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not an alpha/beta/omega meme

There's no need for elaborate backstories for this AU. You go into heat, rut, whatever you'd like to call it. You've always done so since you were of age to do so. It's a socially accepted norm, and people have gotten used to the difficulties that come with the mating seasons. Life goes on.

Isn't this alpha/beta/omega, then? No, not at all. In this meme, there are no gender-variant genitalia unless your character comes prepackaged with those. No giant cocks - again, unless your character is already packing - or self-lubricating assholes or anal wombs, and no knotting. Unless that's your thing. There's also no set in stone roles with regards to dominance and submission, and some people do not even feel the inclination towards either. Still, there are a few similarities, mainly being that the pheromones of others can put someone into heat that was not in it before and the bond between mates. In addition, some humans/human-stand-ins have created packlike dynamics in response, but this is not universal.

In this meme, it's just regular old human...oids feeling the urge for sex. And by "urge," we of course mean all-consuming drive. If characters choose to ignore that urge, it will backfire on them. The more they put it off, the more they will lose their control, becoming more irritable and aggressive, and eventually be nothing but a rutting animal until the need to mate is satisfied. Not all heats call for mating, of course, and most people can just relieve themselves, but when you do mate, you feel the urge to stay by their side and essentially "nest." These desires don't always pan out into offspring, and mating isn't forever unless it's mutually decided upon. However, impregnating your mate is said to be one of the most euphoric experiences a person can have, even if some people only mate because they want to utterly possess someone, as mates are bonded for a while.

If there's anything that's to your fancy that's been left out, go ahead and add it in. Play it how you'd like!


  • Comment with your character and preferences.

  • Include what you're interested and not interested in.

  • Respond to others!


  1. first heat: Baby's first heat. YOU'RE A TEENAGER/LATE BLOOMER AND WHAT IS THIS?

  2. old hand: You've done this a million times, but it never gets any easier.

  3. happen to be here: You're not picky. You can't afford to be. You'll take anybody who's nearby.

  4. old faithful: You're going to the person you always go to in order to relieve your problem.

  5. worked something out: The two of you aren't involved. You just help each other out.

  6. unexpected: You never expected to rut with this person, but here you are.

  7. forbidden: AKA the obligatory incest or age difference option.

  8. volunteer: You've offered yourself up out of the kindness of your heart.

  9. tribute: This isn't your offer. You're the offer from others, a gift for someone powerful to sate their appetite.

  10. mating: You've decided to go one step further and make your relationship deeper.

  11. nesting: Aaah, (temporary) domestic bliss. And lots of fucking. Lots and lots of fucking. Like, you'll barely be able to stand.

  12. bonding: The bond, which is mildly psychic and intensely physical, makes sex even more intense.

  13. the natural conclusion: Heat calls for pregnancy. Get someone pregnant.

  14. already pregnant: Unfortunately, being knocked up doesn't abate your partner's desires. Or yours.

  15. mates for life: Now you're absolutely certain that you want to be with no one else. Of course, this means you'll be in synch with their heat for the rest of forever.

  16. save you: You've been saved from the advances of an undesired mate by someone who may be much more suited. Show your gratitude?

  17. cockfight: Two people want the same mate. That won't do. There are ways to figure that out, not always involving fists.

  18. increase in dominance: Exactly what it says.

  19. increase in submission: Again, exactly what it says.

  20. unexpected dominance: No one expects you to ever be dominant. Prove them wrong.

  21. protect: You want to protect your mate from others, and that means putting your scent all over them.

  22. set off by someone else: You were doing fine until you got a whiff of someone else's pheromones.

  23. resisting temptation: Your heart belongs to someone. You want to stay out of this "heat" thing. You want to rise above it. Whatever it may be, you just have to not take the bait. Easier said than done.

  24. all worked up: You're beginning to lose control and yourself. Quick, do something before you're jumping anything that moves.

