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the alternate universe meme

  • comment with your character.
  • reply to others with starters or picure prompts. for a list of au ideas, see here and here.
  • have fun!
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illya kuryakin | tmfu

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[m/f for anything shippy.]
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[ooc: man from uncle + western = wild wild west? :)]

It was a long and dusty trail behind him, Napoleon riding his horse almost lazily into town. An easy smile and tipping his hat to a nearby lady crossing the street. She smiles back, hiding it behind her fan coyly.

But Solo wasn't here to flirt with the locals, his contact was here. Somewhere. With his next top secret mission.
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[ooc: lmao and solo gets to be jim west?]

Of course Solo is there to flirt with the locals. Admiring the fairer sex comes as naturally to him as breathing, if the information provided to his contact is any indication. Said contact is waiting for him at the saloon, if only because all newcomers to town end up there, either looking for information or a room. Or a girl.

When Napoleon follows local custom, Illya is seated at a table near the wall with a good view of the interior. He can see who goes in and out, or heads upstairs, or even glance out a window for a glimpse of the main roadway. There's an added benefit to being seated and quiet, too, namely that his height and Russian heritage aren't immediately apparent. Unless you know him personally.
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[ooc: exactly!]

Solo ties up his horse, takes in the town with a sweeping look, before going into the saloon. He greets the barkeep with a smile and orders a bottle and two glasses. "One for a friend," he says. That's the signal to his contact that he is the one looking for them.

But the smile freezes on his face as he sees who's waiting for him. That sure looks like the big guy who nearly killed him the other day in the next town over. Almost completely maimed the horse he was riding and the man was on foot. With growing unease, he steps slowly towards him.

He really didn't want to start a barfight here so soon. He just bought this shirt.