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Come and huddle with us

support group

The Support Group Meme!

Per Wikipedia:

In a support group, members provide each other with various types of help, usually nonprofessional and nonmaterial, for a particular shared, usually burdensome, characteristic. The help may take the form of providing and evaluating relevant information, relating personal experiences, listening to and accepting others' experiences, providing sympathetic understanding and establishing social networks. A support group may also work to inform the public or engage in advocacy.

○ Post with a character.

○ Unlike most memes, you'd probably be better off by providing a general theme for people to respond to. You know, have your subject or post read "People who got turned into animals in their respective games" or "Time travelers and keeping the space/time continuum intact."

○ Respond to other people and support them through their trials and tribulations.

NOTE: While you're welcome to post whatever the hell you want, if you delve into triggery whatnot (i.e. abuse, suicide, things which tend to actually evoke real life support groups and therapy) please label your posts with a nice and blatant warning so someone who was looking for Time Travelers Anonymous doesn't accidentally stumble into your suicide thread instead.

Meme taken from here.
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Hopefully, yours doesn't get into nearly as much trouble as mine does.
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Oh, yes he is~ He is simply so cute and I want to rub my cheek against his forever and ever.