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Highly Inappropriate Sexual Tension

The Highly Inappropriate Sexual Tension Meme

Touches. Glances. Sides brushing, so close to each other. The moment is, most likely, quite, subdued, and calm. Or it could be loud and full of life, right in the middle of a vivacious party. Yet, no matter the case, your blood is pumping - no, nearly boiling with the passion bubbling between you and your companion.

Unfortunately, this sexual tension is completely and absolutely out of line. Whether it be the place, the time, your relationship with the person (be that literal relation or power difference, age difference, experience difference, and so on), your own lack of knowledge, or personal convictions, you should not act on any building desires.

But here's the thing about tension: it builds. It builds, and it builds, until...

Well, even subtlety can come to an inappropriate head.

  • This meme isn't for smut, though smut is allowed. What it is for is the delicious, anticipatory build up and the dances people can do to deny attraction. Foreplay, especially creative foreplay, is encouraged.
  • Comment with your character, canon, and preferences in the subject. In the comment body, be sure to mention if there are any squicks you have, scenarios you don't/do want to play out, and if you're okay with AUs or handwaved CR.
  • Reply to others.
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Steve Rogers | MCU | m/m

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[There's a disturbance in lower Queens, and Peter sighed, glancing longingly at the store he'd been about to enter. If he answered the commotion he could very clearly hear, he totally wouldn't remember the milk on his way home. He's not even finished deliberating when he ends up swinging through the sky on webs, having stripped off his clothes and slipped on his mask on autopilot.

And there's an Avenger, Captain America, in the middle of the fight. The villain in question looks like a jacked up fireman with flamethrowers for hands. Peter starts shooting webbing, providing a distraction and attempting to make it as inconvenient as possible for the fiery menace.

Crime has been different since the Avengers set up shop, but there's plenty of city for both the Avengers and Spiderman the vigilante. Still, sometimes they cross paths. Peter's honestly a little surprised they haven't tried to arrest him yet, but he figures the fights they have alongside each other are winning him some brownie points here and there.]

Rest of the team skip out to lunch or what? [Peter calls, landing beside Steve and ducking as a torch of fire passes overhead. Another well-timed web, trying to gum up the machinery. He hopes it doesn't burn away - he's never really tested his webbing against fire, doesn't know how hot that guy is burning.]
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[personal profile] backalleywar 2015-11-15 11:59 pm (UTC)(link)
[The Avengers avenge those who can't protect themselves, they protect the world and yada yada. Everyone pretty much got the gist. So long as vigilantes like Spider-Man were doing more good than harm, the Avengers saw no point in complicating things for them any further. Not exactly.

They are monitoring the web-shooting hero some of the Avengers, including Steve, have even considered bringing him in, maybe offer him an initiate spot on the team. Maybe. After numerous run-ins, they've been able to stockpile a list of personality traits, and while everyone stared a little uncertainly at the screen and Tony finally admitted he liked the kid, that kind of postponed any efforts to actively seek out Spidey.

It's nothing personal, really. They just needed someone who was going to take the job, you know, seriously.

Instinct takes over the second Spider-Man lands beside Steve, who shields both of them from the pressurized flame going overhead, and once the fireman is distracted by even more webbing, tosses his shield at him.]
They're all hungover from last night. [Steve quips back, not missing a beat and catches the shield with ease.

Cap is moving forward, leaping and flipping over cars while the fireman recovered from a shield to the face only to take another hit to the chest that knocks him over. Apparently, he doesn't like being beat on because he responds with another blast of scorching heat and fire Steve barely dodges.]
So any help right now would be appreciated!
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2015-11-16 01:36 am (UTC)(link)
And you don't drink? [Peter swung himself up, over the fireman, splattering patches of webbing down around his feet. He lands on the side of a building and crawls along it, making his way back over to Steve.] Or does it just take a ridiculous amount of alcohol to get you drunk? I bet it does. You're built like a house.

Sir yes sir! [He's grinning beneath his mask, jumping over a car to climb onto the fireman's back. He gets his hands into several tricky places on the machinery and shoots wads of webbing into the gears before bailing off and rolling under a truck.]
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Thanks. I guess. [Steve pants. And Spider-Man isn't wrong, though it does take more than a ridiculous amount of alcohol to get him wasted. That potent Asgardian stuff seemed to do the trick just fine, however.

Thanks to the masked menace - Jonah's words, not Steve's - the villain's firepack appears to be stalling out, one of the flamethrowers were definitely decommissioned while the other barely sputtered out any fire at all. The machinery wheezes out smoke as it overheats, followed by a nonstop flame from the only working flamethrower.]

Yeah, that's not really what I meant by helping.
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[Peter laughs nervously, running one hand over the top of his mask, almost sheepish.] Maybe you should have been more explicit?

[The flame is turned towards them, and Peter sticks webbing to the Captain's chest, yanking him out of the line of fire.] Think you can kick a fire hydrant open?
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[A surprised grunt escapes Steve when he's unexpected tugged to safety, making a face at Spider-Man. He would ask for a heads up next time but that would kind of defeat the point in the heat of the moment.]

Pretty sure I can manage it. Cover me? [He's already moving, shield raised to block any incoming blasts.]
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[He'd apologize, but yeah, Steve's not wrong. Sometimes, it can even just be reflex. Part of the superhero spider senses, he guesses.]

May the force be with you. [Peter mock-salutes and turns his attention to the pissed off fireman, webbing himself to a building to get up into the air and provide a distraction.] Hey, ugly! Yeah, you!
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[The more Spider-Man talks, the more Steve is convinced it's just a kid under that mask. And it's not just the Star Wars references, but half the crap that comes out of his mouth.

Either way, it's not something Cap is particular concerned with now that he's made it to the fire hydrant with no difficulties thanks to Spidey, and instead of kicking it open, he used his shield. A stream water shoots out from the top and Steve uses the shield to direct it at the fireman.]

Time to cool off, big guy.
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[Peter hangs himself from the streetlight, perching so he can spray web at the fireman. As Steve cools him down, the webbing becomes more effective, until the threat is immobilized.]

Not bad. [He swings down from the light, landing next to Steve.] Should I plug that?
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[Steve let's out a relieved sigh when the fireman is webbed down. This probably could have gone a lot smoother but he isn't unappreciative of Spidey's help when he finally showed up.]

Could you please? Just seems like a waste, you know? [He glances from the pyromaniac to Spider-Man and nods.] Thanks, by the way.
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[Well, maybe, but hey. There was a reason he was on lists down at the police station.]

No problem-o. [You can almost hear the grin in his voice, and Peter reaches down to plug the fire hydrant with a thick glob of webbing.] Anytime. Neighborhood friendly Spiderman, and all that.