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Screw this drought

the rain meme

Ah, rain—the precipitation that the whole world has a love/hate affair with. It waters the garden for free and ruins baseball games. It cools you off in the summer and it causes more ice and sleet to appear in the winter. Sometimes it is lovely and falls at a decent pace for a few hours, other times, it blasts the whole eastern seaboard away.

Poems and songs have been written about it, people have danced in it, others have cursed its entire existence, and still more refuse to go out and drive in it.

Now it’s time to roll some dice and see what the weather will have in store for you today.


1. Comment with your character, series, preferences, etc in the subject.
2. Roll a number between 1-5 with the RGN for an intensity.
3. Roll 1-15 with the RGN for a situation.
4. Reply to other comments and play the scenario out!
5. Don’t catch a cold!


1. DRIZZLE ☂ It’s not too heavy or too light of a downpour, just enough to wash away stuff in the air, water the ground, and clean up the streets.

2. MONSOON ☂ It’s horrible and awful! Rain is coming down in buckets, no one can get anywhere, the wind is whipping everything about, and now the cable is out.

3. SHOWER ☂ Reminds you of early spring, doesn’t it? A nice shower to make everything all green and smell fresh again. Lovely.

4. FLOOD ☂ While rain is good, it can sometimes be bad. Grab a boat!

5. CATS & DOGS ☂ You’re lucky with this one. It’s not the worst storm in the world, but it’s still pretty heavy. Be careful when driving!


1. A DARK, STORMY NIGHT ☂ You know all those stories that start off with a stormy night before something goes wrong: a murder, an attack by ninjas, a crime. It is one of the best known clichés in the world, and you’re stuck in the middle of it.

2. HUMIDITY ☂ It’s that time of the year again when the humidity rises and the rain has two options: make it worse or make it go away. Good luck getting the latter.

3. GRAY RAIN OF DEPRESSION ☂ We all know this one. Stuck in the middle of no where, or right after an argument, or something that leads to angst, the rain decides to express someone’s feelings in a physical form, serious or over the top.

4. QUIET MORNING ☂ Nothing to do, nowhere to be… sometimes the rain is a welcomed addition to a quiet day. Gives you an excuse to stay in, curl up in a warm blanket and a book, maybe a loved one or a cup of hot chocolate. With sprinkles.

5. PUDDLES ☂ After it rains, what is the number one thing you have to do? Go put on some rubber boots and splash around of course!

6. SUDDEN STORM ☂ It might have been predicted, but sometimes storms just sweep in and do their thing with little to no warning. Hope you’re not outside.

7. THUNDER & LIGHTNING ☂ Loud, surprising, scary, ominous, comforting, fantastic to watch or listen to… some like thunder and lightning, others not so much. Of course, if this happens before a big confrontation, the universe is telling you something.

8. CAN’T GET WORSE ☂ You did not say that. You did not just say that. How many times does this need to be seen in movies and books before anyone learns?

9. STUCK ☂ No, no, no, no. This cannot be happening. What happened to the ten percent chance of rain? You forgot your umbrella and now you’re stuck in it!

10. RUINED PLANS ☂ You had all these wonderful plans to go outside, have some fun in the sunshine, do some errands, maybe a date… and the weather goes against them.

11. DANCING ☂ Sometimes rain is a cause for celebration, or you just feel like doing something spontaneous. Grab someone to join you and get wet!

12. RAIN BATTLE ☂ The most intense, important battles happen in the rain. Verbal spars, punching someone in the guts; it’s all dramatic and climatic. And no one slips.

13. DATE ☂ Aww, don’t let the weather ruin your date! It can be really romantic, being out in the rain, and it’s always fun to go with the flow.

14. A DAY INSIDE ☂ Sometimes, it’s just better to stay inside and enjoy something simple and easy like board games or catching up on TV shows, or maybe the bills.

15. WILD CARD ☂ Was there something I missed? Did you want to roll again or choose your own adventure? Go for it!
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acid rain? sure!

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[Nux has never in his life experienced rain. Aqua cola, sure. A routine spraydown back at the Citadel, sure. But a weather phenomenon like rain? Never.

