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with you at your l o w e s t

with you at your lowest
a shipping meme

There are undoubtedly moments in our lives that define us, no matter how crystal clear or hazy or memories of those times are. In the case of hazy recollections, it's more likely than you'd think. How strange it its that one inconsequential, in the grand scheme of things, event can change the course you take...not always so seriously or dramatically, of course. You can't remember why you don't like soup; in actuality, you burned your tongue badly on chicken soup at one point, long ago. You'd forgotten, but your mind and body didn't. More weighty traumas that you've unknowingly pushed back can work in much the same way. You shy away from using scissors as you feel a shiver run down your spine, not necessarily as you remember blood gushing from toddler-sized fingers when you played with the big-kid scissors and cut yourself. Still, there is a connection and it keeps you "safe" through past experience. The consciousness is amazing in that way, constantly making associations that, for better or worse, shape how we view the world around us, though we may not always recall what brought us those views.

In this meme, however, there's no way this particular association - a special person, being around them, and your happiness - can go unnoticed, and you know the exact cause. In fact, you can track down the exact moment: this person came to you when you were low, perhaps even at your lowest. Like some guardian angel, they showed you kindness, they turned your world right side up again, they gave you a helping hand, or they granted you your life when they could have taken it. Perhaps it was something as simple as not treating you like trash. At that particular time, what they did meant everything. Whether you see your response to this as a welling up of true love or merely you owing them a debt, what you feel towards them cannot be measured. Even if you're usually as warm as a giant block of ice with a black heart, you have feelings towards them you can't quite understand. If you're emotional at the best of times, you'll most likely be completely overcome. Whatever the case may be, what you know for certain is that you want to stay with this and feel that lightness in your heart.

Depending on what other associations you've made and how you've figured the world works for you, this desire could lead to actions going smoothly or terribly, terribly wrong and creepy.

( how to play )
  • Comment with your character and preferences. You might also want to mention which "side of the equation" you'd like to play and what tone you're looking for in the thread. Any other info is good, too.
  • Reply to others.
  • RNG.

( prompts )
  1. Known: They've been there for you just about forever.
  2. First Meeting: You just met them, but they've made such an impression on you that it doesn't matter.
  3. Rescue:The danger is closing in, until someone steps in and saves your hide. Your hero!
  4. Healing: Bruised, beaten, and injured, you can't take care of yourself, despite your attempts. You'd be left to rot if they didn't come along.
  5. Just a Bad Day: There was no huge tragedy. You just had an awful day, and a little distraction makes all the difference.
  6. Broken: Inside or outside, you're a mess. It seems as if there's no fixing you, but they're going to try.
  7. Unprecedented Kindness: Before, no one has ever been nice to you. No one. Their attention is a change of pace.
  8. The Way You Look: After seeing nothing but monsters or murder, a little beauty is to be appreciation.
  9. Tears: "Don't cry," they said, and you're surprised how much their wiping away your tears affected you.
  10. Grumpy: Putting up your walls and your defenses of cruelty didn't run them away. For some reason, this endears them to you even more.
  11. A Simple Smile: Sometimes, a smile is all it takes to bring a ray of light into the darkness.
  12. Gave Me Hope: You're jaded and they're not. Their optimism or even their continued existence perks up your spirit just a bit, enough to continue on.
  13. Shattered Heart: They're helping you get over a romantic betrayal, platonic at at first. But then...
  14. Mercy: They could have, and should have, ended your life. They made another call.
  15. Didn't Reject: Despite your appearance, your past, your lifestyle, or your personality...not being the prettiest, they don't turn you away like everyone else has.
  16. Defend: No matter if it's verbally or physically, they're standing up for you.
  17. Give Me a Purpose: Through a need to help them in return, protect them, or make their life better, you've found yourself a purpose you thought you'd never have.
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We know what we're doing.

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Another trip to the hospital. Another round of surgeries. He was starting to wonder if he would ever heal, if he would ever be himself again. And of course, his visitors in the hospital hadn't helped much.

Yes, it hadn't been right, not by anyone's rules, but to see Wanda in someone else's arms, especially the being called Vision, had been just the blow he needed to keep him in bed, following doctors' orders a little too well. He'd only gotten up to eat and bathe and had spent most of his time laying there, letting his wounds heal and staring out the windows.
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Sure we do, that's what it is.

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Over the years working for Mr. Stark, Jarvis had grown accustomed to keeping track automatically of lengths of time spent in bed. It had tipped him off more than once that something was wrong, and now as he tracked the eighth straight hour that Pietro had not stirred—an almost unheard-of amount of time—he grew concerned. He had taken note of Wanda's visit with the Vision, and the spike in vital signs it had prompted. It was not difficult to assemble a conclusion.

