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(Do people read the flavor text?)

Stuff that can happen/you can encounter:

  1. A sketchy rest stop!

  2. Roadside (or equivalent thereof if you're in a spaceship or dirigible) restaurants!

  3. Something in your vehicle is breaking down!

  4. You're just lost!

  5. A mass murderer/random encounter monster/velociraptor snuck into your backseat!

  6. Hitchhiking!

  7. You got out because [NAME] thought they saw something and now you regret this!

  8. You're broke and need to buy something!

  9. You're trapped at a tourist trap!

  10. Other!

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Max Caulfield | Life Is Strange

[personal profile] dramaquing 2016-01-28 12:14 pm (UTC)(link)
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((Can match to brackets if you prefer.))

Well this was just fantastic. He was supposed to be in one place and sure, he'd found the world okay but he'd been sent to the entrance, no shyer than two hundred miles away.

Just how exactly was Demyx supposed to cross that distance? He'd done what he needed to, he called a number he got off a local college bulletin board, a number for someone who needed a travel companion. It was the only thing he could think of, this seemed like a small town that was far away. He needed to get to Seattle.

So he paced, coffee in hand as he waited in his strange clothes, black head to toe with a long, body length coat. It was coming up on some holiday or another and he was mentally preparing himself to have to charm some normal person.

At least he'd been given a good amount of this world's currency to do his mission.
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[Taking the car to go back home for the holidays had seemed like a great idea at the time. Just the appeal to avoid having to change the train twice was enough to convince her, having to drag her luggage on and off the trains had been a nightmare the last time.
She had it all planned it out with her friend, they would make a small roadtrip out of it, switching to drive every few hours so neither of them would get too tired, divide gas and snack money and even organized playlist so they would never fight over what to listen.

And then her friend bailed on her.
Take the car anyway and go to Seattle, no problem! How generous... Well, it was a generous offer since the car it's not hers and everything, but still, Max had no intention of driving to Seattle on her own, it wasn't impossible but way too long of a drive, especially for somebody who hadn't driven in months.

She was almost resigned to booking a train, until somebody suggested to check the bulletin board for somebody in need of ride.

So here she is, about to pick up some stranger, hopefully this won't be the base for a future horror movie.

She gets off the car and looks around, there's only one person waiting, so she approaches him.

Odd clothes she thinks, like a character from a '90s movie.]

Hello, are you Demyx? I'm Max, your ride to Seattle.

[The name is pretty unique, so she's confident she got the name right, in fact she made a point on trying to remember everyone's name after that time with Juliet at Blackwell.]

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[Along with the coffee, to fit in with the normal kind of people, he had a large instrument case that had been resting against the wall beside him. It wouldn't do to be left unarmed, just in case, but he couldn't go summoning things in front of normal people. After all, nobody knows about magic do they? What would the odds be?

He looks up when the young woman called to him and he thinks that he would have guessed from her name that she would be male.

It shouldn't make a difference. He smiles and holds up a hand in greeting.]

That would be me!

[He hauls the big instrument case over his shoulder as if it's nothing and puts the rest of his coffee in the trash. It's not that good anyway.]

Thanks a lot for helping me out. I need to meet my friends, we just couldn't go at the same time.
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Nice to officially meet you then, Demyx.

[She offers him her hand to hold.]

No problem, you're doing me a favor too. My friend bailed on me and I didn't want to travel alone there. I would panic if I got lost by myself taking the wrong exit or something...

I admit at first I thought you would be a girl, I thought your name was an evolution of "Demi", like Demi Moore?

[After she says it, she wants to bite her tongue.]

Uuugh... sorry about that, I'm not the best at introductions.

[Yup, Max grew up and is a little more sure of herself but she's still a dork at heart. She eyes his instrument case, asking about that would have been a better starter...]
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[He laughs, she needn't worry or try too hard, he's a friendly, laid-back guy. He shakes her hand firmly with his gloved hand and let go again.]

Good to meet you Max. I've uh, never been to Seattle before so I would've been totally lost. I understand completely.

[He tilts his head as she explains. The reference isn't one he gets, but that surprises him.]

Didn't think I had such a girly name. [He offers a small, cheeky grin.]

You can call me Dem if you want, I know it's a bit of a weird name. And I thought you'd be a guy too, to be fair so seems we might think a little alike.

[He grins and shrugs one shoulder.]

Don't worry about it too much, you seem interesting. This is a long trip, a lot of time to talk anyway, I think?

[That worries him a little, but he can fake it pretty well.]
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[She's relieved when he doesn't seem to mind and smiles back at him a she holds his hand back.]

I wouldn't say it's girly. Just unique. And too similar to a very famous name, I guess.

