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The Hotel Between Worlds: An IC Mingle Meme

The Hotel Between Worlds

You are no longer in your own world. A bellhop hands you a room key and mutters that all luggage has to be carried by residents, company policy. After that, well, the rest is up to you.

The hotel between worlds is an expansive resort in the middle of nothing. There's a pool, a bar, rooms, a lounge, a game room and arcade, a restaurant, and much more.

Characters have been sent there for an enforced vacation from their reality. Time to get drunk, sleep it off, and generally try to find their way around the labyrinthian hallways of the hotel.

  • Drop a comment with your character's name and canon
  • Respond to others and roll for a location or set the scene with your choice.
  • There are no rules in this Hotel
  1. Welcome to the Lobby
  2. Keycard Mix-up; Shared room
  3. Go for a swim at the Pool
  4. Drinks at the Bar
  5. Just trying to enjoy a meal at the restaurant
  6. Hit the Arcade
  7. A stroll in the garden
  8. Lost in the staff halls
  9. Cue the Elevator Music
  10. Rooftop Escape
  11. Never-ending Labyrinth of Halls and Rooms
  12. Pick a location of another kind.

This meme is a test run to check interest for a Dressing Room of the same premise.
The dressing room will be geared towards players creating their own starters.
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Peter Parker | Amazing Spiderman | OTA

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[Vacations really were not Steve's style, but he had not had much of a choice in the matter. He had tried to leave a few times, but he was stuck in the hotel until he learned to 'relax'. Eventually the absurdity of it all drove him to the roof for an escape from his escape.

There were people everywhere in the hotel, so it shouldn't have been a surprise that the roof was also occupied. It was at least less so than the lobby, however, and Steve found a place to lean on the barrier wall around the roof and look out at, well, nothing really. The view left some things to be desired.

Like an actual view.]

Getting a breath of fresh air?

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[Peter was not usually one for panic. He took things one step at a time, found the logical, scientific solution. But this was just - Peter didn't know up from down in this place. It was like the hotel itself was a wormhole. Every attempt at leaving ended with him back in his room, in the blink of an eye.

Now he's standing at the edge of the roof, looking down over the endless grounds of the hotel. The driveway stretched off into the distance to his left, pool and tennis courts to the right. The place had a lot of amenities, sure - Peter thought he heard something about a golf course around the back - but it was still weird and didn't sit right with him.

He almost startles, but whoever called out to him wasn't a threat, at least, according to his senses. Peter turns, adjusting his glasses.]

You could say that. Fresh as...wherever we are.
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That's definitely something the staff don't seem willing to cooperate over. I think I've asked every blue uniform in the building.

[They weren't forthcoming. They certainly didn't seem to care about hospitality. At least not when their guests started asking questions.]

How long has it been since they checked you in?
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I'm starting to think they don't even know.

[Peter shoves his hands into the pockets of his jacket, stepping away from the edge of the roof. It was almost like a programmed response, to get the hell out of dodge, when one of the employees was asked a direct question about the location of and/or leaving the hotel.]

I want to say 4 hours, but it's hard to tell.
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I haven't slept, but it feels like it's been at least a day for me. I spent some time trying to find a phone, but they only reach other lines in the hotel.

The restaurant never seems to close, at least.

[According to staff everything was charged to the room, but he wasn't sure how they expected to convince him to pay for anything. If it was even real. Maybe someone with a power like Scarlet's had trapped him here.]

I'm not convinced any of it is real.
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Maybe the time spent here has something to do with how far we all are [There are people from...everywhere, as far as Peter can tell.] Where are you from?

There is something to be said for 24/7 bacon.

[Peter had worried, at first, when they said it was charged to the room. But upon further questioning they said he had paid for his room with a credit card - and neither him nor Aunt May had a credit card, so he'd decided not to probe it any further.]

Valid. But which parts? Are we both stuck in the same 'dream', or is one of us an illusion?
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I had a similar experience, to an extent, before this. But the others involved were people from my past. People I couldn't possibly have been interacting with. That could be the case here, or it may be a shared illusion. I'm not sure I understand the concept well enough to figure that out for myself.

[Either way, if it's an illusion, it gives growing concern to what is happening beyond it.]

I'm from Brooklyn. I met a few people earlier, too. I don't remember their faces if I have met them before, but both of the others claimed to have been here for a week.
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That's above my paygrade. [Peter smiles ruefully, shaking his head. It's a nice day outside, too, which somehow only serves to make everything seem more ominous.] I don't think we've met? I'm Peter.

[Peter frowns, brow furrowing in confusion.] I'm from Queens. There's - we're not in upstate New York, are we?

I haven't seen anyone I know.
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Steve. And it's hard to tell. There weren't any pamphlets in the lobby, and any details, addresses or information about this hotel seems to be either well hidden or non existent.

[Steve sighs and stares out into the distance, trying to place his last memory beyond the hotel.]

I remember standing in the lobby with a bag I didn't pack and a key to a room I didn't pay for. But I don't remember leaving my apartment, or waking up.

The fact that this place is full of strangers makes it hard to imagine it's an illusion. [He almost mentions he knows a young woman who could do those sort of things, but there was no reason to drag her into this.]

I imagine they would have to build off what was already there.
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[Peter tries to sift back through his mind, back through his latest activities. No recollection of falling unconscious, naturally or otherwise. He can't even remember if he was on patrol or not.]

I've got nothing. Maybe we were drugged?

Who knows. Maybe one of us is in a coma. [It feels too elaborate for a dream of human origin. Not regular human, at least. Peter doesn't know what side of the mutant argument Steve is on, so he opts for not saying anything.]

The variety is too vast. Although, living in New York City, we could have easily passed every single one of these people and not remember, consciously.