  25. pack: As mentioned prior, some people, especially those far out from civilization proper, have formed packs that hold to the more traditional alpha structure. Of course, these packs come with their own rules when it comes to heat and mating.

  26. suitable partner: The desire for certain mates can come from a subconscious level, and you can find yourself aroused by someone showing how strong they are (they can protect you), how curvaceous they look (that must mean they're fertile), or any other number of traits that can benefit you.

  27. desperation: You'll take anyone! Anything!

  28. final release: You've reached your breaking point and your mindless. At least you'll get relief.

  29. fighter: Part of your process is seeing who's worthy of you by testing their mettle. That, or you want to fight anything.

  30. off your meds: It's fairly rare, but some can get blockers for their heat. What if those blockers run out? Why, it makes your heat ten times worse!

  31. noncon: They don't want this. You don't want to stop this.

  32. dubcon: You say no, but your body says yes and you can't stop loving it.

  33. calm you down: Whether it's to fuck or to fight, you're going mad, and they have to bring you back down to Earth.

  34. territorial: How dare someone look at what belongs to you? You'll have to make things right.

  35. odd man out: For some reason, you don't go into heat. Never have. Being with you is pretty relaxing, and some find it appealing to not have to deal with pheromones that aren't theirs. You do have to learn how to appreciate their problems, though.

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{Delta sat on the front porch swing, her hands wrapped around a mug of warm tea -lavender- to try and soothe her racing mind. It wasn't working. Charlie was staying at a friend's to finish a school project, while Blue and Echo had gone to the mall; having finally saved enough money for some game or the other.

Propelling herself with one foot, Delta rocked back and forth. Her head snapping up as she heard the familiar truck turn onto the dirt driveway, it would be a good five minutes before Owen would reach her.

When he does, she smiles softly in greeting. Hoping he doesn't see the conflict hidden behind her blue irises.}
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[He's carrying that dust all over him from head to toe, but he's used to it. Stomping around outside won't make it better, but he might bring a little less of it inside on his clothes.

Normally, once he gets out of the car, he can get a general idea of where the girls are pretty quickly. If he doesn't pass them on the way up, there will usually be signs -- or noises -- to announce their presence. Maybe Charlie's face pressed against the window, or Blue's voice shouting orders to her sisters. Instead, to his surprise, it's only Delta; everything else is quiet and still, and these days stillness is disconcerting.]

Are you all by yourself? [He swings the door shut and strides up to the porch, frowning a little with concern.] Your sisters didn't chase you off, did they?
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{Delta just shook her head softly at his antics, knowing as well as he did that it would do nothing in the long run. Every day one of the girls would still have to use that horrible screeching vacuum to clean the dirt up. Living in such a warm area and having a low budget, keeping the windows open was their best option; dirt floating in with every breeze.

She pins a lock of dark hair behind her ear, sensing his anxiety at the stillness before she sees it. He really did care about them, far more than the scientists ever did. But maybe that was why...he saw them as living people -as much as a hybrid could be considered a person- rather than an experiment.}

Yes. {She answers simply then adds.} And no. Charlie's over at...Megan's? Working on that history project, Blue and Echo went to the mall. I wasn't up for being the third wheel when they disagreed on what to buy or who looked better in what outfit.
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[That earns her a snort of amusement from him, smirking as he comes up the steps; if that didn't describe every single shopping trip the five of them had ever taken together, nothing would. Although it did, admittedly, make him anxious to let the girls have more freedom coming and going, it was a relief not to chaperone their mall runs anymore.

Nevertheless, as he comes up on Delta sitting there in that swing, that look of concern flickers across his face again. She's always been the grounded one of the four, not quite as fierce or as flighty, but there's still something about her demeanor now that makes him think she's not herself.]

Nothing special on your agenda today, then, huh?
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Sure. {Sips at her tea, her next words meant to be his brand of sarcastic humor, but it doesn't quite fit.} If you count me doing three straight hours of yoga and meditation special. Plus, this is my second cup of lavender tea.

