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Master/Familiar Love Meme

The Master/Familiar Love Meme

"In European folklore and folk-belief of the Medieval and Early Modern periods, familiar spirits (sometimes referred to simply as 'familiars') were supernatural entities believed to assist witches and cunning folk in their practice of magic. According to the records of the time, they would appear in numerous guises, often as an animal, but also at times as a human or humanoid figure, and were described as 'clearly defined, three-dimensional… forms, vivid with colour and animated with movement and sound' by those alleging to have come into contact with them, unlike later descriptions of ghosts with their 'smoky, undefined form[s]'."

Everybody needs a sidekick. This includes those who may have a little help of their own in the form of magic - witches, warlocks, mages, sages, casters, magicians...whatever you want to call them, they have a bit more juice than your average Joe. Luckily, the job comes with a built-in assistant: a familiar, or a helper spirit. The familiar serves as a guide to their magical "Master" of their choice, helping them out of tight spots and being their companion for life. Sometimes, they come in the form of animals, like dogs and especially cats. Some don't bother with this, though, and just stay in their true humanoid forms. The bond between familiar and master is one of intensity, and they know each other completely. Most familiars even have a telepathic link to their masters. That helps them keep an eye on them. Of course, given this closeness-beyond-closeness, it's easy to imagine a master and familiar as soulmates, and with familiars having a human form...well, intimacy seems like a natural option.

Too bad relationships of that kind between master and familiar are strictly forbidden. Surely, that rule is always followed.

  • Comment with your character, stating your preferences (ex: F/M, open to all, etc). Also, be sure to remember and put whether your character will be witch/master, familiar, or if they can serve as both. There is no "set" type for any of the roles. Masters don't have to be dominate (ineffectual witches have always been a cute trope), familiars aren't passive or submissive, and so on. It's not the same as BDSM...though your character could bring that into it if they'd like.
  • Comment around to other characters, playing out your forbidden master/familiar ~love~ or what have you.

  1. The Familiar Chooses the Master: The first meeting. You may be new to the craft (or someone who needs a new familiar), and someone has been drawn to you.
  2. Setting the Ground Rules: You need to figure out how this is going to work. Where can you hide this woman/man in your apartment, if need be?
  3. Getting to Know You: Magic/power isn't all fun and games. You need to find out how to work together so you don't accidentally blow everything up in your faces.
  4. Helping Out: Familiars have a lot of neat powers that can be a boon around the house...and around the town.
  5. Danger Zone: Your feelings for each other are blurring, which is a big no-no. Do you even realize that the bond is deepening to a new level?
  6. Confession: Things have gotten heavy and you have to let your bond mate know you see them as more.
  7. Bad Romance: The familiar in this relationship isn't treated as equal. They're a slave to their master!
  8. Telepathy: The mental bond between. Explore it or use it to get out of trouble...
  9. Trouble is a Friend of Mine: Speaking of! Your familiar/master is danger, and there's nothing that can keep you from saving them.
  10. Intimacy: The obligatory smut option. Though romance between familiar and master is not allowed, many find the allure too much, and the bond does lend itself to members seeking comfort in each other. After all, they know you better than anyone else.
  11. You're Taken?: You're in love with a master or a familiar...they're just not yours. Oops! Maybe you can find some way to break your bonds so you can be together.
  12. Breaking Up is Hard to Do: It is hard, especially between master and familiar. In fact, it can be downright painful...physically and mentally!
  13. Sending You Away for Your Own Good: You're distancing yourself from the other member of your bond, and it's because you're headed towards destruction.
  14. Everybody Knows: The other members of your community have found out you've broken the ultimate taboo and are WITH your master/familiar. This is bad. This is very, very bad. Punishment bad. Separation bad. Perhaps even death bad.
  15. Happy Ending: Somehow, you've escaped the confines of the world that doesn't understand, and you're able to live together without fear.
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Lucius Malfoy | Harry Potter

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[Master, open to all]
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[Black raven Severus familiar? :)]
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[How could I say no? What prompt would you enjoy?]]
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[You could, but that would be just evil. lol. I'm good with all of them. Could be fun combos of: 1, 2 & 3; or 5, 6, 7 & 10; or 12, 13, 14 & 15.]
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[Sorry for the delay. You know, 5, 6 and 7 sound damn appealing, if that is good with you? Lucius is not the nicest of masters, you have been warned. ]]
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It was not meant to be this way. The bond between Master and Familiar was a sacred one. Special and pure. And yet... And yet here, with them, it was anything but. He'd gone to Lucius seeing the power and knowing he was meant to serve such power. There was pride to take in ones self for being the familiar of such a strong and influential Master.

