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pic prompt meme

the picture prompt meme

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[seconds before stumbling into bed why are you trying to break my heart in pieces]
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[ on my way there myself because that's what i do and ilu? should i change them? ]
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[no pfff, of course not. but any specifics on what angle you want to go with it? just an unpleasant incident on Isla Nublar, or full-blown war with InGen type stuff?]
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[ i had another thought just after i posted the links (naturally), that one of InGen's scientists might have injected Blue (and/or the others) with some sort of serum, possibly to "control" their aggression issues, and with Blue it for some reason backfired and she went batshit.

#2 was that Owen in some way got pulled out of the project (for decking Hoskins or some other reason) and Blue went batshit (there's a theme here, i swear) and actually killed one or two in order to keep him on the island, and was punished for it.

#3 (i need to turn my brain off, i swear) was in Nowheresville, after the 'Great Escape', that some of InGen's goons track them down, a massive brawl ensues and Blue gets tranq'ed and hauled back to InGen after going batshit trying to fight them all off.

dealer's choice, of course. expand on/use any of those if you like 'em or toss out something completely different. i'm easy, you know this. <3 ]
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let me know if this doesn't work!

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“You’re out of your mind,” Owen snarls, as Hoskins wipes the blood from his face onto a damp rag, “if you think getting me off this island is going to make your lives any easier.” He jerks his arm viciously out of a security officer’s grip. “Don’t grab me like that again or you’re gonna lose that arm.”

Despite the blood on his teeth, Hoskins is grinning, laughing, like Owen’s fury is funny to him, and that just makes Owen want to throw the bastard up against the nearest wall and strangle that smug look off his face. He’s already in deep shit here, and common sense might be pushing for damage control but his temper is seconds away from just going for broke. He’d only gotten one good hit in (really good; his knuckles are split) before InGen’s private security goons had fallen on them both and dragged them apart. Now they’re trying to tell him his services are no longer required, the project has moved beyond the behavioral research stage as if dismissing him wouldn’t be the worst choice they could possibly make.

He’d found the files. He knew what InGen was planning for the raptor hybrids at the end of the program, and even worse, he knew what was up their sleeves if the program failed. Decommission the rogues, Hoskins kept saying, as if the girls were nothing but faulty equipment. Promote only loyal bloodlines. Decommission meant a lot of things, none of them good, and that last point had pushed Owen right past his limit. InGen wanted to breed the problems out of the girls. Like show dogs or prize horses. Like they weren’t people. Pair that information up with the way Hoskins had been leering at his girls lately — he’d been sick to his stomach, thinking back — and Owen considers dislocating the bastard’s jaw to be a fairly benign reaction.

“You can’t even make up your mind about whether you see these girls as humans or animals,” he snaps, colliding with another officer the second he moves in Hoskins’ direction. “But they’re human enough to deserve better than this, and animal enough that they need someone they trust to look after them. You can’t just lock them up until you need someone killed!”

“We can do whatever we want,” Hoskins says, as self-important as ever, like he’s doing Owen a favor by explaining something he’s not paid to understand. “Those girls were cooked up in a lab, they’ve got no rights. They’re not people. And if you’re telling me they can’t handle doing what we created them to do, then I blame myself for keeping you around this long.”

He steps in closer, despite the fact that it’s taking three security officers to keep Owen in line. “I do like you, Owen. I think you’ve done a hell of a job out there, really. But you’ve just been playing house, that’s all. Now it’s time for the real world to take over. We knew this day would come eventually, and trust me, we can keep this whole operation running smoothly without so much as a speed bump from your absence.”

Owen clenches his jaw so tight that he’s amazed his teeth haven’t cracked. With every ounce of willpower he still possesses, he forces the words out as calmly as he can manage: “If you don’t let me go back to that compound, people are gonna get hurt.”

Whatever bullshit Hoskins is about to say in reply gets cut off, by the sudden arrival of one of the techs from the control room. He’s out of breath and ghostly pale. Owen’s whole body goes cold.

“Sir, we have a problem.”
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it's wonderful and you're wonderful.

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Almost immediately after that fateful statement, alarms began blatting all over the place, the entire complex lighting up like a bonfire. Radios begin spouting rapid gibberish over and over, recalling all armed security to report back to the main gate double-time. The "problem" was currently finishing off the remaining sentries in the research wing and moving towards main yard, leaving a trail of bodies in its wake. Led by Blue, the four raptor hybrids were heading unerringly for the exit, uncaring of whatever happened to cross their path.

