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Flower Power!


Giving someone a beautiful bouquet of blossoms is a universal sign of romantic intent. Even you, Mr. or Mrs. Zero-Romantic-Bones-in-Their-Body, can't screw that up...

...you can't, right?

how to play.
✿ Preferences, info, etc.
✿ Is your character getting or giving flowers?
✿ Reply to others.
✿ Thread.

① crushin' → On the person, not the flowers. Hopefully not the flowers.
② awkward → Y-you're so pretty, and so are these blooms. Just- just take them!
③ suave → A rose for your sweet.
④ bonus points → Asking them out? Okay. Asking them out with flowers? Major score!
⑤ out of character → You're the last person in the world who'd get anyone a gift, much less something mushy like flowers. But that's how crazy this person's got you going. You're totally smitten.
⑥ singles act → You only need one gorgeous flower to make an impact; everything else is set dressing. Plus, one flower's easy to find.
⑦ reminded → You know they like this stupid stuff and for some reason, flowers make you think of them. You don't get it, but hey. Giving them away gets the dumb plants off your hands.
⑧ coincidence → There aren't for them, not at all. You didn't get any flowers with them in mind! But since you have them, you may as well give 'em away.
⑨ not too good → How can you mess up giving somebody a bouquet? Well, if there's bees in it, for one. If they're allergic, if you make a total idiot out of yourself, you absolute nimrod...
⑩ no flowers to give → You ran out of time or you live in a nuclear wasteland, so you had to improvise. These aren't quite the flowers you'd see in the florist's shop.
⑪ because you can → You're in the mood for doting on your honey.
⑫ patch things up → Baby, I totally didn't forget your birthday. No, I wasn't staring at her ass. Here, I got you a present!
⑬ upgrade → There's no better way to show you want to make your relationship serious than presenting your best babe with some buds and blooms.
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[Probably giving, or at least sending, but receiving would be kinda cute]
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The flowers were most likely unexpected. They arrived as a thick, short bouquet wrapped in tissue paper, a bundle of mountain irises and mouse-ear chickweed, no note tucked inside. Maybe they weren't exactly named attractively, but with the blue and white, there was no mistaking who they were from. Someone who was rather smug with pulling it off, honestly.
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The flowers were indeed unexpected, and the lack of card had everyone speculating. Who were they from, who were they for, what was the occasion? In the midst of the discussions, Jarvis slipped up to examine them more closely and his hopeful suspicions grew. These two varieties of flowers were unusual, and he knew they grew together in the mountains nearby. Blue and white. It was Pietro. It must be.

It took the rest of the day for him to separate from the group without being noticed and convince FRIDAY to cover for him. He called the number he had memorized while in the air, heading north.

"I took a delivery of flowers today. It seems they appeared without warning. I sincerely hope I understood the message you sent, or I am en route for no reason at all."
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"You are accurate as ever, my dear - I am here, awaiting your arrival." A chuckle and he added, "If you have any preferences at all for how I greet you, I am open to suggestions." For that second addition, his voice was a low purr, taking advantage of his accent. "This is, after all, very secluded..."

He walked from room to room slowly, languidly, smiling. "We have many options. So any ideas..."

It was only part teasing. He enjoyed doing it, flirting on the edge of decency.
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In the air, the sleek blue armor turned its head, triangulating. "I would expect nothing less," Jarvis said with a slow smile. He was less than fifteen minutes out from where Pietro's signal originated. "I have thought about it, but I cannot reach a conclusion as to what I would like to find when I arrive. Your thoughts?"

He was more than happy to pass the time by listening to Pietro's ideas, especially in that particular voice.
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"The weather is lovely. The sun is warm but not too warm, the grass is soft... Perhaps I should meet you outside, no? The two of us could enjoy the sun, and clothing would only get in the way." There was a rustle on the other end of the phone, and Pietro notably did not say just what that rustle was. "How close are you, love? Perhaps I can rush the sun into giving me a bit of warmth before you get here."
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"I confess, that is something of a welcome image." He would not be using the armor again until at least the next night, if not longer. He made a few calculations and pushed the speed well into the yellow. "ETA seven minutes at current speed and altitude. You will need to begin now if you plan to warm up before I arrive."
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"I am already ahead of you, miláčku - mm, it is bright enough that I need sunglasses." There was a hiccup of sound for less than a moment in the middle of that last word. "There. Suitable. Now I simply wait for you to join me on my lovely, soft grass. Seven minutes... Mmm, how ever shall I spend them."
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"Five minutes." Jarvis could not help but be amused at his own eagerness. He would have a glorious twenty-four hours, at minimum, and it did not matter whether he arrived in five minutes with the armor pushing its limits, or in fifteen at nominal speeds. Yet here he was, driving it faster, spurred by his own imagination and the laughter in Pietro's voice.

Given the mischievous nature of his beloved, it was possible Pietro was not waiting outside at all. He could arrive to find Pietro inside, perched on the kitchen counter, laughing at his confusion, or hiding in the forest, ready to take him by surprise. He could even be telling the truth. He was unpredictable. It was...somewhat exhilarating.

"Three minutes."
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His brows raised. "Three minutes - my, someone is eager." A soft laugh and Pietro sighed warmly. "I believe I can wait three minutes for you, my wonder. I wonder how your skin will warm under the sun..."

It was something to look forward to. He had placed himself carefully outside the cabin, haloed by the patch of irises he'd gathered from to send to Jarvis, with a blanket for the both of them. Blue against his pale skin, his hair a white shock amongst it all. And around his hips, a tiny blue bikini brief - just to keep himself from being outright indecent.
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"I thought I might take this opportunity to run a few tests on overall stability at high speeds," Jarvis said in his best professional voice, before it dissolved into an easy laugh. "I suppose that could translate into eagerness."

