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Do You Really Know Me Meme

The Rules:

1; Comment with your character's name and series on the subject line.

2; Other characters will reply to yours with a single sentence stating something that they think they know about your character (it can be anything, from a fact, to a secret, to tastes, anything at all).

3; Have your character react to what they are told (and who is telling them so), by letting them know if the information is true or false (or lying about it).

4; Profit!
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You see absolutely everything.
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Not precisely, Sergeant, but I expect it depends upon your definition of "see."
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Please elaborate.
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My camera feeds have a limited range, but there are a number of other systems which compensate for that lack. They are not based in the visual spectrum, however.
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...Yeah, this isn't making me feel much better. How about where the off switch is? Maybe just for my room.
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But if I cannot monitor, I will be unable to assist you if you are in...any distress. [What a delicate way of putting "experiencing flashbacks, nightmares, and other symptoms of PTSD."] May I ask what is your precise concern, sir?
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General privacy. Like in the bathroom. Or if I would ever have a gal over. [ He's not really worried about these things. Bucky just isn't keen on the idea of being watched 24/7. It makes him feel like he's back at square one of recovery. ]
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Oh. Yes. [Has he startled the voice? It's possible. After years with Mr. Stark, a request for privacy is somewhat startling.] I do of course use the utmost discretion in such circumstances.

[There is a thoughtful pause.] If you are concerned about any reviewing of my security footage by others, Sergeant, I can assure you there is no need.