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wake up, wake up

wake up, wake up, it's only a bad dream meme

bad dreams are ordeals, sometimes seemingly endless. when you wake up, your heart pounds, your head hurts, and you end up drenched in sweat. even if you know none of it was real, it takes a while to orient yourself.

it is pretty nice to have someone there to wake you up or to soothe you out of it and remind you that...

it's only a dream.

the usual rules apply. post with your character and preferences and then tag around, have your characters comfort others.

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Alan Tracy | Thunderbirds Are Go! | Closed

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Heavy rain lashed against the windows, punctuated by loud booms of thunder and flashes of lightning. It was in the middle of the night on Tracy Island, and the residents were sound asleep. Most of them at least.

The youngest was having a bad time of it, tossing and turning on his bed. It was clear he was in the throws of bad dreams, and the ambiance of the stormy night wasn't helping. He mumbled in his sleep, though it was mostly unintelligable as he fitfully twisted, getting tangled in the bedsheets. It wasn't uncommon for the Tracy's to have bad nights like this, but Alan seemed prone to them. Though not as much like when he was small.

At a particular loud boom of thunder, Alan cried out and actually fell off the bed, partially awake and struggling against the sheets he was caught up in. When he became more conscious and realized where he was, he simply lay there, shaken and out of breath.
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It generally took a fair bit of effort to usually wake Virgil up if it wasn't to do a rescue. He generally slept like a rock, but there were always exceptions. Something had woken him up and the noisy storm had kept him awake. He'd finally gotten up to get some water, but he hadn't gotten far, when passing Alan's door, he'd heard a cry with the crash of thunder.

Backing up to Alan's door, he quietly pushed it open, glancing inside. It wasn't unusual to find Alan on the floor, but not like that. It looked like he'd fallen from the bed. "Alan?" he said, in a hushed voice, as he slipped in, pushing the door closed behind him and coming to crouch down beside him. "Hey kiddo? You okay?"
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Great. Just great. Now he could add being embarassed on top of all the miserable. Alan tried to ignore the fact he was shaking as Virgil came in, and rolled to face away from his brother when the other knelt next to him. At least he was keeping his voice down. Not that it mattered with the racket outside. Stupid storm.

He was still tangled in his blankets and he was clammy with a cold sweat. Stupid blanket...stupid everything.

"I'm fine..." He managed, a little harshly than originally intended as he tried to disguise the shake in his voice. He remained facing away from Virgil, hoping it was too dim for him to see him grind the heels of his palms into his eyes to clear them of the hot tears that had gathered. Beneath it all, the unsettling feeling of the dream haunted his emotions.
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Virgil sat back on his heels, studying his little brother. Unfortunately for Alan, given Virgil had been awake a little while now, his eyes had adjusted to the low light. Sometimes it was so hard to know what to do for the kid... he wasn't exactly a kid any more, but he wasn't an adult yet either.

He hesitated, then gently set a reassuring hand on Alan's shoulder for a moment. "Alright, if you're sure." He then moved to rise back up. He wanted to comfort him more, but if Alan didn't want it... he didn't want to push.
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Alan shuddered when Virgil touched his shoulder, biting his lip to keep the tears in. He was equal parts embarassed and ashamed at himself and equal parts not wanting to be alone.

"No...I.." He managed, when he heard Virgil move to get back up. He managed to sit up in the pile of blankets, not looking at his older brother as he kept his head down and away. "It was a bad dream okay?" Frustration and embarassment leaked into his shaken tones, and he swiped at his face again. Dammit he wasn't 5...ugh.

"Sorry if I...woke you up." He muttered.
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He paused his movements when Alan sat up, watching the teen struggling with his feelings. Virgil didn't do anything for a moment, then he sat right on down, on the carpet, settling his hand right back down on Alan's shoulder. It was pretty clear, Alan didn't really want to be left alone and Virgil really didn't feel like leaving him like this.

"You didn't. I was already awake. I was getting some water when I heard you," Virgil explained quietly. "Must have been a doozy, huh?"
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Alan didn't look up, but he was aware of Virgil sitting on the floor next to him. He sniffed sullenly at the hand on his shoulder, but he leaned a little into the touch nonetheless. Okay, he was glad that he didn't wake up Virgil, but it was still embarassing as hell to be caught like this.

