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here's hoping everything is solar-powered


Disaster has befallen you. Your plane crashed, your car ran out of gas, or your guide taking you into the Congo to return your monkey has vanished. Whatever the cause, you're screwed. Time to break out those Survivorman skills and try to stay alive long enough for rescue.

Or start talking to a volleyball. You know. Whichever.

» Post a comment with your character's name and canon in the subject line.
» Choose settings and problems as needed. Specify your preferences, if any.
» Be excellent to each other and have fun!

What's the setting?
1. Desert - Hot, dry, full of angry plants and reptiles.
2. Island - Hot and humid, surrounded by water, and possibly full of small children who want to eat you.
3. Forest - Have you seen Arachnophobia? This never ends well.
4. Arctic tundra - Hope you brought your long-johns.
5. Savannah - Mind the lions and the crocodiles.
6. Adrift at sea - Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink.
7. Other - Go wild!

What's the problem?
1. Weather - Tsunami, drought, or blizzard. Mother Nature's out to get you.
2. Hunted by animals - Mother Nature's STILL out to get you. She's just taking the shorter route.
3. Hunted by people - Sometimes, it's not the four legged animals you have to worry about.
4. Hunted by monsters - What do you mean 'Bigfoot'?
5. No supplies - Ain't no party like a Donner Party.
6. Injury/illness - Were you injured in the crash? Ate the wrong 'shrooms? Better hope there's someone with medical training in your group.
7. Other - Go wild!

(snagged from [community profile] memebells)
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1-6 sup bloodbag

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[If this is Valhalla, it's not what Nux was expecting. It's just as dry and red as the desert, just as hot, and the dust in the air fills his lungs just as much. More unexpected is the fact that it hurts, and this is what makes Nux suspect that he's been once again denied his glorious death. Everything hurts, and not even the way it does when Larry and Barry and their friends deeper in him are messing around with his insides. His whole right side is a blaze of pain. His arm feels like it might be useless. Glory, this is not.

Eventually, things swim into focus enough for him to really understand what's happened: he's lying on a bed of rubble, thrown clear from the ruin of the war rig. He sits up very, very slowly, and tries not to be sick at the way it makes his head swim anyway. He squints at his surroundings. Bodies, wrecks, junk... Did they win? Did they lose? Did what he did mean anything at all?

Something primal grips him then and he lets out a wild, animal yell, digging his hands into the gravel beneath him. He yells until his throat can't take any more.]
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Max does not a good doctor make...

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[When he left the Citadel, Max did not tell Furiosa and the wives that he was going back to check the wreckage. In point of fact he didn't tell them anything at all, just traded a nod as the platform rose, carrying the women upwards to be leaders in the new empire, whatever they might make of it. His place was not there, and he knew it.

What he expected to find, out here, he's not sure. What was left of the living, after Nux's stunt with the war rig, have limped away, possibly to regroup, possibly just to die trying to reach a home that is no longer what they'd expect to return to anyway. Frowning, he pokes through the rubble, scavenges a little from ruined vehicles, then freezes in alarm as the yelling starts.

It's a long, long moment before his he can tell apart the individual heartbeats thudding against his ribs. It's in moments of panic like that Max often does things he's not even really aware of doing, until he comes to with blood on his hands. The journey with company has edged back some of his feral instincts, though, and this time he comes around still crouched and panting right where he was when the noise started. Actually, the yelling seems to still be going on, if a little raspier. Somebody survived. Somebody who is very overtly giving away their position. Somebody who does not have the common sense not to make a lot of pained noise in a world that consists almost entirely of predators.

Max draws a gun, levels it out before him, and goes to investigate.]

Shut up.
[He almost holsters the gun, when he sees who it is. Almost.]
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[personal profile] iamawaited 2015-06-05 12:08 am (UTC)(link)
[Nux's mouth snaps shut when he hears the familiar voice. He looks up, eyes going wide, far more at the sight of the man than the gun in his hand.]

Blood Bag?