And now...

He knew it was wrong, almost everything about how their bond had gone from the first inception of it. For better or for worst, though, this was it. Severus knew it was too late. It was impossible. He was in too deep. He couldn't be without his Master now.

Severus stood looking out a window, a fog clinging to the land outside in the early dawn. Draped in black from head to toe, his black hair still with a bit of dampness from his shower handing in his eyes, arms loosely crossed; a hand to each elbow. He looked out over the lands belonging to his Master and his wife. Beautiful and golden; they were the perfect couple. Handsome, with a son to match. Perfect, except for the black shadow of Severus with his forbidden attachment. The forbidden emotions that had grown within him.
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The house was still, and quiet. The fog enveloped the Manor and it's gardens with a clawing cold, with a horrible damp quality that seemed to permeate through thick walls and the ancient doors.

Narcissa had proclaimed she would not stay at home that day, that she would go visiting and take the infant boy with her. That suited Lucius well. His wife knew better than disturb him in his study, but even so he could feel her presence in the house, in his ancestral home, watching and listening.

He made his way down corridors without a fear of being spied upon, free to go about his own business as he wished as Master of the House.

Not just the house, of course. Severus had his own rooms, as fitting, away from those of the family. Familiar or not, there were certain standards of decorum one was expected to maintain. But unlike Narcissa's door, Severus' door was not often locked from within, and Lucius opened it without knocking.

He was, after all, Master. He had always sought to make use of the privileges that status awarded.

"Are you going to stand at windows all day?" He asked, coming up to stand behind the other, following his line of sight, in case there was something outside of interest. "What a melancholy waste of time."
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Severus could feel his Master approaching. So in tune with him. He had to fight a shiver once Lucius was not only in the room, but standing behind him. So near. As a raven and having the childhood Severus had, he was geared to be withdrawn and prefer to be on his own. Yet he couldn't help but year for a touch... to be able to lean back into the man behind him like a lover would. His folly. To allow himself to be done in by falling in love with his Master.

A Master who was imperfect in many ways.

There was nothing to be seen outside, just the fog. Turning his head ever so slightly his eyes sought out the barest hint of the man behind him in his peripheral. "Observing the world around you is hardly a waste of time, Master." He replied with, being sure to keep his normal derisive tone from his voice; a tone saved for public only. And only for those who were not his Master.

Severus then turned and looked to his Master, meeting his eyes boldly. Pressing in private where he would never dare to do in public. "Do you have need of me?"
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Inclined to be alone or not, as a Familiar, Severus had no such luxury with Lucius. Severus was, amongst other things, a tool for Lucius to use as he saw fit. Although of course, Severus was not to be used unforgivingly, or without some form of appreciation. The convention was to keep one's Familiar happy, or at least, satisfied.

A tiny knowing smirk crept onto Lucius' lips at that momentarily thought, and as Severus turned his head, Lucius' hand moved, touching Severus' jaw and tracing a line down towards his chin. Perhaps it was cruel to tease him so, but Severus above all others knew Lucius was not a kind man.

His grey eyes followed the path of his fingers, before he pulled his hand away, and his eyes went back to Severus', bold and perhaps a little too forward. That would have to be dealt with, but not now. Now, Lucius needed his little caged bird.

"I always have need of you, Severus. I'm only sorry that my needs interrupt your cloud watching." He said, smile playing on his lips again. "Would it inconvenience you to come to my study?"
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Severus, so withheld and reserved. So done up in his severe clothes. Shunning intimacies and contact as much as he did. He had no true intimate since his fellow familiar - Lily - had shunned him. It left him a ridiculously sensitive man to touch, like now. Especially as aware of Lucius as he was. His lips parted ever so slightly and his pupils adjusted with the onset of pleasure from the simple touch. The only tells to be seen, ones Severus couldn't completely erase.

No, Lucius was not a kind man. He was a powerful, manipulative bastard. Controlling and dominate. An Alpha Male not to be trifled with. Some would say the same of Severus, even as a familiar. He was a strong presence on his own. But he bowed to Lucius.

I always have need of you, Severus.

