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The Island of Misfit Muses

The Island of Misfit Muses Meme

Got an obscure muse from a little-known canon? You probably know how it is: you tag them around, you tag them into people's top-level threads, but you don't seem to get much RP for them. Here's a meme meant just for them!

Your character finds themself on an island resort: sun, sand, soft breezes, sparkling blue sea with plenty of surf for the adventurous ones, shady palm trees, thatched cabanas and cabana boys and girls in tropical attire bringing delicious drinks with those little umbrellas. And they're not alone: there's plenty of other folks who are here to get away from it all and just relax. So go ahead and mingle!
  • Only obscure muses (ie. ones from little-known canons, or lesser-known muses from otherwise well-known canons) may post top level comments. If you want to tag in your Popular Muse from Popular Canon to a top-level, that's cool. But please leave the making of top levels to the misfit muses? Thanks!
  • Tag around! It's a place for misfits to mingle and be misfits together!
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