He angled and came down, a blue and silver streak against the sky, and flipped up to hover over the clearing. Pietro really had been telling the truth, and it was a very pleasant surprise. The armor touched down soundlessly, without Iron Man's usual flair, and Jarvis stepped out the back and leaned a companionable elbow on its shoulder.

"Am I interrupting?"
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He tipped up his sunglasses enough to say, "Ah, only that I now bask in your light instead of that of the sun." He smiled, leaning up and then extending a hand up to him. "Join me? I've been thinking of you for hours."

Stolen moments, just as they'd promised - it was just that Pietro had decided that now was a time to have a few of those moments. The chance for them to be together and relax, to share company as they couldn't in their day to day lives.
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With a warm smile, Jarvis left the armor to stand sentry and crossed to the square of blanket. It did look inviting. "Your endless flattery will only serve to grow my ego," he murmured as he knelt, then sprawled, and finally took Pietro's hand.

"Your timing was perfect, in fact," he said as he pressed a light kiss to Pietro's fingers. "I have at least until tomorrow evening."
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"At last." And without hesitating, Pietro rolled to his side to kiss him, hand squeezing Jarvis's. "More than just a handful of minutes to spend with you."

He'd been grateful for every moment, but the chance to actually spend hours with him, even a full day, was a rare treat. He pulled Jarvis to him, nose brushing nose. "I've been starving for this."
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Jarvis' arm circled Pietro's waist and pulled him closer, quietly reveling in each distinct sensation, from the differences between the warmth of the sun and the warmth of his skin to the gentle tickle of his too-long hair as it brushed Jarvis' forehead when they kissed.

"I am more than happy to indulge you," he murmured, "but if you can, go slowly with me. I wish to enjoy you, now that I am able."
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"Jarvis..." He closed his eyes, nestling close to him, skin against the fabric Jarvis wore. "I may flirt and be forward, but I will never push beyond what you want to do," he swore. "Your speed, your limits - always. I would be happy if all we did was hold one another. I was happy when I had your face and your voice."

His thumb traced along Jarvis's cheekbone, eyes meeting eyes. "What happens from here is your choice."
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Jarvis turned his face into the touch automatically, chasing the sensation. Absently, he noted that it was a good thing he had already developed sophisticated multiprocessing before this had happened, or his senses would be overwhelmed.

"I did not think--I did not imagine this," he said after a few moments. One hand rested on Pietro's back, fingers spread over his shoulder blade, soaking in the dual warmths. "Finding you has been perhaps the greatest surprise I have experienced. I am still processing it."
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His back arched under Jarvis's touch, holding the two of them close. "Mmh. I never expected to find anyone else," he admitted. "I always knew that someday, Wanda would marry, and it was right that she would. But I saw... perhaps a long string of lovers, and yet I can't even imagine..."

He couldn't see himself with anyone else. He couldn't see a future with someone else on his arm - or him on someone else's. All the more important this disagreement end.
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"A long string, hmm?" It had taken a very long time before he had ventured anything like teasing, with Pietro. It had seemed like overstepping, like it would be one move too far in the game he had assumed Pietro was playing with him. When the turning point came, not only did Jarvis begin to tease, Pietro became more serious.

That was how he had known it was no longer a game.
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"Mm. But now it seems that string is very short indeed. So far as I can see, it ends after only one." His nose brushed Jarvis's, forehead coming to rest against him. "I love you, my miracle. I can't imagine being without you." Enough so that even with this conflict going on, he had to make time to have him close. He had to. Everything felt hollow without him.
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Every time he heard it, he felt as though he was hearing it for the first time. Jarvis couldn't help but wonder if that was how humans experienced it. "This may have been a mistake," he whispered warmly, a light kiss taking the sting out of the frightening words. "We have time now, love, but how will we separate again, once we know what it is we are missing?"
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He returned that kiss, eyes closing, lips brushing Jarvis's like a breeze until he leaned in just slightly farther to kiss and let it linger. "Then perhaps, dearest, we shouldn't part. Perhaps we should use this time to find a way to stay like this. As we should be." Surely, throughout everything, there would have to be a way.
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Jarvis opened his mouth to say they couldn't, it was impossible, how could they find an accord, the two of them, and fell silent again as the realization hit him that...they could.

It would not be easy, by any reckoning, but it was possible. Jarvis was his own person, Mr. Stark had said it straight out in that curiously fervent way he sometimes had, and Jarvis knew he was entirely serious, but he had not thought much of it. It was not until this moment, pressed against a blanket on the grass, basking in the sun, with Pietro here in his arms, that he had uncovered what that meant.

"Yes," he breathed, then, "Yes. There will be a way." If he had to battle his way through every person on both sides of this conflict. There would be a way.
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Pietro looked into his eyes, watching as the realisation hit and smiling at the determination in Jarvis's voice. How could he do anything but smile, a hand lifting to Jarvis's cheek, thumb brushing his temple. "With sufficient love and compromise, beloved, there is always a way," he agreed, holding Jarvis near. "But for now, I do believe either I need more clothes, or you need less. I love the way you dress, but I believe that we should be equal in this."

A light kiss and he added, "Depending, of course, on whether you wish to talk, or do... other things."

For once, they had time to do everything - so many things, at that. It was just a matter of choosing what they wanted to do first. A part of him wanted to celebrate. He had time. For the first time in too long, they had time.
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Jarvis' fingers played lightly over Pietro's back, and he was tempted. But it was beautiful here, peaceful, and that brief realization had distracted him, shunted his mind away from the present and into speculation, theory, weighing options. "As attractive an idea as it is to join you," he murmured, pressing another kiss to the corner of Pietro's mouth, "I believe we now have the luxury of taking our time. And I believe I now have...a great deal to consider."

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