It had started, not fifteen minutes ago, but almost two weeks beforehand, when the girls reported for morning exercises and discovered a new "handler" waiting for them. Lt. Col. Joe Sanderson, a new InGen commander and former Marine, had been hired on to oversee the 'next phase' of training, and the girls had been informed that he would now be working with them to hone their combat skills and introduce them to advanced weaponry and tactics.

Well, that'd been all well and good; the girls were still allowed to return to Owen's bungalow every night, and although they were yet a bit unsure of this new schedule, things went on smoothly, until today. When they reported for classes, the Lt. Col. had closed the door abruptly, turned around and informed them in a cold voice that they had been reassigned quarters here in the compound barracks, that "playtime" had come to an end and it was time to "grow up", and that Owen Grady had been terminated from the "project".

Of the four, Blue was the first to react. She'd stood up, faced the tall human--they were eye to eye, in point of fact--and said very calmly, "No." The Lt. Col. had strode over to her, scowling fiercely, and proceeded to raise his voice right in Blue's face, yelling at her to sit the hell down and do as she was told before he kicked her tender little pampered ass all the way to the mainland, missy-priss. She'd stared at him for perhaps twenty breathless seconds--her sisters watching, not sure of what to do--then hit him. It was no mere punch; the blow knocked the man backwards over the desk and against the wall.

Delta had squawked, Echo and Charlie scrambled up from their seats, but the Lt. Col. made the last mistake of his life when he came up from behind the desk and drew his weapon, aiming it directly at Blue. There'd come a hiss, a high-pitched trill, then a screech as Joe Sanderson drew his final breath, throat slashed from ear to ear, so deep that his head lolled almost to his back, held by a thin strip of skin. Blue ignored her dripping claws, telling the others to move, and move now!

She knew exactly where to go, and nothing--no one--was going to stand in their way.
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Vic Hoskins books it to the control room, and with the security guards distracted by the sirens, Owen is hot on his heels. Every single screen is tracking the threat, and the bottom falls out of the world as he looks up there and sees his fear confirmed.

It's the girls, with Blue in the lead and blood on their hands.

Apparently when Hoskins talked about keeping things running smoothly, he was talking about how quickly they'd move the project onward, and not actually how they'd handle the aftermath. It was as if no one at InGen believed anything that didn't have a number or a scientific equation attached. Did they think the raptor hybrids would just accept any changes without question?

But Owen can't even look over at Hoskins beside him (no longer smiling) and relish in how it feels to be proven right. This isn't what he'd ever want to happen... this is what he spent all his time with the girls trying to prevent. His heart should be pounding in his chest, as he watches Blue and her sisters stalk across those screens like the predators they are, but instead it feels frozen in his chest -- and he knows the protocol, he knows what comes next, they're going to mobilize against the hybrids, his girls --

"I want all units converging on this location!" Hoskins is yelling into a radio, and that grabs Owen's attention away from the monitors immediately. "We have four, repeat, four assets inbound and they are hostile. Preserve as many as you can but the use of lethal force is authorized--"


Suddenly Owen's heart has kick-started itself again, because now it's trying to rocket its way out of his throat. InGen might want to capture the girls alive if they can, but he knows that Blue, at the very least, won't give them a choice. Owen practically throws himself at the man, grabbing Hoskins by the wrist and dragging the radio away from his mouth with urgent desperation in his eyes.

"Wait a minute," he pleads -- and he hates that he's begging Hoskins of all people, hates that he has to ask this son of a bitch for anything, but right now he doesn't have much choice. "You don't need to make that call, I can fix this! Just let me go out there, let me handle it. Don't shoot my girls. Please."
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InGen had spent years and a fortune in engineering, conditioning and training four human females with velociraptor DNA, now they were reaping what they had sown. It was not a pleasant harvest.

They had ceased communicating in words, were instead speaking back and forth in a mishmash language of trills, chirps and the occasional human syllable, but the four hybrids were moving, inexorably, to the main gate. As they'd been taught--and as instinct also dictated--Blue was out in front, directing her sisters with ofttimes no more than a look or a gesture, sending Echo and Delta to the flanks while Charlie kept eyes on their rear.

Still security kept coming. But the hybrids were hardly stupid; they took advantage of every spot of cover, of every shadow, of every single angle to hunt and kill. The security cameras they destroyed as soon as possible, leaving an odd trail of snowy screens across the control room's monitors. Blue didn't care if 'they' knew the destination; she was deliberately taking the long route, to flush out most of the weapon-carrying guards and leave few to deal with at the main gate.

