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The Sunday Smut Picture Prompt Meme

the smut picture prompt meme




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Peter Parker | Amazing Spiderman | OTA

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The past few months have been kind of wild. Peter would say it's been an unusual relationship, the one between him and Steve. From lending a helping hand every once in a while to, well, this - but Peter certainly isn't complaining. In a way, he can be more himself than ever around Steve; it was different, to be known as Spiderman first and reveal the Peter part second. But he trusted that Steve wasn't going to run off and turn him over to S.H.I.E.L.D. - or what was left of it. He was kind of on their to-do list for a while there.

The sex is awesome, no two ways about it. Peter can bend in ways that are simply super-human, and Steve's strength is a major turn-on. To be honest, it kind of started as a stress-reliever; adrenaline and endorphins were flowing after a fight, one thing led to another - Spiderman was making out with Captain America in an alleyway. Started at the bottom now they're here.

"Fuck, Steve - " Peter mutters against Steve's mouth, fingers clinging to his back. If he turns just the right way - the pleasure blindsides him and he groans again, mouthing over Steve's jaw.
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"You like that, huh?" Steve chuckles a breathless laugh against Peter. He groans at the mouthing along his jaw and pushes particularly deeper and harder into the younger man.

They've had a few run-ins here and there, and despite Spider-Man often being trashed by a certain newspaper, or not has cherished as the Avengers, Steve saw him only as a helpful companion. That companionship began to grow into something else the more they teamed up, Steve often appreciating Spider-Man's unique and personal touch to the superhero gig. Boundaries weren't exactly a thing that existed to him, apparently; and when in the heat of the moment and testosterone was at its highest, rubbing bodies after being tackled out the way of a blast made the body crave.

Steve can't deny that he is happy for the unexpected turn of events. Peter Parker was great company and as loyal as he was quippy. He'd be a fool to reveal Spidey's identity to S.H.I.E.L.D. and risk losing such a relationship.

Cap captures Peter's lips in a fierce kiss, teeth scraping against his lips, and tongue wrestling with Parker's. He didn't care how loud he made Peter get in that alleyway, or even if someone had heard. He thrusts hard and quick, moaning his own pleasure into the other's mouth.
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"Fucking incredible," Peter hums in response, biting lightly at Steve's neck. He's sure to leave a few marks, but the super soldier heals from them quickly enough. Peter will just replace them; and that's always fun.

"Fuckin' - " Peter muffles a groan against the juncture between Steve's neck and collarbone, blunt nails pressing into his back. They didn't have to worry about breaking each other, despite Peter's genial jokes about Steve's age. Steve always seemed more than willing to prove him wrong in the best of ways.

The kiss is sloppy and passionate - Steve is indisputably the most intense partner Peter has ever had. Peter takes Steve's lower lip between his and sucks. He kind of loves it when they finish and Steve looks completely fucked out.
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Steve hums in return, enjoying all those little bites and the marks he knows they're leaving behind; he really doesn't mind when Peter does it, becomes intent on making them set in his skin knowing fully well they'll just heal in a matter of minutes.

It's the blunt nails that gets him to hiss, however. What may be a complete secret to others, isn't so much one to Peter - Steve had a small thing for pain. Nothing extreme, but he does love it when Peter gets the scratching and biting hard enough that the bruises last for hours up to a day, even. And now, while those nails dig against his back and Peter kisses him like that, sucking on his lip and driving him, for lack of a better word, crazy.

"Christ..." He pants against Peter's mouth, hips bucking faster now. He's close to the edge but when his hand begins jerking Spider-Man's cock, it's clear he doesn't plan to finish alone.
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Peter grins against Steve's mouth at this hiss, knowing full well what it was doing to the soldier. Red marks bloom from his fingertips as they slide down Steve's back, clutching him ever closer. "Steve I'm gonna - "

He can feel Steve tensing underneath him, motions picking up pace, if it were possible. There's a hand on his cock and Peter's legs tighten around Steve's hips, as much as he can. God, that feels good; the sweat, adrenaline, and heat between them. They'll crash over it together and bounce high on the endorphins. Peter can feel that precipice, dangling near the edge of his high.