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edwin jarvis | mcu

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1. I keep trying to sit and the chair keeps running away from me

2. he separated laundry into 'got laid' and 'didn't get laid' piles.

3. Sunday was the 8 month anniversary when you almost shot me in the face...just an FYI.
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It's like speaking to a legend. This is probably Howard's fault. 2

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He separated laundry? I am almost envious. Mr. Stark has many talents, but that is not among them. Though that does sound like a classification he would use.
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in any case, a stark was involved

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It is not a common occurrence, I can assure you.
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Always blame the Starks

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There are very few common occurrences, in that family.
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bloody hell -- i'm just surprised he even bothers sort it himself.
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I believe it was more of an amusing way to pass the time than an attempt at a neater existence.
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-- dare i ask which was the bigger pile?
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It's a birthday present for Truman. Do you like it?
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The last time I bothered to check, chairs were not intended as a racing opponent.
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He was saying that being president involved a lot more sitting behind a desk than he'd thought. So. Now he won't necessarily have to.
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"Almost" is the keyword there, Mr. Jarvis.

Along with "completely unintentional".

[ AKA I've already apologized enough for this. :| ]