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voicetest meme

the voicetest meme

Always wanted to try your hand at that complex character, but were always uncertain? Have a pup who's still wet behind the ears? A muse just shaking off the dust from sitting in a corner for too long? Well, here is the opportunity for you!

Just leave a comment with your character's name and canon, as well as any information you deem relevant.

Whether you want to start the thread, or let subsequent taggers choose is up to you. Use the Plot Scenario Generator if you want a little push or use picture prompts.
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Let's try this!

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[It had been weeks, more than a month, since they'd returned to the Citadel. The War Pups had transitioned easily enough, and even the few remaining Imperators saw the wisdom of surrender, loving even their half lives more than death, in the wake of the Immortan's fall.

The Bullet Farm had been a bigger problem, taking the loss of their leader a little, well, personally. She and the War Boys had handled them well enough, enough to convince the Citadel that they did need to keep the army, an army, and the War Boys, for better or worse, had skills they needed.

But now, Furiosa found a time to slip away, promising to be back 'soon'. The Citadel had never been home, and the more domesticated it got, the less comfortable she felt.

Tracking Max wasn't as hard as she'd thought: she had her skill, too, from years in the Citadel, and so it was only a few days out from the Citadel.]

So. This what you've been up to?
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He hears her coming, since hers is the only running engine for miles around. It was probably foolish of him to leave on foot, and what he was thinking was anyone's guess, but she's found him with the rusting wreck of an old car. It looks like it may have rolled over at some point, possibly a few times. There's still a huge length of metal and piles of rocks that show how he had to roll it upright again. The hood is open, engine laid out in pieces.

It looks like a lost cause.

Max stands waiting in the midst of his work, wary, stubborn, persistent. The only answer to her question is a firm nod.
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[Damned if she knew what he was thinking when he left at all. She knew she could have used the company of someone who wasn't filled with questions, demands, doubts. Someone who just seemed to be...until he needed to do something else.

Furiosa kicks her leg over the motorbike, swinging off it. Not the sturdiest vehicle, but it was fast enough to outrace the Gas Town boys, and the mileage, well, she'd thought the gas mileage might matter.

She tosses a canteen at him, stepping past him to look at the wreck of the car, nodding. ]

Nice job. Very thorough.

[When you destroy something, you destroy it good, Max. That's what she's saying. It's also about as close as she comes to a joke.]
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[She can't know the history he's had, with this car. It's been his since before his life fell to pieces. It's a wreck, but so is he, and yet they both keep coming back. He's not sure though, this time, if he can get it running again. He's not sure what he'll do if he can't. It's never good to think too far past the next few minutes, anyway.

He frowns, but catches the canteen easily, and takes a conservative sip.]

The War Boys did it.

[They didn't bother to put it upright, either, before they hauled him out and dragged him off to the Citadel. They wrote the car off as a wreck, after siphoning off what was left in the gas tank. Max was the only thing they thought was worth salvaging, for a blood bag.]
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[Everyone's got history, and who is she to judge? She kept her history in her heart, and that, in the end, hadn't done her much good. ]

Probably a sign.

[The Repair Boys could salvage anything. If they didn't think this was worth dragging back, even as scrap metal? ]

So. This your plan?

[Because Furiosa's all about 'play it by ear' but, well, this seems to need a new ear. Or something.]
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...It's my car...

[It's not a good idea to get attached to anything, with the world the way it is, but his quietly plaintive tone and the look he casts on the rusting wreck speaks volumes. As much as one might try to distance themselves from everyone and everything, it's a human need, to hold onto connections. This is the only one he's got left.]
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Looks like no one else wants it, at any rate.

[But she knows what he means, in the real sense. Something of yours, something that tied you to your past, good or bad. It meant something. ]

Could get a party of Repair Boys out here. Or a truck.

[It'd mean the Citadel, Max. At least for a few days. And maybe having to say an actual goodbye.]
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[He studies the car, just a little forlorn. It was, back when he first drove it, one of the fastest things on the road. It was an MFP pursuit special, built with Max himself in mind to drive it. A lot of miles and wrecks later, there's not a lot to salvage. It's his, though.

