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Only Us

( shipping meme )

In a more normal time, this person would never be your type, if you even had one. But these days are nothing like "normal" in the least. The world, as it was, has ended, after all. The means don't matter: fire, ice, apocalyptic continent shift, zombies, despotic government that makes you wish for the former. All you're left with is the ashes of our former world and danger at your tail because you, lucky you, have survived. Having your pick or your type is a luxury you don't have; even if you did, it would be an extremely low priority.

As such, this situation, this relationship with this person hardly started out with any romantic intentions. It may have not even begin friendly. You came together out of necessity in order to survive, yet things got dicey as you learned to rely more and more on each other. When both of you feel as though you've lost everyone who'd ever been important, human contact is taken where you can get it. The more you rely on to watch your back, the more you rely on them for mere survival, the more you begin to rely on them for everything, in a way. While what you have between you started differently, it's grown and changed into something you can't describe. Still, you hold on for dear life, because even if you don't want to live for yourself anymore, you owe it to them to survive. This isn't love. It isn't healthy. It's codependency, probably, but it's a way to live.

What if they're not as much of a survivor as you, though? What if they're weak? What if you are?

...what if you lose them like you've lost everyone else?

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