Such pretty words, and he knew that Lucius knew it would affect him. The man was calculating and perceptive. Severus couldn't delude himself that, over the years, Lucius hadn't figured it out. Just how much Severus was his. "I am yours to command, as always. I am here to await to your every need and desire, Lucius." He knew that his Master already knew this. After all, this room was but a pretty cage he was kept in. He was at Lucius' beck and call. But he knew that Lucius liked to be reminded of the level of control he had over Severus. It pleased the man.
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Lucius said nothing for a moment, his own eyes slightly lidded, watching, observing. He seemed, for that instant, to find nothing lacking or wanting in his Familiar, in the way Severus' eyes changed, his mouth opened and a little breath escaped him. To say that Lucius only enjoyed seeing Severus hurt was a fallacy. He liked to see the Familiar kept in his place, but Lucius did find a small, secret delight in seeing Severus' own pleasure. It was so rare a gem, so infrequently displayed by the Raven that even the most minute tells should be enjoyed.

"Yes, you are mine, aren't you, dear Severus?"

Then Lucius stepped away, a smug little smile appearing fleetingly, before he headed out of Severus' room and down the grand corridors and the wide staircase to the ground floor, to his own private study. No one was allowed there without him, not the house-elves, not his wife, not Severus. It had been Abraxas' before him, and one day it would be Draco's.

But for the moment the room was his sanctum. He swept in and sank into the chair behind the desk, waiting for his little bird to shut the door behind him. Books were piled on the desk, scrolls balanced on the seat beneath the large window, papers on the chair by the fire place. Lucius had been researching.

"The Bond that we have, as Master and Familiar, can it be broken?" He asked, tone business-like and sharp, the words quick and to the point. There was no teasing now, no gentle playing.
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Severus followed. Of course he followed. It was torture of a bittersweet kind. Lucius was a man who knew always the right thing to say. Little things that dug in deep. Things that a less observant man than Severus probably wouldn't catch. But though Severus saw these small manipulations, he was still incapable of defending his heart from them. From little terms of endearment, and all those little touches and things keeping Severus firmly in the Hell he was in.

Loving a manipulative Master. A cruel man.

Severus gently closed the door behind him as Lucius continued on to take his seat. He clasped his hands behind his back; a motion he was thankful for the moment Lucius spoke. The only outward sign of distress was hidden behind his back as his hands clutched until there was pain and his knuckles were white.

He took in the books and scrolls. Research. Was Lucius looking for a way to break the bond? His black eyes found the gray ones of his Master as he shielded himself like never before. "Yes. Of course." To prevent the abuse and misuse of a familiar by a Master, an out was given. It was painful, but in some instances of abuse a familiar would rather risk death and endure just a bit more pain to get away from undeserving Masters.

Severus was not one. The thought of losing what little closeness, familiarity and affection Lucius gave him... it hurt. His heart felt like it was in Lucius' hand; a hand now squeezing. "It is in place for matches deemed unsuitable, and to prevent enslavement of Familiars. As well as punishment for breaking the taboo."
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Lucius listened, but did not keep his eyes upon Severus while he did so. Instead he took a pen, dipped it in ink, and wrote. Severus confirmed what he himself knew to be true, confirmed what every single author on the subject have previously written. Lucius himself had been told it before making the Bond with the Raven in the first place, although of course he knew there were ways a cruel man could disguise the fact and avoid his punishment. Lucius was not as cruel a Master as some, at least physically. But all this was not in fact the answer to the question Lucius wanted.

There was some plan, some plot some idea the man was working on, shaping. He had not told Severus of it, he had kept it somehow secret from his Familiar and he did not seem inclined now to reveal it. Lucius knew he was embroiled in a dangerous game. He had escaped the law, certainly, but he had very little fear of the Ministry. There were, in fact, other individuals far more terrible than the fate of the Azkaban prisoners.

"Sit down Severus, here." He said, gesturing Severus to him, to the window seat a little beyond the desk, turning his own chair to watch the Familiar. Severus was hiding something. He was sure of that. This close, Severus could not deny him, to escape the strength of their Bond, and Lucius would use that to his advantage.

Once Severus sat, Lucius leaned forwards, a hand resting on Severus' leg, slightly higher on his knee. It was an intimate touch, infrequently used, but it was all the more potent for that. Whatever Severus was hiding, perhaps he would now reveal.

"And when else? The Death of a Master, his imprisonment? What then becomes of his Familiar?" Lucius asked, looking at Severus with those cold grey eyes, grey like the fog outside but perhaps not now quite as cold as they had been. There was an intensity to the question, a weight added to it by the touch, but also by Lucius' tone, pressing, probing, but slow, giving every word due importance.
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Severus unclenched his hands, eased the tension there as his arms came to his sides. He moved over to the window seat near his Master and took it, his movements graceful despite their lack of flourish. Severus did not move about needlessly. He was not a man looking to drawn attention to himself. He was his Master's shadow only.

