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gen/action meme: Look who's purging now


rick pretty much nailed it: one night a year, the government has decreed all crime legal, from internet piracy to premeditated murder. and that helps... somehow. how will you celebrate this year's purge?

optional options:
  1. OUT & ABOUT: you live to purge! or maybe it's your first time participating, since you don't have any repressed rage. (spoken like a person with repressed rage)
  2. LOCKDOWN: you've both been prepping for tonight's purge since last year's ended, and you're secure enough that you can watch the chaos play out from the comfort of your own home. popcorn or purgenol?
  3. SEEKING SHELTER: you're not affluent or fortunate enough to afford safety tonight, or circumstances have led you outside your comfort zone. or maybe you're a purger trying to worm your way into a bunker. try and talk yourself into someone's heart and home.
  4. THE LAST PURGE: you've had enough of this purge nonsense. it creates more problems than it solves! alone or with your squad, you're on a mission to find the fatcats who instituted this tradition and show them what it's really about.
  5. OUTSIDE THE BOX: wildcard! these options are just suggestions. take the purge sandbox and run with it. combine prompts, toss in twists, keep it interesting. 'cause that movie sucked.

rules: post with your character's name, canon and prefs; be respectful.

warning: threads may contain violence, death, and who knows what else.
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Peter Parker | Amazing Spiderman | OTA

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[Still doing a bit of voice testing and I might be a smidge slow, but I have a Merc here with Spidey's name on it if you want him? Movieverse rather than comics if that's okay, but there's a shitton of references I tend to throw in from both verses if you're game? :D ]
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[Oh I absolutely do! I'm totally game for movie!verse; I'm not up to speed on the comics beyond a few things, I'm typically MCU compliant too (: ]
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[Sorry I didn't respond sooner; for a day off, it has been unfathomably buuuusy. And that's perfect! I must admit: I've been reading the Spider-man Deadpool comic and it's amazing.

Want me to start?]
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[I feel that. Reviews are upcoming and I'm losing my mind~ I still need to order the new one!

If you could dear that'd be fab ^_^ ]
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1. Hope it's okay!

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Here it was, Purge Night. Christmas for the Criminally Insane. People had it marked on their calendar, had it circled with little hearts, with stickers, had sent cards to one another from special sections of fucking Hallmark and celebrated it like it was the Second Coming. Maybe it was to the poor saps who didn't make it out on the other side; they'd be meeting someone soon, all right.

And hey, what was a master mercenary supposed to do on such an important night but dine from the tabled smorgasbord of crime, right? But of course! So there he was, taking part in one of the most wicked acts known to man:


Not the super cool kind with hook-hands and eyepatches, but the kind that had celebrities crying in court. Intellectual Property. Illegal downloading. Albums founds their way onto his USB drive with the greatest speed he could muster, leaving him to hum quietly.

"And hey, reader, let me tell you that this isn't a victimless crime! Not only do the musicians lose out, but so do managers, personal assistants, receptionists, producers, song writers, guys in the cafeteria, janitors... Trickle down effect. So don't let Metallica's crying make you want to, got it?

"Unless, of course, it's Purge Night!"

Slipping out the jump drive and dropping it into one of many pouches, feet pressed to the edge of the desk before he pushed off, rolling his chair through the library hallway. Oh, yeah, so chalk B&E up to it, too. But it was a library, so it was just sort of B&E; did people even go to these things now with the internet existing? Weren't they a bit obsolete? Shouldn't they just be happy someone was here at all?

"So, I know what you're thinking," he said seemingly to the air. "'Hey, amazing and sexy Deadpool, on a night where everything is legal, why aren't you out killing some folks?' And to that I say, 'What, you expect me to work on a holiday? I do that daily; why would I want to do that on a freebie day? C'mon; think global, not local. Or reverse. Whatever."

The chair struck a bump, threatening to fall over, and only after snatching one of the katanas from his back did he stab it into the ground to stop that tragedy from happening. Okay. No capsizing in the sea of forgotten novels (you know, those heavy things with a bunch of paper pages in them? ). At least no one was around to see that embarrassing moment.

