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little steps

No matter how much they care for the other person and want to be with them, some people simply can't dive head first into relationships. Little things that form intimacy and romance, little acts we take for granted - being close, holding hands, kissing, showing affection in public - they won't or can't least not right off the bat. Something in their past, their experiences, their trauma, or even their personality holds them back. For both them and the person they're "dating," as it were, this can lead to a frustrating experience.

Still, steps can be taken towards letting the walls fall down. Little, tiny steps, but those can mean the world all the same.

The People
One With the help of a partner, one person warms up.
Two Both sides of this couple are learning how to be in a relationship and to be open.

The Actions
Talking → A relationship can't exist if there's not some communication, so either learn to use your words or become so close you can speak without them.
Spending Time → Even such mundane occurrences as watching TV or cooking together is new ground.
Touching → You might just find you enjoy reaching out and touching them.
Kissing → Another kind of touch, when you think about it.
Cuddling → least they're warm and, hopefully, soft.
Sleeping → You're at your absolute weakest when you're asleep. It shows trust to doze off around this person.
Public Display → It's one thing to be in love in private, but showing you care in public is a different story.
Kind Words → Three little words (more or less) are all it takes. Why, then, are they so hard to get out?
Sex The ultimate stumbling block to some. To be laid blissfully bare is to truly let your guard down.
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the bodyguard shipping meme

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Sentinels and Guides Shipping Meme
A Sentinel!AU Meme


There are special people in the world: Sentinels--whose five senses are incredibly enhanced, sometimes to the point of overwhelming and who can easily lose themselves in fugue states--and Guides, the empaths with the ability to ground a Sentinel and focus them. Meant to be the protectors of the Guides, for every Sentinel there exists a guide that is their perfect match. In some universes, when matches are made, a Sentinel and Guide form a soulbond to fill the feeling of emptiness.

How easy was it for you to find yours? How are Sentinels and Guides treated in your universe? Or maybe you're one of the normal, unremarkable people. Do you fear Sentinels and Guides? Despise them?


1) Post with your character/canon in the subject header.
2a) Choose whether your character is a Sentinel or a Guide
2b) If you don't know or don't care, just leave it blank!
3) Information about Sentinels and Guides can be found here and here. Information on 'The Sentinel' which this meme comes from can be found here.
4) All the tagging! Have fun 8D

oo1. The Meeting
How did you meet? Was it at an event organized specifically for finding your other half? By accident? Did you follow a mystical calling to them? Some other way?

oo2. The Bonding
Do Sentinels and Guides in your universe soulbond? How does it go down? Is there a ceremony or do you just retreat to the bedroom?

oo3. Rejection
Sometimes Sentinels or Guides propose a match but it's just not perfect. You don't feel the pull or maybe you think there is someone better or maybe you're already claimed. Maybe you were claimed and someone better came along?

oo4. Protection
Sentinels are meant to protect Guides, any Guides, but it's even worse when they feel their Guide is in danger. They go feral; blind to anything but stopping and killing whoever threatened their Guide or the bond. Maybe someone attacked your Guide or you haven't bonded yet and you feel threatened or maybe you're the one doing the threatening. Whatever the reason, Sentinels in a feral state are dangerous and only their Guides can stop them.

oo5. Lost
Sentinels often lose themselves in their senses. Either you're a Sentinel who has lost themselves or a Guide that has stumbled on one or a friend trying to draw them out. Unbonded Sentinels will find it hard to escape without a Guide. Or maybe you're bonded already which means you just need yours to come home.

006. Persecution
Sometimes normal people or the government fear the power of Guides and Sentinels. Guides are empaths, feeling the emotions and sometimes passing thoughts of others and it can make people feel violated. Sentinels often have enhanced strength, which can make them dangerous. So they scorn them, hurt them or in the case of governments, regulate them.

oo7. Death
Unbonded Sentinels and Guides eventually lose themselves to the empty cavern inside them. Torn apart from the inside by the feeling of something missing. Breaking the soulbond of a Sentinel and Guide is agonizing and horrifying, leading quickly to death for the remaining partner. 

oo8. Old-School
Guides used to be treated on the same level as slaves. Unable to work unless their Sentinel said. Not allowed out on their own. They used to wear collars and couldn't own land or inherit money. Maybe the old ways haven't completely fallen out of style. 

oo9. Unbonded
Nothing is worse than being an unbonded Guide or Sentinel. Always looking for your other half to fill that empty feeling but you probably have friends that aren't your match or who are trying to set you up with someone. Maybe you're skeptical about the whole love at first sight thing and haven't been looking.

o10. Wildcard: Some mish-mash of the above or anything else you can come up with!

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the phone sex +
sexting meme

what it says on the tin. leave a blank comment, include your preferences or a starter, it's all good. reply to others with a text, a dirty picture (please link all nsfw things!), misfires, misdials, drunk filthy voicemails, sexy skype sessions, whatever your heart desires.