Max gives a firm nod, and a grunt. Nobody else wants it, but he does, and he'll rebuild it from the ground up if he has to, but for that he's going to need parts and tools he doesn't have. The Citadel has what he needs, and he'd never ask, but if she's offering, he'll accept the help. There's no way it's driving anywhere, like this.]
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forgive me for this i can't resist

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[Furiosa's seen enough vehicles with the War Boys to know that back when it was made, it was the duck's guts.

Now it just looked like guts.

The nod was almost more than she was accepting, but then again, Max had a pragmatic side. He wanted his car, this was the fastest and best way to it. She dug in one of the saddlebags on her bike for a moment, loading the flare into the flare gun and popping it off.]

It won't take them long to get out here.

[So. Small talk time while they wait? This should go...well. ]
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Very small talk...

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[When she fires off the flare gun there's the twitch, head jerking up to the sky and hands flaring and clenching, as if he's preparing to fight. Max is more stable now than he was when she first met him, but he still lives on a hair-trigger. It's what's kept him alive this long. After studying the burst of color high in the air, he nods to himself, forcing the tension away again. This is help she's calling, not reinforcements for a fight.

He crouches stiffly, and begins to gather up the engine pieces. Better to make things as compact as possible if the car is getting hauled away, and he doesn't want to lose any pieces that might be reusable. Small talk is definitely not his forte, but rolling parts and pieces up in oil rags and stuffing them in bags keeps his hands busy, removes the pressure to talk. She's welcome to help him with the task, or wait and keep lookout, but either way he'll have the parts all wrapped up before the tow arrives, so then they're left standing looking awkward, unsure what to say.]
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[She's counting on things being stable enough that the Buzzards won't be drawn to the flare, that the War Boys' reputation keeps them secure even this far out, but she keeps an eye on the horizon, just in case, glancing over to watch him pack up the, well, she's just going to call it 'junk' of his old car. ]

You can thank me later, then.

[Later because that's definitely something on the horizon, and she squints, shading her eyes with one hand. Is that the War Boys...? Not exactly 'too soon'.]
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[He gets to his feet with a quiet little click of the knee brace, and approaches her to peer off in the same direction. That might be help, or it might be trouble, at this distance he doesn't know them well enough to tell. He's also used to assuming any and every stranger on the horizon is trouble, so it's hard to stand there with his guns stowed and just let them approach, but he trusts her, at least a little.

He's grateful, too, even if he is bad at it.]

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[She glances over at him, almost surprised that the word had come at all, much less so soon, taking her eyes off the smudge on the horizon. It's them, a party from the Citadel, armed for trouble. Which meant something hostile was out there, and they were ready for it if it struck. It felt...strangely good, even after all of Joe's abuses--the War Boys looked after their own.]

You could have asked for help. We certainly owe you.

[All right, 'ask' probably wasn't in his vocabulary, but surely he understood the second fact: he'd given enough, blood to the War Boys, and far more than that to the Wives. The least they could do was give him his car.]

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[He looks down, fidgets, looks out at the distant approaching party, looks down and fidgets some more. He meant the thanks, and felt a little awkward for not thinking to say it until prompted. Asking for help, though, that's just not something one does. That's not how the world works, anymore. Could he have asked? He didn't know that. Even now that she's suggested it he wonders what would have happened if he had asked, before he left. What would they have said to him wanting to drag a truck out here to salvage his rusting ruins of a car, anyway? Possibly they would have offered him one of their vehicles, which would be beyond generous, but it's this one he wants, and he knows what a lost cause it looks like, and the last thing he expected was for anyone to accept him stubbornly insisting on rebuilding it.

Helping him is also, he thinks, a gift. They do not owe him. He came up with the plan to fight their way back to the citadel, but when it came to the doing he was just along for the ride. Curiosa is the one who won the day, who took out Immortan Joe and thus ensured their victory.

He watches the dust from the party of War Boys, and his mouth works a little, silently, until he can find the words.]

"Why? Your fight, and you won it."
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[If there's one thing the War Boys would understand, Max, it would be an attachment to a machine. A V8, no less. They would have understood. And even if they hadn't, Furiosa could be convincing. ]

You made it yours. In the salt plains, remember?

[His idea, his plan, for all of them to make a new Green Place. Not the same as what she'd lost, but something.]
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I... Was just... [He was trying to help, plain and simple, because deep down somewhere he's still a cop. He wants to help people, when he can pull his brain together enough to manage it. There was a time that would not have been such a terrible thing to admit to, but the world as it is now tends to look askance at altruism, and now he's reluctant to admit to it.

