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The High School AU Romance Meme

Mostly because I'm surprised we've never had this kind of meme before. We love high school AUs. We love romance. Why not combine those into a glorious mix?

Your teen years are important, formatively speaking. You're trying to find out just where you belong and what kind of person you're going to be. This already daunting task is complicated by the soul-sucking demon known as high school. If you weren't having a hard time before coming here, you certainly are now.

Add into this mixture raging hormones, and baby, you've got a misery stew cooking. But it's not all bad! Sometimes high school crushes can be sweet, and the occasional high school relationship lasts.

So whether you're too cool or distracted for romance or always on to the next good looking stud, come on down and try to navigate the romantic labyrinth that is the halls of Bakerstreet High.

  • Comment with your character and preferences. Needless to say, aging down and AUing is welcomed and probably necessary. Have fun with it! Feel free to include a short blurb about your character's Bakerstreet High self. Are they popular? The class clown? A drifter? A band geek?
  • Comment to others.
  • Use the RNG. Or not.

  1. childhood: You've known each other forever. Puberty has changed a couple of things, though.
  2. friends to more: Best buds, right? Can you let a little crush get between you?
  3. always there for you: You've seen the person you've liked for forever get hurt time and time again, always offering a shoulder to cry on. You should make your own move, unless you're content in the background forever.
  4. bad boy/good girl: Or bad girl/good boy, or bad boy/good boy...there's a certain appeal.
  5. the innocent: They're the delicate little pure flower of the school. Do you genuinely want to date them or is this a mission for corruption.
  6. smitten puppy: You know the type. Always following the object of their adoration around. Don't you want to sweep them off their feet and show them there's other fish in the sea?
  7. the ice queen/king: You have to defrost them.
  8. 10 things: You were challenged to ask them out or bed them, but shit got real.
  9. never noticed anyone before: You'll never be into all this love and sex stuff. Your classmates are crazy - wait, who's that? Your face is flushing. Why?
  10. never noticed: This person's always been there for you. You feel silly that you've never noticed.
  11. the unattainable: Is the school's hottest cheerleader or football player really all that high above you?
  12. follow you until you love me: It's not stalking! You just happen to be in the same place as them...all the time.
  13. hate at first sight: You hate their guts but you can't stay away.
  14. sudden hottie: Were they always so bangin', or did taking off their glasses or pulling down their ponytail do that much?
  15. too shy, too blind: you're too shy to tell them how you feel. you also don't see that they clearly feel the same.
  16. kindness counts: They were kind to you, which is a pretty big deal in high school especially if you're an outcast, and you can't help nursing an even bigger crush.
  17. sudden attraction: You're the kind who falls instantly and hard.
  18. always on the move: You change crushes or dates like underwear. Maybe this one is the one, though.
  19. nerd love: Both of you are social pariahs. At least you have each other.
  20. into older people: He or she is the kind of teen who's so mature and always dating college students or even real adults. But you can change their mind about their peers, right?
  21. differences in social classes: One of you is popular, the other so not. Can you make it work, or will the popular part be ashamed?
  22. opposites attract: Sometimes, the weirdos get the hottest babes.
  23. awkward confessions: You want to get your feelings out into the open - curse your voice cracking.
  24. asking you out: You'll totally borrow your dad's car to take them to the movies. Or here, here's your letterman jacket. Go steady?
  25. parents don't understand: Your parents want to keep you apart or are too tragically uncool.
  26. dates: If you have to go dutch at McDonald's, it's sad. Maybe stay-at-home dates are better.
  27. prom: Limos, tuxes, wasted money, oh my!
  28. slow dance: The DJ popped in that best of the 90s love songs megamix CD. Now's your chance.
  29. sadie hawkins: The Sadie Hawkins Dance. Get your khaki pants. Oh oh oh. Girls ask the guys. It's always a surprise.
  30. sneaking out: The most romantic times are past curfew.
  31. detention: As the Breakfast Club taught us, it's possible to find love in a hopeless place.
  32. experimentation: It doesn't count if it's above the belt, right? And finger definitely don't count.
  33. over the top: You're that couple that is always on the PDA or being schloopy and goopy romantic. Don't be that couple.
  34. first kiss: Pucker up.
  35. first time: Is it romantic and slow or in the back of someone's car?
  36. drunk: Drunk confessions and attempts to make passes are ill-advised.
  37. fight: High school couple fights can be deadly. Avoid at all costs
  38. the volatile couple: Speaking of, there's always a couple that seems to be fighting 24/7? When they're hot, they're hot, when they're cold, they're glacial.
  39. finally together: You're the will-they-won't-they of high school, and when you get together senior year, the whole class will give you a standing ovation because FINALLY.
  40. long term couple: When did you guys get together? Probably like middle school or something. You've always been together.
  41. hide who you are: Unfortunately, even these days some people make it necessary for those who don't conform to the "ideals" to hide their true selves.
  42. break up: Statistically, it was bound to fail.
  43. after graduation: Can you guys make it work after you lose the common ground of school? This can be challenging if you're going to be living in different places.

