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Maybe you know exactly how it happened, or maybe your memory is hazy. Either way, you're now a prisoner. How will you deal with the strain of losing your freedom -- will you cooperate with your captors or will you plot behind their backs? Lend a hand to your fellow prisoners, or turn informant? Make a small fortune in black-market goods and information, or make a break for it? The choice is up to you: will you be a number, or a free man?

* Post with your name, fandom, etc. in the subject line.
*In a sentence or two, describe what you're in for, if you're innocent or guilty, and anything else you think helps set the scene. If your character's canon involves a canonical prison (Azkaban to Alcatraz), feel free to include a note on the setting, or make one up.
* Play around and tag other people! Feel free to decide for yourselves what role you'll play when tagging, based on the other person's description. Some suggesions:
- Their lawyer, come to discuss the case
- A visiting loved one. Enjoy your file cake, sweetie!
- The Warden. Are you a fair person trying to do a just job, or a corrupt megalomaniac?
- A fellow prisoner. Maybe you're here to show the new guy the ropes. Maybe you want to warn them of an unknown danger, bring them in on an escape attempt, or just commiserate on your situation.

The sky is the limit and there is no RNG. Play nicely, respect one another's boundaries, and have fun!

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Ryou Bakura (genderbend) || Yu-Gi-Oh! || Open

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[She just sat quietly in the cell, already roughed up a little from her captors. Pulled hair, a split lip, a bruised cheek, red and puffy eyes; they all seemed like horrible offenses on a person that really appeared so gentle and frail.]

[She sat quietly on her knees, hands bound behind her back and her head down, waiting for something to happen, but she didn't have much hope that it would be a positive experience the next time something happens.]
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"So you're the weapon." Itachi stood at the gate of the cell, looking in. "You're the person capable of wrenching a soul from its body and sealing it into something else..."

He unlocked the door without fear, opening it, and closing it again behind him. Even in the frightening red and black Akatsuki cloak, he wasn't an intimidating man compared to the others. His frame was small and feminine. His mannerisms were gentle. But his red eyes were like ice.

"The leader has heard of your powers. He wants to make use of them. And he has sent me to discover how they work." Itachi crossed the floor quickly. "There are many ways this can be accomplished. Some, far more terrible than others."
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Seeing the red and black cloak swishing in her vision made her tense. She had heard of them, the Akatsuki...

These guys were in another league different from Malik's former rare hunters. And even then, Malik was a reformed man now. He wouldn't have allowed for this to happen.

Speaking of Malik, she couldn't feel a familiar weight on her chest, the familiar cold metal that was the Millennium Ring. She didn't like the spirit that inhabited it at all, but he at least knew how to protect her, from most danger.

Most being the operative word...

"...I have no powers." Might as well be honest. Maybe they would let her go, if they saw that she was innocent?

"You have the wrong person. I have no such powers."
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"Do I?" Itachi crossed his arms. He looked down at her sternly. "Intelligence suggests otherwise. Did you never once trap the souls of your friends inside of lead figurines? Did you never once seal a portion of your own soul into a gold relic of some kind?"

He leaned in close. His breath was like fire.

"I do not believe I am mistaken."
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She shuddered, already those memories surfacing. No, it wasn't her that sealed her friends away, nor did she seal away any portion of her soul.

That was the Spirit's doing, not her.

"No, I never trapped my friends anywhere. The only thing I remember is having frequent black outs whenever anyone got too close. When I came to, they were all in catatonic states... I have no memories of what transpired during those black outs." Only recently had she discovered that it was the Ring Spirit's doing, which she couldn't prove without the Ring around her neck.

"Please, let me go... I am no use to you or the Akatsuki. I have nothing that you want." A better question was where was the Ring, if she didn't have it. And what would happen to the poor soul that put it on.
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"Interesting." Itachi mused as he backed away. "It appears the Leader was wrong about you. Ironically, as it were."

This girl, he thought to himself, is just like one of the leader's six bodies. She's being used by something else. Her powers are actually manifested through something else. The only difference is that she's still alive.

"But you still have something we want. You know where your powers came from, don't you..." Itachi returned with a large gold pendant, swinging it like a pendulum in front of the girl's face. "It's this. Am I right?"

He didn't give her time to answer.