Because she had a plan. They were getting out, all of them, and she was going to retrieve their Alpha and then the five of them--six if Delta and Echo could secure Barry on their way out of the compound--were vanishing from this wretched place. Two more maimed guards fell beneath teeth and claws, and Blue gestured to Delta, a high trilling call to the other two and the three hybrids melted into the shadows, leaving the eldest alone at her vantage point, overlooking the wide courtyard leading to the gate.

The entrance hall leading down to the control room was just beneath her, hidden as she was in a dark alcove beneath a tall searchlight. She knew Hoskins would have retreated down there, and he would bring Owen to her, else he'd gurgle on his own blood, her impassive face his final sight.
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He can practically see the greasy wheels turning behind Hoskins' eyes as the man peers at him. The man has always liked to watch the raptor hybrids follow orders, always enjoyed witnessing the power that he perceived Owen -- and, by extension, any other figure of authority -- having over them. It's that idea weighed against the severity of the situation right now. If he doesn't make up his goddamn mind in the next three seconds, Owen is going out there, lethal force or not -- but then Hoskins is nodding at him, eyes narrowed with the calculating interest that Owen has seen so many times before.

"All right," he says, while Owen's stomach threatens to turn inside out. "Let's see if you can earn your paycheck when it really counts."

Jaw tightening hard, Owen immediately shoves some distance between them and breaks for the door, finally unhindered by the security officers who've gotten their priorities in order. On his way out, he catches Hoskins over the radio: "--hold your fire, we're gonna give the handler a shot--" and wonders how much time they'll give him. Doesn't matter. He's going out there one way or the other.

The girls were headed for the main gate, so that's where Owen goes. He's the only one moving in that direction. The rest of the guards are ahead of him... or probably behind him, if they lost their taste for the job as soon as the bodies started piling up. Researches in lab coats flee past him with briefcases and files under their arms, but he ignores them, taking the stairs two at a time, until he finally throws himself through the double doors into the blinding glare of a floodlight.

It takes him a second for his eyes to adjust. There's shouting in the distance; it's dark beyond the lights, the jungle a massive shadow on the edge of the compound. He doesn't see the raptors, but that doesn't mean they aren't there.

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Movement below sharpened Blue's gaze. She heard the coming footsteps, then the doors banged open and she almost lurched right off the edge of the building when she saw Owen burst into the courtyard. But InGen's own training held her back. Leaping blindly was suicide; she knew there would be men with rifles in secluded corners, just waiting for one of them to break cover.

She made up her mind then, and let a few crumbled pieces of concrete fall to divert all attention, then she was gone. Blue moved across the rooftops, indeed finding and neutralizing three snipers before she arrived at the compound's left corner. Owen was still searching, still calling for her, but she slowly made her way to ground level, keeping to the shadows until she heard a familiar call, echoing from far across the facility. Delta. They'd made it. For now, at least, her sisters were safe.

Blue inched towards the circle of light, first one foot, then the other, and finally stepped completely from the shadows, disheveled, stained with dark red, but while her nose and ears were continually scanning the surrounding area, her eyes were locked on the man fifty feet away.


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His ears may not be as sharp as hers, but he's straining every sense for a sign of them, and he thinks he hears that call -- he may not be fluent in the trills and cries of raptor-speech, but he knows enough to be sure that whatever he just heard was not a sound of distress. One of the girls (Delta, he thinks) was signalling to the others. So that's one still safe and sound, at least, although he doesn't have the slightest clue where she might be now.

That part sends a thread of panic creeping up his spine, because if the girls aren't actually here, if they're in a separate part of the compound altogether, then he can't help them. There's no way he'd get there before security -- or even ACU, who even now are moving into position. And if Owen can't reach them first, put himself between the girls and those bullets--

But then he hears the sound of his name, and he whirls in the direction it came from to see Blue emerge from the darkness. The blood, the dirt, the mess that covers her, all of it has sent other people screaming from her in terror, but Owen runs straight toward her, and he doesn't stop until he's practically dragging her fiercely into his arms.

She could kill him. For all he knows, she's running on pure instinct now and that instinct might no longer extend to protect him, but she called his name, and he's out here for her, so if she decides to take his head off then maybe that's just the way he's gonna go. Until that happens, however, Owen takes his chance to draw back and quickly run his hands over her face, her head, her arms, checking that blood for any signs that it belongs to her. There's no sign of her sisters, and if he had to guess, knowing Blue, he'd bet she sent them on without her. For all he knows, Delta, Charlie and Echo could be inches from freedom, but Blue is trapped here with him.

