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One Kind Act

One Kind Act

They showed you kindness, perhaps in a way you'd never seen before, perhaps in a way you can never repay. But you're trying; in exchange, you're offering your loyalty, for how much or how little that's worth. For them, you'd do anything: you'd fight, you'd protect, you'd be their right hand or their biggest advocate, if they needed it and you can offer it. As long as you get to stay by their side, it doesn't matter.

So, you certainly don't have to worry about your bond surpassing what you have now or becoming romantic, do you? That will just get in your way of being there for them. Since you've only got their best interest at heart, it won't bother you if someone else were to pursue them...


As long as you get to stay by their side. As long as you get to fight for them. As long as they need you.

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This took FOREVER I am sorry

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[Manhattan was primarily a grid in Midtown, if a rather broken-up grid following the Battle of New York. Steve runs in the mornings, the same route every day, and today as the sky brightens in the east and Steve gets up, Jarvis has something to offer besides the conventional good morning.]

Good morning, Captain. I hope you do not consider this an imposition, but I took the liberty of mapping these alternate routes for your morning run.

[A map of Manhattan appears with several lines drawn in different colors, routes that would coincidentally take Steve through various far-flung areas of Manhattan, up to the Bronx, across the bridge to Queens, places Jarvis had overheard him mention that he had not yet visited.]

I thought perhaps you would enjoy a break in your routine, sir.
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No worries!

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[ Steve gets out of bed, moving to the window display that has the suggested routes highlighted. A small smile touches his lips as he looks the maps over. It's easy to see why these particular routes have been chosen. ]

Thank you, Jarvis. I appreciate that.

[ He reaches up to touch a yellow route, enlarging it and the path across the Queens bridge. ]

I'll try this one today.
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An excellent choice, sir. If I may, this Argentinian bakery could be an appropriate halfway point.

[The small name is highlighted and the address and a photo of the store front--Buenos Aires Bakery, Roosevelt Avenue--appear on the screen beside the map.]

It is rated very highly. Their facturas are not to be missed, it appears.

[Ordinarily it would defeat the purpose of going on a 13-mile run by stopping in the middle for breakfast pastries, but these runs are for exploration. And to keep the Captain moving forward.]
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[ Steve grins, surprised at just how well Jarvis has gotten to know him. His metabolism does require it's fair share of sustenance and since being pleasantly surprised at the exotic taste of Shwarma he's been trying to broaden his horizons. ]

I'll be sure to have one for you, Jarvis.

[ Sometimes it's easy to forget that Jarvis isn't an actual person. His voice is so warm and friendly that Steve often finds it difficult to think of him as anything else. ]

If any of the others wake before I return can you let them know I'll be back soon?[ ]
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I look forward to hearing your thoughts on them, sir. I have been interested in your discussions of new cuisines.

[Thus far, Jarvis has only overheard Steve talking about his progress through different types of foods he's stumbled across and happened to try, but he knows for a fact exactly how many restaurants are within a reasonable delivery radius of Avengers Tower, and how many different cuisines they represent, and has quietly taken it upon himself to increase the diversity of exposure.]

The odds of that are somewhat slim, but I will do so if the need arises. Enjoy your run, Captain.
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[ Steve moves to a nearby dresser, pulling out running clothes. He pauses at Jarvis' words, glancing upwards at the ceiling. He's never really sure where to focus his attention when he speaks to the AI, an old fashioned sense of politeness making him search out a focal point. ]

You listen to my discussions?
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Ah. A rather injudicious phrasing on my part.

[The upward glance is a visual cue to practice a newer technique, and his voice now comes from a single speaker at head height on the wall, providing a focal point.]

I overhear everything said within the Tower, but your conversions about finding your way in the current time period have especially attracted my attention. I apologize, I should perhaps have made mention of this earlier. But I am more than happy to assist in that, if you wish.
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[Steve smiles faintly as he turns into the direction of the voice. There's still nothing there for him to focus on, but he understands the gesture for what it is.]

I don't mind. I'm just surprised. I figured with everything else you're in charge of here that you'd have more important things to do.

[He pulls on some running pants and changes shirts.]

You know, Jarvis, I might have to take you up on that offer.
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[personal profile] britishbinary 2015-05-25 01:57 am (UTC)(link)
Please do, sir. I feel it would be enlightening for the both of us. I am quite interested in hearing of your experiences as well, if it would not be an imposition.

[He saves the maps of different routes for easy retrieval, if Steve asks him for another in the future.]

While it is true that I have many duties, I am never too busy to talk, Captain, or to listen.
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My experiences?

