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The Train to the Afterlife

Sucks to be you right now

Maybe you know how, maybe you don't. Perhaps the memory is fuzzy, or perhaps it's crystal clear down to the look in your comrades' eyes. Maybe it was your time; you've done all you wanted to. Or maybe you weren't at all ready to go, maybe you went out kicking and screaming - but none of it matters. You know you're dead, and the train is taking you to an afterlife. Perhaps an afterlife of your choice; you might've earned that heaven. Or perhaps you've earned something else entirely.

It'll be a bit of a journey, though, so you might as well take your time and talk to the other people in your coach. Death knows no place: most of them are strangers, even from faraway worlds. But death knows no time either, so who knows, some of them may be people you know, even if last you knew, they were alive - or long gone.

Oh look, here comes the snack cart.

All the usual:
•Post with your character's name and canon in the subject line.
•Said character is now dead for whatever reason - canon, AU, what have you. They are on a train with other dead people from many other times, places and worlds.
•Characters don't know for a fact where they're headed - just a general awareness that they're going to some kind of afterlife. Whatever they think it is is up to the player.
•This meme is built especially for cross-canon interaction, and potentially for threadjacking and group threading - if you're interested, may be a good idea to state as much in your subject line.
•Tag around and play nice!
•TRIGGER WARNING: Meme obviously deals with death and may deal with other unpleasant themes as a result. Please be cautious.

Shamelessly lifted and barely changed from this.
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Steve Rogers | MCU | OTA

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[personal profile] spideyguy 2015-08-06 04:48 am (UTC)(link)
Peter doesn't know what he's doing here, or how he got here. Last he remembers - wait, he can't remember. Not...really. No, wait, he was Spiderman. Right? Yes, he was swinging around Brooklyn as Spiderman, responding to - a shooting? Yes, that was it. Peter looked down but - no suit, just his civilian clothes. He even had his glasses.

Reasonably confused and starting to feel a little wary, Peter decided to get up from his seat. He was on some sort of train - not the metro, but a glance out the window provided him with nothing but darkness. There was no one else in his car - so he decided to head up to the next one, and hope he found a non-violent explanation.
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Steve had gone through much the same sort of mental checklist himself not too long before, and when it had hit him, really hit him, he'd had to sit down, and he hadn't yet gotten back up again.

He was sitting, head down and hands resting on the back of the empty seat in front of him, fingers laced loosely. He may have been praying, he may just have been resting, it was hard to say and honestly he didn't really know which he was doing either, aside from hoping that everyone else had gotten out alright, because if it had been enough to take him out, they didn't stand a chance if they were closer.

Mostly he was taking the fact that he hadn't seen any of them yet as a good sign, but he hadn't gone looking for them, either.
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2015-08-06 02:36 pm (UTC)(link)

"...hello?" Peter stays near the back of the train car, watching the only guy in his near vicinity carefully. He'd had to come up three cars to find somebody but - it could be that what he found wasn't something he wanted to find.

Peter didn't recognize Steve from behind, one hand on the door handle. The other pushed his glasses back up the bridge of his nose from where they were slipping. "Excuse me, but - do you know where we are?"

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"'fraid I don't." He replied, lifting his head. Mostly he looked tired, but worrying whether or not your friends had survived would do that to a person.

The only shred of hope he had was that they weren't here, which meant that they had to still be alive, right? It was a thin hope and he knew it, but he was keeping hold of it all the same.

He blinked when he realized how damn young the kid was and managed a tired smile, shifting over so that he could offer a handshake, "Steve."
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2015-08-07 05:49 am (UTC)(link)
Peter stared a little when Steve turned. Was that - yep, that was who he thought it was. Hard not to know, especially if you lived in Queens. And if you happened to be a spider-human hybrid, but shh.

"I'm - Peter." He stepped forward and accepted his hand firmly. "I, ah, know...who you are. Now I'm wondering how the hell I wound up on a train with you."
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There was a small smile at that, tired, worn, but genuine all the same, "Pleasure to meet you. Wish it could have been under better circumstances." Because if Peter was there for the same reason Steve was, there weren't much worse circumstances they could be meeting under.

It still caught him by surprise a little when people recognized him, he knew it shouldn't, after all he was Captain America, but as often as not he went unrecognized if he wasn't in uniform, which was how he liked it, really.
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2015-08-08 01:41 am (UTC)(link)
"It's nice to meet you to. Yeah, I wish I remembered how I got here. It's a blur."

Peter slowly took a seat next to Steve, looking around the train again. Still, nothing, through those windows. Just blackness. "You're the first person I've seen on this train. I came up about three cars."

"Definitely not the subway, that's for sure."
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He nodded at that statement, because it was true, this definitely wasn't the subway.

"Came down about that many myself." He said with a nod towards the far end of the car, "Same thing, nobody there." He wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not, if it meant that he'd been the first to arrive, or the last and everyone else had already found their right stations.