He sighed with a small nod. "Yeah." He replied quietly, reaching up to swipe at his face. Next to Gordon, he was the playful good natured one of the group. He didn't like to be seen like this. The thunder rumbled outside, matching his mood.

"Haven't had one that bad in a while."
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"Heh... You've been lucky then. Wish I could say that," Virgil replied, with a faint chuckle. Bad dreams seemed to come with the territory when came to their life. Every week or two some nightmare was bound to pull him from much needed sleep. Such was the way of things.

"With a storm like this, it's not too surprising you'd have one tonight," he added, glancing up as thunder rumbled again. Wonderful night they were having alright.
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To be honest, Alan wasn't a stranger to nightmares either. But this was the first time in a while where he welcomed comfort (even though it was accidental). When he was a kid he would simply go to one of his brothers and crawl into bed with them. But he hadn't done that in years. Most times if he was disturbed by dreams he just kept it to himself these days.

Alan lowered his eyes, remembering how they would encourage him to say what the dream was about. The dream was all ready fading, but he still remembered the gist of it. It was almost silly now, but the feelings were still very real.

"We were trying to rescue Dad. In the dream." He murmured in nearly a whisper. It was hard on the Tracy's, without true closure to Jeff's disappearance. Everything pointed to a likely death, but no body was found. It hit them all hard in various ways.
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They'd all, growing up, seeked the comfort from their other brothers at some point or another. Virgil could remember spending many nights comforted by their oldest brother, till he finally learned to handle them on his own--mostly, anyways.

Virgil listened to Alan's words and his expression quickly became one that just knew what that meant. He'd had more than a few of ones about their dad too since his disappearance; more than a few even. Those nights were always rough nights.

He scooched a little closer, sliding his arm further around Alan's shoulders, giving a gentle squeeze. "Alan... You don't need to tell me more," he said softly, voice hitching a slightly.
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When Virgil moved closer and placed an arm around him, it took everything Alan had not to lose it. Though embarassment be damned - he leaned into his brother's warmth and wrapped his arms around his middle. He was silent for a few moments, head resting on Virgil's shoulder.

Eventually he raised his head, light blue eyes vibrant with emotion as silent tears rolled down his cheeks. "It was horrible." He said quietly. "I lost track of you all...and one by one, you were all gone. Just like Mom and just like Dad." Alan remembered their mother the least, considering he was very young still when she died. It bothered him a little, that even the vague impressions he had, had also faded.

"Do you think he's still alive?" He asked quieter.
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He was a little surprised that Alan decided to come closer, but he certainly didn't mind. Virgil didn't say anything, he only wrapped his arm a little more around his little brother, hugging him close; being a comforting presence.

A lump caught in his throat when Alan looked up and he could see the tears rolling down his cheeks. He really had gone and had a doozy of a nightmare alright. And then he went and asked him that. Now there was a weighted question if there ever was one. "Alan..." he began, trying to figure out how to even start to answer it.

He let out a soft sigh, and wrapped his other arm around the boy, drawing him close again, chin softly resting on the top of his head. "I'm not sure what to think anymore," he admitted, quietly. "I really want to believe he's somewhere out there, but... he's been gone so long and we haven't found anything."

Virgil shut his eyes, emotion building up and it was obvious in his voice. "...But I don't want to give up."
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Alan said nothing. He simply just held onto Virgil tightly. He hadn't done anything like this in a long time to be honest - but well...this dream had hit him particularly hard. He felt his brother hug him tight, resting his head on his. The brothers had been so busy with International Rescue that none of them had a chance to properly grieve. And like Virgil, probably didn't want to give up. Alan secretly believed that Jeff was alive somewhere and needed their help.

It hurt.

"I don't want to either." Alan whispered. "It just hurts not knowing if he needs our help."
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"Yeah..." he said, agreeing with Alan's words. "All of us wish we had answers, Alan and all of us still hurt, even if it might not always seem like it."

He shifted his hold a little, arms sliding a bit more around the teen before settling back into the same firm hug. He really hated the pain their father's disappearance was putting them all through. As much as he didn't want to give up hope, he also really wished they could have closure, whatever way it went. Not knowing... not having answers, they couldn't grieve properly; they couldn't move on. They were all stuck in this painful limbo.

