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a sci-fi au meme

50 years ago, or 75 years ago,or 20 - it's hard to recall such precise numbers in the haze and hardship - the world almost ended. While the timing itself is remembered by few, the event serves as a sharp divide of before the Fall and after. The Fall, in all its terrible and explosive splendor, sent societies spinning on their heads, no matter if its intimate nature are unclear. Once again, humanity has had to claw its way out of the primordial pit, all its achievements sent to ruin in the face of a nuclear flare. What little governmental structure remain amongst the survivors is tyrannical, but astute. When those in charge noticed that offspring of those who hadn't been killed by the Fall were beginning to be born with unique abilities, they chose not to persecute this "new generation." Instead, they jumped at the chance to have a homegrown army to protect the fragile rebirth of man, learning little from the old mistakes.

These gifted individuals fall into two categories: those with psionic powers and abilities used for offense and those who have healing and rejuvenating properties. Apart, these are interesting parlor tricks, with psionics, called Powereds, being about to move items with their minds for a few inches or pick up heavier ones they shouldn't be able to or healers, called Sources, fixing up superficial wounds. The true potential lies in when a Powered and Source are brought together, however. Each Powered has a Source that is their match and vice versa, the lock to their key, right down to the very genetics. When the right pairing made, a Powered can move mountains or create energy weapons beyond compare, a Source can provide near infinite energy to their Powered or even bring living beings back from the brink of death. To belong to either of these groups is a high honor. So high, in fact, that as soon as a child shows promise, they are whisked away by higher authorities to be matched with their lifetime Powered or Sourced and begin their training, where, despite the risks, they will find better living conditions and more resources than they could have ever dreamed of out in the desolate, dying world.

This pair grows up together, becoming dependent on each other. Even if their personalities clash, the pull in their very nature evens things out; it is, after all, a psychic bond that connects Powered and Sourced. Without the presence of their Source, a Powered might find themselves enraged or worried or unsettled. On the other hand, a lonely Source may become listless or despaired. As two is where they find complete harmony, and their unity shows in the combat or espionage skills.

On record, romance between matched pairs is strictly forbidden. Off the books, though, it happens more times than not, with two people growing up together virtually since childhood who are programmed to be co-dependent, and it is highly encouraged by those higher up due to abilities being strengthened through both emotional connection and physical contact. There's no risk in it, in their eyes, only gain as they can terminate a pair quite easily. A Powered is useless without a Source, so the ultimate weapon has a kill-switch...and a useful weakness for blackmail purposes There are always whispers in barracks of someone who's doing a task because their Powered's or Source's life is at stake.

Once battle training is complete, each pair is assigned to an eight-man cell, comprised of four matched pairs like themselves. What these teams do depends upon their skill sets and training levels, with anything from peacekeeping to public relations to assassination being on the dossier. Yet the imperative is for those on front line is clear: protect your Powered or Sourced at all costs, even on the backs of the others on your team.

Without them, you are useless. Without them, there is no place for you in this world.

tl;dr sparknotes this because we want to get to the meme: Sentinels and guides had a baby with YA dystopian lit. After a near extinction level cataclysm, people began to develop abilities that fall into two categories: Powered (sentinel/warrior) and Source (guide/healer). Their true powers are only revealed when they find their one genetically compatible match. A shadow government kidnaps these individuals, puts them into lifebonds, trains them for combat, then sends them out in teams to do all the dirty work. Codependency, mind-bonding, unhealthy love, and bloody murder probably ensue.

  • In the subject line, place your character name, canon, preferences, and whether your character will be a Powered, Source, or either.
  • Reply to others!
  • What will your character be doing? Being a late bloomer and only now meeting their partner? Training? On a mission? Enjoying some rare down time? Comforting their partner? Aftercare after the battle? Getting blackmailed? Climbing to the top of the ladder and infiltrating the government? Realizing their partner's getting a little too bloodthirsty? Falling in love with someone else's Powered or Source - absolute anathema. Facing certain death? It's up to you.
  • Thread.

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[Would you be interested in a Spiderman?]
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[Of course Tony would get paired with a kid. :3. Surely.]
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[Peter supposes it's a miracle he's gone undiscovered this entire time. His father had done his best to hide him and his likelihood to have a match out there. His parents were partners, despite the taboos around it; but it almost guaranteed he would follow in their genetic footsteps.

They catch him at school, during his english class. He barely has enough time to exchange a look with Gwen - he knows she'll tell his Aunt what happened, which is more than they'll allow of him. They say they're college scouts, but the school and everyone in it knows otherwise. They're supposed to work at the highest levels of secrecy, but all it does is give them notoriety.

So now he's sitting in a nondescript room on the wrong side of one-way glass, waiting for his other half. Peter wonders how they found out - or if he's just terribly unlucky, and it's a random screening. He takes off his glasses, cleaning them on the hem of his t-shirt.]
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Tony had been waited for a very long time, so long in fact that he had no recollection of when he hadn't been waiting. That he was gifted was obvious from his childhood. His father, Powered, had met his mother after the war, back when things were done a little more happily and naturally. It had been almost accidental considering the other Sources he had known in the Army. Maria was beautiful and charming and smart. His match in every way.

But when Tony was born, he'd been off the charts. Howard and Maria gave their son over to the government as requested and while he flourished with them, inventing and engineering his place in society, there was never a match for him.

And that happened sometimes. The government had become insular. The Cold War had done terrible things to unity and each country matched their pairings up like nuclear weapons...because they really could be used that way.

