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Screw this drought

the rain meme

Ah, rain—the precipitation that the whole world has a love/hate affair with. It waters the garden for free and ruins baseball games. It cools you off in the summer and it causes more ice and sleet to appear in the winter. Sometimes it is lovely and falls at a decent pace for a few hours, other times, it blasts the whole eastern seaboard away.

Poems and songs have been written about it, people have danced in it, others have cursed its entire existence, and still more refuse to go out and drive in it.

Now it’s time to roll some dice and see what the weather will have in store for you today.


1. Comment with your character, series, preferences, etc in the subject.
2. Roll a number between 1-5 with the RGN for an intensity.
3. Roll 1-15 with the RGN for a situation.
4. Reply to other comments and play the scenario out!
5. Don’t catch a cold!


1. DRIZZLE ☂ It’s not too heavy or too light of a downpour, just enough to wash away stuff in the air, water the ground, and clean up the streets.

2. MONSOON ☂ It’s horrible and awful! Rain is coming down in buckets, no one can get anywhere, the wind is whipping everything about, and now the cable is out.

3. SHOWER ☂ Reminds you of early spring, doesn’t it? A nice shower to make everything all green and smell fresh again. Lovely.

4. FLOOD ☂ While rain is good, it can sometimes be bad. Grab a boat!

5. CATS & DOGS ☂ You’re lucky with this one. It’s not the worst storm in the world, but it’s still pretty heavy. Be careful when driving!


1. A DARK, STORMY NIGHT ☂ You know all those stories that start off with a stormy night before something goes wrong: a murder, an attack by ninjas, a crime. It is one of the best known clichés in the world, and you’re stuck in the middle of it.

2. HUMIDITY ☂ It’s that time of the year again when the humidity rises and the rain has two options: make it worse or make it go away. Good luck getting the latter.

3. GRAY RAIN OF DEPRESSION ☂ We all know this one. Stuck in the middle of no where, or right after an argument, or something that leads to angst, the rain decides to express someone’s feelings in a physical form, serious or over the top.

4. QUIET MORNING ☂ Nothing to do, nowhere to be… sometimes the rain is a welcomed addition to a quiet day. Gives you an excuse to stay in, curl up in a warm blanket and a book, maybe a loved one or a cup of hot chocolate. With sprinkles.

5. PUDDLES ☂ After it rains, what is the number one thing you have to do? Go put on some rubber boots and splash around of course!

6. SUDDEN STORM ☂ It might have been predicted, but sometimes storms just sweep in and do their thing with little to no warning. Hope you’re not outside.

7. THUNDER & LIGHTNING ☂ Loud, surprising, scary, ominous, comforting, fantastic to watch or listen to… some like thunder and lightning, others not so much. Of course, if this happens before a big confrontation, the universe is telling you something.

8. CAN’T GET WORSE ☂ You did not say that. You did not just say that. How many times does this need to be seen in movies and books before anyone learns?

9. STUCK ☂ No, no, no, no. This cannot be happening. What happened to the ten percent chance of rain? You forgot your umbrella and now you’re stuck in it!

10. RUINED PLANS ☂ You had all these wonderful plans to go outside, have some fun in the sunshine, do some errands, maybe a date… and the weather goes against them.

11. DANCING ☂ Sometimes rain is a cause for celebration, or you just feel like doing something spontaneous. Grab someone to join you and get wet!

12. RAIN BATTLE ☂ The most intense, important battles happen in the rain. Verbal spars, punching someone in the guts; it’s all dramatic and climatic. And no one slips.

13. DATE ☂ Aww, don’t let the weather ruin your date! It can be really romantic, being out in the rain, and it’s always fun to go with the flow.

14. A DAY INSIDE ☂ Sometimes, it’s just better to stay inside and enjoy something simple and easy like board games or catching up on TV shows, or maybe the bills.

15. WILD CARD ☂ Was there something I missed? Did you want to roll again or choose your own adventure? Go for it!
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1-2 (sounds about right for Costa Rica)

[personal profile] clevergirlcharlie 2015-07-10 12:01 pm (UTC)(link)
This time of year, there was hardly a day that wasn't a hot, sticky mess. It was just something one had to get used to when they lived on a tropical island. But, occasionally, when it rained...you had half a prayer for the humidity to break. Storms rolled in, bringing with them a (very rare but much appreciated) cold front and for a few blissful hours the temperature drops.