Then Lucius was not just close, but touching him. An intimate touch rather than the simple affection of resting a hand on his knee, but further up. Just slightly. Just enough to be noticed and send tingling sensations along Severus' body.

And now... now Severus knew that if the right question were asked, so much he withheld would be revealed. Severus let his hand rest in his lap and lowered his eyes to the point between their hands. "Death severs the bond. Some... Familiars and Masters never truly recover depending on the depth of the bond. Deep bonds that break the taboo and are left too long... it can lead to madness and the death of the other soon after. Imprisonment... it depends on the severity of the crime as to whether or not a bond would be broken by a third party within the Government." He was listing this all matter of fact, though he hesitate here a brief moment. "There is also a fail safe inherent to every Familiar. In severe circumstances, we can sever our bonds. Cases of abuse and danger. No spell or anything learned; an innate knowledge we are born with. But certain requirements must be met to engage it."

And because he knew the questions that would come, he continued. Revealing this was no issue, because Severus knew he'd likely never be pushed to this. "Prolonged mental and/or physical abuse. Mortal danger. Stress upon the body and or mind that brings one almost to the breaking point." His eyes then rose, still guarded. His deepest secrets still held close and praying they would be left unnoticed.

"May I ask why you wish to know? Has me service been unsatisfactory and you wish to break it?" He asked the question steadily, though his eyes and the twitch of fingers gave away his fear of the answer.
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Lucius listened. He listened with silent intensity, his gaze unwavering from Severus' face, his hand unmoving, his breath hardly coming at all. He listened as a man would to the word of a god, will all the attention he could summon, as if to commit it all to memory. He did not blink when Severus paused, knowing the questions his Master would ask, because he knew his Master well. Lucius did not like have to continue questioning. He expected all the information to be given to him, to be provided with little or no prompting.

AS Severus seemed to finish, he leant back, but still his hand did not move. Instead it moved slightly, stroking higher, but only by a fraction of an inch, before coming to a rest again. It was, almost, as if the touch was a reward.

Perhaps it was.

His eyes did, for a brief moment, a heart-beat, meet the dark eyes of his Raven, and then moved away, to the fog that still swirled outside. Did Lucius see something in those black eyes that he had not expected? If so, he made no sign of it, only seemed to consider the question that was asked of him.

"Your service has never given me displeasure." He answered, without hesitation. He may have given the impression, on occasion, that his little bird had misbehaved or had done wrong, but in truth, it was hardly ever the case. Severus was too smart to really displease Lucius, too aware of what the consequences might be.

Then he paused, and this time he considered Severus, his grey eyes moving over him, judging. He must have been satisfied with what he saw. "I am arranging provision for you. Should unforeseen events occur."
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Severus watched Lucius carefully. Very carefully. He worried and didn't know what to think, until finally Lucius spoke to him. The hand on his thigh and Lucius' words eased Severus some. He had not given Lucius a reason to want to end their bond, and yet he couldn't bring himself to be at ease.

"I do not understand." Severus sat up straighter. In fact, even leaned toward Lucius some. What could Lucius mean. What could he mean? "Is there something happening that you haven't told me?" The thought that Lucius could be in trouble and haven't told Severus of it. Hadn't used Severus to boost his power to be free of it. Not to mention that fact that... that Lucius was making provisions. For him.

"Is it the Death Eaters?"
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Lucius visibly winced. For the first time in many, many years, he recoiled slightly from the words uttered by another. The last time such a thing had happened had been when his father had been alive, and they had stood in this room. He did not wish to remember it, but the memories surfaced unbidden.

But he forced them back without a word, although perhaps something of his thoughts showed on his face. He did not want to talk about the Death Eaters. They were jailed, most of them, old friends and family, cut off. It was their own doing- those who stood up and did not deny their allegiance were punished harshly, but Lucius had no desire to rot in Azkaban.

That choice had made him enemies, enemies who were powerful. But perhaps not as powerful as he and his Raven combined, but still a threat not to be taken lightly.

"Nothing has happened yet, nor will it." He said, "But it does us well to be prepared. Should something happen, Severus, you will be provided for." He paused then, but not long enough to allow the other to speak, "And I expect your service to continue. My son will need your protection."

