aren't on your way to class?
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Just a little bit. [Peter nudges Blaine in what he hopes is a reassuring way.] And I wouldn't recommend trying this with someone that can't heal the way I do. FYI.

[The next one comes out a little faster, and suddenly it's easier to breathe. Whew.] Nice to meet you too.

Unfortunately, no. [Peter's laugh is a little breathless, digging out another bullet, but he manages.] I'd be a terrible actor. Maybe a stunt double though.

What's your area of dramatic art, Blaine? [Keep him talking and he almost definitely won't freak out.]
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[It seems to help, if Blaine's much more steady laugh proves anything.] I promise to keep that in mind. I'll let the professionals handle anything more serious than a paper cut. I'm clearly not cut out to be a doctor.

[Thank god his fiancé had talked him out of that silly and very brief dream.] Musical theatre. You know, acting, singing. A little composing on the side for fun.

[Finally that shuffling in his bag comes to an end as Blaine draws out what he'd been in search for. He turns, just enough to thrust the box in Peter's direction but where he doesn't have to watch this gruesome process.] I thought you might be thirsty.

[It's a juice box. Apple flavored.]
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Neither am I. More into biochem, personally. [Another bullet, and Peter can only feel a couple more. Bless. Blaine's laugh helps Peter steady a little.]

Should have guessed. I could see you on a stage. Favorite musical, go.

[The juice box catches him by surprise, and Peter pauses in his actions to gently accept it from Blaine. There were a lot of people out there that didn't like him, what he was doing, but the other side of ever-present kindness never ceased to throw him for a loop.] ...thanks. I - yeah, I guess I am.

[The last piece of shrapnel has him sighing in relief, pressing the cotton against his chest and webbing it into place.]
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Biochem? [Blaine's gaze drops back to his bag, carefully closing it with a thoughtful hum.] Are you a student? [a second's pause] Oh, is that too personal a question? Honestly, studying biochem sounds way more impressive than learning to perfect the pirouette.

Thank you, though I have to ask if it was my squeamish tendencies or the fact I always carry a juice box that proved I was meant for the spotlight?

[Since he appears to be finished digging bullets and shrapnel out of his skin, Blaine turns back around to face him, smile shifting to a more contemplative expression momentarily.] Favorite musical? That's like asking me to pick a favorite bowtie. Um--[his head tilts back and forth indecisively] Les Mis, Rent, or Grease. Oh! Wicked too. My fiancé would not be pleased if I didn't pick that one.

What about you? Favorite musical? Do you see many shows in or out of costume?
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[He kind of slipped up with the biochem comment, but Blaine seems honest enough, so Peter shrugs.] You're fine. Let's just say I'm not a 90 year old super-guy.

Pirouettes are hella impressive. [Peter definitely begs to differ. He's seen the Nutcracker loads of times. Aunt May loves it, every year.] More the hair, really. You've got shine, kid.

[Peter looks down pointedly at the bowtie, but it might be hard to tell with the mask. He smiles, lifting the bottom of his mask just over his nose so he could open the juice box and take a sip. It reminds him that he skipped lunch, and maybe he shouldn't do that if threats like this were going to crop up throughout the day.] Wicked's the one set in Oz, right?

West Side Story. Or Hairspray. [Again, some of Aunt May's favorites, but the enthusiasm must be genetic, because Peter certainly never complained when they saw them on stage and/or on TV.] Probably be escorted out of the building in my getup.

You must be late for class. Sorry about that. [Peter takes another sip of the juice box.] I'll have those doors open in a sec, just gotta let the ole' bullet wounds heal. Guess you'll have a story to tell your fiancé when you get home though, huh?
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Hey, I bet a 90 year old super-guy would make for a pretty cool comic. Especially if he had a mask and full body suit so no one had any idea he was just a super spry old grandpa. [Maybe that could be a fun comic to mess around with Sam later....

At the compliment, Blaine beams, his face brightening up like it's the kindest thing anyone has ever said to him. The smile he shoots Peter should make it clear just how touched he is.]
Thank you. When I make it on Broadway--[when, not if]--I'll have to be sure to score you free tickets to show my appreciation. Balcony seats, I'm guessing?

Oh! [It shouldn't be possible, but somehow the shorter man's expression lights up even further.] Those are great too! I played Tony a few years ago in my high school's production of West Side Story. I have a lot of fond memories of that show. It has some of the most beautiful music I've ever heard. And Link's always been on that list of dream roles for me. You have great taste in musicals. And yeah, that's Wicked, the retelling of the Wizard of Oz. I can't believe you live in New York and haven't seen it. You'll have to go.