[His voice is very hoarse now, but that's far from the worst of him. He's a mess of burns and wounds, his right arm in particular a fury of red and black. The V8 engine so lovingly carved into his chest is scraped raw and cut into pieces. But he still has his legs, even if his pants are shredded to tatters, and he tries to get them under himself and stand now. He props himself up on his left arm, starts to rise, but wobbles dangerously and sits back down as his eyes unfocus.]
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[personal profile] madmanmax 2015-06-05 12:31 am (UTC)(link)
[Hunh. Not dead. He sees dead people on a pretty regular basis, and the crazy Blackthumb doesn't look like one of them. Half dead, maybe, but that's still half alive. He's definitely unarmed, so Max trades out his gun for a water canteen, and edges just close enough to hold it within Nux's reach.]

Does it all still work?
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[He hesitates, then reaches out -- glumly, with the less injured arm -- and takes the canteen. He tries to grab the cap with his right hand and grits his teeth as pain shoots through him like hellfire and lances and nothing that is in any way shiny.]

It... will.

[He's already betrayed everything it means to be a War Boy. He can't be a useless one on top of it. Speaking of which--]

The Citadel?

[--he asks, with hope and dread both in his voice.]
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[Max watches, gaze unreadable as ever, and he sees the expressions of pain but there's really not much he can do about it. Broken limbs can be mended, though, not quite as good as new, but at least useable. If he'd had the kind of nerve damage that meant his legs didn't work at all, then it would probably be kinder just to shoot him out here and be done with it. The only mercy the Wasteland has room for are the small ones.

But Nux is moving around and talking and drinking, and those are all good signs, so he's probably worth taking back. Max has a vague notion there's at least one person who wouldn't mind seeing the kid again.]

She's there. Don't know what they'll do with the place.
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[He knows which she he means, but his mind goes straight to Capable anyway. Both make Nux sink back in relief. It wasn't for nothing, him crashing the rig, and maybe... Maybe that means there's somewhere for him to go next, and someone to tell him what it is he can die for now before Larry and Barry do the inglorious work for him.

It's enough of a hope that he manages to grind through the pain and uncap the canteen. He takes a sip of aqua cola -- then allows himself a great big gulp like an addict, because it feels so good on his aching throat that he can't deny himself just a little more.]

Then this turned out to be a good day after all, eh?
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[personal profile] madmanmax 2015-06-05 01:44 am (UTC)(link)
[He's not sure himself, if he means Furiosa, or Nux's red-haired heroine. Maybe he means them both. At the painfully cheerful comment he squints though, frowning a little, and gives a grunt. He doesn't mind Nux gulping the water, because he's got enough for them to make it back to the Citadel without running out, easily enough. He knows Capable will be glad to see the boy again, and there's probably some kind of welcome for Max too if he brings him back. None of this means that optimism sits easy in his mind, and so he frowns, and croaks in his grindstone of a voice,]

That was two days ago.
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Two days?

[He's been out here for that long? The time is a blur -- he remembers nothing after the crash. He blinks owlishly, but then he nods and shakes it off. It's irrelevant: he lived when he should have died, but so did the Wives and his Blood Bag, and that's to the good.

He takes another drink, then manages to stop himself and wipes his scarred mouth on the back of his relatively uninjured arm before holding the canteen back out. Something occurs to him as he does.]

Why come here?
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[Nux is just lucky the debris sheltered him from getting baked to a crisp, and no meat eaters came along. It would be a lot harder to think of glory while dying by inches.

Max recaps the canteen and clips it on a belt, then crouches closer stiffly and analyzes the layout of hi limbs, trying to decide if he can be hauled over a shoulder, or will need anything bound and splinted, first.]

To make sure it's over.

[That there might be survivors definitely occurred to him. That this would be a good thing did not.]
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[Nux sways back slightly as the other man hunches close like some kind of particularly intelligent animal sniffing him over. He's more surprised than alarmed. They trust each other by now, he thinks. Some warriors might cut him up for parts, but not this one.

Which doesn't mean Nux wants to let himself be carried around while he's still conscious. He makes another effort to rise, reaching out again with the good arm.]

Give me a boost, Blood Bag.

