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D&D Adventure Meme

The D&D Adventure Meme

For many D&D needs no introduction, but for those unfamiliar it's a tabletop roleplaying where the player creates a character and goes on vaguely medieval adventures full of treasure and monsters. It's gone through many incarnations over time, and both draws on and informs many other works of fiction, video games, and nerd culture in general.

At the most basic level, characters are created as one of a particular set of character types called a class. Each class has its own powers and themes, and what it's best or worst suited for. There are the ubiquitous fighters and wizards, of course, but many other "core" classes and even more prestige classes. The setting in general is medieval, with swords, bows, horses, taverns, and monsters, but can vary in specifics. Magic isn't something everyone has, but it isn't exactly rare either. Gods, demons, creatures from other planes, and more mundane monsters all exist.

How it Works

Just choose your character, pick a class for them (or use RNG), and go on whatever adventures you'd like. Serious monster fighting in the depths of an ancient tomb? Go for it. Get drunk at the local tavern and miss out on the ogre-fighting action? Do it. This meme can be either AU or not depending how you'd like to play, just make a note in your subject or starter! Feel free to assume your character is just granted powers that go with their class, if they're not AUed into the setting.


1. Fighter - This class is exactly what it sounds like; don your armour and pick up a weapon, and get to monster killing!

2. Rogue - Sneaky, skillfull, and manipulative, this is traditionally the class of thieves but rogues can come in many varieties. Most avoid direct fighting, but are excellent at dealing with traps, scouting, and negotiations.

3. Wizard - Spellbooks and magic characterize this class, but they tend to be terribly weak fighters and prefer to hang out in the back. However, a powerful wizard can be an incredible force.

4. Ranger - Something of a cross between the fighter and rogue with a nature twist, rangers are dextrous fighters that prefer archery. They are particularly at home in the woods, and possess many skills similar to rogues.

5. Cleric - A divine spellcaster that can also fight, clerics often play the role of healers and have the ability to turn (or sometimes control) undead. They come in many varieties of specialization depending on their chosen "domain" and god or deity of worship.

6. Sorcerer - Similar to a wizard, a sorcerer is a spellcaster that prefers not to physically fight, but while a wizard's magic comes from study a spellcaster's magic is wild and innate. They often have more spells available to them than wizards, but are less powerful when at the same level.

7. Druid - Much like a combination of a ranger and a cleric, the druid is a nature-based spellcaster/fighter that can shapeshift into and sometimes control animals.

8. Barbarian - Like a fighter with incredible anger and power, they're less skillfull and refined in a battle than a fighter but make up for it with raw strength.

9. Paladin - A holy warrior that is much like a figher, but backed up with the skills of a cleric. They are typically healers, and is the only class that must be only lawful good.

10. Monk - Disciplined, unarmed fighters that use mental focus and energy to strengthen both their attacks and their own fortitude.

11. Bard - Essentially singing, spellcasting rogues. They have many skills and can fight with most simple weapons, as well as casting spells that usually serve to "buff" themselves or their teammates with bonuses to attacks and skill checks.

12. Prestige/Multiclass - A catchall for characters that are more than one of the above classes, or would like to choose a prestige class. Remember that multi-class characters tend to be versatile but weaker, as every level gained can only go toward one of their classes (so a dual fighter/rogue might be level five, but with only two levels in fighter and three in rogue, for example.)

13. Choose your own! - Pick a class that suits your character, or if you're so inclined just the opposite.


1. Quest - Whether an epic quest to save the world or a side-quest to rescue a villager's chicken, your team is on it.

2. Monster Attack - You didn't go looking for danger--yet, anyway--but danger found you, and now it's time for a fight.

3. After the Adventure - Heroes need a break, and you're taking one. The local tavern is a great place for rest and food, but there are countless other places you could choose to relax before the next quest.

4. Player Fight! - Rather than working together toward some goal, you are at odds and it's come down to a fight. Hopefully you're not a lower level than your opponent!

5. Wildcard - Anything else that could happen, from being eaten by a grue to getting attacked by a group of bandits to the local goblins thinking you're their leader. Have fun!
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[Open to both AU and not!]
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[AU and everything in between.]
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( Ranger with the ability to enchant some of his arrows with basic elemental properties. )
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[A Warlock/Wizard/Sorcerer with bad habits of drinking and smoking.]
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[Why him? Why cleric, of all classes? (Because Eberron, that's why.) Is of the cloistered cleric variant, so don't expect decent armor or competent mace-swinging but do expect him to still be a skillmonkey despite the divination magic.]
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[Open to AU and everything else!]
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[ Cranky healer. ]
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[Could be either fighter/paladin or monk/druid flavor. Human champion of the ogre clan, sworn to rid the realm of demons and undead. M/f for shipping, ota for gen.]