"I want you to tell me how it works. Now."
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Ryou's eyes widened in surprise. He had the Ring!? It's golden luster shined in the light, almost winking at her, and the little spikes at the bottom chimed together, like an ornate golden wind chime.

"I-I don't know how it works... A-all it does it act like a compass, n-nothing more." She didn't know what happens when an unworthy person puts on the Ring, but the Spirit certainly knew what would happen. He wondered if the idiot would actually put it on to see what would happen.

It would get the girl out of this situation, at least...
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"I don't believe you!" he shouted in her face.

Itachi weighed his options carefully. He could put the ring around the girl's neck, but then he'd likely find himself faced with the source of the girl's strange power. Defending against that power could easily cost him his life. He could put the ring around his own neck, to test it for himself... but that could be just as dangerous...

"Perhaps you can start by telling me what this pendant actually is. Where did it come from? Why do you, or should I say, did you, have it?"
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She squeaked and fell back in fright, landing ungracefully on her bottom and pulling the bounds on her hands tighter. It was already rubbing her wrists raw. With her long hair in her face, she managed to sit upright again, trying to look at the ground and not at his eyes. Her eyes probably would have revealed that she knew more than what she was letting on.

"I-it's... the Millennium Ring. A-as far as I know, it came from Ancient Egypt. My father gave it to me as a birthday present when I was ten years old. ...That was also about the time that the black outs started... But, every time that I did take it off, it never seemed to go very far from me... I don't know why..."
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"Why you?" he continued. He dropped down to her level, tilting her face toward his, staring her right in the eyes. "What makes you so special? Why does it grant you these powers? I know you're not as ignorant as you want me to believe!"
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That part, though, that still puzzled her. Why did the Spirit choose her over everyone else? Surely it can't be just because he wants to get close to Yuugi and the others to get the other items...

What did make her so special?

Looking into his cold eyes, briefly, it almost made her heart stop with fear, it was that unnerving of a stare. She turned her gaze to the side, trying not to look at him.

"I-I don't know... A-all I know is that the Spirit inside of it wants the other items. I-I don't know why he wants me and my body, other than just using it as a vessel."
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A spirit inside, Itachi thought to himself. That was the secret behind these sealing powers - some being inside this pendant that channeled itself through the body of the girl. It sounded a little like Orochimaru... and Itachi shuddered at the thought. But if that were the case, then it could potentially be controlled...

"Can anyone use this power? Or does the spirit respond to only you?"
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Still, she had no answer for him.

"I don't know... all I know is that the Ring just keeps coming back to me... somehow. A friend of mine threw it into a deeply wooded area once. I found it on my nightstand the next morning. It happened again when I was unconscious after a duel and my friends were hiding the Ring..." Why and how it kept coming back, she would never know.
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"Then perhaps it's time to really see what this pendant can do..."

Itachi hesitated for a moment. Attempting to use the 'Ring,' as the girl kept calling it, could be very dangerous. But if anyone in the Akatsuki had the mental discipline necessary to subdue and control a powerful spirit, it was a genjutsu master. It was why Pein had assigned him to this mission, after all.

"And if it works as promised, you may have earned what's left of your life back."

Itachi took a deep breath, and put on the pendant.
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Ryou watched in horror as the Ring slipped around her captor's neck, almost a seemingly harmless hunk of gold at first. She could feel herself holding her breath as the Ring began to settle against his body, still seemingly lifeless.

After a moment's pause, however, the Ring began to glow and it's little spikes began to move chaotically, as if projecting the feeling that the Ring itself was angry. Once it was finished with it's little fit, the spikes embedded themselves into his chest painfully and began to heat up rapidly. This is what the Ring does to unworthy possessors: He burns their souls from the inside out. It definitely wasn't a force to be trifled with.

Ryou could only sit back in horror, watching this little display.
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Itachi wasn't expecting THAT to happen.

The spikes tore through the Akatsuki cloak and the tunic underneath, forcing themselves into his chest in a manner that made even the Amaterasu seem pleasant. He sunk to his knees, grabbing onto the gold pendant, but it held firmly in place.

He closed his eyes, tried to focus his breathing and his mind. If this was the doing of the spirit, if they were now connected, then he should be able to battle him on a mental level. He should be able to win...