[If he's allowed, he'll grab on to his shoulder and try to haul himself unsteadily to his feet.]
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[personal profile] madmanmax 2015-06-05 02:42 am (UTC)(link)
[If Nux pulls him down with him, they'll both be sorry, but for the moment he'll grudgingly let him try, once. If Nux can't stand on his own on the first try, Max will be quick to move on to plan B. Not that he's sure what Plan B is yet, but he's a fast thinker, so if it comes to that he'll improvise.

In the meantime he gives a grunt, and grips the boy by the arms to help haul him up. It's not an ideal position to be in, crouched while Nux uses him as a crutch, but he knows he can take the kid out if he tries anything. Nux may trust Max, but Max doesn't trust anybody completely.]
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[personal profile] iamawaited 2015-06-05 02:49 am (UTC)(link)
[It hurts intensely, especially when he grabs onto his arm -- it hurts badly enough that he gasps and grabs his shirt tight, tight, tight for a moment. But then the pain passes and he's able to stand with his arm around his Blood Bag's shoulders, not entirely unsupported, but almost. He breathes in deep, blinking his vision into a focus that actually holds this time.]

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[personal profile] madmanmax 2015-06-05 02:59 am (UTC)(link)
[Max himself is just a little stiff on his left leg- the knee brace isn't just a fashion accessory, after all. He's sturdy enough to support Nux, though. He's even fairly patient and calm while the boy reels briefly from pain, and recovers.]

Long ride... [Not so long, really, but it's a long ride for somebody injured who's going to feel the jolt of every pebble along the way. Max turns them slowly and carefully, letting him lean, and starts across the rubble towards the bike he used to get here. It's not a long walk, either, but thanks to the heap of wreckage Nux was in, it's not a walk across level ground, but more of a stagger over rocks and metal. They'll just have to take it slow.]
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[personal profile] iamawaited 2015-06-05 03:23 am (UTC)(link)
[For better or worse, Nux is used to pain and weakness. There's still a part of him that contemplates finding the nearest shard of metal and a piece of tubing and plugging right back in to the other man, get some of that high-octane blood back in his system, but... he doesn't, and not only because he likely wouldn't be the victor in that battle. He's a man, now, Nux realizes, and not just a blood bag. Just like he's not just a War Boy anymore, either.

He's quiet for a bit as he limps along, his bad arm hanging at his side, the good one still supporting him on--]

Do you have a name, Blood Bag?
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[personal profile] madmanmax 2015-06-05 01:49 pm (UTC)(link)
[There's a sidelong glance, and a hint of skepticism, because this is one of the last people he ever expected to ask him that. For so long he's wandered, losing himself, and he hasn't much cared what anyone called him. Road Warrior, raggedy man, blood bag, it's all the same. Recent adventures have forced him to find himself again, at least a little, but the last time he gave out his name it was to a woman he thought was dying. He's glad she didn't, but he's not even sure if she heard him.

He gives a grunt in reply, focusing on getting them over the rubble and down to level ground. The bike is standing in the shadow of a ruined car, and he props Nux against it so he can step back and get a look at the dangling arm. It might be best to put that in a sling before they go riding.]

...Max. [Whether the delay in his answer was because he wanted to get them to a stopping point first, or just because he had to dredge his own name up, will be left to Nux to decide.]
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[personal profile] iamawaited 2015-06-05 06:27 pm (UTC)(link)
[It was at least a halfway honest question -- does he have a name and not what his name is -- and Nux doesn't seem more than mildly curious when he remains silent at first. He's been nameless this whole time anyway, and even Nux knows that his grip on sanity is tenuous at best. Maybe he really doesn't have one anymore. Maybe he's forgotten. Nux is about to say he'll just keep calling him Blood Bag when the man--

--when Max sets him down. He cocks his head to the side, trying it out mentally, then aloud.]


[It'll take some getting used to. But then he's distracted, anyway, by Bl-- by Max poring over his injured arm.]

I'll be fine.