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The Stuck Together Meme


RNG - pick a number

  1. Tied together
  2. Handcuffs
  3. The Get Along ShirtTM
  4. Invisible force 
  5. Glue
  6. Duct tape
  7. Blankets/sheets
  8. Trapped in an elevator
  9. Trapped in a car
  10. Choose your own adventure
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Nursed Back to Health
shipping meme

  • Comment with your character, preferences, preferred role, and any information you'd like to include.
  • Your character has either been injured/sick and had to be taken in (possibly against their will) or has been the one to help somebody like the former. Through the mending process, the two characters in a thread have fallen in love - or at least grown closer and more affectionate.
  • Reply to others.
  • Thread.
The Meme Maid

How to play
① Tag in with your name/series.
② Go to RNG and roll 1-10. That's your scenario!
③ Tag around!
④ Have fun. :)


ACCIDENTAL. Did someone shove you on the subway? Were you standing too close and did one of you trip? Oops, this is awkward!
PASSIONATE. You love this person so much that it's impossible to hold yourself in check any more!
GENTLE. They knew it was coming, you knew it was too late to back out. Trouble is, you're having a lot of FEELINGS.
GIGGLY. How are you supposed to kiss them when neither of you can stop laughing?
SMOOTH. You couldn't have been smoother with that smooch if you were whisked with fruit, dashed with milk and served over the counter.
DANGEROUS. This really isn't the time to be getting romantic! If it goes wrong, you can always blame the adrenaline, right? Right.
SAD. Remember: a wet kiss is a memorable kiss, even if it isn't a good one.
TEASING. The tables have turned: this time, they will be the one left wanting more.
PAINFUL. Clinked teeth? Banged foreheads? Well done, Romeo, now you both share the same sore distraction.
LINGERING. You just ... can't ... stop. Uh oh.

We try things. Sometimes they work.

Where are you?
  1. At a small town antique store, watching a rooster statue get bought by an 85 year old woman.
  2. Isla Nublar, or the closest equivalent thereof. You're going to a theme park called Jurassic Park. There's cloned dinosaurs and there's no way this could go wrong.
  3. In the ruins of an ancient city, one that was destroyed by a massive volcano that erupted without warning. You seem to be in some kind of shrine, perhaps, and the floor is hot.
  4. An old motel located in a quieter part of the city. An infamous murder happened there.
  5. A used car (or closest setting equivalent thereof - horses and spaceships work) dealership.
  6. A fifth grade classroom in some small town school. Mistakes were probably made.
  7. About to go through a drive-thru liquor store. More mistakes will be made shortly.
  8. A lighthouse. A storm is coming.
  9. Taco Dragon, a local texmex place. It's the home of the Blazin' Burrito.
  10. Somewhere else.

What are you doing there?
  1. You just got the wrong number/place/person and all of this was a mistake. Blind dates. Mistaken identity. You were drunk when boarding the boat and meant to go to Brazil instead of Isla Nublar. A teleportation spell went awry. Your spaceship had engine troubles and now here you are.
  2. Discovering that the one thing you went all of this way to get, the one thing you were looking forward to, the only reason why you're wherever you are is gone. It's sold out. It's vanished. Poof. Gone.
  3. Dealing with the aftermath of some kind of bitter disappointment, terrible defeat, tragic loss, or horrible rejection. Or maybe it was not that bad, but...still. Gotta go through the process. You're drowning your sorrows in burritos, dinosaur themed cocktails, or an ancient shrine's dust because mistakes were made.
  4. Hunting for something! You might be the hunter or you might be the hunted; you might be searching for someone or something like a book, but no matter what it is you probably won't be there for long.
  5. Gearing down for the last, great, desperate fight before reinforcements/the final boss is defeated/your side loses/some other reason. In more mundane settings you might one of the only employees working for the next five hours. It's probably going to be a long day/night/whenever it takes place. The calm before the storm.
  6. Wishing you could gear down for the last, great, desperate fight because you know everything involved with see above is gonna suck. But you can't, for some reason or another - in a few hours you'll have to go to work and your buddy brought you to the drive-thru liquor store. Or maybe you've got a conference but you have a family vacation to go see the dinosaurs, because what could possibly go wrong with that?
  7. You got a prophecy- you know, you know, but hear you out. You probably thought it was nonsense but the cat really did do the thing, and then there was that thing with the paint and now you're here. Maybe you want to warn someone before it's too late. Maybe you want to just get popcorn. Or maybe you want to confront the people you're sure are trying to scam you. Or maybe it's something else. Spy intel disguised in the form of a fortune? Who knows.
  8. There is a bomb, or, if not a bomb, some other situation in which if you fuck up a bunch of people are going to die really quickly. You're the only person who can disarm this situation. Don't screw up.
  9. You got kidnapped, just woke up, and some evil mastermind is telling you that you need to run around solving puzzles like you're Professor Layton for a few hours. Bomb collars may be involved. Something like that.
  10. Go choose your own destiny and do something else.
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Mostly because I'm surprised we've never had this kind of meme before. We love high school AUs. We love romance. Why not combine those into a glorious mix?

Your teen years are important, formatively speaking. You're trying to find out just where you belong and what kind of person you're going to be. This already daunting task is complicated by the soul-sucking demon known as high school. If you weren't having a hard time before coming here, you certainly are now.

Add into this mixture raging hormones, and baby, you've got a misery stew cooking. But it's not all bad! Sometimes high school crushes can be sweet, and the occasional high school relationship lasts.

So whether you're too cool or distracted for romance or always on to the next good looking stud, come on down and try to navigate the romantic labyrinth that is the halls of Bakerstreet High.

  • Comment with your character and preferences. Needless to say, aging down and AUing is welcomed and probably necessary. Have fun with it! Feel free to include a short blurb about your character's Bakerstreet High self. Are they popular? The class clown? A drifter? A band geek?
  • Comment to others.
  • Use the RNG. Or not.

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