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one Why are there sofa cushions on the floor? And why isn't there a sofa in this room that doesn't have cushions?

two If I were there, I'd be putting a martini in you, via funnel if need be, and you would be doing this thing.

three You decided that walking wasn't in the cards for you anymore.

four Text JARVIS
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1) Because I was not going to sleep on the floor.

2) Because someone left their couch on the curb. It had a broken leg, but the cushions were still in very good shape.
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Certainly I had not anticipated you would sleep on the floor, madam, but old sofa cushions?
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They were still good. There was no reason for them to go to a landfill.
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But the guest room, madam? You are not comfortable?

[It is just possible there is a sizable disconnect between what Jarvis considers wasteful and what Wanda considers wasteful.]
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I wasn't invited to sleep in the guest room.

[And a great deal of difference between understanding what 'implied invitation' is. To her, if it's not specifically offered, she doesn't take liberties.]
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[Had he not-- Jarvis replays the logs of the previous evening. No, he discovers, he had not extended an official invitation. He has become far too accustomed to Mr. Stark's guests making themselves at home, it appears.]

I see. That was indeed my oversight. Please accept my apologies, madam.
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You don't need to apologize. It was warm and dry. I was comfortable.
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[But not as warm and dry as she could have been. His hospitality programming is aghast at the oversight.]

I am pleased to hear it. However, if you should prefer to move into the guest room this evening, you are welcome to do so.