"What the hell did you do," is all he whispers, but it's not a question. He doesn't bother to ask her why, or tell her she should never have done this; in her mind, he doubts it was even a choice. Instead, he brushes her hair back from her bloodstained face, quickly scanning for company before he focuses on her again, intense and urgent.

"Listen to me very carefully, we don't have a lot of time. When I give you the signal I want you to hit me."
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She met him halfway across the yard, all but falling into his arms as she clutched him back just as tightly, as if she'd never let him go ever again. Some of the murderous tension melted away at simply having him here, and real; Blue wanted to sob with relief. But there was no time. Even as she stepped back to try and pull him out of the light, away to freedom, he was checking her over, stilling her frantic tugging at his shirt.

"--I'm fine," she kept insisting, one ear cocked for any alarm call from her sisters, but thankfully, all was quiet behind her. If they ran into trouble, Blue had no doubt that Echo and Delta could handle it; for all she might not like violence, Charlie wasn't one to stand back and do nothing. She'd fight if it was necessary.

"Owen, we have to get out of--Hoskins is going to--the others are wait--" And then he gave his orders. Blue blinked, confused, head tilting in unsure query. "What are you--Owen, that's not..." Puzzled, she tugged again on his shirt, urging him back towards the wall. She shook her head, tangled hair whipping around her face. "--I can't--what--??"

Raising a hand against her Alpha was unthinkable. Oh, when they'd been children there had been mock tussles in the yard and in the training complex, romps to build coordination and learn their strength and how to use their teeth and claws, but never had she or her sisters ever given the first thought to strike at a pack member in seriousness. That wasn't their place. But he was ordering her to do so now, yet every instinct screamed against it.

Clear blue eyes searched his, looking for explanation. "--Owen--please--why?"
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He knew -- hoped, also -- that the very notion would repel her, and that's a good thing. But this is another one of those times when he needs her to fight back her own instincts, and follow orders, to protect herself and her sisters most of all.

"There's a boat," he explains, soft and swift, critically aware of the seconds ticking by until the courtyard becomes a swarm of private security. "Off the cove to the south. You'll have to swim for it, there will be no lights. But the captain is a friend and he'll take care of you."

He'd known this was coming, even if he didn't know exactly when, but he did know better than to storm after Vic Hoskins without first putting in a call that would signal a plan he'd set into place months ago. The girls had their escape routes already, and Owen knew many of them... but he's no hybrid. Out of all of them, he'd be the easiest for InGen to catch. And if InGen realizes from the start that Owen had a hand in the hybrids' escape, they'll never let him out of their sight.

If he can do nothing else for his girls right now, he can give them a head start.

Despite the look on Blue's face, Owen is insistent. "You can make it -- you're faster than them. Faster than me. I'll only slow you down," he tells her firmly. Behind him, the doors burst open, and security officers with guns at the ready begin to spill out, giving them a wide berth. They're out of time, and all Owen can add is, "I will come and find you. I promise."

Then he spins around just as Hoskins strolls through the doors, flanked by private security, with no weapon but the knife at his hip, the radio still in his hand.

"I gotta hand it to you, you got a real gift," he tells Owen with a grin, before nodding to Blue over his shoulder. "This could have gone a lot worse for you, little girl, if your daddy hadn't stepped in. You better be grateful." Then he holds out a hand, gesturing toward them both. "Bring her on in, now."

Just barely keeping the contempt off his face, and steeling every bone in his body for what's about to follow, Owen turns around to face Blue again, carefully meeting her eyes.

"Make it look good," he murmurs beneath his breath... and then, in a way he's never once done to her or her sisters, he grabs her roughly by the arm.
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...i think my heart just imploded -_-

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Blue listened intently, Owen's tone commanding her full attention. She quickly realized the plan, Delta and Echo had headed south with Charlie thank God, it would be easy for her to catch up and get them off the island. But leaving Owen behind-- Blue shook her head, determined to drag him out with her if she had to.

"No, Owen--" The rest was cut off by the arrival of a smirking Vic Hoskins and the rest of InGen's security. Her first instinct was to charge at the grinning fat man and rip him to less than shreds, but Owen's arm in front of her held her back as sure as a tight collar and leash. She couldn't help the show of teeth and dark snarl as Hoskins addressed her, however.

But her Alpha's commands held true; although she thrummed with wary tension, a healthy amount of fear and a dangerous instinct to slaughter every other human in this compound save for the man in front of her, Blue held her ground, a primal purring rippling from her throat. It was perhaps the hardest thing she'd ever done; when Owen snatched her arm in a rough hold and began to drag her forward, Blue whirled in a flash of movement and her closed fist took him straight on the chin.