[He opens and closes his hand in demonstration, even though the pain makes him clench his teeth and grip the bike seat hard with the other. The skin cracks in some places as he does.]
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[personal profile] madmanmax 2015-06-06 01:32 am (UTC)(link)
[Max himself would be the last to try defending a claim to sanity. Just because he's gone around the bend doesn't mean he's unaware of that fact. He's more than a little crazy, and more than a little feral, but he's not stupid.

He steps back briefly, watches Nux claim to be okay, and then spasm in pain trying to prove it. There are no words needed to convey the depth of his skepticism, his expression alone is enough. Max adds a grunt, then starts rummaging in one of the bags strapped to the bike until he comes up with some cloth. His hands are quick, and not entirely ungentle, as he tries to wrap the boy's arm a little, and make a sling to hold it stable against his chest. That's about all the medicine he can manage, out here.]
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[personal profile] iamawaited 2015-06-06 03:55 am (UTC)(link)
[It's more than Nux wants -- or maybe more than Nux wants to need. He tries to protest--]

No, really.

[--but then Max touches his arm again and his voice fails in a croak of pain. He falls to just trying to breathe through it, scarred chest rising and falling in shallow, rapid panting. He'd cried out in fury after being denied his Valhalla, but he's not going to cry out in pain like an unbranded War Pup. He forces a toothy grin.]

You've been scarred and branded before, haven't you-- Max? Just adding a new set to my collection.
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[He didn't even stop to wash, at the Citadel, so Max still bears some of the grunge and dried blood from their recent adventures. There's even a new scar still healing, on his right temple. Then there's the brand at the back of his neck- blurred because he was fighting hard when it was put on him, and the tattoo on his back describing his eligibility as a blood bag. Oh yes, he has his scars.

He grunts, giving the sling a careful adjustment, and nods half to himself. The way Nux says it, he seems to think the scars are a good thing, but Max knows if he collects enough of those, they're going to start slowing him down. His knee is a little iffy sometimes as it is.]

Don't go looking for more.
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[The ones Nux already has are a good thing, or at least he still thinks they are. In the days to come, when it really sinks in that Immortan Joe is dead and his cult destroyed, his faith in that may wobble. These have been the signs of his devotion: the V-8 on his chest, the skeleton lines etched into his face. What they mean now-- he has yet to think about that, much less decide.

But the new scars already beginning to form on his arm are different. He wavers on them despite the feral smile on his face. Are they the wounds of a war well-fought and won, or the mark of closed gates? Is he victorious or helpless? The Citadel will clear things for him. It has to.]

Why? What do you see when you look at yours?
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[At the question, Max glances down at his left hand, recently re-wrapped in bandages and aching. He's not sure the last two fingers will ever work the same again. His gaze continues down to the knee with its makeshift brace. Everything still works, as the tattoo on his back would attest, but he's starting to feel like his old car, crashed and rebuilt several times over, until the engine rattled and the frame creaked when he made tight turns. It's cold wreckage, now, but he's still moving.]

Mmhn. History. Too much of it.
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[personal profile] iamawaited 2015-06-06 08:57 pm (UTC)(link)
[Nux knows this is important. There's too much gravity in Max's voice, even as stoic as it is, for it not to be. As someone with very little history, though, it's hard to easily understand why. He looks Max over, then down at his arm, softening a little.]

Battles lost?
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[Max is not an old man, but he's considerably older than Nux is, and has all the varied experience of a traveler to go with his years.

He gives a shrug, face unreadable.]

Some lost. Some won. It's easy to lose track.
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[That's really the rub of it. Nux is not a child, but his half-life has provided him little more than a child's experience of anything outside fixing engines and making war. And even then, a child's version of war up until now: all guts and glory and shiny explosions, and no real sense of anything else until the moment he failed his personal god.

Even the friends he's lost among the War Boys, even Slit... he feels them, but in a sort of abstract way -- something he had before is gone now. They were always going to die, after all. The dead make good comrades and poor companions.

So Max says this and Nux doesn't really understand, knows he doesn't really understand, frets a little at it because it feels like he should.]

Battles won are glory.

[But he doesn't sound so sure now. He doesn't feel very glorious.]

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