Morning is cracking the sky when it happens. Everyone's asleep in the rig, or should be - except there's a faint pitter-patter that beckons a more thunderous noise and Nux thinks they're being shot at, at first. He awakes fully with a jolt, panicked and glancing around the rig before he notices the bloodbag - what's his name, anyway? - is awake, too. Nux gives him a wide-eyed stare before he dives for him, silently crawling close and grabbing at the man's shoulders.]

Bullets! They've come back with bullets!

[A frantic whisper because he doesn't want to wake the girls up, cause a bunch more panic until they figure out what to do.]
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Max is awake, and that's good, because if Nux had grabbed him like this while he was asleep things could go very badly indeed. As it is he's only awake for the same reason that Nux is, startled out of a peaceful doze by distant thunder, and having his shoulders grabbed triggers his instincts to fight back. Rationally he knows it's only Nux and he's pretty sure he could take the scrawny kid in a fair fight, and this isn't a fight anyway, so he struggles to contain the impulse to punch him dead in the face and ends up just flailing instead.

Eyes wide with momentary alarm, arms twitching and flying up between Nux's to break his grip, the only away his body can find is to press back against the cab door, and a moment later there's a quiet pop of the latch and the door swings open to drop him backwards into open air, and sand below.
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Max's violent reaction makes the War Boy jerk back in surprise. He's-- a little scared of the ex-bloodbag, yeah. That's an understatement. Didn't expect the man to go crashing out the rig's door and into the--

Nux doesn't think whole lot as he flings himself out after the man, intent on saving him from the shower of bullets. Falls on him from above with manic determination on his face and braces himself. What's actually out there, though, is not pain and death.

It's-- aqua cola? Nux blinks. Glances upward, looking even more bewildered.
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Frankly Max was not expecting to go tumbling back-first out of the rig, either, and his arms windmill a little, but the curl of his shoulder to make sure that part of him hits the ground first is instinctive. Unfortunately that does not do anything about the way Nux lands on top of him, scrambling in a panic and knocking the air out of Max's lungs.

At least he's fully awake, now.

Somebody should really tell Nux it is not a good idea to wake the bloodbag except from a distance, although technically he was half awake already at the time. Now his gaze makes a quick sweep of their surroundings, and he frowns and tries to shove Nux off him. The damn kid is all limbs and panic. And lingering war paint. Max swipes a hand across his pants to get rid of the faint smear of powder. "S'rain." He grunts.

Rain is not always a good thing, anymore. It was once, a balm to keep the world green, but since the bombs it's turned sour like everything else, and he tries to shove the boy back towards the cab of the rig just in case.
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Blind to his own weight, Nux takes several long seconds to stare upward like a dumb dog, astounded at the droplets starting to sheen his face, his shoulders. Gets in his eyes and he blinks them away before the bloodbag is shoving him away and Nux jolts once more from the surprise - jumpy thing, isn't he? - he's scrambling just slightly, sweeping tread marks into the sand. The sand, which is starting to wetten and get thick and clumpy and--



Nux watches Max patting away the powder as he grabs for the sand and crushes it between his fingers. It doesn't sift and pour like normal. Sticks to his palm and it's fascinating. The rain's getting harder, heavier as Max pushes him again and Nux just allows it, scooting against one tire as he wipes the sand off on his cargos.

"What's rain for? Immortan used to make the aqua cola come out like this." He tilts his head back, opens his mouth to try to catch some of the falling water. Tastes awful. Burning, metallic, tainted. But he's thirsty. Desperately thirsty. Everyone's always thirsty and Nux tries to swallow just a little more, wincing as he does.
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If his memory were more reliable, Max thinks he could probably count on one hand the number of times he's seen rain since the oceans started drying up and leaving wastes of sale behind. Every time, it's been bad, the sour sky making sour rain that sours the land beneath it. Further back in his mind there's a memory of when it wasn't that way, and rain came countless times and washed things clean and nobody thought anything strange of it, but that was another world and another lifetime ago.