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Looks great! ^_^

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Purge Night. Peter had never found it to be a pleasant experience. The only reason he was out at all was because Aunt May was in the safest of places; locked up tight in their basement, with every reinforcement Peter could think of. And that was a lot. Honestly, the only place more heavily fortified had to be Stark Tower.

He wasn't sure how he even got her to agree to letting him out on Purge Night - something about helping people, and maybe he stole a few of Uncle Ben's favorite words of wisdom. It wasn't lying - he was helping people, that's what Spiderman did - he just didn't tell her he was more capable than she thought. But she would have fretted anyway, so he let his guilt fade a little.

Peter had just finished confiscating some firearms from punk teenagers when he heard glass shatter a few blocks away. Sighing to himself, he swung over with only minimal distractions - taking out two more muggings on the way. "Go home!" Peter gummed up the gun triggers with his webbing before tossing them on a ledge far out of reach. Freakin' kids.

Someone was talking in the library, and Peter crawled up next to the broken window where the thief had presumably entered. He glanced around the corner in just enough time to watch Deadpool pretty much flail with his sword and stop himself - just barely - from toppling over.

"He's beauty, he's grace." Peter lowered himself on a web, in front of the window. "He'll punch himself in the face. Nice one, Pool."
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Thank you!! And sorry, totally meant to do this last night, but sleep got the better of me. :D

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Hey, but he didn't fall, right? That had to count for something.

Red-covered arms folded on the handle of the sword, and he sweetly put his head on the pillow they made. Oh, what? He totally and obviously meant to do that, each movement purely calculated as it led to this meeting moment here. Or at least that was what he would tell everyone who would listen, anyone with an ear and a mouth to almost spread the good rumor. His job was ninety percent reputation, ten percent skill, after all. Okay, so maybe more fifty, twenty-five, twenty-five to healing factor.

Because, let's be real: this is Spiderman. Person of legend. The origin--okay, not the original superhero, but pretty fucking close. And that level of fame, notoriety, and all around lucrative merchandizing respect was hard to come by. And he didn't kill people?! How did one survive in this baddy-filled world without killing someone?

With good agents, probably. And an even better PR crew. You have to have one hell of a contract.

"You ever try it? It's not as bad as people think it is. Stings a little, what a rush." Somehow, it was fairly obvious that behind the white lenses of his mask, his eyelids were fluttering (it might have included eyelashes, too, but he hadn't had those in quite awhile). It might have been cute if it wasn't coming from him.

"Soooo, Team Underoos is out on Purge night? Even you have to let loose a little, I guess; can't keep all that not-killing tightly wrapped up all year and not enjoy Christmas. Urges, am I right?" Leaning back in his chair, he pushed his hand onto the hilt of his sword and stood up, shrugging his shoulders as he held his hands out to his sides.

"Can't say I'm a little disappointed, like finding out that Santa isn't real of the net worth of Kim Kardashian." He smiled a little, excited to talk shop. "So, what's your count to?"
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I feel that on a spiritual level <3

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Peter honestly didn't know how Deadpool managed to be so expressive through his mask. He'd never even seen the guy's face, but he can imagine exactly the faces he's making. He rolled his eyes, even if Pool couldn't see it. The reputation thing was 100% on point. Peter didn't think they'd ever had a face to face run in; mostly he tried to keep his distance from, well, everyone. But Deadpool's reputation certainly preceded him.

"Not my type of thing. But feel free to do whatever you want in your own home." Peter tilted his head, eyes scanning the room for damage. None, beyond the broken window. A little shocking, really.

"Zero. I'm not out here killing people." Peter snorted, extending his legs and flipping over forward to land on the ground, severing the webbing. For a psuedo-hero, he was almost disturbingly charismatic. Not that Peter couldn't appreciate a bit of wit, but - well, when you were six inches of steel deep in a man, it was a little off-putting if you smiled.

"How much is Kim Kardashian worth, anyway?" If it exceeded Stark, Peter was leaving the planet.
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<3 Also, I want you to know that this is the first time I've had to google Kim K's worth for an RP.

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Yeeeeah, about that face, Itsy Bitsy, you really aren't missing much. Ruined to the point of unfortunate cheese lava at the height of exploding microwave high power, it wasn't something most people had wanted to see, especially when the origin story started with a commanding and beautiful strong jaw like he was the amazingly talented Ryan Reynolds or something. Now, well, even Weasel had been less-than-subtle about the disgust.