Severus had not leant back, he still leaned in, towards Lucius, like a plant to the sun. Lucius had no fears about his loyalty, or his ability. He trusted no one else with such a task. He reached forward, taking Severus' chin, holding his face as he looked into his eyes, his gaze sudden unwavering. "Will you do that, Severus?"
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What stood out the most in what Lucius was was that he received no real answer. Only gained a looming sense. Lucius knew something and was preparing for a time when he would be taken away. Taken out of Severus' reach. A time when Severus would be needed to protect his son, who as of now was just a baby.

His chin was held firmly by elegant fingers that rarely touched him. That Severus yearned to be touched mroe by. The shameful yearnings of a Familiar who wished to break the taboo. His own fingers - long, graceful fingers perfect for a pianist, but gifted to a Familiar who excelled in potions - rose up and after a moment of hesitation, covered Lucius' own.

"If our bond is severed and you are taken, and I survive that, yes. I will do everything in my power to protect him. But why are you making provisions for me? What kind? And what has you so afraid that you will be taken from us?"

His fingers moved as if of their own accord, but Severus hardly noticed, so intent on the gray eyes that held his as his fingers lightly caressed the underside of Lucius' wrist. "What could possibly make my Master so afraid that he won't even tell me what it is? Am I not strong enough?"
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"You know as well as I do that there are spells and curses from which there is no escape." The Forbidden spells were the very tip of a black iceberg, weapons that could live victims alive, but at the same time beyond the reach of light and of life. There were hexes ancient and evil, magic that existed in stone soaked with the blood of ancient victims. "I can not pretend to know if what I fear will come to pass. But I will not have you involved if your involvement will only lead to death."

That was how Lucius saw it. He was in danger, although he intended to protect himself as much as possible. He would not easily fall to his enemies. But be that as it may, he would not endanger those he cared about; his son, Narcissa, Severus.

That was when his eyes moved, down to the long pale fingers that brushed his own flesh. "I am not afraid." He said, quiet but certain. "And you are strong, Severus. But that strength may be needed elsewhere."

And then there was a moment of weakness. It was foolish, and Lucius would later chastise himself for giving into pointless urges, urges that gave too much ground to a Familiar he was already trusting too deeply, a creature he had already told too much to. But it was too late, those thoughts came later, after he had leant still further forward and pressed his mouth against his Familiar's.
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Spells and curses that could not be escaped... that spoke of dark and ancient things best left unused. It made Severus afraid for Lucius. And he cursed his gilded little cage that prevented him from doing research of his own to find what Lucius was not telling him, and find a way to protect him from it.

He parted his lips to tell Lucius that his strength was needed to protect his Master, but it was silenced as he was kissed. Finally, after all this time, there was a kiss. His fingers wrapped around his Master's wrist, daring not to wish for the chance to touch more of him. Though oh how he wished he could take hold of his Master's hair and and pull him close. Instead he responded to the kiss, though hesitant. Afraid what would be seen as him taking too much. He didn't know what his boundaries were in this.

"Please, Lucius, do not break our bond," he found himself saying against his Master's lips. "I will stand with you, face whatever it is with you. Together we can beat it and protect Draco. Just... do not break our bond." It was there, at the tip of his tongue. Words he'd never allowed himself to speak to none; not even his own mother. Words of love and the ultimate attachment, words that would further damn him. But did he really want to live if Lucius was taken from him?
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Lucius had not imagined what the kiss would be like. He had disciplined himself not to even wonder, to fight the temptation and use the attraction he felt as a tool, a way to control and use Severus for all he saw fit. To have kissed him now seemed to snap something inside Lucius, to break down some of those walls. He had been freer, in his youth, he had enjoyed passions and let his desires be felt.

He had perhaps lied to himself for too long about his power over Severus. He had always pretended that it was cold and emotionless power, but in actual fact there was fire somewhere deep down. A fire that seemed to also burn in Severus.

"You think I would break our bond and send you away from me, little bird?" He asked, his voice still controlled but there was no longer a cold edge to it, no longer a knife disguised behind platitudes. "You must think me very selfless, if you think that is what I intend to do."

His lips brushed at Severus' again, pulling into a smug smirk as he spoke. "I intend to keep you, I always have done so, and I do not suppose to let you go."

And with that he kissed him again, no uncertainty in it now. It was harsh and demanding as Lucius' fingers caught Severus' wrists, holding tight, his nails biting and scoring into flesh.
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Honestly, Severus did not think that Lucius returned his feelings. He thought this was merely another ploy to tie Severus to him more. In Lucius' eyes Severus saw himself as a possession. A powerful one.