[Oh right. Class. Blaine cranes his neck to take a peek at his watch. Ouch, yeah. He's definitely missing class today.] It's not that big a deal. If getting stuck in an elevator isn't a good enough excuse for them, I'll just take the absence. My record is perfect otherwise. And I'll be sure to tell him the whole story. In great detail. About how I sat in the corner shaking and feeling sick while you heroically dug bullets out of yourself.
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It would certainly be a twist, but what would the subplot be? Capers at the nursing home? [People loved to write comics about superheros. It was a thing, like the novelty t-shirts. Peter was starting to think he should get paid for this. It was funny, though, how much more interesting the comics people attempted to write about him were than his actual life.]

Hey, it's your show, you put me wherever you want. [Peter chuckles, letting out a deep breath. He can feel his muscles slowly knitting back together.] Soon as I see your face on one of those billboards in Times Square.

[Yeah, Blaine definitely had one of those Broadway-megawatt-smiles. Peter didn't deal with those types much, going to a specifically science high school, but he'd certainly lived in New York long enough to recognize it.] You'd make an awesome Link. Where are you originally from?

I can send you with some webbing. An excuse note from Spiderman. [He grinned a little, finishing the juice box.] And about how we busted out of here.
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Maybe you find out at the end that the entire collective of villains are also older folks, maybe all in the same nursing home. All sweet, doting grandparents by day, but wicked evil-doers by night! [okay, yeah, he can kind of see the story unraveling in front of him... Definitely need to take this up with Sam.]

That would be pretty incredible, though I think I'd get annoyed really quickly at seeing my own face up there. Like, little posters are okay, but something of that size would just be really obnoxious, right? I'd hate for people to see it everyday and start hating me for it. [a momentary pause] ..But, I guess I'm getting ahead of myself a lot anyway. Lots of time before I get to that point. It's only my first year here.

[Blaine lets his gaze flick over Peter's suit, silently questioning how the healing process was going. Was it really that easy for him to recover? That would be an awesome ability to have.]

Ohio, which isn't that far in distance, but is about five hundred years behind in everything else. What about you? Oh, too personal again? Sorry. And, if you don't mind, maybe instead I could get your autograph before we make our grand escape? It would be a pretty cool thing to put on my wall.
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I'd read it. [Peter can't help but smile. It's almost easier to talk to people, as Spiderman. Something about the mask made him less self-conscious.] It'd make a great movie. More roles for old people!

I don't think anyone would hate you. At least, not anyone that matters. Better than that weird perfume ad. Besides, I'd love to see Hairspray again. Maybe The Producers? Singing Nazis are awesome.

[It won't heal completely, not for hours. But it'll heal enough for him to gather the strength and open the doors.]

Ohio, wow. That's farther west than I've ever been. [Actually, Peter frowns, thinking about it. He doesn't think he's ever left the city. No...nope. His only remaining family had been Uncle Ben and Aunt May. They'd always stayed in Queens.] No, it's fine. I'm a New York native, born and bred.

Sure, Blaine. Do you have a pen?
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You know, that actually might work out perfect. I know just the old people for the roles! [Time to put Kurt's friends to work!] With your approval, I'll get right on writing that script!

[Blaine finds himself laughing easily next to Peter, still a bit in awe of the fact he's just casually sitting with a superhero and making polite conversation about Broadway and their origins. When did this become his life?]

Believe me, that's for the best. They wouldn't like you out there in Ohio. But don't feel bad, they didn't like me either. [Funny how much safer New York feels in comparison.] Oh yeah? That's pretty cool. I haven't met too many natives. Do you have any helpful secrets to surviving in the city for a newcomer like me?

Yeah, in every color! [he beams before making a grab for his bag] What's your favorite?
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Spiderman seal of approval. [It was always nice to make somebody's day. Not that Peter is self-centered to think he's made Blaine's day but - well, you know what he means.]

I'd like to see it, maybe, just once. [He really should get out of the city. Live, you know? But there's always so much happening. The city has always felt like the entire world.] How could anybody not like you? You're going to make it to that stage, I can already tell.

Don't eat anywhere that doesn't open till 2 PM. Death sentence for sanitation. And...stay out of Midtown. That's where the crazy supervillains come to play.