Ahhh, he loved his friends.

"Well, it's not like the unicorn can do it for me." He was trying to keep his excitement down. Breathe. Keep it cool. At the adult Thanksgiving table now; don't blow it or they'll send you back to the kiddies when pie with extra whip cream comes out.

But really. Spiderman.

The air of almost hopeful bonding (because, really, what bonded two people together more than Purge Night Killing?) fell away as he realized that Spiderman was being Spiderman on Second Christmas. Of course. Sure, it made him a little less human and even more of idol-icon, but it was still, well, impressive. What was it like to live with that level of self-control? That kind of conscience?

"Eighty-five million dollars with an average salary of twenty-five to thirty million each year," he said without missing a beat, like what the weather was or the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow. The sword was pulled up and was replaced to its snug little home on (not in) his back. "So, if you're not killing people, are you here to commit some delightfully illegal piracy with me? I'll only slightly judge you based on your music choices, baby. If it's Bieber though, all bets are off and Purge Night kicks into overdrive. Sorry, but them's the rules in the contract."
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I consider that a genuine honor and privilege xD

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Peter didn't have much information on how Deadpool had come to be, and subsequently, no clue about his scarring. Still, it was doubtful Peter would be disgusted. He was a science nerd, after all, he'd seen worse (and he was annoyingly kind, that way).

"A crying shame," Peter put his hands behind his head, relaxing a little when Deadpool put the sword away. Not that he couldn't whip them out in a flash if he wanted to, but it allowed the tingly sensation to fade into a light buzz at the back of Peter's skull. "I see you've got a thing for leather."

"That hurts me," He clapped a hand over his heart, pretend-wincing. That number was simply unfathomable to a kid from lower Queens. "Hurts me right here. The humanity!"

"Heard the glass shatter, just wanted to make sure nobody was hurt." Just music? It seemed almost a little ridiculous, but hey, who could really predict the ways of a mercenary? "Definitely not Bieber. He's what, twelve?"
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XD The things I've had to look up for this thread...

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Oh, origin stories. There were a ton of them depending on what franchise one went with, and often times there were reboots if Intellectual Properties switched hands, contracts were traded, and oooh, don't get started on comics. And hey, were any of them really cheery? Usually not.

But the best ones had R ratings, sooooooo...just saying.

"It holds the blood and organs in better than spandex. Plus, look how awesome it makes my butt look!" There was that smile again, hidden by the mask but no less apparent as he turned around and tightened up some magnificent glutes. It was a two-fold solution as far as he was concerned, but the fact that it was far more intimidating than a Zentai suit had its perks. "If you want, I can make you one. We can be leather fetishists together and go to conventions, but not those types of conventions - get your mind out of the gutter. Unless you want to, and then a) you are just full of surprises, and b) I'm still game."

And poor kid, it hurt him, too. Completely. Society was a cruel and confusing mistress. "Want the death blow?" He pretended to wind up for a pitch, but when he "threw" the imaginary ball, he whispered, "The whole family is worth three hundred million." He smirked, evil, gleeful. "Are you still sure you don't want to kill a few people on Freebie Day?"

Oops, yeah, when one could heal from almost any wound, worrying about making noises went out the window. There was a sheepish scratch of the back of his head, before he folded his arms in front of him. "You came to check on me! You do care, you little fanboy. Deadpool fever gets to everyone eventually. And he's twenty-shit-something, who cares; I heard there's a few folks gunning for him this year, so I'm crossing my fingers. I put some money on the pool."

Because who didn't wish for that little dickhead to get it?

"So, Webs-R-Us, if we're not going to be Arr Matey all over the internet, what do you want to do?" Please say I can come with you. Please say I can come with you. Please please please please! I'm housebroken and everything!
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your Deadpool is endlessly entertaining xD <3

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Peter couldn't help the small chuckle he attempted to stifle against his hand when Deadpool turned around to show off his ass. To be honest, some of the other superheros - vigilantes, as it were - could be kind of uptight. Still, Peter knew to be cautious. "Thanks for the offer, but spandex breathes really well. Not sure I could swing in leather. Plus, you know, only certain people can pull off that look."