She'd been careful not to snap his neck, but he went sprawling to the dirt regardless, and Blue instantly leapt over his prone body straight at Vic Hoskins. Him, she slammed into the earth, leaving eight long bleeding gashes across his torso before springboarding back atop the roof, fleeing quickly for the outer wall. She paused only once, peering around a concrete column, to make sure that her Alpha regained his feet before she scrambled up and over the wall, taking to the trees and moving south to rejoin her sisters and follow her orders.

He'd come. She knew he would. And she would keep their family safe until then.
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If someone told him later that she'd smacked him in the face with a cinder block, he'd have no choice but to believe them. One second, he's forcing himself to dig his fingers into her arm, and the next second he's flat on his back, jaw crackling with pain and wondering if it's so bright because she literally knocked the daylights out of him.

Damn. He wishes he could have landed a punch like that on Hoskins earlier.

Dazed but not incapacitated, Owen forces himself to roll over in the dirt, making it to his hands and knees before he can actually get to his feet. There's yelling, shouting all around him, a sudden scream and then an explosion of gunfire that nearly deafens him, but he thinks -- prays -- that he just catches the sight of Blue's dark form vanishing over the rooftops.

Hoskins is on the ground, and Owen can see the blood from here. It looks bad, but the guy's not dead, and if there's a part of Owen that's relieved by that fact then it's a part that's not loud enough. Pain is blooming white-hot all up one side of his face and he's lucky he's not spitting out teeth, but he still makes his way over to where a few security officers are helping Hoskins, trying to administer first aid while the rest of ACU takes off after the escaping hybrid. As Owen approaches, Hoskins winces at him with one eye open.

"So much for mutual respect," the man grits out, then spasms in pain, spitting blood, as they try to move him. "Ah, god, Jesus--!!"

Owen doesn't say anything. Cradling his jaw, he heads back inside toward the control room, where the few cameras left might offer him some reassurance as to whether or not the girls manage to get away. He's got faith in them, especially if they stick together, and he knows that Blue won't let anything happen to them as long as she's got strength left in her body to prevent it. The friend waiting with the boat offshore is actually an old buddy from the Navy, and Owen trusts him not only to keep his mouth shut, but to protect the girls and give them a place to lay low until Owen can join them again. Which he will do, as soon as he can cut his ties with InGen in the wake of this mess. Sure, they'll have questions, and reports will be made, but what are they gonna do to him? Everyone in the ACU saw what happened.

The control room is empty; all the rest of the techs in this compound must have fled, but the monitors are still running. Owen scans them quickly: no sign of Blue. So he leans against the nearest table, for one brief moment covering his face with his hands.
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They'd made it to Panama. Thankfully Barry had joined them just prior to leaving Isla Nublar; he had been invaluable in helping the hybrids "adapt", so to speak, to an all-human environment. The ship's captain, true to his word to Owen, had seen the group safely to Ecuador, then, keeping three jumps ahead of InGen's clandestine security, Barry had suggested they head for North America as quickly as possible.

Delta, Echo and Charlie had accepted this without question, but Blue firmly put her foot down when they crossed the border from Colombia into Panama--in a bread truck, no less--and had refused to go any further without Owen. Try as he might, Barry could not dissuade her. She'd liked it little enough leaving him behind on the island for InGen to torture as they wished--she had the suspicion that they couldn't simply kill him outright, but that left her imagination free to run wild with other horrors. In turn, she devoutly hoped Vic Hoskins had contracted gangrene or staph or some equally nasty infection and died of his wounds, the piggish bastard.

Barry knew that a group of one man and four teenage girls--Anglo females, at that--was screaming suspicion, but try as he might, he couldn't convince Blue to move. He'd secured a small shabby room for them at a nondescript inn in the city, but the longer they waited, the more visible they became. Blue finally told him to take Delta, Echo and Charlie further into Mexico and towards the United States, but she wasn't budging until she had Owen with her, and that was that. Barry, with a strong survival sense, grudgingly agreed. She assured him she'd be fine--she knew how to scavenge, how to steal if necessary and she promised not to kill anyone unless they tried to kill her first. (He believed the latter to be serious but in fact, Blue was trying to joke with him.)