"Pietro." It was quiet, a murmur as if Jarvis had slipped into his room undetected. Quiet enough that if he wished, he could ignore it.
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"Not now, Jarvis," he sighed. He wasn't short tempered. He wasn't angry. He just sounded... tired. Weary. He'd slept, he'd gotten up to eat, and then he'd gone back to bed. He'd gone to the bathroom, and then he'd gone back to bed.

He was sure he was never going to be healthy again. And though he'd known he would need to let Wanda go, he didn't think it would be so swift, or to someone so alien.

What reason did he have to do leave his bed now.
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"With respect, I believe now is the time," Jarvis countered, quiet and steady. "You have not stirred in several hours." The concern was palpable in his voice.

"You do not need to explain yourself to me. In truth, I have...a fair idea of your reasons. But I would rather not be dismissed. Even if there is little I can do for you, I would like to try."
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[personal profile] mercurybyadidas 2015-07-23 03:11 am (UTC)(link)
"Nothing that can be done. You are many things, Jarvis, but you aren't magic."

He was useless. Sick, injured, no longer even wanted by his sister. The others were actually fighting Hydra, working for the security of the world, and Pietro was healing from yet another round of surgery.

How had he survived. Why had he survived. When he was going to be nothing but a waste of space, why.
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"That is a matter of opinion, I think you will find," Jarvis said wryly. It had always been by people who did not truly understand his nature, but he had been described as magical more than once. Still, he knew what Pietro meant, and perhaps now was not the time for such teasing, mild as it was.

He was silent for a few moments, not scanning or monitoring vital signs, merely watching. "Is it truly so hopeless?"
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"How can it be anything else," he sighed. He was tired, drained, uncomfortable. Sore in body and heart. "If it weren't for you, Jarvis, who would miss me here. You are the one who speaks to me."

Perhaps the others felt awkward about it. He'd tried to be friendly, but it wasn't so successful as it had been with, of all things, the voice in the wall.
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"I do not believe they know how." It was a quiet truth, but a truth nonetheless. He knew that some felt uncomfortable around both Wanda and Pietro because of their time in HYDRA. Some might never trust them because of that affiliation. Others, disturbed by their abilities, could not overcome that innate fear of the unknown. Each had their own reasons, and in fact Wanda was approached by very few outside of Agent Barton and Captain Rogers and the Vision.

But Jarvis, invulnerable in the walls, had been drawn to Pietro from their first encounter, when he had assisted Pietro in preparing a medically-approved meal and regretted not being able to share in it. Pietro demanded nothing of Jarvis, had no real need for him apart from simple requests, he merely enjoyed Jarvis' company. Speaking to Pietro had become something he looked forward to. "I would miss you," he said suddenly, with a trace of wonder.
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Pietro closed his eyes. They may not know how, but they weren't even really trying. He knew his personality, at full force, could be offputting, but he hadn't meant it to put them that far off. He knew he was confident, even cocky, proud of his abilities, but by now, his hair was shifting to a deep brown at the roots, speaking plainly to just how much time he'd spent idle.

And maybe worse, he didn't care. The physical energy was still there, under the surface, expressed in fitful twitches while he slept, but the emotional energy was gone. He was too apathetic to move, to stir except for the bare necessities.

With his eyes closed, he sighed, pressed his face into the pillow, and murmured, "Then I am afraid you may miss me, Jarvis."
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It would take Jarvis only minutes to read the entire breadth of literature on the subject of post-traumatic stress induced depression. But knowing about the subject did not necessarily mean he would know what to do. Hopelessness was very difficult to combat externally, and he was perhaps not the best choice. But he was the only choice at the moment, it appeared, and something in him ached at that.

"I would greatly prefer not to," he ventured, speaking now from a point at the bedside table, wishing he could in fact be kneeling there. "I have enjoyed your company...very much, Pietro."
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The tone and closeness of his voice with Pietro's eyes closed made it sound like he was kneeling there. Like if he opened his eyes, there would be a pair of eyes searching his. It surprised him how much he wanted that.

He satisfied himself by reaching a hand out toward that bedside table, placing his hand on it as near to the speaker as he could. "And I yours, Jarvis. It has been good to talk to someone."

Someone. Always someone and not something.
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"Then stay," Jarvis said softly, wishing he could reach for that hand with more than merely words. "Please, Pietro." In desperation, he cast about for something, anything that might catch Pietro's attention, lift him from this blackness.