Because that just made sense, it was a train, right? That meant people had to get off of it somewhere.
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2015-08-09 12:14 am (UTC)(link)
"Should we try to get off?" Peter glanced out the window again. It was kind of unnerving, how there was nothing there. They were definitely, moving, though, the momentum forward broken up by little bumps and curves in the track. They were different, not looped or any tricks like that. "Break the window or something?"
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He actually had to think about that one for a minute, finally shaking his head, "Don't know what's out there." And he'd been through enough to know that the greater unknown was often more dangerous than the lesser unknown.

The inside of the train, for instance, was arguably safer than what was outside. How could they know that the darkness wasn't solid somehow? Maybe it could get in if they broke a window or forced one of the doors, it wasn't a pleasant thought.
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"Hm," Peter frowned, leaning back in his seat. Steve's not wrong, but Peter didn't know what to do next. And he hated being idle. "I wish I knew how we got here, though."

He winced quietly, rubbing at the upper part of his chest, near his heart. It felt a little sore, for some reason. Like he'd been hit, quite hard, with something.
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He didn't know? Maybe he didn't, and Steve hated to be the one to break the news to him.

All he had to say, with a small, sad smile, was: "I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure I died." He was more than just 'pretty sure', he was in fact absolutely positive that was the case, but he wanted to soften the blow as much as he could.
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Peter's stared for a second or two, turning that over in his head. "But that's not - I mean you're - can't you like, not die?" Peter hadn't exactly had the time to brush up on the Avengers as much as he would have liked to, but he did know the general story.

And if Captain America thought he was dead, there was no way Peter wasn't. "Aunt May's gonna be so pissed."

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The smile was still in place, just a little tight at the edges, "I'm pretty durable, but not indestructible. Big enough explosion will take care of just about anything." And he'd been practically on top of it, if he was remembering correctly.

"And definitely not immortal." As his current state and location would attest to. He knew that the serum had slowed his aging, though it hadn't been long enough to figure out just how much it had done so, only that it had.
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2015-08-10 03:13 am (UTC)(link)
"An explosion?" Peter tried to think back to what happened, push past the haziness. Denial mode, evidently. "...I was shot." Seriously? Taken down by a bullet, after the giant lizard monster? Granted, it was pretty dead on, to his heart, but still.

"Well...I guess you are now?" Bad joke, and Peter chuckled nervously. "I mean, immortal souls, I guess. Unless it's possible to die twice? That would suck. What happened to the pearly gates?"
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"My guess is the train is what takes us there." Though he couldn't be sure, it was just a guess.

"And I suppose an exorcism is like killing a spirit, could die twice in that case." He shook his head, "Though I'm not sure why anyone would bother, we aren't exactly haunting anyone." His brow furrowed, "I don't think we are. Maybe that's why we can't see anyone, because they can't see us."
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2015-08-10 06:00 am (UTC)(link)
Peter wasn't sure whether or not that sat well with him. "Thought it was supposed to be a staircase."

"I think we'd probably have to consciously make the decision to haunt somebody." He considered it, taking his glasses off to polish them with his shirt. "Wonder what happens after an exorcism."
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"Is it supposed to be stairs?" He asked, brow creasing a little once more, "I don't know that I ever really thought about it that hard."

The next statement gave him pause, head tilting a little and finally replying: "Never really thought about that much, either."
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"It's - ah, it's a song. Stairway to Heaven." Peter scratched the back of his neck, realizing a little too late that it was within the realm of possibilities that Steve hadn't heard the song.

"I don't know about you, but I was never really that religious."
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He didn't facepalm, not exactly, but he did knead at the bridge of his nose with a muttered: "Of course it is." He did turn another small smile up at Peter a moment later, "Still catching up."

Or he had been, before the explosion, apparently he was as caught up as he was going to get.

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[personal profile] spideyguy 2015-08-13 08:16 pm (UTC)(link)
This, at least, brought a smile to Peter's face. "Lot to catch up on. Stairway to Heaven, Highway to Hell. I think there's a metaphor in there somewhere, but they're good songs."

"What if this is all it is?"
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"Now I know I've heard that one. Tony's kind of music." Which wasn't to say he didn't like it, it was alright, it just wasn't his type of music.

His brow creased at the question, settling back in his seat a little, "What, just two strangers on a train forever?"
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"Classic rock. From the 70's." Peter offers, trying to help fill in.

"Maybe. That would kind of suck. Not that you're not nice and all but - uh, I thought you were supposed to see loved ones and stuff."
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He nodded at the first, though his head tilted a little at the second, "That's what I understand, which says to me this isn't the end of the line for either of us. Train's still moving, must be going somewhere."

Though the lack of other passengers, any kind of scenery outside the windows, or station announcements over the PA were all troublesome individually, and put together were even worrying.

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