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up all night to get denny's

It's late. Like, 3 AM late. You're hungry as fuck, but nothing is open.

Except Denny's.


1. Post to the meme.
2. Find somebody to eat with. Figure out why the hell you'd do this to yourself.
3. $2! $4! $6! $8! What do we appreciate? Bacon!
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It really is~

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[Peter is definitely beginning to regret this decision. He couldn't bring Deadpool anywhere - nobody could. But it's four AM and he's kind of starving, so he agreed to breakfast. Might as well; if he went home now, he'd never get up for his 8 AM lecture.]

I don't know, why don't you take a look at the menu?

[The waitress is staring unabashedly at them, and Peter rubs at his eyes through the mask when the words on the menu blur a little.]
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Because menus are BORING.

Pancakes, on the other hand, are good Especially with bacon and syrup.
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Get a breakfast special. Live your dreams.

[Peter's thinking about french toast. He could go for some cinnamon right now. He lifts his mask just over his mouth to take a sip of his cranberry juice.]

Tonight was pretty light. A handful of muggings and the convenience store robbery. New York is slacking.
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I know, right? What happened to the assassins and the goblins and all that crazy kind of stuff? This isn't the MCU, this stuff is meant to be happening all the time. I mean, I'd give anything for a Skrull invasion
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What's a Skrull?

[Peter knows by now to ignore half the shit that comes out of Deadpool's mouth. It doesn't make any sense half the time, so why bother being confused?]

The assassins joined the Avengers. Goblins' in prison, and he's not getting out.