"You have nothing to be embarrassed about, you got that? If you need to cry, cry, okay? You'll get no judgement from me," Virgil whispered to him.
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"I know." Alan murmured, not lifting his head. He saw the hidden pain whenever they were on a rescue mission, in the raw worry of those still on the island waiting to be deployed. He saw it in Scott's almost recklessness. Willing to dive into almost any situation. He saw it in the tightly controlled panic when one of them was in trouble.

Even though they were all independent young men - it was no secret that the Tracy brothers had an inseperable bond. Even more so with Jeff missing (he refused to say gone). It wasn't quite separation anxiety but...

Virgil's words caused him to make a noise like a quivery 'hah'. "Who's crying?" He lied - knowing that Virgil knew it was a lie. He couldn't help but be embarassed but...he also couldn't deny the comfort of Virgil's presence. He gave his brother a tight squeeze when the brunette resettled.

"Don't tell the others....okay?" He whispered. Scott didn't need yet another thing to worry about. The guy was going to give himself a stroke.
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There was a faint chuckle at the 'who's crying?' reply, and only hugged the boy even closer as he felt Alan return a squeeze to him. It was so hard on them all, but he knew it was hardest of all to the youngest as well as the oldest. These two... what was he going to do with them?

"Hm? Tell them what?" he said, a vague smile on his face and his voice reflected that, before it settled back into serious. "Don't worry, Al... This is just between us."

He wouldn't tell Scott for same reason didn't want to. It was time Scott relinquished some of the weight he was boring, so Virgil was more than happy to take this on. Scott definitely didn't need to know.

"And, look, it doesn't matter how old you get, if you ever need to come wake me up cause of... whatever, do it, alright?" he added, completely serious. He'd rather any day being woken up by a troubled brother, than know they were somewhere hiding in their room alone and miserable. There were certainly nights he wished there was someone to turn to. It was usually only luck when he did bump into someone.
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Alan made a watery sound that could have been the start of a laugh, but it was a small noise. He trusted that Virgil would keep it between them. Plus he hadn't heard the nickname 'Al' in a while.

He held on to Virgil tightly, uttering a quiet sniff at his brother's words. Embarassing this may be, but...there was no way that Alan would push Virgil away. Despite his youth at that awkward stage between child and man - where he wanted to be viewed as an equal and as an adult with the independence that came with it - he knew that without his brothers he would be lost.

"Thanks." He whispered, voice shaking at Virgil's offer, not knowing what else to say. He closed his eyes, feeling the tears on his face. "I can still hear him you know? he's gonna land on the runway and come in like he always did. Sometimes I look out my window like I'll see him coming. Then everything will be okay..."
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Alan's words hit Virgil like a proverbial dump truck or even like a stab to the heart. In fact, he'd have to say both, at the same time, was pretty accurate. What his kid brother had just said hit him harder than he'd ever have expected such words to. Tensing, his head dropped slightly, settling against the side of his brother's head. A tremble ran through his jaw, before he clenched it to put a stop to it. "...K-Kiddo... geez, you're gonna make me cry," he murmured, trying to avoid losing it.

No luck. He found himself grimacing as the words replayed in his head and feelings overcame him. Something wet likely hit Alan's ear. "We'll get him home, Alan, somehow..." Virgil said, a whisper now.
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Awww man. Now Alan felt a little more horrible. He ducked his head, hiding his face from view against Virgil's shirt. He didn't like to put such a burden on his brother. It was one reason why he kept these sorts of things to himself.

"M'sorry..." He mumbled, barely audible. After all that effort trying to stop or conceal his tears, knowing his brother was getting choked up was not helping. He was silent as he wept, though his shoulders shook in his brother's hold. All he could do was hope that their father was alive and that someday they'd bring him home.
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"Hey... No saying sorry," he said firmly, having managed to just catch that mumbled apology. At least, he was pretty sure that's what he'd just heard. What was he even apologizing for? For saying those words? For making Virgil cry? Whatever the reason he didn't want to be apologized to.

"In fact... Alan, come on, look at me," he said suddenly. He settled his hands on Alan's shoulders, gently urging him to let go a bit so he could do so.
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Alan didn't respond to Virgil at first. But when his older brother placed his hands on his shoulders, urging him to look at him - the blonde slowly raised his head, feeling quite ashamed of himself. He probably looked a sight too.