Ok, Dem then. And...yeah, you're not the first one. I should have thought about that. It's short for Maxine, I'm not really fond it though. I don't think it fits me, if that makes sense.

I hope I live up the expectations. [She jokes, but honestly, she really hope she does. They're going to be stuck together for a while. Personally she feels at ease so far, he looks like somebody with a story.]

This way then. [She says, starting to walk towards the car. A small red car, used but still in good condition.]

Is that your only luggage? You travel light... I think I brought with me half of my possessions. [She's relieved actually, she didn't realize moving to college how much of her stuff she had brought. Plus she couldn't make a proper bag, since she hasn't done her laundry in a while she just left most of her clothes in the laundry bag unfolded. Hey, you gotta to what you gotta do to save in college!]
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It's just really funny you thought that. I'll have to tell my friends, they'll get a kick out of it.

[He grins, better not say he doesn't know the famous name she's referring to.]

Max then, and I wasn't sure what to expect, I just thought you'd be a guy. So far it's fine.

[She's definitely not wrong about that, but as to whether or not that comes in to play, time would tell. He's doing what he has to to get to Seattle with seldom other ideas how to even manage it. Hopefully Max has music in the car, he's always dying to listen to something new.]

Yep, that's it! This is my sitar Arpeggio's case. [He grins, of course he's named his instrument, any good musician does.] I'm not going to be there too long, just have to meet my friends and we'll go together from there. If I hadn't gotten stuck behind here then, then we wouldn't have been in this mess.

Where can I put my sitar? Oh, and I guess I should ask where you prefer I sit.

[He figures she might want him in the back out of her way since they don't know one another, or maybe in the front so she didn't have to feel as lonely.]
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We've met only three minutes ago and we already have a story to share, I say it's a good sign.

A sitar? Cool! I've never met anyone who played it, I've seen it only on tv or some indie music videos. Are you guys a band?

Oh, put it wherever you want. I uh... kind of took over the trunk, but we can move the laundry bags in the backseats no problem. Don't worry, it shouldn't stink...

[She added that last part as a joke but now she wishes she hadn't. That was weird. Well, at least she hasn't reassured him that she made sure to clean her underwear...]

And you can sit next to me, the backseats are no fun.
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[He chirps playfully and then he opened the back door and eased it in carefully, settling the laundry bag on the floor of the backseat.]

That looks okay. Yeah, I know it's a bit of a weird choice, but I love playing it. We're not a band sadly my friends have no appreciation for the greatness that is music.

[Max didn't need to worry, he didn't have the social experience to know whether that's considered weird or not really. He closes the door and after a moment opens the front seat door and gets in. Ah, damn, seatbelt. He clips it into place after looking at it for a minute.]

You don't mind if I take my gloves off do you?
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And how did you end up playing the sitar? If I may ask... [She's genuinely curious about it. After all it's not your typical instrument.] I play a little guitar as you may have noticed, the case should be buried somewhere back there.

[She takes her place at the wheel, checking rapidly her phone for directions.] I think I memorized the road so far, we might have to check in later though. I already saved the directions.

[She does notice him looking at the seatbelt out of the corner of her eye, but being busy with her phone doesn't has a chance to ask if something in wrong, he figures it out before she could.

She is taken a back at the question though.]

Um no, of course not. Make yourself comfortable. I wish I could drive barefoot but I think they might fine you for that...

And... I hope you don't mind indie folk music, that's most of my archive. There's some punk and a few mainstream pop too though.
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[personal profile] melodiouspacifist 2016-01-29 06:13 pm (UTC)(link)
Yeah, sure, I don't mind.

[Once they're settled, he'll get into it. She had one of those phones he's seen everyone with and tries not to stare at it. That's the trick, hide any awe or amazement. He laughs at her comment though and nods.]

I wasn't intending to get that comfortable, believe me.

[He takes the gloves off and pushes them into his pockets and settles a little with a squirm until he had the best position. This was going to be a more comfortable trip than many of his other missions.]

I don't mind, play whatever you want. I'm looking forward to it!

[He grins at her and waved his hand, he wouldn't know any of it.]

I always wanted to play an instrument and when I was a child, I saw someone playing it in the marketplace and I really liked the sound of it, you know? Sitar's totally different from anything else and I really liked it. So I asked my parents and begged them for a sitar and for my birthday they did get me one, and lessons. After that it was just practice. I've been playing since I was about ten or so.
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[Her phone is a modest, old-ish model. Until it works properly she'll use the money she'd spend on phones in film and general photography equipment.

Well, in case you feel like it I don't mind, I'll just envy you a bit.

She nods at his words and finally turns on the engine. The music from her mp3 player starts as well, as promised it's an indie song with an upbeat sound, to set the mood. Roadtrip material.]

