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1. You made me blizzard where I shouldn't have.

2. It's too hot. I think I've melted, come mop me up.

3. Sorry for making you slip and break your leg! Free ice for the next few months?
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pffft 3

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Idk I think you're going to have to use better repayment than free ice. The ice supply and demand on Berk is killer and also always free it's a terrible market, sad really

[then after a moment:]

Wait. What price tag does your ice usually come with?
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Haha whoops

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I was just being clever, I don't really charge people for ice! I don't really know what else to give you as repayment. Water in different states is really all I do!
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that about sums up both their lives don't it

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You know when you put it like that...suddenly the whole winter spirit thing isn't all that amazing. Though I will admit it is pretty impressive you got my good leg. Are you sure you weren't aiming for it?
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basically, yes

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Hey, I know you're mad but there's no need to be rude.

You need to wear better shoes. shoe. I don't know. better footwear in general.
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Says the guy who skates without any footwear whatsoever. See Frost now you have injured my delicate sensibilities as well as my other leg now both legs are involved in this icy betrayal. [okay now he's just being dramatic for the sake of it]

Actually. How about this: if I lose this leg too then you should definitely make me one entirely of ice. That would be better footwear and also awesome
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Oh come on you're not losing another leg. I bet you didn't even really break it, did you? Not like I can visit with your friends all around you constantly.

I could make you a leg out of ice anyway though. Just a leg not attached to anything. I bet that'd go over well with everyone else.
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I what you I can't believe you'd even think of such an accusation! It is very badly sprained or fractured at the very LEAST. I am suffering over here being fussed over by an unimpressed dragon and a very dangerous Viking. But hey cmon even a chief needs a break every now and then. Me and Toothless could steal away in the night and we could hang out on Raven Point. Just me a dragon and my attempted assassin.

The leg though would absolutely go over well with everyone because they'd expect I made it. Right before they teased me relentlessly for it. As frustrated as I am though i wouldn't exactly want to take credit for your work. Maybe some kind of less obvious get well present.
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Wow, I'm really feeling for you here. I'm crying icy tears for your plight.

...And here's where I should say no, stay inside and recover. Instead I'm going to say yes, come visit me if you get a chance. I'm improving my assassination techniques, using icicles like hidden blades now.

And I want to see Toothless. Us magical beings have a bond with each other, you know? Something you'd never understand I bet. As for get well presents, I'll see what I can do. Maybe an ice sword or and ice shield? Great against water dragons?
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augh they are so precious

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OK despite your CRUEL sarcastic sympathy you're officially forgiven stabilized friendship forever that would be so amazing!! Just picture it, I whip out my flame sword and then the ice shield, confusing every dragon I come across. Actually a shield would really help with training water dragons, they love any reminder of the ocean.

So yes, I'll sneak out on Toothless and we can duel to the death as truly well-adjusted friends, you with your slippery tricks and me with my dramatic flair. It's a required tradition for visitors on Berk you know. And I'll do my best to not be too broken up about the profound bond you have with my dragon.

Just maybe watch out for traps (:
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:D and here I've never gotten to rp with a Hiccup before

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Hey, that's no problem for me to make. Seriously, forever here for all your ice needs! I insist.

Um, I don't think we'll be doing any dueling until your leg is better. More like you'll be sitting in the snow while I play with Toothless. Think he'd like skating on the ice? It'd be funny to see.

And seriously? Traps? I'm a spirit. What kind of traps could you even get me into?
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what really? ha wow I'm happy to be your first then! *wink wink* I can never get enough of them

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......OK that emphatic insist now sounds like a trap of your own. Must I remind you how prank wars with me end up? ok mostly...mostly just with me buried in a mountain of snow but that's beside the point I'm practically immune by now, between you and my...stunts in progress. Lots of progress.

I am sighing in tragic, saddened benchwarmer defeat over here, Jack. Yeah, he'd have fun figuring it out, natural curiosity and all...before he got frustrated enough to maybe torch it. Because he'd look like a sheep floundering around for its footing. The guy's majorly prideful.

So naturally yes I am all for it.

As far as traps go, now--THAT would be telling! Just be prepared to be taken by total surprise by the Hiccupless duo.

...OK so I may not have creative team names but regardless! We got game.
[game that includes a love tackle from the dorkiest dragon duo. FEAR THEM]
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Yeah I dunno how it's never happened but yes welcome glad to have you ;D

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Ha! You can't out-prank the prank master. I've been going at this for centuries, remember? Just because I'm kinda limited to cold related things doesn't mean I can't get creative!

And good, because pranking dragons is just the next level.

[If Hiccup was there he'd see Jack snickering at his last two texts.]

Hiccupless? So it's just Toothless? I'm confused. But that's okay, you are injured and probably delusional right now.
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excellent!! glad to be had and such! cuz you're an amazing Jack

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I would hope so! But you forget...I'm creative too. And you know what they say about the youth these days... We're crazy.

[anyone who knows Hiccup at all would expect the wicked grin he's got while writing that last line]

I am not delusional! But...I will be honest it's mostly gonna be Toothless yes. Oh no you've found out my super secret strategy!!

but really I am confident enough in our alpha-chief dynamic to admit that and also that me hobbling around the forest wouldn't be all that sneaky. Yeah mostly that second thing.
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Aw, thank you! I'm loving your Hiccup too! Captcha kills me though :(

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They do say that. Every generation after generation...

To be serious for a second though, I really don't want to mess around with your leg. Are you sure this is okay?

...I might be even more concerned about how everyone else will react when their injured chief goes missing. Wow, I'm a terrible influence. It's almost like I just realized that.
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awww thanks! oh no you're right it's attacked THE MATH!!! we could move to one of our journals...

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I almost can't believe you just realized that. It's OK most of my friends are bad influences.

But it'll be fine! I've done way worse for my health, running around dodging nice and toasty bonfire houses trying to take down a dragon. This is tamer than a Terrible Terror in comparison! Toothless is a smooth ride I'll barely be jostled. the village will react to me disappearing though... I'd be more worried about Astrid than everyone else. She'll kill me. actually yaknow my mom will probably kill me too i guess i don't know but probably death will be involved.

IF I get caught.

[okay so this might be a terrible idea]