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Something really ugly happened in this community which has resulted in the banning of a player (apparently long overdue) and several sock accounts that were harassing that player. This is a thing that has blown up in our report post and got really nasty. The entire issue on Bakerstreet could have been resolved a lot sooner had someone, anyone, come to us sooner.

The thing I'm really taking away from this is that until today, no one came to us directly about problems with this player, instead choosing to take matters into their own hands and harass that player instead. As a mod, that really upsets me. I understand that a lot of people just decide not to bother reporting issues to mods, but we literally have zero power to help you if you do not come to us with a concern. And while I can't speak for [personal profile] 1800 and [personal profile] kostinaya, I know I personally really want to help if your are having issues in our community.

Please come to me if there is something that is concerning you and I will do my best to help.
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Owing to the way past incidents like this were handled I don't expect a lot of people to come forward, but I for one wanted to (albeit behind a sock) just to give my kudos for the way you handled this. It was a messy situation all around, and I think you guys did the best you could given that this little teapot tempest has been brewing for quite some time.

It might not get many replies now, but this combined with the resolution I think (hope) will make people more open to the option of reaching out to you mods. I'll admit, I was one of the people who had trouble with the player in question but chose not to go to Kostinaya. The way she fought so hard for reasons not to ban another infamous problem player, it just really gave a lot of people the impression that Bakerstreet's mods can't be relied on to take action when a problem player is making the comm toxic. I'm happy to see that's no longer the case.
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when someone asks you what you did last night, you get to look off into the distance and say, "the right thing."

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and good work! can't thank you enough and it must've been a nightmare. treat yo selves ♥
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