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Single-Song Lyric Prompt Meme


• Leave a comment with your character's name and fandom.
• Copy and paste the textarea into a comment, filling in the appropriate sections.
• You can only use one song! Selected lyrics can be used literally or interpreted your own way to set the scene.
• Have fun!

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takatora kureshima | kamen rider gaim

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standing still

Only I didn’t know about your cruel ending
I didn’t notice your kerosene yeah
I am burning to the bones

Cause I’m on fire but you keep on standing still
Yeah I’m burning down but you keep on standing still

In this endless maze
I have lost my way out
I wait for it to end
But you keep on standing still
While you keep on standing still

So cold when you do it to me like that
Frostbite but karma’s gonna bite back
I can’t believe all of the lies
Building inside now I know why

I am burning all of your traces that remain in me
Burn it down, even the last tears
Burn it up, turn it into ashes and go far away