Red. I haven't made it too obvious, have I? [Peter jokes, gesturing down to his suit.]
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The only seal of approval that matters! [And don't be silly, despite being late for class and being trapped in an elevator, Peter really had made his day. It wasn't like he had ever had a relaxed conversation with a super hero before. It was something he'd likely treasure forever.]

Well, I suggest anywhere but Ohio. [The smile doesn't leave his face--it must be permanently attached--though some of it's intensity dims.] You'd be surprised. Kurt and I--that's my fiancé--we're both from Lima, Ohio, which has to be the most homophobic city and state around. We both were bullied pretty severely during highschool. I ended up in the hospital in freshman year. [needing an extensive recovery that had him held back a year] And it's not just prejudiced students, the teachers didn't care either. It's just... Once we got here, there just was no going back.

[besides family holidays and the like]

California is pretty nice though for a vacation, if you are looking to get out of the city. A lot further away, but even superheroes need to take a break sometimes, right?

[Some of that light comes back into Blaine's face at Peter's tips, laughing.] I'll keep those in mind!

[Pulling out a red pen and a random sheet of paper from his bag, Blaine offered them to Peter.] Could you make it out to Nightbird and the Blonde Chameleon? ...It's an inside joke.
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[Peter can certainly empathize with that, and he hopes his mouth isn't set in a hard line like it gets whenever he sees or hears about bullying. It's what makes him stop so often in the more suburban areas, in broad daylight, between groups of unevenly matched 11 year olds.] That's New York. Island of misfit toys. And that's not a bad thing.

[He gives a low whistle, lips quirking in a smile.] California is pretty far out, man. I'd settle for New Jersey.

[He's not wrong. Gwen tells him that more often than not, but Peter never manages to listen.]

To Nightbird and the...Blonde Chameleon, [Peter finds himself grinning a little more at that. It was kind of adorable. He hadn't even met Blaine's fiancé but Peter was pretty sure they were madly, ridiculously in love.] I know you'll prove them all wrong, sincerely, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

[He doodles his little webbed spider insignia just because, and hands the paper and pen back to Blaine.] Don't suppose I'll get an invite to your impending nuptials, huh?
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[Blaine learned long ago to keep those memories in the past where they belonged. He didn't need to bring back the feelings associated with them. Best to focus on their much sunnier future.] Not a bad thing at all. It was kind of hard to adapt to at first--Believe me when I say that Ohio is the complete opposite of New York in every way--but it just feels like home now.

New Jersey it is then! Take a break. Eat some of the local delicacies. Oh! And visit Grounds for Sculpture! It's only like a seventy-five minute drive from here and it's just gorgeous this time of year. A great place to take photographs, if you like that sort of thing. I may have a slight love affair with vintage cameras. I'm not that great at photography, but the beautiful grounds make even my bad photos look breathtaking.

[Blaine takes the offered paper with a grin, his eyes flitting over the words written and the cute little design Peter had doodled beside it. His face lit up excitedly, like this was the best present he'd ever received. Which, to be fair, it just might have been.] Thank you so much. This is the most incredible thing that's ever happened to me. You're the bes--

[wait. waitaminute. was this a joke.] Are you being serious now because I would invite you in a heartbeat. You'd--[his delighted surprise slips briefly, brows scrunching in thought, because if Peter is serious, Blaine would do anything to make it happen.] I mean, it's going to be super formal--Kurt's choice--so you'd have to get a suit, but I mean... Did you really want to?
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I'm glad you've found it welcoming. Means I'm doing my job right. [Peter couldn't help but smile behind the mask. At least the streets were that much safer for someone.] Yeah, the noise at night is probably a lot. Especially coming from Ohio, I'd imagine.

Really? What kind of camera do you use? [Peter's been waffling between digital and print for a while now. Digital was so much cheaper, but he loved the look of print after you developed it. God, he was nerding out, wasn't he? He's lucky Blaine can't see his face.]

You're very welcome. [Blaine looks like a child on his first Christmas, and Peter flexes his hand, feeling his strength slowly returning. But then Blaine starts talking about the actual possibility of coming to his wedding, and Peter looks up at him, head tilted. Obviously, he can't make a habit of going to people's weddings, but...why not, right? Just the once.

Then he mentions the suit and Peter can't stop laughing. Not at Blaine, but the concept of him, in a suit, as Spiderman. There are tears in his eyes, truly.]
I kind of already have a suit.

[He holds up his glove before slipping it back on.] I'd be honored. Long as the police don't show up. That might put a damper on the celebration.

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