"That borders on tragic." Peter groaned, tipping his head back. A fresh breeze comes in through the broken window, and Peter is pretty sure he can hear the beginnings of a scuffle a good fifteen blocks south. "Tempting, but not really my style."

He's never killed anyone before, and somewhere in the back of his mind he knows one day it'll happen. Either by accident or when someone goes rogue like Dr. Connors. He was lucky they were able to subdue rather than kill, and it came at a cost.

"Yeah, Deadpool fever is giving me a killer rash," Peter snorted, running up the wall to perch on the window sill. He can hear running footsteps now, the fight is inbound. "Well since you don't need saving, I'd better get down to 32nd. Sounds like trouble." He considered the mercenary for a second. Oh this was such an awful idea. "What's your count to?"
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<3 Thank you so much! I'm having a lot of fun!

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Uptight? No way! Not someone like Captain America who -- last time Deadpool watched their movies -- had a problem with language. They seemed like The Fun Brigade, what with the silence over shawarma eating after saving the world when they should be having beers and yelling it up. "Yeah, it breathes really well when you've got bullet holes through it." Not that leather really stopped it either, but it was slightly better at least. And really, it really handled road rash so much better. "But what you're really saying is that my ass is better than yours, huh?"

Which, for the record, was totally not true. At all.

"Everyone has a style on Second Christmas, baby boy. You just have to beeeelieve. Don't you know: every time a shell casing hits the floor, a dirt bag gets his wings?" Wade sidled up next to him, slinging an arm around the actual superhero's shoulders, completely forgettiong all of his personal space. Who caaaared? "C'mon, you have to get into a little something on Purge Day! What is it? What dirty deed do you do? Assault? Grand Larceny? Ripping the tags off mattresses? Kicking puppies? If it's the last one, I might have to hurt you; poor dogs don't deserve anything but our undeniable love and affection."

Or, Spidey, maybe it's playing with contracts so you can be on cross-platform movies like your own while simultaneously appearing in the MCU. And if so, you need to teach me this trick. IIII belong in Avengers! Source material dictates--

"Penicillin and make sure to tell all your partners since the symptoms started showing up." His arm was suddenly empty and he tipped a little before catching himself. Always need to keep an extra eye on those pesky arachnids; they were fast. Strolling over, he looked up at the windowsill, then snorted. "My count in the pool, or the body count tonight? Because the former isn't high enough, but the latter is a disappointing zero. I don't work on national holidays. Rule of thumb."

He leaned against the wall, cool kid in high school pose. "Soooo, where are we going next?" Invite himself a long? Don't mine if we do.
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Me too ^_^

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"That's only happened like, once." Peter couldn't really say he was wrong, but look, it was all about being aerodynamic. He did the research and everything! All the olympians wore skin-tight outfits. Besides, Peter wanted to at least pretend he was going to stay in the air. "The internet says differently, but if it helps you sleep at night, sure."

"That would explain Vulture." Peter blinked, somewhat surprised when Wade threw an arm over his shoulders. Within neck snapping distance. Not that Peter really thought Wade would attack him, but again, the guy was known to make kabob puns when slicing and dicing. "According to the NYPD I break the law every day. I guess if I had to choose something I'd light off some fireworks?"

Peter grinned a little behind his mask. Two could play at the snark game. Besides, it was kind of refreshing. "I'm going to 32nd to deal with whatever's cooking down there. You are more than welcome to join if you can keep that body count at zero." At least for tonight, but Peter didn't say that part out loud.
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"You know I can totally cross reference that with both movies and comics to make sure that's true." Oh no, don't mind the crazy guy in the corner here, talking about media as if they were some underground stars. Nope. In reality, he was used to people disregarding his antics, chalking it up to insanity, schizophrenia, or whatever buzzword they were using today to make them feel better about their own fleeting existence. Whatever; he was the only one that knew the truth, and he'd be happy to take it to the not-grave with him.

"Have you been looking at online polls again? You know those things are rigged, right? I mean, there's a ship that's going to be named 'Boaty McBoatface' because of one, and I gotta admit, I kind of like it."