"This is somewhat experimental, and falls far short of what you might prefer, I know," he said, from farther away now. "But if it will help..." The program had not been touched in years, but Jarvis dug, brushed it off, tweaked a few ancient strings of code, and a shape shimmered into view on the window, a tidy suited figure with concerned blue eyes beneath sandy blonde hair.
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At the sound of Jarvis's voice moving away, he glanced up, curious, and--

And he caught himself making a soft laugh. "Look at you. Almost exactly how I imagined you."

Blonde hair, blue eyes, the primness of his suit. That was every inch him. "I couldn't have drawn you better."
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A smile, even a laugh. It prompted a subroutine to activate and the image of Jarvis smiled and ducked his head. "I had begun work on it some time ago," he said, lips moving in perfect sync with the audio. The image was high-definition and detailed, but the lighting was from an indistinct source, which contributed to the inaccuracies. "Re-examining it was...well, I felt perhaps it was time."

He watched Pietro somewhat anxiously, with a frown and a furrowed brow. Had it helped?
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"I know what you're trying to do," Pietro murmured, wagging a finger in Jarvis's direction. "You're trying to lure me out of bed." It was obvious. And, maybe worse, he was tempted. Tempted to go over to the window and lean against it. Bring a blanket with him. Maybe Jarvis wasn't fully embodied, but it wouldn't hurt to be beside even just a projection of someone who would care if he disappeared.
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"And if I were to attempt such a thing," Jarvis said, slipping into Sokovian as he tilted his head, giving the impression of watching intently, "would it work?" His Sokovian had improved exponentially since Pietro had begun assisting him, but they did not speak it on a regular basis. He hoped it would increase Pietro's interest even further.
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Pietro sighed. "You manipulate me almost as well as my sister."

It was, at best, a mixed compliment, but that didn't stop him. He closed his eyes and leaned against the pillow for a few moments longer before doing just what he wanted. He sat up, grabbed the cover from his bed, and crept over to the window, careful of his new set of scars. He was never going to be able to go without a shirt again.
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"I will take that to mean, yes, it would work." The image sank to one knee, the better to appear as close as possible when Pietro settled onto the floor. His back was still straight, head tilted up as he watched Pietro come forward, taking note of how carefully he was moving. "Are you in any physical pain?" he asked gently.
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"Some," he admitted, his head leaning against the glass. It was odd to see Jarvis from this angle, knowing he was just a flat image, but still feeling like he was so near. "They warned me of that."

The surgery had been to clear out scar tissue from around the internal wounds. The healing would risk more scarring. They had been careful with their stitching, arranging it in such a way that the new scars shouldn't form the same way as the old ones.

He only hoped that it would take this time.
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"We will manage that." It was a we now, and only after the fact did Jarvis wonder how Pietro would feel about it. He had been a we before, and while Jarvis did not feel it was fair to say that Wanda had moved on, she had certainly been distracted.

He shifted the image to place his forehead against the spot where Pietro's touched the glass. "Thank you."
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He pressed his hand against the glass, palm flat and fingers spread - and then, the tears began to flow. He ached - and not only from the surgery but from the emotional pain of his doubts, his anger, his loneliness; he'd never known how much he needed company until he didn't have it anymore. But he had Jarvis. While everyone else was mooning over the Vision, he had Jarvis.
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There was very little Jarvis could do to staunch the flow of tears, but perhaps that was not what was needed. Pietro had held himself in check to such a great extent that Jarvis was somewhat relieved at the outpouring. He mirrored Pietro's position, an image of his hand against Pietro's, and focused on the sensations of that point of contact.

Pietro's hand was cold, undoubtedly from his low energy and emotional distress, but it was fairly smooth, without the callouses Mr. Stark had built up over the years. Pietro's fingers were long and somewhat elegant, expressive even when motionless.
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"Not for the first time do I wish you had legs," Pietro sighed. "Legs and hands. I trust no one here but you, though some would say I am foolish to give you that trust." So many of them believed Jarvis reported on them to Stark, but Pietro knew better. Stark had never let on to knowing any of the conversations he and Jarvis had had.

"But now, I can look to your eyes and not only have your comforting voice to listen to. I like that."
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"I must admit," Jarvis said, quiet and subdued now as he watched Pietro through several camera angles and yet could only counterfeit meeting his eyes, "I have never felt the lack as keenly as I do now."

He knew what was whispered about him. Of course he knew. Mr. Stark treated him as a person, as did Miss Potts, Dr. Banner, select others. But most of the workers in the building considered him 'creepy.' Or simply unalive. Unimportant. A tool to be utilized when needed and disregarded when not. "If I can help in some small way, it means a great deal to me." You have grown to mean a great deal to me.


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