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Mai | ATLA

[personal profile] maipokerface 2014-12-07 06:06 am (UTC)(link)
[OOC: Modern day AU encouraged. You can think of Mai as your typical highschool misfit. She doesn't like the cliques, doesn't like the people and is generally an apathetic ball of ... clouds?]
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Butterfly | Fantasy Life

[personal profile] keepcalmandflutteron 2014-12-07 06:16 am (UTC)(link)
savedtheworld: (goofily trying to understand)

Aang | Avatar: The Last Airbender

[personal profile] savedtheworld 2014-12-07 06:18 am (UTC)(link)
asoldierwhoprotects: Always Cheerful (Smile~)

Yoshika Miyafuji | Strike Witches

[personal profile] asoldierwhoprotects 2014-12-07 07:09 am (UTC)(link)
deadlynebulous: (Default)

Orion Danse | OC | OTA

[personal profile] deadlynebulous 2014-12-07 07:18 am (UTC)(link)
[[If you want to go with his origin, his 'high school' life was comprised of living in the Assassin's Guild of Ankh-Morpork. Otherwise, any time period will work for this bookworm top-of-his-class sarcast.]]
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Rachel Conway | OC | m/f

[personal profile] gotbottle 2014-12-07 07:19 am (UTC)(link)
[ No 12 or 20; ask about 32 or 35. ]
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Dukken | The Melancholy Fantastic

[personal profile] invisigoth 2014-12-07 07:19 am (UTC)(link)
[ No 12 or 20; ask about 32 or 35. ]
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John Egbert | Homestuck | OTA

[personal profile] maplevalleytrickster 2014-12-07 07:37 am (UTC)(link)
[Ask if you're not sure about something.]
babel_hacker: (Heeeeey Yoohoo)

Atsuro Kihara | Devil Survivor

[personal profile] babel_hacker 2014-12-07 07:44 am (UTC)(link)
[Big otaku with an interest in programming and technology. He's more likely bro things up, but it's not hard for him to develop a crush or two.]

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Yeah, it is! Link?

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Sent you the link!

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Re: Sent you the link!

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loathes: (.o11)

fenris ( dragon age 2 )

[personal profile] loathes 2014-12-07 07:46 am (UTC)(link)
ramified: (WATCH ► quietly. red wings.)

[personal profile] ramified 2014-12-13 08:23 am (UTC)(link)
[ do you mind aradia? i know some people prefer not to play with homestuck characters, so i thought i would ask first! i can absolutely roll and start if you're up to playing with her though. ]

ami mizuno | sailor moon crystal

[personal profile] douses 2014-12-07 08:21 am (UTC)(link)
lullabytes: official art (Default)

chiaki nanami | super dangan ronpa 2 | ota

[personal profile] lullabytes 2014-12-07 08:35 am (UTC)(link)
[ Easy-going girl who tends to fall asleep a lot in class and elsewhere due to staying up way too late with her video games. Does decently in her classwork aside from the falling asleep all the time part. Fairly friendly, but weird. ]
Edited 2014-12-07 08:49 (UTC)
rampagings: <user name=sheebal site=tumblr.com> (SMIRKY ► i win!)

nah | fire emblem: awakening | ota

[personal profile] rampagings 2014-12-07 08:37 am (UTC)(link)
[ Strict, studious girl due to her super childish mom/parents. Can act like a kid given prompting or incentive but often tries to behave like an adult instead. Fails at it often enough. ]
Edited 2014-12-07 08:48 (UTC)
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Hinata Hyuuga| Naruto| OTA

[personal profile] shyhyuuga 2014-12-07 08:41 am (UTC)(link)
[A shy, honor student who has her small group of friends and crush on someone. Very friendly, once you get to know her. She is on student council and can tutor from time to time. She also comes from a rich family.]
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Molly Hooper (BBC Sherlock) - Open