Or love it, really, because he would have named it the same thing, except with an emoji after it. Not the poop one. Or the skull. Those can get confusing in the general public. Skull-poop-L, anyone?

"Yeah, but is vigilantism really a crime?" Of course it was, it was in the books, but really, who was getting hurt? Cops just wanted all the glory, and Wade couldn't blame them; he wanted glory (and money and fans), too. It was slightly more skewered however, when one realized that Deadpool had a knack of killing the people he was pursuing. Oops?

Fireworks. It...was almost sweet, and Deadpool made sure to make a mental note of it, ticking his box off for later. After this. Before the night was over and the Purge was dead for another year, along with a shit ton of people.

But that was then and this was now and he smiled wide. "Datenight!" Grabbing onto the nearest bookshelf, he climbed up it until he could hop onto the windowsill. Not everyone had cool ropey spiderwebs; some had to do it the old fashion way. "What if my trigger finger slips? Sometimes that happens, you know. It itches." Get it? Itchy trigger finger?

Yeah, all of his jokes tended to be about that caliber.

"Can I hitch a ride, or do I have to hoof it?"
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Maybe if they got onto better terms, Peter would ask, because Wade said confusing crap like that a lot. But for now, since he can't make heads or tails of that statement, he lets it be. Crazy or not, Deadpool was kind of unstoppable (at least, no one had managed to stop him yet. Peter heard he cut off his own hand) and Peter didn't exactly want to get on his bad side.

"All I know is, there are entire blogs dedicated to pictures of my ass." Peter shrugged, tilting his head at Wade. "It's flattering, when it isn't creepy." Honestly, he doesn't know how they get some of the creep shots.

"Technically, yes. It's still assault and battery." He'd tried to argue that point a while back with Captain Stacy, but in the end the officer was right. Normal, everyday citizens weren't supposed to go out and stop crime themselves. But Peter wasn't normal. He watched, moderately amused, as Wade climbed up to him on the windowsill.

"It's not a date unless you buy me dinner." He could hear bullets, now, they should get going. "Just keep it at zero, Pool. You don't kill anyone you don't mean to."

"Yeah, things are heating up we'd better be quick." Peter gestured for Wade t o come forward and hold on so they could swing out the window.
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(Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures! He was going to have to listen to one of Colossus' Guidance Counselor speeches; name a single person who wouldn't cut off their hand, too?)

Wade almost opened his mouth to ask Spidey to be in his next movie (double the star power, double to payout!), but he let it die; the guy wouldn't get it. Shame, considering how big Civil War was going to be, and they could easily do the same numbers. Instead, he smiled, making a note to google Blogs about Spiderman's Ass later, then start competing ones about his own. Really, healthy competition was good, and there should be some Deadpool love out there, rather than all Mom's Against Fun Time Rated R Pegging Scenes (MAFTRP) blogs that seemed to be oh-so-plentiful.

"But they're criminals." And there was the whole innocent until proven guilty thing, but he didn't say that; it would have made the other's point for him. And really, it didn't matter, because Spidey was saying it was a date!

"Superhero date night!" Pizza? No, tacos. Definitely tacos. Did he have money in his account? Yeeesss? He thought so? Could they swing by his house and get some merch for him to autograph while they were at it? "Well, if I kill them, it's always because I mean to. But yeah, I'll try. Non-lethal wounds are still on the table, right?"

Please don't take away all our fun!

He couldn't help the giggle (because yes, it was a giggle) as he wrapped his arms around the other's shoulders, legs around that spider-waist. Piggy-back indeed. Comfy, but not comfy, but it was the only way to see the city in style. "Onward, noble steed!" and he might have pointed ahead. And by might have, it's really more of a definitely.
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Peter hadn't had the esteemed pleasure of meeting any of the X-Men yet. He tended to stay in the downtown area, so paths didn't cross all that much. The Avengers are a different matter; but they only crawl the city when something big is happening, so Peter would honestly rather not see much of them.

"Hey, I know that. It's the rest of the world that abides by those categories." He didn't correct Wade simply because it seemed to placate the other, and his enthusiasm needed some sort of outlet (especially if he wasn't killing people tonight, which seemed to fill that spot, half the time)."As long as it isn't excessive."