Not today. Today the rain was just a tease. A bit of drizzle that did nothing but make the world even damper.

Laying on the couch -- positioned directly in front of the AC, Charlie looked anything but happy about that fact. Which was why she was determined to stay in this spot forever.
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this is adorable.

[personal profile] myraptors 2015-07-10 03:17 pm (UTC)(link)
This is all par for the course for Owen, who's seen climate and weather far worse than this and can shrug off the humidity easily enough. That's not to say it's comfortable (he will be the first to shed any additional layers of clothing without sacrificing decency), but there's always a bigger priority. Like rolling his bike back onto one of the wooden slabs by his workbench so it won't sink into the moist earth. Or making sure the leak over the stove in the bungalow hasn't gotten any worse before he can patch it.

Or, naturally, wrangling four adolescent girls with very passionate opinions about the humidity.

"You keep running that so high, you're gonna blow the generator."
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awwww. thanks.

[personal profile] clevergirlcharlie 2015-07-10 03:24 pm (UTC)(link)
"But if I don't run it this high, I'll melt. Like literally melt." It wasn't all her fault; part of it was her reptilian DNA. It made things like regulating her body temperature a bit harder than it was for pure humans. Especially on days like this.
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"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know it was literally." He subdues the eyeroll but not the tone, although there's a distinct fondness to it nevertheless. If he has to, he'll fix the damn generator. "Why didn't you go down to the lagoon with your sisters? If you melt there, the local ecosystem would probably find you delicious."
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[personal profile] clevergirlcharlie 2015-07-10 03:45 pm (UTC)(link)
"Daaaaa-aaaaad." Ahhhh. There it was. The tone of the oppressed teenager who did not find Owen nearly as amusing as he found himself. "Stooooop. And the lagoon's far. And involves walking. Like trekking through the jungle walking." A slight exaggeration. But only slight.

"Besides, D only wanted to go to the lagoon cause of some guy she met. He takes his jet ski down there and she thinks he's dreamy..."
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"Well, if you'd rather do cartwheels the whole way there, I'm not gonna tell you your business." Eventually she will find that he is objectively hilarious.

That mention of the boy and his jet ski brings a distinct little glint to his eye, however, although he plays it off as casually as a father can manage. Instead he resumes carrying his toolkit to the kitchen table, although he keeps half an eye on her as he fusses with it. "Dreamy, huh? What, does he wear a suit of armor and fly or something?"
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[personal profile] clevergirlcharlie 2015-07-10 04:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Or not. But she is happy to let him keep on thinking that.

And what she wants is for him to offer her a ride. Or let her take the jeep. Really, either one works for her. She knows the bike is off limits -- her father loves that bike as much as he loves any of them. But the bike also wasn't exactly the best as transporting four girls, so along the way they picked up a jeep. And Charlie saw no reason why she couldn't drive that.

"Only in D's fantasies. He just rides his jet ski; sometimes races with his friends. I don't know. I don't really get the fascination."

Charlie's interests, thankfully, still lay somewhere other than with the opposite sex. Or even the same sex. She was more about going off and doing crazy shit than she was about finding romance. Though occasionally said crazy shit did involve a bit of snatch and grab from the park gift stores. But they didn't need to bring that up.
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No... they didn't need to bring that up. But it was going to come up eventually. Not that Owen was often around the monitors for all the Jurassic World guest cams, but he is definitely not as oblivious as the average security guard. As far as he's concerned, there are worse things that Charlie could be doing with her time than stealing dinosaur pins, but there's a reason why even the slightest extra attention is not necessarily a mere nuisance.

For now though, they're far from that subject. Equally far from any conversation about the Jeep, for that matter. Owen sets up a stepladder next to the stove and climbs it with a screwdriver in hand. "Good girl. Don't settle for the first wet idiot with a nice ride who comes along." He starts to work at a screw in the corner of one metal panel above the stove.

"C'mere and give me a hand with this."
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She groans, displeased at being rousted from her spot in front of the cool air. But despite the verbal protest, she still gets up and moves towards the kitchen -- standing at the bottom of the ladder.

"What are you doing?"
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"Just replacing a stripped screw, I hope. This whole panel should hold up against the next monsoon." It's really stuck in there, and he's gotta really work the screwdriver into the grooves to loosen it, but eventually the stubborn screw starts to turn. "But this leak is really driving your sister nuts. Here--" He pulls it out, and hands it to her. "Grab me one that matches this, and a hammer."

