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You enter the elevator with only one other person on it. Twenty seconds into the ride and it stops. The power is stuck. The doors won't open, you're between floors, and no one is answering your calls. You're stuck with this person for an unknown amount of time.

①Post your character.
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③Have fun, anything goes.
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I had to~

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Peter's got his earbuds in, blocking out the world. It's been kind of a long week - late nights patrolling the city, early mornings for lectures. The coursework is piling up and he's still trying to figure out how to pay for his Biochem textbook (the charge is coming in on Friday on his account).

He's at the courthouse because it's Thursday, and most of the interesting cases went out on Thursday. Hoping to sell some pictures, of course, but the Bugle rarely paid for anything that wasn't Spiderman and most other papers hired staff photographers. Still, worth a shot.

Peter nods cordially to the guy that gets into the elevator next to him, but makes no attempt at conversation.

That is, until the elevator shudders to a stop in between the second and third floor. He pops one earbud out, frowning when the lights dim noticeably. "You're kidding me."
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Matt can hear the music filtering through. It's not that it's very loud - well, okay, it's louder than it should be - so he offers a smile in greeting but nothing more. Nothing more awkward than making small talk with someone who can't hear you. Especially when you can't see them.

Anyway, Matt's only got a couple floors to go, so no point in small talk.

Best laid plans.

Matt's head tilts, listening to the gears grinding to a halt. Typical Thursday. If Matt's ever on time for something, it will be a miracle.

"There should be a help button."
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"Uh," Peter moves for the control panel, pushing his glasses back up the bridge of his nose. It's not lit, and when he presses it, nothing happens. He tries again, to no avail. "Yeah that's not - ah, not quite functional."

It's only when he turns back around to the guy he's sharing the elevator with that he spots the cane and it all clicks. Peter remains unruffled, though, glancing up at the trap door in the ceiling.

If he were alone, he'd climb through it, but of course they did not recommend that, to civilians, and Peter certainly didn't want to panic the guy. "Do you have a cell phone?"
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It's funny, because Matt's having the same inner monologue, re: the trap door. He pats down his suit jacket and looks a bit apologetic.

"I think I left it in my office."
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"We-ll," Peter drags out the syllable, cursing internally. He'd broken his on his last patrol and hadn't gotten around to replacing it. "I guess, ah, someone will find us...eventually."

Damn. And here he'd thought he'd actually have time to study before heading out to save the city. "I'm Peter, by the way."
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"That would be the theory, anyway. I don't think people usually starve in court house elevators."

Matt's lips quirk up. He gives a nod. "Matt. Nice to meet you, Peter. You sound a bit young to be hanging around a place like this."
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"First time for everything." Peter manages a smile, running his hand back through his hair and leaning against the wall. Might as well get comfortable. "Likewise."

"I'm a photographer. Trying to sell some pictures." Most of the criminal cases were today, but Matt probably knew that.
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"Ah. Sorry you're missing out." Not that it's Matt fault. "Obviously I know nothing about photography."
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"I was heading out anyway. I think I got what I need." The joke takes Peter by surprise and he laughs, warm and genuine. "Hey, Beethoven was deaf, right?"
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"But at least he could see where the notes went on the page. Somehow I don't think I'd make any money shooting pictures blindly." Matt's lips quirk up and he laughs too, shrugging.
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"You kidding? People sell blank canvases nowadays. You could pass off some blurry, out-of-focus photos as avant-gardé." Honestly, some of the stuff at The Met was downright ridiculous.

"What case were you working today?" Peter doesn't remember seeing Matt in the courtroom, but he had one eye closed most of the time, snapping pictures through the viewfinder.
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"I think I'll stick to my day job."

His eyebrows go up at Peter's question. "Nothing worth photographing," Matt says. "Just a tenancy case."
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"Ah, fun fun fun." Peter crouches by the elevator panel, considering it for a moment. Maybe it was just disconnected? He could probably fix that. "Anything interesting pass through your firm lately? I haven't seen much. Kind of dry, for New York, to be honest."
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Matt holds his tongue. He doesn't really want to associate his name with the Frank Castle disaster trial if he doesn't have to, because that was embarrassing. Instead, he listens to the sounds of Peter moving.