{As a rule, he had them do an hour -half yoga and half meditation- a day anyway. The fact she had done close to triple that...clearly something was up.}
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[Well, that settles that. Owen leans back against the porch railing, crossing his arms over his chest and his legs at the ankles, and peers critically at her.] While I'm thrilled you're getting so much exercise, it's not like you to burn through it like that. What's up?
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{Delta stays quiet for several long moments, catching a whiff of him as he settles before her. That scent calming her far more than the tea or exercise had all afternoon.

The brunette shakes herself before her eyes can drift closed. She nips at her bottom lip, not sure how to approach this -with him of all people.}

Helps with the cravings. Blue yells at us, Echo likes to beat the crap out of anything that moves and Charlie...I don't think she's had them yet. {Her blue eyes tag his.} We're not babies anymore.
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[Something about the way she says that -- cravings -- makes him think twice before he responds. Instead, he turns it over in his mind: her tone, the way she's looking at him, the deliberate, cautious way she clutches that mug of tea in her hands. A very small part of him wishes he didn't know what she was talking about.

But it was only a matter of time. Instinctively his back straightens, but he holds her gaze; one of his girls has a problem, so he's going to handle it. That's what he's here for.]

No, you're certainly not. [His brow is still furrowed, but it's earnest, ready to help.] How bad?
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{Delta watches him, the gaze far more predatory than anxious the longer she does. When he straightens, a part of her almost finds it amusing.

At the question she bolts. Moving from her seat mid-swing and heads into the house. She didn't want to think about it, because thinking about it made it worse...she just wanted the ache to stop. They had genetically engineered everything else about them, why not a way to stop this? To prevent it from splitting their focus if their true purpose was to hunt, to kill?

She heads into the kitchen, pulling the hair tie from her wrist and piling her hair into a messy bun. Her hands moving sharply to dump out then clean her mug.}
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[She moves so fast that it almost leaves him stunned. But then again, he's never forgotten what they are, or what they're capable of; to do so would not only be disrespectful, but downright dangerous. In fact, there was a lot about Delta just now that screamed predator.

But predator or not, that's one of his girls in there. So he shoves himself away from the railing and immediately follows after her.]

Delta! [There's authority in his tone, although he doesn't want to box her in. All he wants is to make sure she's not doing the same thing to herself.] Ignoring it won't do you any favors. If yoga's not enough to get it out of your system then we find something else.
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{This time it's her back that stiffens as he calls out to her, the loss of proximity allowing more of the human side to come out. For all intents and purposes he was their leader, their father, their alpha and she knew better than try and run.

She swallows thickly, drying her hands on the dish towel as he approached again; the mug now sits in the strainer. There's a mix of fear and clear pent up frustration in her next words.}

Like what? Letting me loose at a mall? {She's glancing out the kitchen window as she speaks, refusing to turn around and face him.} What if I...what if someone else is...I don't know that I could control it.
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No way. [Even without knowing specifically what could go wrong when a human/raptor hybrid goes into heat in a crowded place, he does know that he plans to avoid finding out for as long as possible.]

Look, it happens to everyone sooner or later. We'll lock it down here. I don't care if you throw lavender tea off the roof, just do what you need to do.
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{"As long as possible" could be sooner than he thinks. At four to one, they out numbered him and alternatives could only last them so long. Eventually, that drive would only be soothed one way; Delta hated to think of Echo in such a rage. Of all of them, she was the most violent and had a chip on her shoulders since she'd lost the lead position to Blue when they were kids.

Delta's mind spun, trying to think of other ways to stop it. Her body shuddered as a stronger wave of his scent hit her. He so hadn't signed on for this when he'd taken them away.}

If we put the house on lock down, it means locking my sisters out; I could trigger them. {The next words are almost whispered.} We have to stop this now.
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[This time, he actually starts to answer, only to stop himself, shut his mouth and stare at her. For several long, silent seconds, he just stares at her.]

