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music prompt

the music prompt meme
i. comment with your character
ii. others will respond to you with prompts
iii. reply with a scenario befitting the prompt left to you

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Max Caulfield | Life Is Strange

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[Max is an artist, a photographer even, so it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that she can get a little melancholic.

She got into photography because she wanted to capture a moment forever, to cherish its beauty again and again... to relive the feelings it brought with it anytime she wanted. No, everytime she needed.

It's hard sometimes, remembering. Remembering easier times, when the future was only an a possibility, an adventure. Now she's grown up and some things didn't turn out the way she hoped. Not that they are necessarily bad, but she still feels a longing of something that isn't anymore.

She's sitting at a table at the outside of a cafe, drawing, apparently completely lost in her thoughts. She's is not as skilled in drawing as she is in photography (well, she hopes she is somewhat skilled), but it's an hobby she cultivated for years.]
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[You only need to look at Josuke to figure out that there's a deadline coming up. Though he's as carefully done up as ever, clothes sharp and characteristic pomp styled into place, there's something about him that's a little more undone today. A few strands of hair have escaped his attention and his shirt is crumpled- to say nothing of the bags under his eyes.

This is the worst. Not only does he have an essay to write before next week, he has two jackets left to finish- and there's no way that he can present a half-finished collection. His professor would kill him.

So, it's a considerably stressed out Josuke that takes a seat at the table opposite Max's, a cup of something strong in one hand and a book on 21st century tailoring in the other. Considering everything he's been through, one paper is nothing; he can do this. He can do this.

... he can't do this.

With a low groan, Josuke flops forward, head making a dull thunk as it hits the table.]
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[Her sketch done, Max takes a few moments to look at it. It's Chloe, dancing on her bed in her own room, the day they were reunited. She can still hear her voice, inviting her to shake her "bony ass", her not-so-punk music blasting from her stereo. A moment that never happened.

She puts down her pencil between the pages, lifting her head. She sees the well dressed boy doesn't really look at him, still lost in her own thoughts. She misses her friend so much. She knew she was going to, but she didn't realize how hard it would be just remembering, even the littlest things.

It's only when she hears the loud "thunk" that she's brought back to reality. She finally focuses on what's in front of her and instinctively stands up.]

Hey, are you okay?

[She walks up to him, realizing as she stops at his table that he didn't collapse or anything, he must have done it on purpose.

Still, she wants to check if he's okay.]

If you wanted to absorb the book's content that way it won't work, believe me, I tried.

[She adds, her attempt at a joke. It probably would have worked better if the book were open in front of him, instead of still in his hands. Too late Max.]