"Go ahead and try, spirit." Itachi grunted. "You will not beat me."
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Except this wasn't an ordinary spirit that was being dealt with here. Each of the Items always tested their owner for worthiness, usually in some way that was bloody or gruesome.

The Ring was one of the more cruel ones.

The only ones that could truly connect to the Spirit within were the ones it deemed worthy. Otherwise, the soul was burned. The effects of that were probably starting to take affect now. Ryou, still in her horrified state, tried calling out to her captor.

"Take it off! It's going to kill you if you don't!"
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On some level, Itachi must have heard Ryou, because he did try to take it off. But the ring wouldn't even come loose! Which meant there was only one way out - and that was to see this test of worthiness through... no matter what the outcome.

Itachi, then, couldn't afford to take his mind off the fire burning in his chest. He could resist it. He could subdue it. He could defeat it...

... Right?
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She couldn't take this much longer, watching the Ring hurt someone. It had already hurt enough people in her lifetime, even if some of them deserved it. This... she couldn't watch the Ring kill someone while she was right here and could do something about it.

Standing on her feet, she didn't know what was going to happen, but she wouldn't stand by for this. Luckily enough he was kneeling, so this was slightly easier. Since her hands were still tied, she walked over to him and took the Ring's cord into her mouth and, miraculously pulled it over his head. With that done, she raised a foot onto his shoulder and pulled on the Ring's cord with her teeth and pushed against him to pull it out of his chest.

What resulted was the Ring somehow coming out, bloodied spikes and all, as an unbalanced Ryou fell onto her side painfully, and the bloodied Ring fell onto the floor with a clatter.
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Itachi fell to the floor as well. He didn't move for quite some time, but slowly, surely, he started to come around.

"You... are a foolish girl. I had breached the barrier. I had finally touched the mind of this spirit of yours..." he spat, picking up the bloody pendant.

It burned his hand as he touched it, proof that a small fraction of his soul still remained unharmed. Truth be told, he would have been lucky to have survived much longer.

"Why is it that you would rather see me fail than watch me die..."
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She rose painfully to her knees again, keeping her head down as her long hair covered her face. She was a bit sorry for what she had done, but after so long of seeing the Ring take enemy after enemy and friend after friend from her... she just couldn't stand by anymore.

"...Y-you weren't connecting with the Spirit. If you had, then the burning would have stopped and he would have released his grip from you, only to take over your soul, and you would be powerless to stop him." She knew that much from experience, at least.

"I... I couldn't sit by and watch him do that, e-even to an enemy. He's already taken enough human life in my lifetime... I don't want him to take anymore."
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"Then you are even more foolish for saving my life."

Itachi pulled out a kunai, and slit the bonds holding her wrists.

"Take your pendant and go." he ordered.

If his genjutsu wasn't strong enough to conquer the power of the spirit, and it truly would have devoured his soul alive before he could defeat it, then none of the other Akatsuki could even come close to withstanding it. This power truly was useless to them.

"Get out of my sight before I change my mind."
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She rubbed her wrists, as well as the arm she had landed on before, trying to soothe the rawness and tenderness there. Once that was done, she picked up the Ring by the cord, but it would have been cool to the touch, now that his chosen owner was holding it again. She wouldn't put it back on until later; or at least until she was far enough away from this place so that the Spirit didn't feel the desire to come back and wreak havoc amongst those that had done him and his host wrong. He definitely had more than enough reason to.

"Sorry for the inconvenience..." She said quietly as she took her turn to leave, hopefully not going to meet any resistance going out. She was already frightened enough out of this experience. She didn't need any more excitement.
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Itachi let her go.

The leader would not be pleased, but Itachi could deal with the leader. She, after all, had saved his life. He owed her that much in turn.
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However far she got, however, it still didn't satisfy the Spirit once the Ring was put back on. He wanted revenge, especially at being caught off guard and being taken from his host, even with his skills.

The Spirit was not pleased.

Somehow, he managed to find his way back to the cell, being merciless to whoever got in his way, using the Ring's magic to put them in binds, or even outright killing them with the same magic channeled through cards.

Finally, he found his host's original captor. He crossed his arms, a very different person from when Itachi was speaking with the gentle Ryou.

"Yadonushi may have been lenient with you in sparing your life. But you won't get such a luxury with me."

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