[Steve stilled in pulling on his running shoes, glancing up at the blank wall where the voice had come from a minute ago. No one had really asked him about his experiences since he'd woken up, just insisted on forcing new ones on him.

He nodded after a moment, ducking his head to finish tying up his shoes.]

I appreciate that, Jarvis. I'll keep it in mind.
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I am pleased to hear it. I do not wish to overstep, and so had not ventured the request before now.

[But the Captain's experiences with the Howling Commandos, with the legendary Agent Carter, and of course with Howard Stark...he could read as many records as he wished, but nothing would substitute for hearing stories firsthand.]
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No, it's not overstepping. Just... [He pauses.] No one's really asked me until now.

[He always assumed they'd rather have the legend than the real person. It was tough to live up to, sometimes.]
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Really? [The surprise is genuine.] I would have assumed otherwise. There has been a great deal written by others about your experiences, but for my part, sir, I would far prefer to hear your own stories.

[He hesitates, there's somehow that quality to the moment of silence.]

I have no wish to intrude upon your run, Captain, but if you would like company this morning...
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I've noticed. [He hasn't read most of them. He's not sure he wants to. It's so easy to say what something was when you didn't have to live through it. No one has really managed to get the whole story and while he's sure there are those that would listen to his, he feels like the only real way to convey the past is the way he lives in the present. Still, Jarvis' interest can be appreciated, even if he doesn't fully understand it.]

It's no intrusion, Jarvis. I'd welcome to the company.
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Thank you, sir. I will attempt to keep my comm chatter to a minimum.

[This said dryly, with an undertone of laughter. The Captain prefers to keep comms clear of extraneous talk during operations, but can in fact be one of the more talkative before and after missions.

A man running with a discreet Bluetooth headset is commonplace these days, and Jarvis will ensure Steve is not disturbed by phone calls or any other interruptions.]
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Jarvis, could you find one of the books on my list and read it to me as I run?

[He wasn't a big fan of multitasking, but books on tape was one of the things that he'd enjoyed. It reminded him of the radio.]

Maybe one of the history titles.
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[The surprise was evident in the brief pause, and the lighter tone when Jarvis spoke again.]

It would be my pleasure.

[It took only a few moments for Jarvis to sort through the titles and find something that would certainly hold Steve's interest.]

A Rumor of War, by Philip Caputo. Published 1977. "Prologue: 'In thy faint slumbers, I by thee have watch'd and heard thee murmur tales of iron wars...' Henry IV, Part 1. This book does not pretend to be history. It has nothing to do with politics, power, strategy, influence, national interests, or foreign policy; nor is it an indictment of the great men who led us into Indochina and whose mistakes were paid for with the blood of some quite ordinary men. In a general sense, it is simply a story about war..."
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[ Steve bit back the thanks on the tip of his tongue, knowing it wasn't necessary and not wanting to interrupt Jarvis's reading. He tapped the comm into place, hearing Jarvis's voice automatically shift from the speakers in the room to the one in his ear and headed for the street.

Once he hit the pavement, he lost himself in the exercise of running, holding a steady pace and warning people as he passed them. He listened to the calming smoothness of Jarvis's voice, processing the words as they were read to him and before he knew it, he found himself coming to the midway point in his run at the bakery. He stopped, breath coming fast and hard and put his hands on his knees as he tried to catch his breath. ]
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[With impeccable timing, Jarvis was able to finish the last few sentences in the current chapter and he set a note to mark their place, in case Steve would prefer something else for the return trip.

Traffic passed beneath the aboveground subway tracks, and in this neighborhood, most people were going about their business without paying Steve much mind, for which Jarvis was grateful. At least while he caught his breath.]

You have made excellent time, sir.
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[ Steve grins, sure that he looks a little bit like a mad man smiling to himself and panting on the side of the bakery. ] Thanks, Jarvis.

[ When he can breath normally he steps inside the bakery, ordering what Jarvis had recommended and buying a bottle of water. He takes the breakfast to go, walking the neighborhood as he eats and taking in the sights and sounds of the neighborhood waking up. So many people are going about their normal lives. It helps him feel better about his not so normal one.

He finishes the last bite and gulps down the rest of the water. ]
Where were we, Jarvis?
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[personal profile] britishbinary 2015-06-08 03:59 am (UTC)(link)
[Jarvis had remained respectfully quiet while Steve walked the neighborhood, answering the occasional question posed to him but allowing Steve the opportunity to explore. Now he reopens the title.]

We are partway through "The Splendid Little War," sir. Are you enjoying it? Shall I continue?