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the pic prompt meme

I — Comment with your character.
II — Others will leave a picture (or two, or three...)
III — Reply to them with a setting based on the picture.

IV — Link to any pictures that are NSFW, please.
V — Be aware that this meme will likely be image-heavy. That's kind of the point.

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right in the feels

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[Capable was the one who made a makeshift gravestone for Nux. She placed it not far from the wreckage and scraped his name into the rock. Even though his body wasn't buried there, it gave her some small form of comfort. He was the only one honored in such a way.

She visited the grave every couple of months and eventually that drifted to once a year. Always on the anniversary of the wives' escape and the dawn of their new lives. This time she had a small flower to place next to the head stone. Dag had given it to her earlier that morning.

She was kneeling next to the grave when she caught sight of him. A face she hadn't seen since the very day he had helped set them all free

Max? Is
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[Where he's come from, and how, is hard to say. His hair has grown longer and there's more of a beard than there is just stubble, but the jacket is the same and so is the way he stands, most of his weight on the right leg and hands twitching ready to fight. He hasn't gone back to feral all the way, but he does have to watch her for a moment longer before he decides it's safe to approach.

Of course, who knows how long he's been watching her already, dredging up old memories. He comes closer, but stops slightly out of reach, gaze shifting between her and the headstone. Under the beard, he licks his lips and his mouth works a little, the fight for words that may look familiar. Finally the low croak of a voice finds its way out.]

Haven't... mmn. Seen one of those. Long time.
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[She barely recognized him under the scruff of a beard and longer hair, but there's no mistaking the way he holds himself. Like a man on the edge. She knew not to be afraid. There was no reason for him to attack her. The fact that he had ended up here of all places on this day might not have been intentional on his part, but she liked to think it was. This being the anniversary of Nux's death. Of course, a lot of people had died that day, but to her Nux was the most important]

I remember it from when I was little. There used to be crosses and other grave markers, although they were so old I couldn't make out the names.

[She tucked the small flower in place and turned to stand, watching as his gaze shifted from her to the headstone]

I thought he deserved to be remembered. That's all he ever wanted.
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[He nods slowly, thoughtful, and the faraway look is one she'd seen less of in the chaotic time they'd been on the road but it's not completely unfamiliar. After any length of time alone in the Wasteland, people could be left groping for civilized speech and habits. Survival against the raw elements is not a boon to one's social skills.]

Everyone deserves. Not... everyone gets.

[Then he sighs, because he does remember her, and all of the girls, and he remembers Nux, too. The boy was a damn thorn in his side, or a needle in his vein, to be more accurate. He'd been a much-needed ally though, too. The world didn't do any of them the favors they deserved in life.]

Was good. What he did.
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He was more than just a war boy at the end of his half life. He sacrificed himself so we could reach the Citadel. So we could be free.

[She would never forget him and what he had done for her. For the other wives and even Max. Capable had connected with him on a much more emotional level and she still mourned him, but life went on]

What you did was good too. You should come to the Citadel and see the others. Dag had her baby you know. A little girl.

[A perfectly healthy little girl. Just the opposite of what Immortan Joe would have wanted]
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[Max gives a little twitch, and when he looks at Capable, his gaze begins quickly to drift to one side of her and downwards, as if there were a child standing next to her now. His hands clench and unclench at his sides, some of the fingers stiff and crooked from old injuries.]

Good. [There's a sharp shake of his hairy head and few hard blinks, and he manages to refocus on her.]

I don't... belong.

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Maybe you don't, but it can't hurt to visit, right? Get a hair cut. See the way the Citadel has changed...

[She didn't think it was too much of a stretch for him to see what he had helped create. Everything had changed]

You should at least see Furiosa. You saved her life.

[She moved from the grave to take a single step towards him. Moving slowly so he could see she meant no harm and didn't intend to trap him]

You don't have to stay, but that doesn't mean you have to avoid all of us.
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[Of course it's Furiosa's name that makes him give another little twitch, and he watches her start an approach, and gives a short little intake of breath. He holds his ground though, calming again in a moment. Capable always did have a way of gentling troubled people, after all. He reads the intention in her movements, and his hands still and loosen at his sides.]

She's... well? [She is not imagining how hopeful he looks.]
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[Capable could tell that Max was definitely intrigued now that she'd mentioned Furiosa. He had saved her life. Who knows? Maybe they had some sort of connection that no one else could understand. Like her and Nux]

She's very well. You really saved her life. I know she would want to see you again.

[Even more incentive for him to come back to the Citadel, if only for a little while]
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[He looks down and away, awkward and sheepish, because saving someone's life is a hell of a way to make a bond, and he thinks the score is probably pretty even between them, but he's not sure she'd see it that way. Max understands Furiosa would not want to feel beholden to anyone, even him.]

'M glad. She's well. Still... [One hand lifts and he makes a few vague and uncertain gestures towards his face,]

...pale. When I...

[When he left. Because there was no way that he could stay in that place of crowds and bad memories still fresh and raw in tattoos only half-healed on his back. He did leave, though, and he's got just enough understanding of how friendship is supposed to work to know that he might be in trouble for leaving.]