Instead what comes out is equally true, but raises more questions than it answers.]

She told me to go after you...
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Giving us a plan.

[Talking them into it, saving them from, she'd realized, a slow death on the barren plains. If that wasn't making it his fight, the danger he'd flung himself into, to try to rescue Toast and the others....]


[Furiosa has about a hundred questions, because all the women were with her, but she'll limit all her curiosity to just the one word. ]
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[In answer, he holds out a hand, Palm down, at a height not much above his waist. It's a child's height, and his hands twitch and flutter a little in the air, describing either loose wind blown hair or just part of his occasional fidgeting.] Blue eyes... you... Wouldn't see her, though... [Both hands fall, as does his tone, as he seems to remember that other people don't share his hallucinations. On the one hand he does know that, knows he's the only one being haunted by these figures, by the ones he couldn't save. On the other hand they seem so real and they're his company more often than anyone else is. Sometimes he forgets they're only real to him.]
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[After all, what else do you say to finding out that the man you're talking to listens to a hallucination. A child hallucination, at that. ]

Well. Thank her. For the good advice.

[. At least the truck from the Citadel's outrider is almost in sight. Not that she's afraid to be alone with Max, just that other people would dilute the awkwardness. Hopefully.]
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[She would not be out of line to react with surprise, or even shock, but Max is the one who ends up staring. If she'd dismissed his visions, he wouldn't mind. If she pointed out that he's crazy he'd only shrug, because he already knows that he is. That she would offer thanks to his hallucinations is so utterly unthinkable that he just gazes at her for a long moment as if his brain has suffered a temporary short circuit.

Fortunately he snaps out of it as soon as the first rider gets into firing range, his well-honed survival instincts overriding shock.]
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[Maybe she's just too tired to be shocked by anything, anymore. Maybe it's not her place to get upset about imaginary little girls, since she's not the one to deal with them. Maybe it seems right, that there's some aura of mystery, of the uncanny, about Max. Or maybe, there's enough shock and horror in the world, and nowhere near enough acceptance.

In the end, it doesn't matter. It saved them all, whatever it was.]

Just don't look, well, threatening.

[The War Boys were a little jumpy, lately. They had good reason.]

You can do that, right? [Hell of a time to ask.]
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[He looks down at himself, arms spreading a little, as he tries to assess his own appearance. Does he look threatening? Well what weapons he has are holstered, and he's relatively calm for the moment, although that can always change on a dime if he feels cornered. The last time a party of War Boys picked him up, he was biting and scratching and kicking and that still didn't stop them, but of course those were the healthier raiders who have since been killed in the drawn out battle he helped Furiosa wage. The ones who are left may not have quite the same mettle.

Still, the memory chafes. There are reasons he left the Citadel so quickly, before.

Max frowns and scrubs at his forehead briefly, and squints at the approaching group. He hugs his arms around himself to keep from clenching his fists or otherwise making aggressive gestures, because that's the best he can accommodate her request, but he scowls anyway.]

Last time some of them took me in... wasn't good.
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[She remembers. It was daily stock in trade for the War Boys to sweep the roads, bring back any finds--metal or human--they found. She remembered how they were treated.

And she knows better than to remind Max that if it weren't for his blood...he probably wouldn't have survived at all. It's not exactly the thing to expect gratitude for. ]

They don't do that anymore. Yet.

[They had enough blood slaves to last for a while, with the diminished number of War Boys.]

And they won't, with you. [If she has to handcuff herself to him.]
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I'll kill 'em if they try. [It's a sullen mutter, and his arms remain wrapped around himself, hands clenched in a white-knuckled grip on his own sleeves. He'll behave himself as long as they do. Still, being dragged there, tattooed and branded, and used for a blood bag are his only memories of the Citadel, really. If he's leery of going back, it's not for no reason at all.

He has yet to see if the place is any different, now.]
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I won't stop you.

[If they try anything, she might just help him herself.

[She's starting to get a little worried. He's acting...antsy. She's sure he has reasons, but that doesn't make this a good moment. ]

If it'll help, I'll let you drive the bike back.

[Give him some measure of control, while she sat on the back. It wasn't much, but maybe it helped.]

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