Peter couldn't remember a time where he'd given a literal ride like this, but hey, first time for everything, right? There was one time he shot Captain America a web to hold onto, but. "This isn't Spirit."

He shot off a web, swinging back into the street. It was a fair few blocks, and the streets were conveniently empty up until that point, allowing Peter to get used to the extra passenger and adjust his swinging pattern accordingly.
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"Would you like peanuts or pretzels on this overnight flight?" There was a conflicted little Mm as if he contemplated something, which he actually was. "Unless you mean the cartoon horse movie and not Spirit Airlines - Less Money, More Go, please give me free plane tickets for this moment of advertizing, Mister or Misses CEO - and then I'd say it's not as fitting. I mean, we're kinda in the air here, and I don't remember him turning into a pegasus at the end."

But hey, look at this? The air was clean, the lights were low, and they were sailing fast and high. Down below, he could see the chaos of the night hadn't touched this area: no squealing tires as cars were stolen, no front windows of stores broken out for looting, no screaming women trapped in alleys (those were the ones that pissed him off the most). It was a free-for-all everywhere but here, and that was good since heroes couldn't be everywhere at once. Prioritizing was important on a Purge Night, he supposed, especially when you were just one person.

Welp, you're not one person tonight.

At least it wasn't as bad as last year. The fires....everywhere. Couldn't go five feet without roasting some marshmallows. But sometimes the smell of burning flesh hit his nostrils and--

Ugh. He had saved a few families last year, and it hurt like hell. Burns were a bitch to heal, especially scorched lungs.

Hands grabbed him a little tighter, watching the numbers of the streets fly by. "How many Naughty Nancies are there? Bad Bobs? Rude Rachels? Which one works best?"
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"You're the one that said 'noble steed', you tell me." Peter snorts, using his legs to cut through the air, propel them farther with the next swing. He'd always wanted a tire swing as a child, maybe this was sort of living that out? Peter wasn't going to psycho-analyze it. "Definitely not a pegasus. I don't have the sick mane."

"Sounds like...six of them, if I had to guess." Peter listens for a second to the scuffling feet. "Yeah, definitely six."

Last year was kind of a disaster. Peter remembers the smoke and wondering if being trapped in their basement really was the best idea. Their couch was stolen; found burnt out three blocks down in the middle of the road. But they survived, like they did every year, and it gave Aunt May an excuse to repaint the living room.

"I'm partial to Rude Rachels. Nice ring to it." Peter clings to the side of a building, peering down over the scene they've finally arrived at. "Kids these days, seriously."
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"Soooo, you're bald under there?" Which Wade could totally relate to if he was; he had no hair, which made shaving a non-entity, but sucked when one lost that beautiful head of luxurious thick brown silk in favor of gross sores and scars. One hand slid free, poking at the back of Spidey's head, trying to feel for hair through spandex. Hmm, didn't feel exactly smooth... "But think about it: you could have a sick name, like Flufflebottom or Rainbowmandibles."

Six, huh? That would be eeeeasy. Maybe after they could stop and get ice cream. Sure, it was before dinner, but Purge Day was all about breaking rules, wasn't it?

Easiest. Day. Ever.

Deadpool felt the ride stop (I know, I know, collective aaawwww here, everyone), and followed the line of sight. Idiots, all of them, with guns too powerful for most of them to handle as they shot up a car they were trying to jack. He could see someone crying inside from here, and he wondered why anyone would be anywhere other than a lead lined safe on a night like tonight.

"It's all those damn video games, like Galaga and Tetris." Smirking, he winked (which was strangely apparent through that mask) and just. Let. Go.

Did it matter how high up they were? Nope, but it sure as fuck hurt like hell when he landed. He felt his legs break on the cement, shattering to splinters, but it didn't matter; they'd reset themselves soon enough. And really, he was trying to draw their attention anyway, away from the crying woman in the car, away from No-Healing-Factor-Spiderman on the building. He could take a .50 cal in his chest and live; they couldn't.

Granted, he was stuck on his ass now, though (which was also broken), while he waited for his femurs to fucking heal already, guys. But in the meanwhile, he got his gun out, set it on the ground, and started to spin it.

