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Forced to Kill Meme

This meme could be triggery, so be warned

It's simple you see...
1 : Post as your character; include name and canon of course!
2 : Respond to other people; you are now forced to kill that person
3 : Reasons for being forced can be anything, threat, duty, whatever.
4 : How you kill them, be it knife, poison, strangulation, is up to you.
5 : Profit..?
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Steve Rogers | MCU

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[Up for a certain Spider?]
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[Absolutely, swing Parker my way.]
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[Peter never thought it would come to this. He's been Spiderman for nearly three years now but it's never been this bad.

The mutant conflict is escalating - everybody knows this. No one seems to care whether some of the people involved are mutants, though - he's not, Cap isn't, neither is Deadpool - Daredevil, he could go on. But they all get sucked into it anyway.]

Are you shooting at me? Did you fucking shoot at me, Cap?

[Peter is barely able to keep the indignation from completely seeping into his voice, crouched behind a column at the top of the building. His senses are ringing with danger, especially after the bullet nearly grazed him. He assumes it's the Captain, but one can never be certain, so he's on the lookout for an ambush.]

What happened to talking it out? Do I look like Pool to you? Seriously, I had the red suit first.
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I've seen more than enough red suits before both of you. That shot was a warning.

[Steve wasn't enjoying this war. Like many others it was a war that should have ended before it began, but as much as people liked to think of him as a hero, Steve was a soldier.

Something that had made him a dangerous opponent when everything started going wrong. But stubbornness was one of the cores of Steve's existence, and he would not waiver on what he firmly believed to be the right side of the war.

Just like every war, Steve wasn't in it to kill. But he knew war too well to assume it wasn't going to happen. There was more to it than that. Something driving the Captain forward harder, more determined and more violently than was generally his motif. But that wasn't on Steve's mind.]

Pack it up and go home before you get hurt.
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You need to take a chill pill. When's the last time you had a massage?

[This entire thing is leaving a bad taste in Peter's mouth, but he can't stop. He's not sure which side he's on just yet, because both have pretty convincing points. He can't flip flop forever, though, and he can't stay out of it. They won't let him.]

Stop it with the threats, Cap. I'm not here to fight you.
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You're not here to help, either. [At least not yet. Not from what Steve has seen. Peter reminds him of a time in his youth when he actually believed conflicts could be resolved without bloodshed. But there were times when conflict became war, and wars were never won with words. They were fought by the men and women who put their lives on the line for the cause they believed in, and that came with certain responsibilities and acceptances.

Things could have been different if talking had worked. But talking hadn;t lasted, and had turned to threats, which had turned to manhunts. Steve knew too well what it looked like. Labels came first. Followed by mistrust, fear, riling up the masses into hysteria until they were willing to throw their former friends and neighbors to the dogs to save their own skins or their image of the world as it should be.

He wouldn't stand by and let it happen. And anyone on the wrong side of the conflict was his enemy. A thought only encouraged in his mind further by a darker set of whispers.]

A battleground is not the place for neutrality. [He shifts the Shield, his back to the wall around the roof of the building while he loaded a fresh clip into his gun.]

You don't want to be a part of this war, but if you hang around in the middle of it you will end up a casualty of it sooner or later.
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That's exactly where you're wrong. I'm here to help, just not in the way you want. So you're going to bully me onto your team? Or against you? What the fuck is this? Peace is always an option.

[He can tell it's not working and Peter hears something that sounds suspiciously like a gun being messed with. He slips over to the next column, putting a little more distance between them.]

You're not wrong, Cap. This whole thing infringes grossly on our rights as citizens of this country. But we have gun control laws for a reason. There has to be a middle ground.

[Peter had to believe that. Hey, he's the first in line to not want to sign up and broadcast his secret identity.] I don't have a white flag on me right now since it's laundry day, but right now you are shooting at Switzerland.
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I'm not asking you to join me. I'm telling you to sit this out.

[Steve's arguments aren't reasonable. His history, his mind and his rage were all burning too hot. Even if he realized just how deep into it he had sunk he couldn't have pulled himself back together. Not when his allies in this fight were scattered and out of reach at the moment.

Any other day and he would have talked things out with Spider-Man because he agreed in a lot of respects. Peace was always an option, and it wasn't in Steve to shoot at civilians.

It was just unfortunate for Peter and Steve both that his head wasn't in the right place. And his choice of comparisons opened a vault of intel from the recesses of Steve's mind on all of Switzerland's concessions, actions and inactions in a war that hit closer to home.]

Stark put you up to this, didn't he? [Steve had turned to rest his arm on the wall, now, looking for movement on the higher roof and leaning into his shield, a barrier between the wall and where he crouched behind it. His voice had kicked back into that cool anger once more. Trust Stark to send someone else to the front lines to talk for him.]
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I can't! Look, I'm not a mutant. Neither are you. But the world sees us in the same little box, so this affects us all.

[Peter was flat against the column now, looking for an escape route. Just in case. It doesn't sound like Steve is listening to him at all. Out of all the people fighting this fight, he figured the Captain would be the easiest to talk to, try to convince to turn this thing around.

It's kind of shocking how wrong he was.

There's a ledge 100 feet above him to his left, but Peter thinks if he goes for it, he might be in the air long enough to get shot.]

I have been avoiding Stark like the plague, Cap. He's pro-reg, and I can't do that. I have a secret identity for a reason.
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[Peter is right in hesitating. With a full clip in his gun, there's a good chance that even with Peter's reflexes, Steve could get a hit in. But the gun is the least of Peter's worries when it comes to Steve's aim.

The shield is a far more dangerous tool in defense and offense.]

A lot of people do. [Steve wasn't one of them, but he had nothing left to protect besides his team and his ideals. It should have been easy to talk things out with Steve. He was reasonable when he was in his right mind. About most things at least. And even with his temper, he generally managed to keep it under control.

Heroes were not the only people against registration, though. And the Captain being such a strong voice against it had painted a target on his back as someone to use to 'get things done'.

He didn't even realize he was pushing too far or acting out of paranoia and rage. He would have been angry at his own actions if he could snap out of it.]

If you aren't trying to stop me, why are you following me?
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[The shield would slow him down, maybe knock him out of the sky, but a bullet hole through the shoulder would be a bitch to recover from, especially if it turned around and came to hand-to-hand combat. In which case, also, Peter really didn't stand much of a chance. Steve was a trained soldier, and Peter was a punk kid from Queens.] I'm not willing to give that up. I'm not ready to put loved ones in any more danger than I already have by being what I am.

I want to help, but I don't want to help by fighting. Turning against each other isn't gonna solve a damn thing.

[He's not sure that's an acceptable answer, and it's honestly a little terrifying. He should take off, out into the night. Ditch out, figure out a plan B. Peter readies a web. If it gets hairy in the next minute, he's going to split.]