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The Hooker AU Meme


CONTENT WARNING for prostitution, crime, dub- to non-con, kink.

1 - Post a comment with your character's name and canon. BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR PREFERENCES, including which role you'd like, what in particular you're interested in playing, etc.
2 - Comment around to others and play threads!
3 - Use Random.Org if you get stuck for ideas.

WHERE? Where do you look for business?

1 - STREET - You wait on the sidewalk, wink at the passing cars, dress yourself in revealing clothing and garish makeup. You don't cost much. Maybe you're desperate, or in debt, or your life fell apart. Maybe you're independent; maybe you have a pimp, and a quota to fill. Either way, you have to work hard for your living.

2 - HOUSE OF PLEASURE - It's a good life, isn't it? You have a place to stay, a roof over your head. You don't even have to leave the House -- or perhaps you're not allowed to. You could have a good madame, or a harsh one; maybe you can pick your clientele, even. If you cater to a certain odd set of tastes, though, you might not have a choice at all.

3 - TEMPLE - It is an act of worship, for you. Of piety. Sex is about fertility, the giving and receiving of energy, a sacred act. When you bed another, it is for the benefit of you both.

4 - IN PRIVATE - You're a call girl. An escort. You go to parties; you know how to speak the language of the rich and famous. You dress well, act confident, and know how to get what you want. You're a valuable companion, and they better be prepared to pay dearly for you, tonight.

5 - OTHER - For anything else you can think of!

WHY? Why are you hiring this particular person?

1 - CURIOSITY. Maybe you're bored, or you have a little extra money to spend, and you're up for a little experimentation.

2 - SECRETS. You need discretion; no one can know that you're cheating on your wife. Money is a good way to keep the both of you quiet.

3 - NEED. There's a desire you have that you can't satisfy any other way. Maybe it's your sexual orientation that you don't want anyone to know. Maybe it's something darker.

4 - THEY MADE ME DO IT. Some well-meaning friends, or business partners, have hired you a hooker for the evening. Better make the most of it.

5 - JUST THE SEX. You don't want the hassle of a relationship. You get your needs taken care of, and that's it.

6 - OTHER. For anything else you can think of!
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Jack Harkness - Doctor Who/Torchwood - OTA

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[[He'll be on either side of the equation, though to buy himself a pro he'd probably be in kind of a dark place.]]
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[Anders would like to say that he's not used to being in the sort of situation where he's honestly considering offering himself up in return for a decent meal and a place to lay low for the night, but he's been on the run many a time before and it's not always easy.

Of course, it's not always so bad as suddenly finding himself in what seems to be a completely different world with many things he doesn't understand, where the smallest display of magic had what felt like half the city chasing after him. That sort of thing can make a man desperate and since trading on his skill as a healer seems out, he'll have to fall back on something simpler. He's kept an eye on the handsome stranger for a little while now; the other man is attractive, well-dressed, and looks as though he can take care of himself. Plus there's just something about him...

Well, it's good enough for him anyway. Smiling easily, he makes his way over and drapes an overly friendly arm over one of the man's shoulders.]

Hmmm, hello there~ You know, I couldn't help but notice that you seemed to be all alone...
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[Jack is used to having a certain effect on people, pheromones and the concentrated potency of existing as a fixed point being what they are. So the arm around his shoulder isn't surprising. He turns to appraise the man, and finds that he likes what he sees.]

Not any more.

[He smiles, and slips his own hand around Anders' waist, getting a feel for what kind of body is hiding under those clothes.]
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[It's probably worth a little physical contact to find that out about the mage, since Anders' robes aren't exactly too form-fitting or revealing - although they are wonderfully useful for lifting up for easy access. The unfortunate side effect here, however, is that they also make him stand out that much more. He's gotten a few unfriendly looks already, so the fact that this stranger isn't giving him the same is vastly appreciated. He takes the hand around his waist as an open invitation to slide his down the other's back, hooking his thumb in the waistband of his trousers.]

And aren't I glad to hear that? I'm Anders, and I think you and I could get along quite well, don't you?
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Captain Jack Harkness.

[He definitely likes what he's feeling. Enough to turn and angle his body toward Anders.]

I think we're already getting along quite well. Can I buy you a drink?
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Oh, a Captain, are you? With your own ship and everything?

[That might just be something useful, or a problem. Although at this point, Anders isn't certain if he's as concerned about that as he really should be. Jack certainly has something about him that's rather appealing.]

But we could get along a lot better, if you catch my meaning. Although a drink is a good place to start!