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Mod post: Harassment Policy Clarifications, Anon Functionality

Alright kids.

Quick note before I get started: Please welcome [personal profile] korofel as our third and newest mod on the team. She will be assisting me in keeping up with reports, policy revisions and enforcement, so there will be further posts on policy changes in the coming future. I do plan on adding two to three more mods to the team as I find them.

Now that that's done: You might notice that anon has been turned off; I had stated before that if harassment continued that it would be. I didn’t shut it off immediately because I was concerned about how it would affect anon memes.

What does this mean for the future of anon memes here on Bakerstreet? Well, only time will tell. For now, they will have to be hosted elsewhere. They of course are welcome to be promoted and cross-posted here as always, but at the moment we have no plans to turn anon back on until we believe that anons will use it for its intended purpose within this community. That purpose being for rp within memes (or other stated anon meme uses), not for harassment purposes.

That being said, I would like to also talk about harassment in non-anon contexts. The policy here at Bakerstreet on harassment is going to be similar to what it was for anons. If you are found to be harassing another player on, or in some cases about, Bakerstreet, whether it be in tags, metatags, pms (in direct reference to Bakerstreet threads or tags), etc and it is reported to the mod team, you will receive a warning. If a separate instance of harassment is reported about you after you have received one warning, then you will be no longer welcome in the community, and will be banned.

Again, harassment that is formally reported to the mod team is something we can do something about. We unfortunately cannot take action simply based off of the complaints of anon comms or other gossip channels.

The report post is and will always be anon enabled if anyone needs to reach the mod team, and as always I am open to PMs even if it's via a sock if need be.

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