Tony had been working on a new suit arm piston when he was called to HQ, He didn't answer right away, not until JARVIS told him that there were agents in his elevators. He told Pepper, a normal woman with an abnormal patience, that he would be back, cleaned his hands, and went to meet them. He didn't believe it when they said that they found his Powered, thought this had something to do about lapse weapon contracts, and was brought towards where Peter waited.

Tony actually balked, stalling. He could feel something intense waiting for him.

And that, of course, led to disappointment when he saw the kid. "Are you kidding me? Where's your boss," he asked the agent to his left. "Haha, very funny."
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When Tony entered the building, Peter could feel it. The presence filled him with nervous energy, and he couldn't help but bounce his leg, frowning at the window. That had to be his Source, didn't it? He couldn't think of anything else he'd be this sensitive to. Peter steepled his fingers, finding his gaze consistently drawn back to the window. They had to be just on the other side of it.

"Busy," Agent Hill doesn't beat around the bush, crossing her arms and raising an eyebrow at Tony. "Mr. Stark, he matches you 100%. I know that it's an unusual circumstance but facts are facts."

She turned back to the glass, gesturing to Peter. "Found him in the graduating class at a local science and math high school. Top of his class."
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"High- I need a scotch. Make it a double." Tony rubbed at his mustache and his beard as he sat himself down in an appallingly uncomfortably chair.

"We don't have alcohol on the premises," the agent told him, and gestured to the door by the one way glass. "You can enter there." Or, she seemed to imply, he could be forced through. And then she left.

He'd been dreaming of this moment, a little less in the most recent years, but it was nothing like the present. That kid in there should be blonde, long legged, nice rack (he wasn't too greedy, a breast just needed to fill out one palm), his own age, and should have been sitting in that position twenty years ago when Tony could have used and actually did want a Powered to work with.

Instead, he had this. A part of him felt as if his heart had broken, despite regularly informing the world that he didn't have a heart to break. The other part of him wanted to smash that window and see if the way he felt grew stronger.

Twenty minutes after he had been left alone, a man wearing black jeans and a heavy metal t-shirt (his favorite garb for in the lab days) stepped through the door into Peter's room. His face, of course, was instantly recognizable.
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Unfortunately, Peter is pretty much the inverse of Tony's imagination, on every single count. He's a scrawny kid from downtown, only recently 18. At least they're even, here, because Peter sure as hell wasn't expecting Tony Stark. He doesn't know what he imagined when he pictured his Source; he tried not to, because his parents had let him go so as to keep him from being taken. But if he did - someone like Harry, or Gwen. Someone he could get along with, someone that clicked.

They make him wait twenty minutes. Peter stands up and paces for five of those twenty minutes, before putting his chin on his hands and trying to relax. Deep breaths. The call of his Source was growing stronger. What were they waiting for?

"Okay, what." Not the most intelligent first words, when Peter's eyes are immediately drawn to the man entering the room. But either Tony Stark is his Source, or - he didn't work for the government, that didn't make any sense. "What?"
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"Shut up," Tont snapped right away. He didn't like how everything was brighter, how he could feel the way the ground seemed to breathe beneath the tiles of the room he stood on. His brain ached, and he was pretty sure that it had nothing to do with Peter being some snot nosed kid and everything to do with his abilities amplifying.

Tony had been doing contract work for the government and the military, for Pairs, for a very long time. He knew the program. He knew what it all meant. He was aware of the life bonding process--

And he was just too old for this. Most of the Pairs were Peter's age. Some were younger. But Tony had been unable to do much but heals a few cuts or make the lights shimmer more efficiently. He hadn't found his match. And if he couldn't find them then they couldn't exist.

But Peter did. Right there. Tony grabbed a chair and sat in front of him, frowning intently.

Man. Look at those ears.
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Peter clenched his jaw to keep his trap shut; the bones clicked unpleasantly. The longer he was in the same room as Tony, the more sure he was of the undeniable - this was his Source, standing right in front of him. He'd never explored his powers much beyond the bending of a spoon, which had taken him a solid week to bend all the way over. Those that were Powered developed slower than the Sources; but once paired with a Source, they took off like rockets.

Peter sat up when Tony sat down, watching him closely. He didn't look happy, and Peter didn't blame him. He'd pretty much been hiding out for eighteen years; there was a very clear age/experience gap. He waited, then, looking from Tony, down to the table. Metal, probably steel. Might as well try an experiment while Stark makes up his mind.

The boy held out his thumb, just above the table. He focused, glasses slipping down the bridge of his nose, and tried to push the metal in. It held fast, for a second, before giving way, leaving the indent of his thumb. Huh. Peter looked back up at Tony, mildly amused. "Well I'll be damned."
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Tony was decidedly not amused, mildly or otherwise. Matching pairs that got to this particular level of power were rare indeed but that didn't soften the blow...not to Tony. And not to the table either. "Yeah well don't get too use to it, kid."

He was a powerful, influential man. He owned whole parts of the Defense budget through contracts with the government so they wouldn't be so stupid as to try and pair him up with a kid. Tony Stark was vastly underestimating his importance as a free citizen here.

He might be a genius, his inventions and engineering skills might be important in the war effort against neighboring countries, but an off the charts match was far more important.

Why build a nuke when they had a renewable equivalent here without the whole radioactive fallout side effect?
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"We don't get a choice." Peter snorted, wondering if Tony genuinely thought he could get out of this. Their government took the matches as serious as a heart attack. Not even the Osborn's were immune to being matched. Peter doubted he'd be able to dip. "It's too late. You walked in here and they're probably not letting you back out."

He shrugged, folding his hands and leaning back in the chair. To be honest, Peter didn't know what to expect next. It was hard to differentiate between fact and fiction in regards to what exactly happened during the lifebond training.

"$20 says that door is locked with the strongest deadbolt they have."