There are different kinds of acid rain, some worse than others, and this doesn't sting the skin so it's not as bad as it could be, but he refuses to be convinced it's good without proof. Rolling up into a crouch, he shields his face with one arm and glowers up at the sky a little, then glances over at the kid... who is open-mouthed and ready to drink poison as it falls on his face. He gives him another little shove, even though they're not tangled up from the fall anymore. "Stopthat. Make you sick."
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He gives Max a look of confused protest. Not gonna actually protest because the bloodbag'd answered his silent question immediately like he knew what it was, and Nux is trusting him. Not like when Slit would make something up just to mess with him. Even if the bloodbag was-- well, an ex-bloodbag-- he seemed oddly adept for one. A survivor. A road warrior.

Shuts his mouth, though, and copies Max in shielding his face with an arm.

"We should head back in, eh-- ?" A quiet suggestion 'cause if this rain is so bad, maybe they should get out... at the same time, it doesn't hurt when it falls on him. And Nux is more than just a little fascinated with the weather. Never seen such a thing, save of course when the Immortan would grant the Wretched their rations of water.
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The bloodbag may be a crazy feral, but he's been a lot less sheltered than Nux has, seen more of the world both through travel and just having lived longer. Age is hard to guess, when the world wears people down so hard, but he's a full-life and older than what most War Boys make it to.

He nods, not alarmed enough for panic, now, but he looks distinctly unhappy to be out here with aqua-cola falling from the sky on him. He grabs at the door to haul himself up, wincing a little because sleeping in the cab has left him stiff, but he then stands holding it so Nux can get in first. The kid is wearing less, after all. Now that he has his jacket back, he's better protected against the elements. They can watch the rain well enough with the cab roof over their heads.
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Nux is pausing when Max opens the door. And tries to let him in first. Never seen rain and never heard of manners, either, 'cause they don't exist in the Citadel. So he thinks Max is just opening the door for himself and about to climb in. When he doesn't Nux blinks, gives the older man a mildly confused look, then climbs on in.

He doesn't want to disturb the sleeping pile in the back - that kind of thing earned you punches with War Boys - and so he squeezes into the space between the driver and passenger seats, huddling. Not cold, just that weird sticky-feel of thin, drying aqua cola on him.

Once Max is in, Nux turns attention to the view out the windshield. He has endless questions but keeps his mouth shut if only because the bloodbag still intimidates him quite a bit.
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He frowns until the boy climbs in, then pulls himself up and shuts the door as quietly as he can, equally unwilling to disturb the sleeping women. Settling with a quiet grunt, he rubs his sleeve over his face where he can still feel the touch of the rain, and scowls out at it again.

The presence of the boy is like an itch, mildly annoying and hard to ignore, and he can almost feel the unspoken questions. Fortunately his own voice, rusty as it is, is a low and quiet rumble that's not likely to disturb anyone not already awake.

"...Used to be different. Used to be good." He grapples with the words a little, but he's making an attempt to explain. "Sky's bad now, poisons the water before it falls."
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The air's dead between them for several seconds, but when Max speaks there's an invisible spark that runs through it and makes Nux swing his head to look at him. Pay attention. He's not subtle at all.

Max mutters and mumbles but Nux can catch it. Kind of like the world, then? Everything's bad now. Everything's poison. Except what the Immortan used to give them. Now, Nux doesn't have that. Isn't missing it much either, because even back then, those good things were so rationed. What Nux is more curious about:

"Did you see it when it was good?"

The concept of life before the endless sand is something that hurts his head to imagine. He simply can't. No more than any of them could imagine what walks on a planet billions of miles away from this one.
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That's a terrible, dangerous question, and the Blood Bag gives a slow nod, then his eyes slide shut and the expression that his face pulls into is one of pain. He was there. He saw it, when it was good. Now it's gone, and nothing is good anymore, and remembering anything else hurts indescribably.

Nux is left to stew on that, because the feral's mind has just gone off somewhere very far away indeed.
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War Boys are loud. Expressive. When Max simply nods then closes his eyes, goes quiet, Nux at first thinks that means the conversation is over and the bloodbag is going back to sleep. Which is fine. Social mores do not exist anymore.

Except he, perceptive, notes a knot that wrinkles the man's face. Nux frowns along with it. As naive and dumb to the world as he might be, he was absolutely surrounded by other people, constant unrelenting throngs at the Citadel. He can read emotions. Not wanting to disturb something so unpredictable but feeling concern for him, Nux just stares, leans up very slowly, very carefully toward Max.