It didn't register that his Master was just as lost to him. Though Lucius' words made Severus wonder. There was something about them that spoke of something. It made Severus search Lucius' face, looking for that final clue that would make everything make sense.

No, he did not think Lucius selfless. He had thought that if he wanted Severus to protect Draco then he;d break the bond so Severus would then bond to his son, protecting him as a familiar. He did not see Lucius as an emotional man, though. Not until he was kissed so fiecely and held strongly. The pain of his Master's nails biting into his skin did nothing to calm the fire that arose in answer to Lucius' own. Desire that gripped Severus strongly.

Severus returned the kiss, pressing to make Lucius battle for dominance in it. Severus was perfectly find in his position as familiar and submissive to his Master's will, but he needed to feel his Master's desire for him. To be put in his place, and have Lucius, yet again, prove his prowess in this new facet of their relationship. So despite the nails biting into his skin, and in his action how it could push the biting nails to draw blood, Severus moved until he got his desire. His hands gripping the platinum hair of his Master and pulling him close with a desperate need born from years of repression.
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Lucius smirked.

There was something about Severus' desperation that pleased him, something in the hunger there that was wild and untamed, a rawness in Severus which was so unlike the man. Lucius might feel passion, hot and undeniable, but his moment of unthinkness had passed with their first kiss, and now he was calculating again.

Severus wanted him close, wanted him against him, wanted to feel that desire. But Severus was also a masochist, he wanted pain and hurt and so, Lucius would give him all he wanted. He allowed himself to kiss harder, before biting at Severus' lip.

He pulled back from the kiss, pulling away from the man but not breaking his grip on the thin, pale wrist, half-moons imprinted deep into flesh. He would give Severus what he needed, perhaps not what he wanted. He would not play to the Raven's rules.

Severus' breathing had quickened, the grip he still had in Lucius' hair was strong. In another place, in another world, Severus could have been a man much like Lucius, holding all the power in his hand. Perhaps that was Severus thought he wanted even now. But Lucius did not think so. Severus did not want to take that power for himself. He wanted, and had always wanted, Lucius' attention.

"Take off your robes."

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Severus felt undone and laid bare by the kiss. In many ways, he was. All he felt seeped into it, in how he answered the hard kiss and the parting bite. In how his blood sang and his pants showed a growing bulge in his lap. the sharp bite of pain from his lip went straight to Severus' cock. Yes... he was a masochist. he wouldn't have put up with Lucius otherwise.

His lips were kiss bruised. Parted and his dark eyes seemed fathomless in his desire for Lucius. Perhaps he could have been a powerful man on his own in another life, but here he was only as strong as Lucius let him be. He was raised to be a familiar, and had no other expectation in life than to find the strongest Master he could.

Severus made no reply to Lucius' command and merely released his Master's hair and stood. He waited until his wrists were released and only then did he start to undress, right there. Standing right before Lucius, keeping in easy reaching distance. Slowly each heavy black layer of clothing left his body to fall heedlessly to the floor. Shoes toed off, trousers and socks peeled off. He was in his shorts before Lucius, and immediately moved ton continue as the snug black material framed Severus' half hard cock for Lucius to see, and then was pulled down so his long, lean body was on display. Pale skin pulled tight over wiry, taught muscles. Nothing but the best for Lucius.

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Lucius, for a long moment, did not seem inclined to let go of those thin wrists. He did, letting his grip relax so Severus could pull his hands back, and only then did Lucius' own limbs move, one resting on the carved arm of his chair, the other hand moving to his chin, fingers resting over his lips.

Lips that he could still feel Severus' against, a faint tinge, a trick of memory and pressure perhaps. Perhaps they also served to hide some of his hunger, the twist of his mouth that might have been called predatory. But even if his lips were hidden, his eyes were not. They were half-lidded but watching, drinking in the taut lines of flesh over ribs and the deliberate movements.

Severus was not a whore, not some giggling youth putting on a show. There was grace and purpose in the way he undressed, and Lucius enjoyed it all the more for that. He leant back, surveying his Familiar afresh, his hand moving from his chin. He is playing a dangerous game, he knows. This is no ordinary affair, should Narcissa discover this, she could reveal everything. There is an ugly streak of spite in her family...

But she will not find out.

He gestures Severus closer, with a crooked finger, and then slowly brushes that same hand down Severus' belly, over his abdomen, enjoying the slight goose-pimpling beneath his touch, and the way Severus' cock reacts. Lucius' own has stirred, feeling hot and heavy, but for the moment, Severus' pale form is far more interesting.

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