Good, then we're ready to go.

[And so she finally starts driving, listening to his sitar story. She's tempted to ask him if he would play for her later when they're on a break, but decides to keep it for later.]

That's so cool. I wanted to be a musician when I was younger, before I discovered photography. It's for the best, I'm decent with it but I guess I reached my limit...
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[It's alright, Demyx just doesn't have a phone if anyone could believe he could live under such a rock in this day and age.]

I don't really relax in that way. I usually relax with napping. I don't think my roommates would like it too much if I stripped.

[He smiled, sighing contently.]

A musician. It's all I ever wanted to be when I was a kid. I wasn't really good at anything else, music was my thing. Never thought of photography though. What was that like? I don't really know anything about it.
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Not even the shoes? And I thought I got a demanding roommate...

[She says with a little grin. She doubts his roommates actually deny it from walking barefoot. Although her roommate is quite demanding.]

I miss my single room at Blackwell... That's where I went to school before. [She sighs dramatically.] It's not that far from here actually...

Well, that's a pretty great talent to have. I would never give up photography, but I wouldn't mind having better skills there too.

You know, I didn't even realize it at first, how much I liked taking pictures, I mean. When I'd go out with my parents, I would always demand they take a camera and I'd insist on taking most of the pictures...

I especially loved the instant camera my friend's father had... [She smiles at the thought, even though those memories always come with a little bit of sadness in them too.] So I got one too as a birthday present. From that point on it I got really into it...
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All of my roommates are totally uptight.

[He laughs because that is absolutely true, Demyx is by far the most laid back. He doesn't know what would happen if he wandered around with boots off, but he has a feeling Saix would make a face. Not that he's not used to it.]

I haven't really seen much of this area yet, but it's my first year. I'm just going to visit my friends for the holidays.

[He listens with a head tilt, pleased enough with the story. Art was art and it's interesting to think the way they were drawn to their tools is similar.]

That's nice though. Everyone should have a passion, right?
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Ok, but keeping your shoes on at all times? That's house meeting material.

[She says it lightly, not wanting to offend people she doesn't even know, those are his friends anyway. Although, she would totally flip out if she were in his shoes... no pun intended.]

There are some really good hiking places or beautiful beaches around here, but in terms of... well, everything else, the small towns don't offer much. Seattle is a great though, lots of life and great coffee. You'll have a good time there if you're going to stop for a while...

[From what she got, he's only passing, but they have plenty of time to talk about that.]

Yeah, it can be stressing at times, but I can't imagine what my life would be without photography. I would probably spend most of my days in bed, watching anime. Which is not a bad thing per se... I just do it enough on my spare time.
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[He laughs at that and shrugs.]

I don't think I need to encourage more house meetings, we have way more than enough.

[He tilts his head feigning interest in the area, although he seems unlikely to actually be back in the area. It sounds really nice.]

I did always love a good beach. [He sighs, wistful, as though he could spend an entire day there.]

Not sure how long I'm gonna be there, but if I get a chance I'll try and explore. See if I can hold them up from leaving before too long.

[It's very unlikely, but he'll see how things go. He rarely gets to see that much in the places he gets to visit.]

Lucky! I gotta say, I'm always pretty busy. A lot of work to do, you know? I could use some days off. Spending some time traveling like this isn't too bad though.
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Where are you guys from, anyway?

[She doesn't push the boots question any further, after all it's not her fight.]

Maybe we can stop by a beach later, when we take a break. It would be nice to bury our feet in the sand after being stuck here for hours...

See, even more reasons to relax a bit a the beach. [She adds after his words, then laughs a little.] Yeah, I'm a master at procrastinating. Wi-fi will be the death of me. Or of my academical career, at least. Maybe I would be acing every single class if I had been born 10, 15 years earlier... [Of course she knows that's not true. '90s Max would have still been easily distracted by whatever was hot before unlimited internet.]
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Ah, well, we're all from different places originally, we just all live together now. Most of us anyway, some of them knew each other before I got there.

[A gentle sidestep, after all there's only so much Demyx can say without really knowing where he is.]

Oh, you're so nice to me! [He laughs.] A beach would be so fun. Sand, sure, but most of all the water. I love water. It's kind of my thing, you know?

[He wonders how much trouble he'd be in if he showed her a water trick. A lot, he figures, but somehow it might be fun. Did Max believe in magic?]

Seriously. I wish I could slack off, but if we're late getting back we'll miss the holidays and people get so grumpy when you're late. [He rolls his eyes a little.]

I'm as good a procrastinator as I can be. I can get away with a lot but you know, there's just some times you can't. Being an adult sucks, right? [He grins.]
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[Max just nods at his answer, he didn't name a city or a state, but before she could ask, she already got distracted by the prospective of relaxing at a beach later.]