"Not lately, no. I was on the Wilson Fisk trial a while back."
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"Woah, really?" Peter pauses from where his fingers were running along the seams of the panel, trying to find enough purchase to pull it free. "I'd definitely say that's a newsworthy trial. Congrats."

It was a win for the little guy, really, putting Fisk's ring out of commission. Well, taking the head off of it, at least. Spiderman hadn't had a whole lot of run-ins with that criminal ring, but the few that trickled into Queens hadn't been pleasant.
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Matt's proud of it, even if he knows it'll come back to get him. He'd made a point, proven the justice system still has a fighting chance.

"You? Are you a student? You just sound young, is all."
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"Yeah, I'm a freshman at Empire State." Peter had met blind people before, once or twice as Spiderman but mostly just Mrs. Knittel four doors down from him, when him and his aunt helped her to holiday mass. He's a little curious, but of course he wouldn't voice any of that curiosity. Aunt May didn't raise a rude hellion, just a regular one.

"I'm studying Biochemistry." Peter's fingers catch the slightly raised edge of the panel, and he glances back at Matt once, before he pulls it open with just a little too much force. His other hand flies out to catch the panel, though, before it crashes against the side of the elevator.
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"Biochemistry, huh? Wow." Matt's eyebrows go up. That sounds impressive. Obviously sciences were never his forté, but, hey, he's found his calling.

He feigns innocence as he listens to Peter poking around. That's definitely not a gentle pull and he hears the telltale whoosh of s swift reaction. Interesting.

"So photography is just a hobby that helps pad the wallet."
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"Everybody has to have a passion, right? How'd you get into law?"

Matt doesn't seem like he noticed anything out of the ordinary, at least, from what Peter gathers with his surreptitious glance over his shoulder at the guy. He starts messing with the wires, tracing them from the electrical box up to each button in an attempt to find the alarm wire.

"Pretty much. Something has to pay for the $200 textbooks. Seriously, they're ridiculous."
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"I guess I just wanted to help people. Law seemed like the best way to do that. Can't really be a doctor, you know."

He shifts his weight, as if he's just bored and tired of standing in one place. Anything to make it look like he's not focusing a little too much on what Peter might be doing.

"I remember the text book pain. It's indecent, the cost of those things."
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"Maybe not," Peter agrees with a small smile, careful not to pull too hard on any of the wires. Which, for him, was even the gentlest pressure.

"Especially the science ones. It's enough to make you sick," He finds the alarm wire, biting back a curse when he finds it's been completely chewed through. How did that even happen?

This is gonna hurt, but Peter isn't sure they have any other options besides waiting. He weighs it for a moment before taking the two wires, lining them up, and pinching them between this fingers. The setae will keep his hand closed even when the electrical current flows through it, minimally spasming the muscles. It's not a whole lot, but it still stings, and he clears his throat to mask any discomfort.
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Matt's ears twitch. Not literally, of course, but he knows something's going on that maybe isn't normal. Or that is normal, but - not normal enough. Really, what rouses Matt's suspicion most is how much Peter is trying not to rouse Matt's suspicion.

"I can image. I heard stories. It's all highway robbery."
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"I've been able to sell them to other students for almost as much as I paid. Never buy new." Peter winced a little pushing the call button a few times, waiting a moment before he let go of the wires and let the current stop. Hopefully that went through. He sat back against the wall, rubbing his fingers on the opposite palm. They were mildly burned, just a surface thing really, but healing quickly enough.

"I imagine law school was just as expensive." Especially if you had to buy the books in braille.
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"I got by on scholarships and student loans. But thinking about my debt makes me want to cry, so we'll just move on from that."

Matt leans against the wall, both hands on the top of his cane. He thinks he might need to keep tabs on this kid.

"So - do you come here every week to take pictures?"
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"Yowch, I hear that. Pour one out for hopes and dreams, right."

Peter leaned his head back against the wall, letting out a soft sigh. All there was to do was wait. At least it didn't look like Matt had noticed anything.

"When I can. Most of my photos don't get purchased. Well - except the Spiderman ones. He's a big seller."

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