The humidity is becoming pretty oppressive, and going down to the lagoon is starting to sound like a better and better idea to him, at least. But he suspects he's going to have to go outside and fix the roof too, unless it starts raining harder.

"You know if I let you take the Jeep down, there'll be a fight over who gets to drive it back."
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"Which I will win because I have the keys." Sometimes the best logic was the simplest.

She didn't bother to remark on the fact that the leak was driving Blue crazy; or how that was a fairly short drive. She loved her sister, but sometimes...sometimes she got a little intense.

Looking for the matching pieces in the tool box, she handed them up to Owen, watching as he worked.
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"Good thing they're waterproof," he answers pointedly.

He takes the new screw first, working it back into place twisting until the corner of the metal panel is tightly secured into place next to the others. Then he trades her the screwdriver for the hammer and begins to delicately bump the metal edges into place until they're flat.

"I'll take you down myself when I'm done this. A nice, cool swim will keep you from melting on the walk back, and I can say hello to this Prince Charming of D's."
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Okay. So maybe her logic had one teeny tiny wrinkle in it. But she could have hidden them down deep in her bag or something. Provided, you know, she thought of that.

"You know she's gonna hate that, right?" Which meant it was going to be totally amusing because hey...it wasn't her.
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"She'll thank me later." Even he doesn't believe that's true, but he says it as if he's never been more positive of anything. Then he glances at her over his shoulder between the hammering, with a little glitter in his eye. "On a completely unrelated note, my rifle is still in the front seat of the Jeep, right?"
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Oh, yes. Completely unrelated. Why ever would anyone think that D getting a love interest and Owen looking for his gun were related? Honestly...

"Last I saw it. Are you gonna make Jet Ski boy cry? Can I video it?"
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With an exaggerated snort, he focuses back on his task. "What? Charlie, knock it off. I'm not making anyone cry. Make sure your phone is charged before we leave."
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"Yesssssssssss." If she were a better person, she would have, at least, felt a bit bad about her sister's afternoon being potentially ruined. But she wasn't a better person. And sometimes, when you were the youngest of four, you took what you could get.

So she was taking this and she was running with it. Disappearing from the kitchen, she went to get her phone and it's charger, plugging it in to one of the sockets in the kitchen.

"But, hey. While we're speaking of romance...what about you and Claire? Wasn't that, like, headed someplace...?"
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He pauses between the banging, glancing down at her again with a more calculating look in his eye this time, as if judging for himself what her angle might be. He typically doesn't discuss anything with the girls that they don't need to know, or that they don't specifically ask about, and it helped that there wasn't much to say about himself and Claire for a good while anyway. Then again, it's not as though it's a secret, and he wouldn't sneak around behind their backs with something like that anyway.

"You got me there," he says finally. "She's got her priorities, and I've got mine. Can't force 'em to overlap unless she wants them to." Finally, he swings the hammer under his arm and steps down off the ladder, eyeing her with amusement. "Why? You got something on your mind?"
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[personal profile] clevergirlcharlie 2015-07-10 07:29 pm (UTC)(link)
"No." She shook her head, stepping back to give him room. "Just wondering. Like I said, you two seemed to have something and well...we haven't seen her for a bit so I didn't know what was going on, if anything." Also, because a dating Dad was a slightly less over protective Dad. Which meant she had a bit more freedom to slip around the park at will.
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"Tell you what." Owen packs everything back into the toolkit and seals it up. "As soon as I get new intel in that area, so will you. Deal?"
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"And I'll be the first to know? Even before the others?"
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His face screws up in a wry grin as he saunters toward the front door. The air conditioning is still going full blast, of course. "Well, I'll do what I can, but Blue's got a way of sniffing things out -- can't hold that against me."
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"Yeah, well, Blue's not all that good at minding her own business." She follows, pausing in the living room once more. Does she have to go outside? It's so delightfully cold in here. And it's so awful and sticky out there.
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Hand on the door by the time he realizes she's stopped, he does the same, looking back at her for a second or two.

"Hey -- don't even think about it." He holds out his empty hand to her to coax her forward and keep her moving. "It won't be so bad once we're driving. Come on, let's go check on your sisters."
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Another groan escapes her, yet she still moves forward -- forcing herself to join her father by the door. Allowing herself to be herded outside, she actually hisses once out in the cloudy drizzle. Yes, that's right. She hisses. Clearly she is displeased by the weather's tomfoolery.

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