[personal profile] wealldosillythings 2014-12-07 09:09 am (UTC)(link)
[No stalking scenarios. As for teen!Molly, she's fairly studious and a little bit quirky. People definitely look at her and put her in the nerd category. She knows she's not a babe on anyone's radar, but she has enough self-esteem to think there's someone out there who'll be into her. Some day.]
gunslingerqueen: (Bracing)

Nariko Lunae | Original

[personal profile] gunslingerqueen 2014-12-07 09:46 am (UTC)(link)
[M/F for guaranteed romance and smut, F/F for incredibly awkward everything. Comes in head cheerleader+Rich Girl flavor or rumored school slut+probably your best friend without proper boundaries flavor.]
fulminants: (53)

johnny storm | fantastic four

[personal profile] fulminants 2014-12-07 11:13 am (UTC)(link)
[ open to all options, most likely the popular dude in school who isn't a jock. best swimmer on the swim team, open to m/f and m/m and teacher/student shenanigans. ]
croise: (pic#8254334)

idek. 23? 2? 35? WHATEVER YOU LIKE.

[personal profile] croise 2014-12-07 12:04 pm (UTC)(link)
[ It's good, that summer. It's the kind of summer that makes everything seem— brighter. Hazier underneath the sun, the concrete underneath your toes. The roadtrips to a house in the Hamptons owned by some rich family friend. It's never been the kind of thing Natasha's been into, always lucked into being roped around because of Johnny, and she'd pretended not to care about the idea that it wouldn't end up lasting. She's never been good at friendships, been even worse at talking about— anything other than that. About why she's in a foster home, or why she's moved around so much.

The firepit they set up on the beach is fading out, now. Embers flickering away underneath sand and the night air. Sue was the first to go and call it a night; Reed not long after. Pepper, then Bruce, and Tony's long passed out outside Pepper's door. It means it's just Natasha and Johnny out here, now, and maybe it should feel romantic.

Natasha's not sure what she feels. She looks at Johnny, studies his profile, wonders—


[ Quietly. Her shoulder is touching his, they're sitting so close. ]

Can I ask you something?


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Sneaking Out

[personal profile] notsogroovy - 2014-12-07 17:27 (UTC) - Expand
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Mark Cohen | Rent | OTA

[personal profile] lavieboheme 2014-12-07 02:53 pm (UTC)(link)
one_song_glory: (Default)

[personal profile] one_song_glory 2014-12-08 12:19 am (UTC)(link)
Roger had been noticing it more and more lately, just hadn't said anything. Why would he? It's not like Mark was a bother to him or anything. In fact, he liked the other but hadn't said anything. Nor did he really plan to. "You headin' out?" He asks giving the other a bit of a smile.

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cloakfetish: (fanart) (day starts to dawn.)

Richard | Tales of Graces | ota

[personal profile] cloakfetish 2014-12-07 03:45 pm (UTC)(link)
[AU: Probably the son of some notable politician or CEO. Booksmart and charming; a member of the student council. Outside of school, however, he isn't what anyone would have expected...]
notsogroovy: (Changed: Pretty)

Raven Xavier | XMFC / DoFP

[personal profile] notsogroovy 2014-12-07 05:17 pm (UTC)(link)
(Probably the shy kid who always seems to hang around her brother. Doesn't seem to look at any of the guys except out of the corner of her eye. Also, she looks younger than she is.)
queenleftbehind: (Head Turn)

Thea Queen | Arrow

[personal profile] queenleftbehind 2014-12-07 05:28 pm (UTC)(link)
(Or an AU with a Thea Merlyn who knew who her father was all along.)
finitedraconis: (Wand)

Draco Malfoy | Harry Potter

[personal profile] finitedraconis 2014-12-07 05:38 pm (UTC)(link)
santiagostyle: (pic#8423705)

amy santiago 𐄂 brooklyn nine-nine 𐄂 ota

[personal profile] santiagostyle 2014-12-07 05:39 pm (UTC)(link)
[you know the type. the good girl, teacher's pet, constantly goes over the word limit for essays, probably on the debate team—but a bit of a social outcast who has trouble keeping friends.]
Edited 2014-12-07 17:39 (UTC)
groovyadept: (smiling)

Charles Xavier | Marvel

[personal profile] groovyadept 2014-12-08 10:33 am (UTC)(link)
[Open to all options. Charles is the type of student that will stay out of his way to study, read a book, or simply ideally daydream. He's dorky, quirky, and charming when necessary. M/M preferred.]
Edited 2014-12-08 10:35 (UTC)
chainedtodespair: (Default)

Minato Arisato | Persona 3 | M/M

[personal profile] chainedtodespair 2014-12-09 01:25 am (UTC)(link)

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