Doesn't say nothing but he's staring with an intensity. Sympathy? For what, he can't know, but it's there and it's like he's trying to will it into Max.
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The man's forehead seems to be almost always a mass of lines, and ever since he's had the muzzle off and settled into something more human and capable of speech he wears an expression of at least mild concern all the time. It was easier, not thinking and only reacting. He looks deeply distressed, now.

Something about having somebody staring close and breathing on his face pulls him back out of the reverie, though. When his eyes open, his gaze is distant and lost, full of a deep sorrow. Gradually he refocuses, and gives a few hard blinks and a mild shake of his head, then realizes just how damn close Nux is. His head doesn't move, but his gaze slides over, sidelong, and his eyebrows rise, skeptical.

Can't a man fall into deep and agonizing flashbacks in privacy? Apparently not. It's probably for the best, because that never ends well and he doesn't need to start thrashing around fighting ghosts in confined quarters again.
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Nux doesn't ask: are you okay? What's wrong? For while these are phrases common in a different world, in what used to be normal, they aren't something Nux is familiar with. Sure, they exist. Expressions of concern. It just wasn't common back at the Citadel. Not common enough that Nux wants to fling them at Max. Instead, he just knits his brow into even more worry, trying to make it as obvious as possible.

"Hurt?" That's what he asks the bloodbag. Not physically. Well, maybe physically. Maybe he sat back on a sliver or shrapnel embedded in his spine? Or maybe it's just inside-pain. Nux doesn't back off, having no sense of personal space - was beaten from him long ago with shared bunks upon shared cars upon shared rations.
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Moving slow, the bloodbag settles back a little in the seat, and gives a quiet sigh. There's no way to explain it so that the War Boy will understand, at least not with his own limited capacity for talking. It feels like he has to pull each word out of tar, sometimes, they stick and come out only reluctantly, sometimes muddled.

"It's not... good. To remember what was." He rubs at his face briefly, and stares out at the rain, hoping it doesn't turn the sand into a sludge that slows them down.
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He wants to ask, why?

Has the sense not to, though. Just backs off some inches from the bloodbag. Keeps staring, concern scrawled all over his face from that troubling admission. Why's it not good to remember what was? To remember history... ?

Just like moments before, Max might feel the thrum of questions begging to be blurted out, barely restrained within the curious War Boy. He bites at his lower lip. Chews on the scarring, looking at the murky horizon before looking at Max again. Then back to the horizon.
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"...Won't ever be that way, again." He adds, and everything about his tone and body language screams of what a horrible loss that is, but to somebody who was never there it probably isn't much of an explanation at all. The bloodbag stares out through the windshield, and into the distance, unseeing. At least until the rain picks up abruptly and the sound of it drumming on the cab roof makes him flinch a little.
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Nux flinches because Max flinches, eyes darting to the roof. Why's it do that? Things he wants to ask but won't, all about rain. Focused more on the topic of the killed world. Nux knows it happened, but he's never gotten much detail on it.

"What if it-- will?" Will be? Could be? Could they fix something dead? Nux wants hope and his question to Max scrapes for it.
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He gives the roof a mild grimace, for lack of anything more solid to direct his annoyance at, and settles to look out the window again. His answer is long in coming, but by now Nux may be learning to recognize that's just his way, and a slow fight to find the words does not mean they aren't coming.

"...Should it be?" He frowns, genuinely considering. There are things he misses, but those things- safety, security, happiness, may have mostly been but temporary illusions in the end. The world was already beginning to crash down around their ears, even when he was younger. "Look... what we did with it, last time."
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"Why not?" Isn't argumentative or aggressive. A genuine, confused question. Isn't there something better than what they have? Nux can't possibly know what that is but it's something he's always hungered for. Something the Immortan dangled just beyond their reach, with his promises of Valhalla. Some paradise on a different plane. Up above the sky somewhere.

There had to be something else.
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"We can't be trusted." He sighs, the words of the girls when they first pushed Nux off the rig echoing in his mind. Who killed the world? It wasn't just one man, there's no easy answer to that one, but he remembers they had bigger and more terrifying weapons than they do now. Nuclear bombs. He remembers they had them, because he remembers they used them, and Max is just one of the lucky ones not to have suffered firsthand from the fallout.