"Hey, so I have this great idea. Ever play Spin the Bottle? Fun, right? Little nookie, cop a feel, everyone has a great time until the next day Janice fucking tells everyone you have dog breath which I CLEARLY DON'T, JANICE!

"Annnnyway, so I was thinking we could play that. Only since I don't have a bottle, and you guys don't have a bottle, I was thinking we could play with this lovely girl instead." He stopped the gun's spin when it was pointing at what appeared to be the leader. "What'd you say? Do you want to play with me?"
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-04-21 06:19 am (UTC)(link)
"Hardly, Lone Ranger." The amount of hair he had under the mask was actually a little ridiculous. He'd had quite a few moments, coming home for the night, where he glanced in the mirror while de-costuming and found himself puzzled. Spandex worked wonders, honestly. "You watch way too many kids cartoons."

"Tetris, the true terror of the modern age." Peter snorted, turning his head just in time to watch Deadpool slide off his back. The element of surprise is the only reason he didn't automatically shoot a web to try and catch the mercenary. Damn guy had a death wish, apparently. Peter could hear the crack of his legs and winced, already aiming a web at the building opposite to swing down over the scene and land, feet first, on one of the kids.

Deadpool was spouting something about spin the bottle - and people called him the kid, honestly, with Pool running around - as Peter flipped the guy he was on top of over, neck prickling as he dodged a gunshot from an accomplice nearby. Attention sufficiently split, the group fell into disarray - completely drawn away from the person in the car.

"Is the prize a kiss or a bullet?" Peter started webbing away at the ones converging on him, sticking them to themselves and each other. "Or both, knowing you."
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Sorry! It's been a busy few days. :/

[personal profile] waders 2016-04-24 01:16 am (UTC)(link)
Oh, Deadpool had a death wish, all right; it kinda was right there in the name. And after all, if life had taught him one thing, it was that you always wanted what you couldn’t have.

If life had taught him two things, it was that thing about wanting and that bullets hurt more going out than coming in, weirdly enough.

Wade watched the little Jumping Spider as he moved around, trying not to admire the graceful actions as much as he was. Really, he was good. Original. Inspiring. Deadpool was content to watch him work (not that he could do much right now; another thirty seconds and he knew he’d be able to stand), until he saw the guy shoot at the Cutesy Itsy Bitsy.

“Big no no.”

It was quick, almost blurring quick that he grabbed that gun, and he didn’t hesitate to squeeze the trigger. Granted, he didn’t hit the guy, instead shooting at the barrel of the gun he was firing, and by some small miracle, it didn’t explode and take off three or more fingers. Shucks. Spiderman and Righteous Cap would be so proud.

“Kiss with a fist!” he cheerfully chimed as he started to push himself up. It was shaky, but he had five seconds of that before he could start pummeling everyone. “Affection is best when it’s spiced up. Ever kiss anyone with sriracha lips? Ever get, you know—“eye brow waggle and point point down “—with sriracha lips? Well, that one, I don’t recommend. Ouch.”

Without looking, Deadpool swung the gun around and fired one off into the ground inches from where one of them was starting to run at his one-sided bestest of friends. The smoking barrel waved back and forth as he slowly walked his way towards the poor Purge bastard. Oh, such misguided youth, too much of that blasted Rock ‘n Roll. “Ah, ah, ah, I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”
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No sweat! ^_^ i feel that on a spiritual level

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"You hit me once," Peter takes a glancing hit just for effect, and only in his shoulder. Barely even felt it. "I hit you back." And if sometimes Peter doesn't know his own strength then, well. Woops. He figures Deadpool, out of everyone, is the most likely to appreciate the singing.

"I can't say that I have," Webbing, sticking the guy's hand (which he's staring at, probably praising jesus Deadpool hadn't maimed him for life) to his chest. "You live a much more exciting life than I do, clearly."

It was almost embarrassingly easy, Peter thinks, as Deadpool pins one of the remaining two (who looks like he's shitting his pants, ew). He cocks his head to the side when the final guy squeezes his eyes shut and pulls the trigger on his gun. Which is empty, clicking uselessly while his senses remain silent. Peter just puts his hands on his hips. "Do I even need to web this one?"

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