Is that supposed to be a joke?
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{No sooner have the words left her mouth, Delta hangs her head and takes several ragged breaths to try and calm herself. Finally she turns her head enough to look over her shoulder.

Her voice is still a whisper.}

Do have any other ideas?
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[Even before she asks, his mind's already racing for alternatives. They could find someone in town, one of those boys she was always mooning over -- but even if he hadn't greeted every single one of those boys at the door of their house with his favorite Marlin rifle, there's no telling what could go wrong in a heat like this one. They're supposed to be laying low. And a lockdown would protect everyone on the outside of the door, but that would only last as long as the door did, and the longer that anyone -- hybrid or not -- puts off a heat or a rut, the worse it gets. But still.

Dammit, he's always been able to think on his feet and he's never out of ideas. And this whole time, he's still been staring at her, furiously trying to come up with some viable alternative, but the more he thinks about it the more his mind keeps circling back to what could go wrong, and the running, and the screaming--

He snaps himself out of it.]
No. Delta, listen to me. I told you girls I'd look after you, and that includes not taking advantage of you just because... Nature's thrown us a curveball.
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{Delta gives him a sardonic smile as she turns fully to face him.}

Nature, is doing what it's supposed to do.

{Because everyone went through this at a certain age. The "curveball" was merely the fact that unlike the rest of them, Delta and her sisters weren't normal. That rather than sore muscles and a few scratches to the back, the girls could potentially -literally- tear their lovers apart.}

And you can't take advantage of someone who consents.
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[Silence again, but this time it's because he's actively trying to bite his tongue. Respect has always been a big part of his relationship with these girls; he's always tried to keep them in control of their own selves as opposed to wresting control from them, always tried to teach instead of order, tried to remember that they were smart, smart enough to understand what was going on and smart enough to think for themselves whether InGen wanted them to or not. And right now, he doesn't want to ruin that relationship by implying that Delta can't think for herself because of this: what right does he have to suggest that, after all?

She could kill someone. That's not an exaggeration. Hell, she could kill him, and easily at that, if things got too out of control... but if that happens, he really will have failed them. Although he's "Dad" on paper, he's "Alpha" first and foremost. And as far as he's concerned, that responsibility outweighs the others, because it's the only barrier that exists short of a cage that protects these girls and the rest of the world from each other.

But... still. He tightens his jaw.]

This shit doesn't have to get the best of you. And you shouldn't feel like you've got no other option but this.
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{And there again, was the shining example of the difference between Owen and those InGen bastards. They'd created the girls and countless other "children" to use them as loyal, ready to kill soldiers. Soldiers that ran on instinct rather than emotion; that would remain loyal to their mission and die if necessary without question. There however, was the flaw in the grand design.

For beings that ran on instinct would always do what they had to so long as it meant surviving. In ensuring they remained. Hunt, kill and procreate; those were the basics. A little blood was just collateral damage. Isolating the children rather than raising them with people would only make them harder for InGen to control. With Owen, the girls had a home, came to understand what it truly meant to care for someone and that they weren't just disposable pawns.

One look and she knew this was killing him -he'd never thought this far ahead. Never likely dreamed he'd come to care for them, instead, he'd merely sworn to respect them. But as "Alpha" he didn't have that luxury...they were the ones that respected and followed him, while he had to protect them. Even from themselves.}

I know, on both counts. But it is the safest. I trust you -you're home.
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[He's still wracking his brain for alternatives, but every single one of them seems to run the risk of a bloodbath, and obviously they can't take that risk. Not when they have even one option that's safe -- and he knows that he is the safe option, regardless of how he might feel about it. Her words strike a deep chord in him and his heart twists. He'd never hurt his girls.

And even if he gets his heart ripped out of his chest for it... well, better him than anyone else. This is the risk he knew he was taking when he signed up, after all. But he's not afraid of her.

The long silence that follows this time is heavy with conflict, but also a slowly growing resignation.]