I like being in the water too. Although I think I'll take a few pictures if the light is right...

[Does Max believes in magic? Interesting question. She does believe in incredible powers, but she doesn't know what to make of them. Is magic just science yet beyond human comprehension or is it something else entirely?]

True, I actually expect my parents to start calling every hour until I get there... I never traveled like this on my own. Actually I didn't even tell them about you..

[She already knows they would have offered to pay for a plane ticket or something. But she didn't want to ask them for more money, and besides, her friend would need her car in Seattle anyway.]

Definitely, when I was a kid I couldn't wait to go to college, I thought it would mean staying up as late as I want and never having to do homework... I don't know how I got it so wrong. [She snorts and shakes her head.] Sometimes I swear my books have eyes in them that stares at me whenever I get too distracted or avoid them.
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A good swim, there's really nothing like it. Do you really think we'll get to stop at a beach? [It sounds all too fun honestly and if he's late he can deal with that later. He has time to come up with a good excuse.]

Don't take any pictures of me. [He laughs.] I'm not really photogenic!

[Not being in pictures was a thing wasn't it? Wouldn't that get his boss' pants in a twist if he was being photographed of all things? He's only willing to compromise the rules so far. This is a far better alternative than getting lost on the way and he can argue that.]

Will the be bothered by you traveling with a stranger? You can tell them I'm not going to hurt you. [He smiles lightly. He'd promise he wasn't a killer but that's not entirely true. He's not interested in harming Max at any rate.]

Anything to get away from homework. I used to feel like that too, I really hated it. But, uh, music doesn't really feel like homework so I really enjoy it. I just used to really be bad at that academic stuff. Like math. Don't get me started on that.
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Sure. It's a long drive after all, it is recommended to take a break from time to time. I can't think of anything better than taking a break by a beach. [Max doesn't know what he's up to and while she won't waste time around, she also doesn't want to rush it. They'll have a safe trip.]

I am sure that's not true. After all, we need to commemorate this. [As a photographer, Max has to insist at least, and besides, it would be nice to have a picture of him, to remember their encounter, however brief.]

Probably. I can't blame them, they are parents after all. But no matter how many times I would reassure them about the college bulletin, they wouldn't have supported it. [She shrugs. They don't know each other yet but she can feel she can trusts him. And she still has her rewind power if anything goes wrong, always a nice back up plan.

She nods at the mention of math.]

Yeah, I was never great at math either. I had decent enough grades I guess, but I'm not sure I would have been able to enter the schools I picked without photography... And even that is hard sometimes, between doubs and the occasional lack of inspiration.
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That sounds amazing! [He stretches his arms above his head, arching his back and settles in easily.] We get to stop for food right? I didn't bring any of that either.

[Demyx laughs again and shakes his head.] I'm telling you, every picture of me comes out terribly, but if you insist, I won't say no. [Who's going to know? Besides, maybe this way someone will remember him.]

Yeah, you think? I don't really know, I don't really remember. [Demyx admits, waving his hand a little.] My parents are gone, I think? I can't be sure. I haven't seen them in a lot of years. Eight, or something like that. I don't really keep track of time that much. [He doesn't look sad, it's just matter of fact.] I've been living with my roommates that long.

Ugh, my grades in math were bad. My grades in almost everything were bad, except music. What can I say? I have a gift. [Demyx smiles a little.]

I hear you though, lack of inspiration is a bit of a tough thing. Sometimes the music just isn't flowing.
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Yes, don't worry. I didn't bring anything either, except for some water.
Let me know if you're angry and we'll start looking for a place to stop... maybe we can even combine the two things, food and beach. [It would be nice to have an impromptu picnic, if the timing is right of course, she knows they're going to drive along side the ocean, but no idea about anything else.]

I'll make sure to catch your best angle. [She doesn't take him too seriously on that.]After all I'm a pro... well, kind of. [She might have doubts about her skills from time to time, but he is laid back and good looking, a good combo when taking pictures of somebody.]

[When he mentions his parents, or lack of thereof, she turns away from the road to look at him from a moment, and she's surprised to notice he looks pretty cool about it as he sounds.]

Oh... I'm sorry to hear. [She feels stupid for a moment, not sure how to react to that.] Was it hard for, growing up without them?

[She smiles amused at the school talk but doesn't have anything to add about that.]
Yeah... sometimes I feel like just throwing away every single picture I ever taken. I did throw away sometimes a couple of times, then I realized is best to keep all of your work. You can learn something from that.

[She pauses, deciding to focus back on his music.] So, I get you write your own pieces too?

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