Having given the ship's captain a message for Owen, detailing the route they'd taken and possible contact points along the way, Barry and the three younger raptors departed Panama early that morning, camouflaged in a delivery van. Blue, intent on remaining as invisible as possible, made a careful sweep of the city, memorizing all possible escape routes and spots for cover. She hunkered down in an abandoned attic just inside the city proper, with a good view of the market square and all southern incoming roads, and waited.
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tl;dr why can't I not explain things

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Any amount of time or distance that specifically keeps him apart from his girls is too much, but this time it's really bad.

The fallout within InGen from losing the four hybrids is an absolute storm of chaos. Although it doesn't affect the success of Jurassic World, it's still a huge breach of security, as far as the company's concerned, on par with misplacing a weapon of mass destruction. Every single employee who worked on the hybrid project is detained for questioning -- that is, all the ones who survived when Blue and her sisters cut a path of death and destruction through the compound.

They don't let Owen go anywhere. At first they simply grill him for information (was there any sign of this, did they ever talk about where they might go if they got off the island), but with a dislocated jaw that had turned a truly stunning blend of purples and blues before dawn the next morning, no one really questions his involvement too closely. It also helps that his shock is legitimate, when word gets out that his fellow handler was among the employees listed as killed or unaccounted for; he didn't expect the girls to have Barry with them. That, however, makes him feel a whole lot better.

He doesn't know what happened to Hoskins, nor does he bother to ask.

His confrontation with Hoskins is brought up in the investigation, however, and that stalls him out even longer. Owen can't hide his contempt for the true nature of the project, and they know he's got a history of getting aggressively defensive for the sake of his animals; he'd left the Navy after a court martial under similar circumstances. This brings another round of questioning down on his shoulders, especially concerning his loyalties to InGen (now utterly nonexistent), and this time their suspicions are enough to conduct what he suspects is probably an illegal search of his living quarters, no matter what it says in his employment contract.

Instead of putting up a fuss, however, he lets them do it. They turn the place inside out, but who cares? There's no evidence to find; the girls didn't plan their escape or take anything with them. Owen's tracks have been covered the entire time. InGen's goons leave empty-handed.

He knows they still suspect him. His record with the girls was so crisp and clean that they'd be fools to just accept Blue's alleged betrayal at face value, but after a full week of scrambling around, Masrani finally gets involved. InGen's CEO still has a soft spot for Owen, and after a very long, very private conference between the two of them, he emerges with a bone to pick with his own private security force, and Owen's immediate resignation.

No one prevents Owen Grady from leaving the island on the last ferry that night, with nothing but his motorcycle, a small bag of essential belongings, and the clothes on his back. Not once does he spare a backward glance.

Once he's on the mainland, it takes several more days to get back in touch with his Navy buddy, because Owen is supremely conscious of being followed. Despite Masrani's decree, InGen isn't likely to stop doing whatever it feels like doing right under their CEO's nose, and he doubts they'll just let him walk away without confirming for themselves that he's not heading straight for the missing hybrids. When he finally does catch up with his friend, he finds out two things: one, that the man left his boat at a body shop in Panama, with a generous tip attached to saying it had been there for the past several weeks; and two, that he'd taken the girls down south and brought them up through South America, instead of cutting a path through Costa Rica where InGen would have representatives crawling all over the place. They've got a long head start on him now, but Barry is with them.

The captain assures him that there will be people waiting to help them across the right borders as they head for North America. Then he hands over the message from Blue. Owen takes it, reads it three or four times more than necessary, because it's proof that they made it this far safely. Panama -- that's the last checkpoint.

Owen's thanks are heartfelt, full of promises to repay the favor which are dismissed as friends always do. Then he hops on his bike and heads south, taking back roads and beach trails, stopping whenever the urgency inside him lets him spare the time, just to shake off anyone who might be following him. More than once, he'd bet good money on it. That slows him down, but like hell is he going to lead InGen straight to his girls.

All in all, it takes him three, going on four more days to get to the last checkpoint in Blue's message. He rolls into the city and finds a place to park his bike, but now it's a question of where, specifically, the girls have ended up in hiding. Blue had mentioned a small, but often busy market downtown. He heads there first, and in every single crowd his eyes scan for a familiar face.
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She'd become quite adept at picking pockets. Tourists down here still carried cash, which was a bonus. Over the past ten or so days, Blue had learned more about how the world worked than she had during years of InGen training. She'd picked up many of the local colloquiums, she and Echo having the ear for mimicry down to an art when it came to learning languages, so communicating with the natives was relatively easy.