...Okay. [It sounds like a loss, like he had to cut out a piece of himself to give in. Nevertheless, his tone is firm and certain as he holds a finger up to her.] But we're gonna take this nice and easy. You communicate with me, and the second you decide you want to stop, you tell me and we stop. End of story. Understand?
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{Delta watches him, watches the emotions play across his features. The air is so thick by the end she can practically taste it. He hates this, but he'll do it to protect her. The only question then becomes...how long will it last?

Could he stand having to go through this repeatedly? Delta didn't think so and if he did, it would slowly eat away at him. Hopefully -together- the family would think of something.

Delta nods in acceptance of his terms. Being part raptor, when weren't the girls commutative?}

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[There's a part of the complicated mess of emotions roiling about inside him right now that actually wishes he could be more enthusiastic for her. Whether or not a normal life for her and her sisters will ever involve finding someone to settle down with, maybe have families of their own, is not actually something they've discussed or even put much thought into so far. It just wasn't a priority. But each one of them deserves to have someone who is thrilled and awed by them, excited to be with them.

For Owen, it's different: his awe and his excitement are fiercely protective. He wants to be sure that they're safe, happy, cared for. And Delta is looking at him right now like she trusts him implicitly. He softens a little bit, and then a few steps forward closes the distance between them. Reaching out to curl his hand around the back of her head, he guides her gently forward and presses a kiss against her forehead.]

Come on. [Then he nudges her in the direction of his bedroom, on the instinct that her own room should remain a place where he never intrudes.] Time to lock the doors.
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{Maybe he hadn't thought about it, about a "normal" future but Delta certainly had. Blue would always feel like she had her sisters to look after so in that sense, Delta wasn't sure she'd want kids. Echo, Echo would require a strong man to keep her happy; to challenge and yet protect her. She was far more sensitive than she let on to the outside world. And baby Charlie...all any of the others wanted was for her to be happy.

While Delta...Delta felt she was the heart. She liked the idea of "nesting" of creating a home, but she also feared that ever happening. That InGen would seek out the genetic material they'd lost, even if that meant through weakened offspring. Offspring would mean a weakness that could be used against them.

The brunette's eyes flutter closed at his touch, inhaling sharply to take in his scent to calm herself down. Her eyes open again as he pulls away, lips quirking into the smallest of smirks as she follows him.}

The doors, or the raptor?

{It was already calculating in her head. Every room a box, every box a cage; every cage another puzzle to solve.}
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The doors. [He's already at the front door, sliding it closed, turning the lock. He does it all in her view, and looks at her pointedly.] You're staying with me.

[It was meant less to keep her in -- that was his responsibility now -- and much more to keep her sisters out, at least temporarily. If any of them came home early, the extra seconds those locks buy them will be valuable. They rarely locked the doors under normal circumstances, because anyone looking to break in would obviously do so at their own peril.

First the front door, then the back, and then he leads the way to his room. If his scent is calming to her, hopefully the heaviness of it in his own space will strengthen that effect. This is the last door he shuts, and he meets her eyes before he locks this one. She's not locked in; everything else is locked out. Then he turns to her once more, frowning carefully.]

You're sure about this, Delta?
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{That predatory look seeps into her gaze again as she hears the first lock click, her head tilts as she follows him silently. Her emotions pitching as realization dawned this was happening...the inner raptor clawing to reach the surface after her various attempts to keep it tethered all day.

A raspy hiss of a breath passes her lips as the second door locks. Had it been anyone but Owen, they probably would have missed it. Since they'd been young, the girls had developed a system of sounds, knocks and even hand signals to communicate as efficiently as their dinosaur originals had. Delta shook herself, forcing it down as she followed him into the bedroom and took another heavy breath.

'Home. Owen. Alpha. Safe.' She thought silently to herself; she wasn't being caged. She nods at his question.}

We do what we have to. {Carefully, she walked over and placed a hand to his cheek, hoping proximity would...draw out his own urges. Calm him the way he was trying to do for her. It was better than seeing the guilt in his eyes.} I'm ok.
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