His eyes flicked to Virgil's, reddened and vibrant blue as always. He wiped at his face, hating to be seen this way. At least it was Virgil and not the others.
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Warm, brown eyes met Alan's gaze and a large smile appeared on Virgil's face that reached his eyes, despite the few tears that still lingered there. He didn't even bother to wipe them though; he didn't mind at all that Alan could see them. He wanted Alan to see he wasn't ashamed or embarrassed. While he wouldn't let just anyone see him like this... his family? Well, they were his family. If you couldn't be emotional around them, who could you be with?

He brought up a hand to softly cup his brother's jaw, big thumb rubbing away a few of the tears from his cheek. "There. See? I'm fine," he said softly, the smile replaced by a grin. "What you said just caught me here," he pulled his hand away and thumped his fist about where his heart was, "Cause, heh, I guess I'm really some big ol' softy or something."

He glanced around and leaned in a little, back side of his hand by his mouth. "But don't let it get around," he added, smirking a bit before it relaxed back into a smile. He settled his hand back down onto Alan's shoulder once more.
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Just seeing that expression on Virgil's face almost made Alan start crying again. He didn't move away from the touch - no one did that to him for years either. That definitely made his eyes well up again. He spluttered with a watery smile.

"Big ol' softy huh? Who would've thought that a teddy bear was underneath the nerves of steel?" He couldn't help but tease. Honestly, Alan looked up to his older brothers a lot. Especially Virgil. He always kept his cool no matter what. He nodded at his brothers words. Here he was blubbering like a 2 year old - he wouldn't dare snitch on Virgil!

He sighed a little lowering his eyes. "I just don't like being seen like this you know?" He admitted. "I'm not a kid anymore and well...I work hard to try and show it." He shrugged a little. "I love what we do. I love flying. I love space...and I love our jobs. I...just don't want to let you guys down. I want you to be proud of me. Wherever he is, I want Dad..." He couldn't continue the sentence and shook his head. "Like an equal you know? Like a man." He knew he had some respect. After the incidents up in space, and at the collider they knew he was a valuable member of the team. was hard being the youngest and underestimated.
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He chuckled a little at the teasing, grinning a bit. He wasn't surprised Alan had that impression of him, he probably didn't really remember how Virgil had been like before he'd entered his teenage years and had begun to follow Scott's lead more closely. Though no John, he'd been quieter and a little shy... a kid who could spend hours painting or playing the piano, to much teasing and ridicule. It had shaped him today, but that boy was still very much inside the strong, 'nerves of steel' exterior.

"Alan... We are all proud of you and Dad, wherever he may be, is too. Don't you doubt that for a second," he began, setting that straight right away. Alan had just said a lot that needed addressing though. This was the sort of conversation where Scott shined; Virgil could only hope to somewhat convey what needed to be said.

"I know and understand you want to be seen the same... I get that. We all understand. We've all been through it ourselves, you know, but that's why we also don't want you to grow up too fast... which you already kinda have. You only grow up once, you know? Then it's gone."

Right. What else. "Being like 'this'... it isn't being weak or any less adult. It's... being human," he attempted to explain, pausing trying to figure out how better to. "Like... well, you know how I'm all 'nerves of steel,' right?
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Alan smiled a little at the reassurance. "I know." He murmured. "I just never want to let you guys down. Or the people we help." His eyes flicked downward. "I'm afraid sometimes." He hated to admit such a thing, but there it was. He just worked that much harder so that he wouldn't fail. Though others marvelled sometimes at how relaxed he was going on rescues. Like even taking the time to nap while on route or play videogames. He was just a natural at what he was able to do.

He nodded, understanding what his brother was telling him. It was just hard to be the youngest at times, looking up to four hero brothers that was his entire world. Well, four hero brothers and a badass young woman that he thought more of than he cared to admit. "Yeah growing up kinda sucks." He muttered, trying to wise crack. It was true though. They all had to grow up way before their time and had to deal with really serious things at such young ages.

He looked up at Virgil though at the mention of his nerves of steel. "Yeah? I mean...both you and Scott. You guys are invincible! You take anything on without breaking a sweat. It's kind of amazing." He said finally, his tone admiring despite the heavier emotions on his face.
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