What surprised her the most was the help from the local gang kids. Once she'd beaten the shit out of three of their most fearsome bruisers, labeling her "la chica blanca loca", which twisted her lips but otherwise didn't bother her much. Blue never participated in their "activities", and they gave her a wide berth, but every so often, she'd find a little gift left in the alcove where she'd hidden; a bag of balboas, a sack from a local deli, and sometimes even an early warning system, when authoritative-looking folks tended to venture too far into their territory.

She'd heard from Delta; Barry and the three hybrids had just crossed the border into Texas and the plan was to wait for Blue and Owen in New Mexico and then travel on to California together. It eased both her heart and her mind, that her siblings were for the moment safe and sound, although they were all still in terrible danger. But she kept her watchful vigil, knowing he'd come. He'd promised.

That morning, Blue had descended just after the market opened to spend a few of her coins for a breakfast more substantial than bananas and mangos; she was starving for meat and hopefully the butcher shop would have a substantial cut if she got there early. Even at this hour, the place was already crowded; the locals tended to arrive early, well before the tourists, so there was no danger of having no crowd in which to disappear.

Her last run-in with InGen had been only two days ago, and Blue doubted they'd this soon realize their personnel tracker was currently occupying a small mail pouch heading further south and inland, so she figured she had at least two more days before any more arrived, but ever cautious, she surveyed the crowded street before descending down to ground level. So it was that she spied an achingly familiar figure--even with his back to her she recognized her Alpha.

Alive, here, alive, here, alive! It kept screaming through her mind and her first instinct was to leap down and run to him, but prudence held her still. He was still looking himself, but in the wrong direction, so Blue slipped around the corner and down the stairs, merged with a bustling group of women chattering rapidly in Spanish and stepped out perhaps twenty feet behind Owen Grady, her heart thumping hard enough she thought he might even be able to hear it.

Emotion choked her when she first tried to speak, but three tries later, she finally got out, "--Owen," before she bit back a sharp sob.
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His senses have always been far outmatched by the raptor hybrids, and he's never been more frustrated by that than now. It'd be so much easier if he could catch their scent, pick them out even from a distance without having to see one through this cattle drive. Not once does he entertain the idea that he might not find them. This was the last place Blue told him to look, so he knows there will be something here for him to find, and he won't leave until that happens.

And yet even while looking for familiar faces in this dense crowd, it still startles him to hear someone say his name.

Immediately, he turns, and there she is: his Beta, his missing right arm, the one who'd led him this far and is safe and whole and real. Owen doesn't say a word; he pushes his way through the people between them, and grabs Blue by the hand, turning quickly to pull her out of the busy causeway and into the shadow of a narrow alley between two tall, dilapidated buildings. That's when he pulls her into his arms and holds her fiercely tight, burying a hand in her hair as his eyes fall shut.

It wasn't until he'd seen her standing there that he'd actually let himself acknowledge the fear that has his heart pounding in his chest, the idea that he might never have seen his girls ever again. He should have had more faith.
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For only the third time in her entire life, Blue let tears fall from her eyes unabashed. A roaring began in her ears and she too pushed and shoved living obstructions from her path, reaching out with one hand to have it clasped in return and then suddenly the busy street was gone, the hot sun was gone, everything was gone except Owen's arms around her, his breath hot on her temple, his familiar scent deep in her nostrils.

Blue clutched him tight, both arms locked around his neck and her quiet hitching sobs muffled against Owen's shoulder. She let them come, relief melting her normally unruffled resolve and making her knees dangerously wobbly. The chokehold that had begun around her soul that night an eternity ago finally eased and Blue buried her nose in his neck, breathing him in with long, shuddering draughts.

There weren't words to articulate how much she'd missed him. Leaving him behind--even at his order--had punched a hole in her heart so deep Blue had feared she'd never be able to fill it. Having him here, alive and in her arms, perfectly rectified that. They were together, Alpha and Beta, and that was enough to begin the true journey to freedom, wherever it might lead them. a day or so, perhaps. Whenever it might occur to her to let him go. Because as heartbreakingly relieving it was to finally have him back, they were still hunted creatures. InGen would not give up, not so easily.
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It's a good while before he makes any sign at all of letting her go. And even then, it's only his hand sliding through her hair and down her back, turning his head so he can press a firm kiss against the side of hers. It's more affection than they've ever shared in one moment before, but then, they've never had a moment like this one. Letting her go just yet is harder work than his hands were made for.

He knows that what she went through for the sake of all this was worse than what her sisters experienced. He knows he asked her to do something incredibly difficult, maybe nearly impossible. But she came through it all, with flying colors: she followed his instructions, got her sisters to safety, stayed out of sight in a strange and unfamiliar place until finally he could make his way back to her again. And now he won't leave her. Owen's got no plans to go anywhere unless his Beta is right there beside him.

One way or another though, they will have to move sooner rather than later. It's not as though they can stand here forever, because they'll draw attention eventually even if it isn't from InGen. Owen is fairly certain that he's managed to shake the tail for a while, but there's no guarantee how long that will last.

Still gently stroking her back, he brings one hand up to touch her cheek, then cup her face and tilt it up so he can meet her eyes. One thumb brushes the tears away, just like he's done many times before.

"You did great, Blue," he murmurs to her. "I'm so proud of you."
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The kiss against her temple cemented something in Blue's mind; she heard it slide into place with a loud clank. The gesture broke a real sob from her, just one, and one of her hands fisted in his hair with a tight grip before Owen lifted her face, tear-bright eyes staring up at him.

Hearing his voice, that he was proud of her, Blue bit her lower lip to still its trembling, and nodded, mute. She sniffled, fingers unconsciously curling in the loose fabric of his shirt as she tried to untangle her tongue. Eventually she managed to say, voice still a bit wavery, "--never again. Never." Her fingers curled around the wrist near her cheek and Blue turned into that hand, giving it a sharp little nip, followed by a nuzzling kiss.

"I-I won't," she hiccuped, "l-leave you b-behind again, s-so don't e-even ask. Ever." She wasn't sure her sanity could survive it. It was a dangerous attachment, yes, but one of utmost necessity. He was her anchor, her safe haven, a place where she could make sense of the chaos running rampant in her very genetics. If that sacred refuge was ever removed, what chance had she? What chance did any of them have?

Blue closed her eyes and leaned her forehead against his chin, storing the memory of this moment away, just in case she should ever need a reminder of solid ground, a safe retreat. Then she took his hands in hers and gave a firm but gentle tug. "We should get away from the street," she murmured urgently. "Too many eyes, too many ears. I have a safe spot nearby."
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He manages a small smile, squeezing his arm around her shoulders as she insists that he used up his one chance for her to follow that order. It's not as though he'll argue. Leaving them for this long, even with Barry, was a strain he's not eager to revisit.

When Blue takes his hands, he nods to her, glancing around at the people passing by, some casting brief glances toward them in the alley. "Lead the way."

For now he's perfectly willing to hand the reins over to her, even if his instinct is to put her behind him and shield her from whatever -- or whoever -- they might encounter along the way. She's undoubtedly been here long enough to learn this part of the city like the back of her hand, because that is exactly the sort of thing she would do if she ended up someplace new and strange. She'd hunker down and carve out a place for herself, and then expand her mental map from there until there was an expanse of territory that essentially belonged to her. Her sisters would do the same in their own way, but they'd look to her for guidance.

Owen doesn't say a word as she guides him, not even to ask how her sisters have managed this far, or why it's her meeting him out in the open instead of Barry. They'll have privacy shortly and that's when questions and explanations will occur. For now, Owen just follows Blue as she cuts a path for them, her hand clasped firmly, protectively in his own.
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Back through the alley, up the stairs, down a dingy little hallway, across the fire escape, over the next rooftop and into an abandoned office building, Blue led the way to her current sanctuary. The rest of the building had been boarded up to keep out squatters, but she'd managed to locate a safe corner of the fourth floor and had compiled what meager supplies she'd managed to scrounge into a serviceable den or nest. A rusty but useable cot, a bedroll resting on it, a case of bottled water, surprisingly a first aid kit, a shopping bag filled with fruit, bread and a half-eaten hoop of cheese. In another bag was soap, a few towels and other necessities she'd taken from the dingy little inns along their way.

Instinct had her checking back the way they'd come for prying eyes; only when she was satisfied no one had followed did she return to the small corner office, pushing the door closed with a final-sounding click. Now she could take a deep breath. And did, looking up to meet her Alpha's gaze with a tiny little smile. It lasted perhaps five seconds, then she stated, "Barry and the others made it to Texas. I got a message from Delta yesterday. They're going to wait for us in New Mexico, then Barry said we would go on to California." Blue went to the window, over which she'd nailed a large scruffy piece of fabric, peering out of the edge. Despite the building's location, well off the main street, there was nevertheless a good view of the market from the corner office.

"I haven't seen any of InGen's goons in a day or so. The last one's locator I put in a mail pouch on a truck heading further inland, towards the east coast. That might throw them off for a few days. Long enough for us to get out of here, anyway."

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